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May Ch. 06

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The next morning Jack gave May and Jean each a great quicky. They both climaxed and so did Jack when he was with May. May and Jean showered together as Jack felt sure that he would have a message from Mags and he had which read, “Morning Jack, I emailed my Professor and told him that my father had died. I also told him that I wanted to go back home and work in the Clinic where my mother practised. I told him that I wanted to develop a service specialising in the needs of older women who have sexual problems attributed to old age which I have been working on for the last twelve months. I also told him the Clinic specialised in Urology and Gynaecology. He phoned me back, and we had a very long conversation. I have a meeting with him at seven tomorrow morning, so I will be able to give you more information around two tomorrow afternoon, your time.”

“The good news is I have got the Professorship; I am so pleased about this. In light of my having to return to the UK, he is looking at ways the procedure side can be speeded up. He also wants to talk tomorrow about a working partnership with Jean’s Clinic. You must ask Jean if she is comfortable with this. I think that it is a magnificent opportunity. The Professor, along with a Pharmaceutical company has patents on some outstanding medication which now has approval in Europe. He sees this, because he knows me, as a superb way to promote their services and medications in Europe.”

“If you could have a word with Jean and ask whether she is interested in it. If not I may be interested in asking mum to finance me in setting up my Clinic. Could you ask mum if the Visa Card dad gave me is still good until I get home? I have lived off this card for the last year. After I have finished my meeting with Peter, my Professor, then I will let you know the outcome and when I will be home. Last night was interesting for me; I couldn’t get your massive cock out of my head. There were consequences, but I slept well afterwards. Love Mags xx.”

Jack showered then went downstairs for breakfast which was a joint venture between May and Jean. He told them what Mags had written but didn’t let them read the message. Both were unanimous with their agreement for it. Jean said, “This is a wonderful opportunity for the Clinic. Jack, could you check out any contractual aspects that they may want us to sign up to? We must know all the conditions before we give a final agreement.”

May said, “I am all for this, the potential is unbelievable but as Jean says we must meet any conditions out carefully before we sign up to anything. Jack, please let Mags know that her credit card obligations will be met. I have no idea of Tim’s financial situation, but I will leave now as I have a meeting with Tim’s account at eight this morning. There will be no problem with the credit card.”

May then gave Jean and Jack a kiss then left. Jean poured them both another cup of coffee. She said, “Please check this out carefully, I am sure that this could change the Clinic’s standing and I am all for it. I like Mags a lot, she’s a lovely lady and I am sure will be an asset to the Clinic. I am glad that we have this opportunity to have a private chat this morning. I have never discussed what I am about to tell you with May. In her second year at University Mags got herself into a little bit of trouble. She had a one night stand and was unwell kozyatağı escort bayan with a genital infection. She didn’t want May to know about it. She approached me privately.”

“She was as good as new within a week, and May knew nothing about it. After this Mags started to spend a lot of time in the Clinic. She wanted to work with me. May was happy as it was giving Mags a practical training that she wasn’t getting at University. This is when Mags took an interest in sexual problems with older women. All her holidays were spent working in the Clinic. We became very close, and then the inevitable happened, we became lovers. I am sure May knew what was happening. Remember when Mags used to stay overnight here, she shared my bed. I have missed her the last year when she has been in America.”

“During the last year, we regularly had online sex on Skype. She knows that May and I are lovers. She also knows that when she was on Skype with her mum that I was eating her mum’s cunt, this aroused her. We have had an open relationship for a few years. I have told her that I am having sex with you and her mother is also having sex with you. I also know that she has asked you if you are dating anyone at the moment. You replied that you are concentrating on your final exams. Darling, I want us all to have fun. I know Mags; she is a brilliant woman. I think that you should be honest with her regarding May and myself.”

“I know that she fantasies about having sex with her mum. When we have sex, she loves to call me mum. I believe with a little bit of openness and honesty she could easily be part of our group. I haven’t spoken with May about this, but I believe that May would be comfortable with this. I think as you message each other that you should be honest and tell her that you are having sex with her mum and me. You will have a lot to do over the coming days, but I believe that it will be worth it if you practice due diligence on the professor’s proposals. You were excellent last night and this morning with May and me. Your cock was rock hard. I am going to give you some pills which if you take half an hour before intercourse your cock will remain hard for at least four hours.”

Jean gave him the pills. He took half of one of the pills. Jean had cooked breakfast with May; she had only been wearing an apron. Jack removed her apron then he sat on a kitchen chair with Jean on his lap. For the next twenty-five minutes, they just kissed and touched. She had had several small orgasms during the touching; she was now well lubed in her ass. He then fingered her pussy and took some cunt juice and spread it around the head of his cock. He then bent her over the kitchen table then slid his massive cock inside her ass doggy style with one gentle thrust.

In the next forty-five minutes, he pounded his mum’s ass initially and gave her three vaginal orgasms then finished her off by rogering her cunt until they both climaxed simultaneously. Jean was shaking uncontrollably at the end. The went upstairs and showered. Jean was glowing. Jack dressed then they kissed. As he left, he said, “Mum, thanks for the heads up, I am sure that everything will work out with Mags.”

