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Master Swimmer Ch. 06

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Sue got home around 10AM the next morning and looked like hell. She was really worked over by Rob all night long and had no idea how many times she had cum or how many times he had cum inside her. She did know she was so full of his sticky spew it had covered her lower body and her clothes. She would have to wash them before her parents could see it. She went immediately to the laundry area and took off all of her clothes. While her parents worked she had taken off everything she had on and started the washing machine. Then she wrapped a towel from the downstairs bathroom around her body and went up stairs. She went into her sister’s room and saw that Terri was still sleeping. She woke her up and told her about last night with Rob. Terri sat there wide-eyed and mouth opened. When Sue was done she said, “And he wants to meet you at 1PM today at his house. You better be going too since I already told him you would be there.

Terri said, “Oh god Sue I don’t know! I think he is way out of my league.”

Sue said, “He is and that’s exactly why you need to see him. I’m telling you Terri he will make you feel like you can’t imagine. You will love what he does to your body and your mind. You have to go to see and feel for yourself.”

She sat still and finally said, “You’re going too right?”

Sue told her, “Yes! I’ll be there with you all the way, every step Terri. Don’t worry you are going to love this. I promise 20 seconds of pain to be deflowered and then that will be followed by hours of pleasure. I promise!”

Terri said, “I guess I should get ready and shower and stuff.”

Sue took her by the hand and pulled her up out of bed. She noticed Terri only had on a small pair of silk blue panties. Sue looked at Terri’s beautiful breasts and said to herself, “ Oh yea! Rob is going to love doing you baby!”

Sue said, “Where did you get those panties?”

She said, “Oh sorry, they are yours.”

Sue said, “That’s OK! You look hot in them.” She gave her sister a little pat on her ass and told her, “Come on, let’s get you ready. I’ll pick the clothes for you. Now go clean up. Make yourself as clean and beautiful as you ever been.”

Terri went into the bathroom and closed the door. Her pussy was wet and she was in a bad way. While she was scared out of her skill she was very, very worked up. She made up her mind last night as she fingered her pussy and had 3 climaxes that she was going to do this! She was tired of being a 22-year-old virgin who stayed home and masturbated all the time while her younger sister was having a ball getting laid when she wanted!

Later that day they left and drove to Rob’s place. Sue had dressed her like she figured Rob would like. Sue gave Terri her red bikini panties that looked more like a thong. She had her wear her white silk blouse and wouldn’t let Terri put on a bra. Terri’s nipples were already hard and showed quiet well against the white silky material of the blouse. She also gave her sister the shortest pelted mini skirt she owned. It just covered her Terri’s beautiful full rounds ass. Terri had one fantastic ass, not fat but hard, very round and heart shaped and very athletic. Sue also gave her the highest pair of heels she owned.

Terri now stood almost six-foot tall and the skirt was covering only an inch or two below Terri’s ass. Terri was not as big in the breast area as Sue, but man she had legs and an ass to die for. The skirt and heels really showed her assets off. Sue took in her sister’s beauty in and told her, “Man!! In that outfit, Rob will cum before he fucks you! You look fantastic. In fact you look good enough to eat. And if Rob doesn’t do it, than I will Terri! I promise you.”

Terri blushed a little. She was trembling with fear as they walked out to Sue’s car. The closer they got to his house the more she shook. Her insides were rattling when Sue took her hand and felt her shaking. Sue tried to tell Terri it was going to be OK. But then she knew that Terri was going to have to experience this herself and no talking was going to help her much. She decided she would be there for her older sister and she told her, “You know I’m going to be there for you Terri and I wouldn’t let anything happen to you. Right?”

Terri shook her head yes but didn’t say anything.

Sue remembered her first time. What a bad fuck that was. But then she was with a 17-year-old male virgin and she was only 14 and a virgin herself. Neither knew what the hell they were doing. At least her sister was going to get someone much better. Both Terri and Rob were much older and he had much more experienced. She said to herself, “Terri will be OK.”

They pulled up to his house and got out. Terri almost turned back into the car door and didn’t go forward. Sue took her hand and held it tight saying, “Come on baby! You know you want to do this Terri. Now come on walk with me, I’ll be here for you all the way! It’s going to be all right. I have done this and I know it will be OK. I’ll be here with you!”

