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Maurice Mario and Me

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Big Tits

I began to suck the tip of Mario’s cock. He was seated on our bed but with Maurice under him. Maurice’s cock was still buried deep up the ass of my boyfriend, Mario. I was licking the tip of Mario’s luscious cock and moving slowly further down his shaft when Maurice changed the position. He moved to sit Indian style to remove Mario’s bended legs from his flanks, as he was sitting atop Maurice’s lap. Maurice then stretched his legs out in front of him. Mario’s legs were bent at the knees and pulled wide apart. The movement made Mario sank even deeper on Maurice’s hardon. I looked up at Mario’s strained face. I wanted to say something but instead I continued my journey down the length of Mario’s cock. I can taste myself all over his shaft along with his dried up cum. More poured out from the tip as I slowly pumped my head up and down his dick.

When I finally came to his balls, there was some wet cum resting there. I knew it had to come from Maurice. He had came really hard and his cum must have leaked out of Mario’s ass and down the rest of him. Some coming to nestle in the black curls protecting Mario’s sac. I lapped this up even more. Sucking gently on his balls and taking them into my mouth to warm. I can hear Mario groan above me. I kept nibbling away at his sac as I looked up. Maurice was lovingly stroking Mario’s black curly hair and nibbling tenderly on his neck. With the other hand he was pinching Mario’s nipple. Mario’s cock began to twitch in my mouth. And it shocked me to see that Mario was being turned on, allot.

I wasn’t the only one noticing this as Maurice began to stroke Mario’s cock. I pulled my head away since his hand kept hitting my face. I can take a hint. I sat back and watched the spectacle. Mario’s face was really contorted in discomfort. I didn’t know if it was because of Maurice’s big cock or Maurice’s Big Cock!

“Mario, honey, are you enjoying yourself?” I asked concerned. He looked at me and Maurice kept up with his onslaught on Mario’s ear and cock. Mario began to shudder in his arms. I kept trying to look him in his eyes but what ever Maurice was doing was really getting to Mario. Mario kept moving his head this way and that, while Maurice pumped his cock quickly and then slowed. When he did slow down, he would squeeze the tip and precum would appear at the top. And then he would antalya escort pump quickly on Mario’s cock again. Mario didn’t have anytime to reply. All he could have done was moan and groan from the pleasure.

I moved in to touch his face and make him look at me. Maurice jerked Mario’s head back and turned his face around to kiss him. When I saw the way how Maurice was kissing Mario, it tore my heart in pieces. I guess I am too just as jealous and possessive of Mario as he was of me. I couldn’t take it anymore.

“Mario, look at me!” I demanded with a strained voice.

“What is your problem, little girl? Can’t you see men at work, here?” Maurice said jokingly and he kept kissing Mario. Mario’s eyes was tightly shut as if not willing himself to succumb to the kiss.

Mario began to pant heavily. I knew he was about to climax. I nearly left the bed, but none to quicker. Mario grunted one more time before his cum sprayed all over me. His hips bucking with the force of his orgasm. Maurice’s hands moving in a blur over Mario’s cock as it sprayed it’s love juice over my breast and neck, nearly reaching my face. I turned to look at Mario and he looked at me.

“Are you satisfied with yourself, love.” I said flatly.

“That’s it Mario. It felt good, didn’t it? And now it is my turn to get some service.Come let me fuck you.” Maurice said sweetly in Mario’s ear.

Mario just groaned as he was pushed onto the bed and Maurice came to kneel behind my boyfriend, steadying himself to fuck. He began to pump slowly into Mario. His back arched with each thrusts as Mario’s head rocked to and fro as it was resting on my thighs. It was then that I felt them. I can feel the wetness of them as they leaked onto my lap.

“Just stop it Maurice.” I said quietly.

Maurice just looked at me but kept thrusting into Mario’s ass. He smiled, shook his head and continued. His blond curls moving in time with his thrusts as they came more forceful. “Please just stop it Maurice. I don’t want you to do this to him anymore.” I said with a trembling voice. My heart aching with anger as it welled up inside me.