He got to University just in time for his nine-thirty lecture. At his first break he messaged Mags, it read, “Mags, thanks küçükçekmece escort bayan for the message and congratulations on getting your Professor title, well done. No problems with your credit card, all transactions will be honoured. Your mum doesn’t know too much about your dad’s financial position but is having a meeting with his accountant this morning. Can you please send me details of what Peter wants from the link up with Jean’s Clinic. Jean and your mum are in favour of it, but it depends what the conditions are. I wish that I had been with you last night. I would have done to you what I loved to do to you in the Garden House. After I read your last message, I want to be honest with you; I am having a sexual relationship with my mum and your mum. Last night we had a threescore. I hope that you are comfortable with this. Thinking about you and looking forward to hearing from you. Love Jack xx.”

Today’s last lecture finished at one-thirty in the afternoon, so he drove to the Clinic and checked out on the Clinic insurance. Everything was good they were comprehensively insured, no worries for Mags, in the twenty-five years the Clinic had been operational there has never been a claim for negligence against the Clinic. The Clinic was busy. Jean’s secretary brought him a coffee. He had a message from Mags which she had sent at two minutes past six her time this morning, it read, “Jack, thanks for your honesty, I appreciate it. I will find out what’s involved at the meeting. I think that there will be guidelines, but I don’t think that there will be a contract. I think when I shake Peter’s hand today that will be it. I think that they will help us with Marketing. I am so happy that you were honest with me. I haven’t been with mum yet, but I believe it’s just a matter of time. I don’t mind sharing you with Jean and mum. Will write after my meeting. Love Mags xx.”

He got a message from May which read, “Thank you for this morning and last night, I enjoyed sharing you with Jean. My ass and pussy are still tingling. I spent an hour with Tim’s accountant who was most revealing. Mags has no problems with her credit card, she could have a Gold Card, and there wouldn’t be a problem. When you graduate I want you to look after my legal affairs; you will be my man of business. Tim was a clever Architect and also an excellent designer. I knew nothing about this side of him. When he was younger, he once told me that he enjoyed designing furniture, cutlery, household items and all sorts of things. His greatest love was designing a house and all its contents.”

“He was very successful with this, and over the years he has built up factories that manufacturers his designs. He even has a factory manufacturing the carpets and rugs that he has designed. He has a worldwide reputation. He trades under the well-known but strangely named company with the name ‘Rats Tail’. Its turnover is in the hundreds of millions. We have no financial worries as he owns all his properties, has no debt and substantial amounts on deposit in the Bank. I would like you to help me with the running of these businesses. I am told that his Managing Director of his Group is competent but a little effeminate. I would like you to be with me when I meet him. I had lunch with his accountant that’s why I am late getting küçükyalı escort bayan back to you. Once we know when Mags will be home, then we can arrange the funeral. I am looking forward to tonight; I am sure Jean and I can do some extraordinary things for you. Love May xx.”

Just after four, he got a message from Mags which read, “Darling, I have had a wonderful meeting with Peter. My Professorship from the University Hospital the Clinic her is associated with will be presented to me this evening. It’s an Associate Professor title that I have, but I am referred to as Professor. I am one step away from full Professor title. The deal is that I receive no salary from the American Clinic but have full access to all their research information. They will acknowledge Jean’s Clinic as their European satellite offering all the services that they offer. Any new services or medication they will advise us on. They have an excellent Public Relations department which will help us with the Marketing. They will pay for all expenses for any educational courses we provide for other interested doctors who are interested in their medications.”

“This is where we make money. Once we are established, we advertise our Courses or Seminars in some Medical Journals and have a weekend Course. The doctors attending pay us a fee and they become Authorised Practitioners of our medication. Their medication is years ahead of anything else on the marketplace today. Peter’s secretary has arranged a flight for me tomorrow evening, and I will be home on Thursday morning at seven-ten in the morning. Please pick me up from the airport. We have no contracts, and their IT department will update Jean’s website. It’s all happening now. I will write when I can but see you on Thursday morning. Love Mags xx.”

He replied saying that he would be there on Thursday morning. He then messaged May to tell her that Mags would be home on Thursday morning and that he would pick her up from the Airport. It was now five o’clock, and Jean had finished with her last patient. He went into her consulting room. Two glasses of wine appeared by magic; they were served by Jean’s secretary, Val, who then left the room. Jean then took off her white coat. She was wearing a tight top which showed her massive tits to perfection and a very tight pair of leggings which displayed her huge vulva; her sex slit looked more prolonged than the eight inches that it was. Jack then told her everything that Mags and May had told him.

Jean said, “I am so happy with what Mags has arranged. I know of some of the medication that they produce. Mags is bringing lots of it with her. Her Clinic is flying her Business Class, and they are paying the excess baggage. She will have a suitcase full of all the medications. I am so glad that you were honest with her. She likes you a lot. I have arranged that Dot will look after May on Thursday night. Tonight when you are ass fucking May tell her that you are thinking of asking Mags out on a date when she gets back and would May be comfortable with that? Do it on her third ass fuck as she is then waiting for the strongest orgasm of them all. I will bet you she has no problem with it at all.”

Jack smiled and kissed her then said, “I love how mummy thinks. I also love you in those leggings, they make your beautiful sex slit look so appealing.”

Jean smiled and said, “Thanks for the compliment, I have a lot of private patients that like to see me just wearing what I am wearing now when I am consulting with them, but that’s a side of the business that I will tell you about later.”

Jack replied as he slid his hand between her now open legs, “In that case, you should have tighter ones in pink or flesh coloured ones then you would get their pussies very wet.”

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