When they knocked on canlı bahis the door, Rob opened it and both women looked at him. He was so good looking with his short tight athletic hair cut, great smile and bright eyes. His body was hard and big from working out swimming and lifting almost every day. He stood six foot tall and weighted about 175 but his body fat was under 5 percent. 5 percent! He was a hunk!

Sue smiled and introduced her older sister Terri to Rob. Terri lowered her head and held her eyes down not looking him as Sue introduced her. He used his fingers and raised her face. He smiled as he said, “So you’re Terri! Finally! We meet! Your sister has told me so much about you. She told me how beautiful you were, but she sure didn’t do you justice. Terri, you are truly a very lovely woman. Welcome to my home. Come on in, make yourself at home. I’ll make some drinks and we can talk.”

They had all agreed earlier that Rob would be the man to take her virginity and to teach her about sex and what men loved. He was going to show her how to please a man. The three walked into his place and he led them to the kitchen. After making drinks he took Terri’s hand and felt her shaking. He kissed her hand gently and told her, “This day is for you Teri. I want you to enjoy yourself and not be frightened. OK? I promise you I will not ask you to do anything you don’t want to do today. OK? Understand? Nothing Terri, I will do anything you don’t want me to do. Sue has told me you are a virgin and would like for me to teach you about what men like regarding sex. She also told me you want me to be the one to take your virginity. Is that true?”

Terri blushed a bright red and didn’t answer him right away. He said, “Well I would be honored Terri. If this is want you want, I would be proud to be the man do it.”

As they walked to the living room and sat down, Sue sat on one side of Terri and Rob sat on the other side. He still had her hand and as he lifted her head up again with his fingers so he could look into her eyes. He held her head up and turned it so she was looking at him. He said, “First things first Teri. You should always look into your man’s eyes when he’s talking to you or you’re talking to him. OK Terri?”

Rob asked, So is what I just told you right Teri? Do you want to learn more about men and sex and have me remove your cherry?”

She was blood red and looked at him. She told him very low and very softly, “Yes!”

Rob smiled and saw Sue smiled too! Rob then said to Sue, “Don’t sit, Sue, Today’s devoted to Terri and her pleasure. I expect total obedience from you.”

She said, “Of course coach. I am here to help however I can help. What would you like me to do?”

Rob said, “Hold your sister’s hand and let’s go into the bedroom.” As they stood he held one hand and her sister held her other one. Rob asked, “So are you ready to learn Terri?”

Terri had a look of fear in her face as she stood and Sue held her hand and Rob now held her around her shoulders. They walked into Rob’s big bedroom and Terri saw the big bed just like Sue had explained it to her. She stopped and Rob said, “Come Terri it’s just a bed. You don’t have to even get on it unless you want.”

She went into the room and stood there. Rob said, “OK before we can begin we have to get undressed. Does it bother you to be nude in front of people Terri?”

She said, “Yes Rob! Yes sometimes!”

Rob said, “OK Sue and I will get undress. And you do the same if you want too”

Sue began to strip. As Terri stood there Rob held her arms out and took in her beauty again. He turned her around and sighed. She was fantastic. He didn’t know which girl he liked better. But Sue was much more trained and much more eager.

Terri watched as Sue stepped out of her skirt letting it fall to the floor. She saw that Sue had no panties on. When she took off her blouse Sue had no bra on either. Sue said, “Oh I never wear any underwear when I’m with Rob, Terri. It just takes up time getting them off. When Rob and I are together, we never wear any clothes.”

Terri said, “Never?”

Sue said, “ Only when we go out. You’ll get use to it. Now would you like me to help you undress?”

Terri looked at Rob who had all of his clothes off and stood there for her to see. His semi-hard cock bobbed up and down as he moved. Terri saw that it was about 6 inches long and maybe 2 ½ inches thick. She wondered how big it was going to get and then remembered Sue told her he was 8 or 9- inches long. Terri looked at Rob for a long time then she turned to Sue and told her, “No Sue I’ll do it.”

As Terri began to unbutton her blouse, she continued to watch Rob’s cock. It hung there just arched up a little away from his nuts, which looked like eggs in the sack. She removed her blouse and Sue took it and laid it over the chair. Rob came to her and said, “Terri! You are very beautiful. Please don’t be afraid. You should enjoy this since it’s your first time.”

Terri took off everything except her bikini bahis siteleri panties. Rob didn’t push her to take them off. Sue tried and Teri told her she would decide when she would take them off. Rob said, “Fair enough Terri. But if we are to make love you will have to get out of those pretty red panties.”

