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Massage-a-Trois Ch. 01

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Big Tits

Introduction: By Many Feathers (aka Thesandman): I’d like to introduce a very talented and gifted writer, Anna Venus. Anna has become a very important person in my life, special in so many, many ways. I have finally managed to convince her to post one of her stories, and know she would appreciate your votes, comments and support. Please let her know how you feel about her writing, so that we can convince her to continue to post more of her wickedly delightful works. She wanted me to also let you know this story was inspired by someone in her life that is also special to her. So by way of introduction, I give you:

Richard walked into his house, in an excellent mood after a successful week at work. Everything had gone like clockwork; he’d wrapped up some profitable deals much faster then he had thought possible. He had not anticipated arriving home so soon, and he felt great to start his weekend this early. He whistled all the way to the front door, and once inside, he called out for his wife, but there was no reply. Leisurely, he changed into some casual clothes, and went back downstairs, thinking his wife might be in the indoor pool.

From the kitchen, he heard some noise coming from the spa room towards the back of the house. He stopped to listen, then listened closely again; definitely a male and a female voice. What the hell? Quietly he crept in the direction of the sounds. He peeked through the crack in the doorway and saw his wife, Anna, receiving a massage from Tony, who came on a fairly regular basis to ease her perpetually sore back.

Anna was naked, lying face down with nothing but a small towel barely covering her luscious, round behind. Tony was working generous amounts of oil into the lower part of her back. Her shoulders and sides were glistening with oil, so Richard figured Tony had been working his way down her body already. Anna made soft purring noises, while Tony hummed soothingly. Richard raised his eyebrows. Those little sounds Anna made…those husky sighs and soft moans… that’s exactly how his wife sounded when she was getting aroused! Although Richard had an urge to make his presence known, he had an even greater voyeuristic urge to remain in the shadows.

As Tony proceeded to rub lower down her back, the towel slipped to reveal the curves of her buttocks and about half of the crevice between her round cheeks. Richard expected Tony to readjust the towel to protect his wife’s modesty, but that did not happen. And Anna made no attempt to remedy the situation either. Richard frowned. It was difficult to make out her face, but from this angle it appeared as though she was smiling with anticipation! Richard quickly dismissed this thought as nonsense and continued to watch with fascination as his wife received her massage.

Intrigued, he saw Tony kneading Anna’s buttocks with his large hands. He began with her right cheek. Carefully grabbing it with both hands he pulled the cheek gently towards him and then ran his thumbs over the soft skin towards her crack. He repeated this motion several times and the towel slipped even lower. It was now positioned so, that her entire ass was on display. Anna was beginning to look a bit flustered, but still made no form of protest. Richard frowned again and wondered how this would help his wife’s back.

Tony stopped working on her right side and walked around the table. He grabbed his bottle of oil, and applied a generous amount to her left cheek. He repeated the motions he had made before, but with a renewed enthusiasm. He began to pull her cheek with greater force. From Richard’s angle he could tell that Tony was getting a most fantastic view of his wife’s tight asshole and probably her, by now, very moist pussy. Richard felt his cock grow heavy and warm. He thought he heard faint moans coming from Anna’s mouth and she appeared to push her ass towards Tony in an almost subconscious gesture of invitation.

This did not go unnoticed by Tony either. He smiled, and again picked up the bottle of oil, pouring it directly down her crack and onto her asshole. This got Anna’s attention and she asked Tony in a half-hearted way what he thought he was doing. Tony chuckled and moved to the head of the table, asking if she’d like him to stop. She glanced up, inadvertently looking directly at his crotch and almost lost her breath. Tony’s clinging sweatpants revealed a sizable package. Although Anna wasn’t sure how far she wanted to take this, she acquiesced and put her head back down, waiting for him to continue.

She didn’t have to wait long. There was a slight pause and then she felt his fingers again on her buttocks. His hands moved with much more of a purpose this time. He leaned over her and placed a hand on each cheek. He made a circular motion with his hands pushing from the bottom of each cheek upwards and outwards, effectively spreading her ass wide open. At the same time he ran each of his thumbs over her well-lubed asshole. Anna was now responding Ankara bayan escort with audible moans. She couldn’t believe she was actually allowing Tony to do this. She kept telling herself she’d enjoy this just a little longer, but wouldn’t let this get completely out of hand.

