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Massage At The Spa

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You call my spa and request a full body massage at the earliest time. I tell you what time to be here and that you need to plan on spending a couple of hours here. You tell me that that is what you need along with the massage, a couple of hours to relax and refresh your mind.

You come into the spa just in time for your massage to begin. I show you to the room we will be using and tell you to remove your clothes and lie down on the table. You remove everything except for your bra and panties then lie down on the table. When I turn around and see that you still have them on I explain that you requested a full body massage and need to remove the bra and panties also. You get down from the table and ask if you really need to remove them also. Explaining that the full body massage requires it you take them off and lie back down on the table.

Working my fingers through your hair I softly start rubbing your scalp massaging your head. Slowly I work down to your neck and rub deep into your muscles. Gently I massage up and down each arm making sure the muscles were loose and relaxed. Next I start working on your shoulders rubbing them gently and pushing down into the deep muscles. Then I start working down your back working on the muscles around your spine getting them to relax.

I begin rubbing your butt and you ask if I really have to do that. Rubbing deep into your muscles I explain that it is a part of the package you ordered and I am just trying to give you what you paid for. Lying back down you let me continue with your massage. I start working on the back of your thighs and rubbing down between your legs. As I rub down between our legs fethiye escort I hear you moan softly. Accidentally my hand slides up against your pussy and I quickly move it away as you moan a little louder. Not sure what I should do I keep my mouth shut and move farther down your leg. I continue down your leg working on each muscle getting it to relax. Going around the table I begin to massage your other leg and slide my hand between your leg. Rubbing close to your pussy I hear you moan softly again. Thinking about you moaning when I touched it earlier I rub closer and closer to your pussy.

Finally I get the nerve to brush my hand over your pussy again and when I do you don’t move at all but you moan louder. Softly I slide my hand up against your pussy again and you moan sweetly. Getting excited I decide I need to work on the massage and keep my mind on my work. I massage on down your leg and massage your feet.

I ask you to turn over and you quickly turn onto your back. Placing a towel over you I begin to massage the front of your thighs. As I move up closer to your pussy you spread your legs so that I can rub up against your pussy. Each time my hand slides against your pussy you moan and I push against it a little harder. Moving on with your massage I work my way up to your breasts. Massaging your breasts gently I slide my hands over your breasts and feel how hard your nipples are.

When my hands slide over your nipples your moans are soft and sexy. I know if you look over at me you will see my erection and I can’t help it. I feel your hand move across my erection and I am shocked. I jump back and apologize for my lack of professionalism. escort fethiye You start to giggle as you grab my erection through my then pull me up against the table. You tell me that you have been lying there naked all this time and it is time for me to be naked. Telling you that this is not supposed to happen you tell me I have not rubbed the one place that really needs it. I reach down and begin to softly rub your pussy when you tell me to stop and get naked first.

I remove my shorts and shirt then softly start rubbing your pussy again. Slowly I slide my fingers up and down it tracing your lips. As I slowly slide my fingers up and down your pussy you wrap your hand around my erection. Gently I push my fingers inside your pussy as I press against your clit. Your hand slowly slides up and down my erection as I move my gingers in and out of your pussy.

You pull my erection until I am against the table then you tell me to get up on it with you. As I get on the table you slide over and move on top of me. You place your pussy in my face and I softly start kissing it. Your moans get louder as I slide my tongue up and down it. As I slide my tongue over your clit you softly kiss the tip of my erection. You wrap your lips around it and gently suck it into you mouth. My tongue rubs your clit as my erection slides in and out of your mouth. I can feel your moans on my erection as my tongue rubs your clit harder. Our moans grow stronger as our excitement climbs higher. You begin to tremble and I feel your passion running through me. We start shaking and we explode in a wonderful orgasm.

You turn around and lie on top of me as we kiss passionately. fethiye escort bayan Your amazing body pressing against mine drives my passion higher. Rising up you rub your pussy against my erection. You reach down and spread your lips so that my erection will rub against your clit better. Slowly you slide back and forth rubbing your clit on my erection. The feeling of your pussy sliding up and down against my erection sends my desire soaring making my erection even harder. Feeling you tremble as you rub your clit against my erection is driving my excitement out of control. Your moans sound wonderful as you begin to shake and say that you are going to cum. You collapse on top of me as your orgasm rocks your body.

We kiss passionately as I move out from under you. I pull your butt up and have you get on your hands and knees. Taking my erection in my hand I place it against your pussy. Slowly I push my erection inside you and move it in and out. Reaching up to your head I get my hand full of hair and pull you back against me. As I push into you I watch as you reach back and start rubbing your clit. Holding your hair I pull you back against me harder as I slide my erection deep inside you. The excitement we share is climbing higher as my erection slides in and out of you faster. We begin to tremble and our moans grow louder as I push into you harder. Our bodies begin to shake as we explode in a beautiful orgasm.

We collapse on the table and kiss passionately. As we lie there and regain our strength we kiss tenderly. Slowly we get our strength back and I get off of the table and put my clothes on. I help you down from the table and then help you dress. We kiss tenderly and you slide your hand in my pocket. After you leave I check to see what you put in my pocket and I find a wonderful tip and a piece of paper that says you will be back soon for another massage.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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