Terri blushed as Rob smiled at her looking down at her medium but very full breasts. He moved Sue next to her sister and said, “God! Look at you two. You and your sister are both so very lovely women. I must be the luckiest man in the world to have you both with me. And Terri I’m so very lucky to be the man you want to take your virginity. Right Sue?”

She smiled and said, “ You are both lucky. Terri for having a man like you take her cherry and you because my sister is very beautiful and very new at this Coach.”

He reached for Sue’s naked breasts and cupped them feeling the weight of each before rubbing her hard nipples. Sue smiled up at him as she sat on the bed. Then she smiled at her sister as Rob played with her nipples. She had larger breasts than her older sister did but both women had great bodies.

Rob bent his head and sucked each nipple and heard Sue moan as she reached up and held his head against one of her tits. He made the nipples on Sue’s breasts longer, much harder and blood red as Terri watched. He sucked and licked and she noticed his cock had began to grow bigger larger. As she stood there looking at his cock, Rob came back up licking his lips and said, “May I touch you too Terri?”

Before Terri told him yes or no Rob had both of her breasts in his hands and was touching her the same way he had touched her sister seconds ago. Terri had her hands on his arms but didn’t pull his hands off of her tits. He watched Terri’s face to see if she liked it or not. He saw her close her eyes, as very nice smile formed on her face.

Terri sighed as he licked the growing nipple of her left breast before moving and licking the right one. Terri’s nipples were much redder and much bigger than Sue’s was breasts. He made them grew as he used his fingers, lips and mouth to work on them. Terri sat there on the edge of the bed looking at Rob. As his mouth felt so nice on her tits, she used her hand to hold his head just like Sue did minutes ago. Rob closed his lips over her left nipple and he felt her push his head tighter over one of them. Terri looked at her sister and Sue asked her, “How does it feel? How do you like his lips and tongue on your nipples Terri?”

Terri was blood red but said; “Oh it’s very nice! Very nice! It feels very good Sue. It makes my whole body tingle.”

Rob sucked one into his mouth and began licking it with his tongue. Terri said, “Oh Rob! Yes, mumm! Yes suck my nipples. Ahh yes your lips feel so good! Mumm suck them Rob!”

Rob said to himself, “This girl is hot! She will cum easily for me!”

He sucked her nipple and let it slip out of his mouth. He smiled and asked, “Did you enjoy that?”

She smiled and said, “Yes, very nice. Very, very nice Rob. Thank you.”

Still holding her breasts in his hand and still rubbing the nipples with his thumb, Rob asked, “So Terri do you want to come over and sit in the middle of my bed with us so we can begin your training?”

Sue still held Terri’s other hand. Terri sat there on the edge of the bed for a few seconds and asked, “Will it hurt me?”

Rob smiled and together all three moved over his bed and sat more in the middle of it. He told her “No not to much Terri, a few seconds of pain and then we’ll have hours and hours of pleasure. I promise you.”

Sue said, “See Terri just like I told you.”

Rob asked her, “ You tell me when you want me to stop. OK? And I will Terri, but I think you want this as much as I would love to give it to you. Am I Right? Tell me do you want me to touch and kiss you more?”

Terri looked up into his eyes and said, “Yes Rob. Yes I want more.”

As Terri sat on the edge of the bed her sister sat next to her. Rob stood in front of her and then knelt. His hands each touched one her nude thighs. She closed her eyes as she felt him move them up her legs slowly. She knew deep inside that she was going to let this man give her the first cock orgasm of her life. But, inside she was scared to death but also very happy that it was finally going to happen. After all the years she had masturbated or had her sister help her get off, she was about to experience the greatest act in her life. Sex! Intercourse! Love (No not love. Not this time). Being fucked by Rob, the man she had heard so much about would not be love!

She opened her eyes and looked at Rob saying, “I want you to do more to me Rob.”

He smiled into her eyes and kissed her knees as he knelt in front of her legs. He felt her shaking with fear and he didn’t want her to be that way. He said, “ How about we do this. Sue and I will show you something and then you and I will try it. How does that sound Terri?”

She said very low, “Yes, That sounds like a bahis şirketleri very good idea.”

Rob moved off the bed and knelt in front of Sue and told her, “Open your legs for me.”

Sue did as she was told immediately and parted her thighs wide as Rob moved his face up in between them. She could feel his warm breath on her inner thigh and shuttered. He told her, “Wider! Open your legs wide for me Sue, and put your feet on the edge of the bed.”