Richard, meanwhile, was almost certain this was going to go all the way. What Anna couldn’t see was that Tony had removed his sweatpants and was porting a nice size semi-erect cock. The slight pause before Tony resumed the massage was all it took, to step out of his pants. Richard knew he should have put a stop to this right there and then, but he was amazed at how excited he got, while he watched another man touch his wife like this. His cock was fully erect now, and he relished the warmth spreading to his balls. He was determined to see how far this would go, and how his naughty wife would resolve the situation.

He was pretty sure that Anna had never cheated on him, not once during their long marriage, but he did know that at her Bachelorette party, the male stripper got her so worked up that she blew him in front of her best friends after everyone else had left. One of her girlfriends had taped the entire episode and Richard had stumbled on the videotape by chance, hidden in her underwear drawer. Of course, curiosity got the better of him, and he watched the tape and… but that’s another story.

Things were certainly progressing on the table. Richard took a deep breath, removed his rock hard dick from his slacks and focused again on the show before him. Tony’s thumbs only applied minimal pressure on Anna’s anus. He let his hands continue their circular motion, gliding smoothly over Anna’s cheeks as he spread them wider ever so slowly. He stopped suddenly and shifted his attention to her upper thigh. The look of disappointment on her face was apparent. Of course she could not see what Richard could; that Tony’s face (and cock) indicated he was by no means finished with her yet.

With both hands he kneaded her left thigh. Richard folded his fingers around his shaft, and started to slowly stroke his stiff cock, already dripping with pre-cum. Tony’s fingers rubbed from Anna’s inner thigh upward while his thumbs pressed her outer thigh. While the sensation was pleasantly soothing, it left her itching for more of what she’d been getting a few minutes earlier. Her soft moans sounded pleading, but Tony calmly worked his way up her leg and then repeated the same procedure up the other leg, teasingly brushing her skin with the tips of his fingers mere inches away from her now glistening pussy.

After Tony finished with her legs, he removed his hands from Anna’s body. Anna wondered what he was up to as time passed – 10 seconds…20 seconds…1 minute…she was just about to look over her shoulder, when SMACK!

Tony’s hand came down on Anna’s left ass cheek, leaving a soft pink outline of his fingers on her luscious creamy skin. “OOWWW”, Anna yelped out loud…”HEY!!!” she yelled again, when another, slightly harder SMACK landed on her right cheek! She lifted her head angrily off the table. Tony was quick and grabbed her by the shoulders, pushing her back down on the table quite firmly. “What the fuck did you do that for, Tony?” she demanded in a confused and somewhat angry voice.

A hard SMACK resounded on her left cheek! “Your mum would tell you to go wash your mouth, Anna!” Another hard SMACK landed on her already stinging right ass cheek. Anna screamed “HEY!!!”, struggling against his hands. “Who the HELL do you think… WOW…!” Tony’s cock was staring at Anna from just inches away. Her rage quickly left her body and she felt her pussy jolt as liquid heat spiraled down from her core and spread between her legs. Richard, who’d almost sprinted into the room to punch Tony’s face, watched with amazement at the sudden sultry look in his wife’s eyes, and the sensual little smile on her lips. He decided to wait just a little longer…

“You were saying, Anna?”, Tony asked with a rather smug smile on his face. He still pushed her down firmly on the table, and brought his cock closer to her face. Anna was in turmoil. She wanted to hit him! She hated smugness, and usually didn’t go at all for such an arrogant approach, but, she was very turned on by the massage already, and somehow the smacks on her ass had made it glow very exquisitely. She looked up into Tony’s eyes, and although she knew she shouldn’t, she just had to have a taste of the cock pointing so proudly at her mouth.

“OK, look, I’ll suck your cock… but don’t expect anything else!” Anna said, in an effort to sound in control. Tony smiled, as if he had expected that answer all along, and he moved toward her quickly. She leaned forward and licked the head of his cock with a slow brush of her tongue. His cock jumped and Anna got a taste of his sticky sweet pre-cum. Tony put his hands under her armpits, and pulled Anna forward, so that her head was free from the table, Escort bayan Ankara giving her better leverage to suck on Tony’s rapidly hardening cock.