“What are you talking about? Isn’t this what you wanted for a long time?” Maurice said in my face. As he leaned over Mario’s back to kiss me. He planted his mouth on mines and kept moving in Mario. fethiye escort I can feel Mario gripping my hips tightly. Each thrust made him hold me tighter.

I pulled away from Maurice’s false kiss. I knew he was kissing me to keep me quiet. As a matter fact he must have wanted my boyfriend so bad that he was willing to kiss me. Maurice never kissed a girl before. He find them all ugly and unattractive. If I remembered clearly, the son of bitch was actually repulsed at the thought of kissing a girl. “Let my man go!” I said insistently.

Maurice stopped to look at me then. He smiled and shook his head. His hand resting protectively on Mario’s back. It made my anger flared! “What are you doing? Do you want me to fuck you too?” he asked looking me in the eyes.

“No Maurice, I just want you to stop fucking my boyfriend up the ass. And fuck off!” I said angrily. I pushed him and he looked at me shocked and bewildered. He smiled and looked down at my boyfriend. “Mario, did you hear that? Your girlfriend, wants to stop the fun. What should we do about her, Mario?” Maurice said this while pumping slowly into Mario ass and stroking his cock.

“Do what she says!” Mario replied after a while in a strained voice. His body had stopped jerking as Maurice stopped coaxing him to cum. Maurice finally stopped moving when he felt Mario stiffened.

“Are you sure?” Maurice said, moving to get a better look at Mario’s face. He probably was trying to steal a kiss from Mario, I thought.

“Yes!” Mario replied loudly. I rolled my eyes at Maurice as he looked back at me. He was about to ask him again. And probably this time with more coaxing than genuine concern. It was evident that he wanted Mario. His cock was still buried in him.

“Enough already. Just leave! Please!” I said more sternly to Maurice. Maurice just shrugged and pulled out roughly from Mario. He began to put his clothes on all the while smiling disbelievingly.

“I can’t believe this. You know what. Next time you want to get a man’s hopes up. Don’t promise him something that he really wants. It would break his heart when you don’t full fill your end of the bargain. Isn’t that right, Mario?” Maurice said while pulling his shirt back on. Before he left the bedroom he said one last time. “I hope you get to marry kaş escort her. Because I am sick and tired of her talking about how boring her relationship is going with you.” Maurice watched as Mario kept his head in my lap. He left with a scowl on his face. He slammed the front door all the more angrily.

Mario turned over then to reveal his tear streaked face. He kept looking up at the ceiling.

“Mario, I…I..didn’t…” I started but never finished. He raised his hands to silence me as he got up and left the room. I sat there in my own silence wondering what have I done. Mario has never cried before. Not even when his father had died of A.I.D.S.

Weeks past and I wasn’t feeling any better about what happened. Mario still slept on the couch and Maurice was ignoring me at work.

I would bring Mario breakfast and fresh sheets for him to sleep on. Though his gloomy and distant mood would persist. He would get up and get ready for work. He would shower and brush his teeth before me. If I used the bathroom before he did, he wouldn’t use it for the day. I guess he doesn’t want to come in any contact with me, at all. The rest of the day it would be the same. We would both avoid each other or he wasn’t at home. I put up with it because I really didn’t want to live without him and I didn’t want him to leave me. But how can I make him forgive me?

At work it was better even though Maurice was in a fowl mood everyday. The water cooler was off limits if he was there. And he was there very often. I tried to take in-between breaks by going to the bathroom or just using my phone. To no avail as Maurice loud voice can be heard three desks away. His new and latest gossip was how delicious my boyfriend’s heterosexual ass was. How it felt like sliding into his tight virginal ass especially one that is heterosexual. And how he moaned and groaned from being fucked up the ass. I felt betrayed by his actions and I was furious at him for making fun of Mario. I decided that not to talk about it, would make it go away. I got strange looks, but I can deal with that. But I couldn’t deal with Mario and him not being there for me like before.

After there was no reason for me to hang around the office. Since, Maurice was the after hours party starter. I tried making friends else where but no one seemed willing to have Maurice on their back for it. It really stung going to a bar and no one approaching, besides drunk and horny men. I gave up and came home later than usual to see that Mario still wasn’t home. I wondered where he could have gone to or where could he be so late at night…?

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