She obeyed without question. As Terri watched, Sue knew what was coming and love the way Rob ate her pussy. She was almost dripping already and he hadn’t touched her. When he did she moaned and said, “Oh Terri you have got to feel his tongue in your pussy! You remember how it felt when I licked you?”

Terri blushed and said again very low, ‘Oh God Sue! Yes! Yes I remember. Does it feel as good as that?”

Sue moaned again and held Rob’s head as he worked his magic on her pussy. She looked at Terri with glassed over eyes and moaned, “Oh god! Teri! Much, much better! He is a magic man and his tongue is a snake! A magical wonderful sex snake that is going to make. . .AHHH!! . . . me. . .cum! OH GOD! OH GOD!! ROB!! OH FUCK YES BABY! EAT MEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”

And Sue went off like a missile!! Cumming and humping and fucking herself on Rob’s face as his mouth and fingers gave her everything she wanted. Terri watched with amazement as her sister began to orgasm after only a few minutes of Rob’s mouth on her pussy! The climax was strong and hard and as Terri held Sue’s hand she watched her sister go crazy fucking Rob’s face. Finally when Sue stopped cumming and thrusting her pussy into Rob, she looked over at Terri and moaned, “WOW!! Oh God Terri, you have got to feel his tongue on your pussy! Oh God it’s unfucking believable! Unbelievable.”

Terry’s eyes were large as she looked as her sister who had fell back on the big bed smiling and panting like a dog in heat. Rob was still between her legs gently touching and licking Sue’s pussy as she began to come down from her orgasm. Rob gave her one big orgasm and only one this time after all it was Terri’s day!

She smiled at Rob and saw his face covered with her sister’s cum. She remembered Sue’s face covered with her own cum when Sue ate her pussy the other night. She also remembered how good it felt. Rob asked, ‘Would you like me to do that to you Terri?”

She said in a low and little girl voice, “Yes!”

He said, ‘Yes what Terri?”

She said, ‘Yes Rob! I would love you to eat my pussy!”

He smiled and said, “That’s the girl. Always tell me what you want.” She said, “OK Rob I will.”

He moved out from Sue’s open thighs and over to Terri’s. He gently touched both of her inner thighs as he moved over them he said, “Open your thighs for me Teri.”

He pushed against her knees as he told her. She spread her legs and Rob put her feet up on the bed just like he had done with Sue. Terri was still holding Sue’s hand and said, “Sue?”

Sue sat up and said, “I’m right here Terri. Right here relax and enjoy this you are going to love it.”

Rob looked between Terri’s open legs and realized she still had on her panties. He stopped and said, “Let me take these off now Terri so I can give you all that I have. It’s OK Teri. You’ll be safe I promise.”

Terri watched as Rob hooked his fingers in the tops of her panties and pulled them slowly down her lovely thighs. She lifted up a little as they slipped under her beautiful round ass. She smiled down at him as he pulled them off her legs saying, “That’s my girl. Now! Relax and enjoy this. Oral sex is so good if both parties enjoy it. The one who gives it has to enjoy giving it or it’s no where near as good for the person receiving it. I love to give oral sex Terri. Here let me show you.”

And with that Rob lifted her feet again and placed them on the bed opening her body for him. She didn’t fight it at all but sat there on the edge of the bed with her legs opened wide and holding her knee with her hands as Rob adjusted her feet on the bed! She had released her hand from her sister’s that was a good sign she trusted him. He spread her thighs wide and looked at her virgin cunt!

Terri moaned as he squeezed and massaged her legs above her knees. His experienced fingers made her felt like she was starting to drift on a cloud. A little whimper escaped her lips and he moved her ass closer to the edge of the bed. Now his fingers touched and softly stroked her lower body. Rob held her hips and told her, “Just relax and let me do the work Terri.”

Terri’s nipples were long hard and extremely red showing her excitement. Sue reached over and squeezed one, as Rob kissed Terri’s inner thing very close to her pussy slit. Terri always had very sensitive nipples and when they were touched it gave small shocks directly into her vagina. She was going to squeeze her legs together as little shock waves rushed down her body as Sue bit and licked her sister’s nipples. But Rob was between them only an inch away from her pussy. She knew he could see her wetness and smell her excitement. She blushed but no one saw it. Sue was sucking on one of her nipples like a baby and Rob had his face buried between her legs.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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