Anna decided to tease Tony as much as possible, to punish him for slapping her ass. She looked up at him with an enticing look in her green eyes as she slowly ran her tongue around his swelling head. She thought how delicious his cock looked, about 5 or 6 inches long, thick, but not too thick, with veins popping out along the length of his shaft. She traced her tongue along one of the veins from his head all the way to the base then lifted his shaft up so that she could get access to his balls.

Richard stared and swallowed hard, stroking his cock faster; one hand around his balls and squeezing around the base of his dick, the other moving up and down, slick and slippery with his pre-cum. He couldn’t have put a stop to this if he’d wanted to – he was too turned on, and Anna certainly didn’t appear to be in any danger at the moment. On the contrary, Richard knew how much she enjoyed sucking cock and now HE knew how much he enjoyed watching her suck another man’s dick! From the very first time, he had always loved Anna’s amazing blow jobs, she put her entire body and soul into it…Inwardly he chuckled, and wondered how long Tony would last under the ministrations of her naughty tongue. As for himself, he knew it wouldn’t be long before he painted the wall with his load.

Anna in the mean time kept giving Tony’s cock maddening little soft licks and swirls and teasing sucking kisses. Then, she looked up into his eyes, pretending to move forward to lick his tight swollen balls. She extended her tongue perilously close to his sac, but then just smiled and pulled her tongue away. “Is that what you’d like me to do, Tony?” she teased sweetly.

She could see the frustration building on Tony’s face. He had gotten himself all worked up massaging Anna’s soft, smooth skin and teasing her firm ass and tight asshole. Without a word, he threw his head back and ran his strong fingers through Anna’s short red hair, firmly coaxing her towards his swollen balls. Anna felt the hunger in Tony’s actions and recognized the strength he possessed. She was filled with desire, but also felt a slight pang of anxiety. Somehow she realized she had better stop teasing and give in to Tony’s growing needs, or she might get a little more than she bargained for…

She began to lick his sac with soft, long strokes of her tongue, each ball bathed in a soothing, gentle way. Tony’s grip on her hair tightened. She focused now on his left ball. Her tongue lifted it up into her mouth and she sucked on it. Slowly, carefully at first…but when he moaned and pulled her hair, she swirled her tongue around it and began to work it in earnest, taking it into her mouth and really sucking on it. Tony was pulling her even closer now, and her nose was buried in his crotch right next to his pulsating shaft.

Anna opened her mouth wide and took both Tony’s balls into her warm soft mouth, rolling them around with her tongue and sucking on them with a frenzy fueled by lust and a little fear. Tony had her in a vise-like grip and showed no signs of releasing her. He pulled her from his balls and positioned his cock in front of her mouth. Anna opened her lips wide, eagerly, but also a little worried about what would happen if she did not. Tony shoved his cock deep into her mouth, his head sliding over her tongue, instantly finding its way deep into her throat.

She gagged, and fought to pull back, but Tony held her tightly in place, his balls up against her chin. He held her like that for what seemed like an eternity. Anna acquiesced; though more than a little frightened, she forced herself to relax her throat. She breathed shallowly through her nose, grateful that she had trained her oral technique over many years of practice and that she loved the feel of a hard cock in her mouth.

Richard at that exact same moment, moaned low in his throat, and shot his load against the wall. Seeing Anna take Tony’s cock all the way to the balls in such a powerful manner was more than he could endure, and he shuddered when his cock jerked in his hand…thick gobs of cum slithered down the wallpaper in front of him, and he fought to stop his legs from shaking. He couldn’t believe how horny he still was. Somehow his cock remained semi-hard and he couldn’t stop stroking himself, unsure however if this was proceeding exactly how Anna would want it. If she had really fought Tony, he would have stormed in to save her instantly, but she didn’t seem in immediate peril. Still enormously turned on, he convinced himself he would step in if things really got too far out of hand.

Tony pulled his cock all the way out of Anna’s mouth allowing her to gulp for air, then slid it all the way back in, slowly at first, enjoying the sight of his cock disappearing into Anna’s incredibly soft wet mouth. He watched his head and then his Bayan escort Ankara entire shaft disappear until his balls were right up against her chin. The incomparable feel of her tight throat gripping his crown made him push it in even deeper. He could see the lust and fear in her eyes, and he welcomed both as powerful aphrodisiacs. He was aware that there had always been a powerful kinky side to him. He wanted her to enjoy this more than anything, but he desired her to do what he wanted and recognize his control as well. A little resistance always made things just that little bit hotter, or so was his firm personal belief.

Even as these thoughts whirled through his mind, Tony increased his speed. He watched with feverish arousal as he fucked Anna’s hot delicious mouth and slick gripping throat. Head…shaft, sliding his cock all the way in, balls swinging and hitting her chin. Head…shaft, balls swinging and hitting her chin. Head…shaft…balls hitting her chin. Soon it became a blur as Tony pumped his turgid cock faster and harder between her soft lips and his throbbing head almost instantly found the back of her throat at each thrust. “Damn but she’s good! Such a fucking hot little cocksucker…!” he thought, groaning rhythmically as his fingers held her head firmly in place.

Anna in the meantime was in turmoil. She was a little scared, and more than a little aroused. She had never dared tell Richard or anyone, because they all knew her as “the strong, in control Anna”, that she’d secretly fantasized for years about being used for someone else’s pleasure…and this would certainly fit that bill. Also, Tony really did have a fantastic cock…mmmm…a well formed, swollen head…a nice thick average size throbbing shaft…and large very suck-able balls that were now banging up against her face at the speed of naught. Yes, she could definitely enjoy this situation, Anna decided…All she had to do was remind herself of how much she loved to suck cock, just give up control and go with the flow…

Tony looked at her from underneath half-closed eyelids, his mind buzzing with the intensity of Anna’s wet sucking mouth, her hot agile tongue and her tight gripping throat around his throbbing member. Her lips were swollen from the powerful slides of his thick cock, saliva was dripping from her mouth and his rock hard shaft. He knew he wouldn’t be able to hold on much longer at this pace. He moved his hands down from her head to her shoulders and turned her sideways on the table, all the while relentlessly fucking her face. Anna did her best to comply, and rolled onto her side, although her eyes had a slightly bewildered look in them. He grinned devilishly. That little fox would suck him, but he wasn’t to expect anything else, eh? Well…he would see about that…!

Anna stared up at Tony through watery eyes, her nostrils flaring at each breath, Tony’s turgid cock down her throat preventing her from gasping for the air she so desperately needed by now. Then, to her relief as well as her dismay, he slowly pulled his cock out of her mouth, leaving a string of saliva hanging between his swollen mushroom head and her red puffy lips. Tony looked down at her, his balls aching for release. She looked so wantonly sexy and wonderfully naughty lying there on her side, her breasts heaving as she was still trying to catch her breath and regain her composure. Again he grinned…that wouldn’t last long!

He stared at Anna’s large breasts, so soft and firm, and so deliciously melting to one side of her luscious body, and then he looked her straight in the eye. He didn’t utter a word, but moved to the side of the table, and calmly pulled her towards the edge. She must have gotten his drift, for she moved her big tits towards him in a lustful offering that made his throat go dry. What a little minx she was! He rubbed his wet cock down over her chin, down her neck, and dragged his swollen slick head over her nipples. She moaned softly and stared entranced at his slippery dick seeking its way between her round twin globes…

“Those sexy tits of yours are just begging to be fucked…. Do you want me to fuck your tits, Anna?” he asked suddenly. Anna jumped visibly, surprised by the sound of his voice. She swallowed, but said nothing. Tony looked down at her with glinting eyes. When she remained silent he sighed a little impatiently and grabbed her breasts in both hands quite roughly, squeezing them nicely, kneading them the way he had kneaded her ass cheeks before, firmly and deliciously, working on them with his large strong hands, rolling her nipples between his stretched fingers. Anna moaned, but still remained silent. She was in two minds…

She had not meant to let this go so far. Oh god, she wanted to be good…but she wanted more of this, too! She was so hot, her pussy was oozing creamy juices; she could feel the warm stickiness between her thighs. Her mind was awhirl. Would Richard ever forgive her for this? Would she have to tell him? What if he found out? How would he ever know if she didn’t tell him, anyway? But she’d have to tell him, right? She’d never cheat on Richard, ever! If she didn’t let Tony fuck her pussy or her ass, would that still be considered cheating?

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