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Me and My Father-in-Law Ch. 05a

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My body felt loose and I had to lie down. I lay prone on my FIL’s body with my mouth towards his Lund. Ohh the monster was just near my mouth! I held FIL’s Lund and kissed it. I really worshipped the Lund! It was my center of attraction and everything to me. I moved it all along my lips and then nose. Ohhhhhhhhhhh hot rod! I moved his Lund all over my face caressing my cheeks and then my temple! Ohhhhhhhhhhh I had never before did this, not even to my husband!

“Seemu! You love this Lund so much? You are making me cum again! Ohh god! You little nymph! Rub your body on my Lund and your body be blessed with lots of such erotic moments and sexual satisfaction. OHHHHHHH! Seema! My god! You made me feel lot younger!”

I continued to rub his Lund over my hair and then my ears! Ohhhh god! I never thought that our ears are so sensitive. As I rubbed FIL’s Lund on my ear lobes it made me feel really hot. My ear lobes became hot, as blood rushed there to convey the pleasurable feelings to the brain and in my case heart too! Ohhhh God! I thank you for making such a wonderful body!

I then rubbed it on my neck and again I had same feeling. Was it the blood that was in the Lund to keep it hard OR was it my heart that pumped the blood so fast? No answer for this, readers! NOW I had to have that big hard Lund in my choot. Enough of foreplay! Ohhhh! I was so hot!

I turned my face to my FIL and kissed him full on the lips. That was the first kiss ( if you have kept the track ataköy escort of incidences) between FIL and me. He opened his mouth and allowed my tongue to probe in. High electric current was flowing throughout my body and I pushed my tongue to meet that of my FIL. Our tongues met and tickled each other. My FIL had his hand around me and he was pulling me to him as we kissed. Our bodies mashed together and my breasts rubbed over my FIL’s hairy chest. I moved my chest so that my big breasts rubbed on FIL’s chest and then I too slid my hand on his back. Ohh there were lots of hair on FIL’s back that I had not seen but felt now. I caress his back and then pressed the lower side of my body, belly and aall, to his. I felt his hard Lund pressing into me and I very much wanted to take it now.

“Seema! Lower your choot and take my hard Lund in your body. You love to climb and fuck don’t you? So go ahead and be my guest. Fuck my Lund!”

“Yes Baba I want that big hard Lund of yours in my choot! I am your DIL and you are my FIL but still we fuck! It’s a beautiful sin! Come on Baba, fuck me! Here let me take that monster in my poor choot. Ohhhh god! Do it slow! You have bigger Lund than Sunil’s so take me slow and fuck me hard!”

I lowered my choot on FIL’s waiting Lund. Ohhhh FIL’s Lund touched my choot and I had to move my ass to take him into my hole. FIL’s Lund entered my choot easily as it was very wet and I did not feel any pain though ataşehir escort his Lund was bigger than Sunil’s. my choot was stretched by his Lund and I slowly adjusted to his size. Then I slid my body on my FIL’s and started to move it to and fro, slowly fucking FIL’s Lund. My breasts too rubbed on FIL’s chest and that made my nipples grow. This is the position I like. I can rub my breasts on his chest whenever I wanted.

I lifted my ass and then lowered it. Then I established a slow rhythm and fucked my FIL. Then FIL caught my face and kissed me hard. Ohhhhhhhhhhh! Ahhhhhhhh! fuck! This was wonderful, kissing while fucking, doubles the pleasure. We both kissed and I continued to fuck FIL.

Slow and steady, just the way he had fucked me when I was asleep (?). FIL’s Lund was touching my cervix and rubbing the entire vagina making me mad with sensations. I pressed my pelvis onto FIL’s crotch and lying prone over FIL’s body, I rubbed my clit softly. Oohhhhh waves of pleasure passed through my body. It was double pleasure, clitoral stimulation as well as vaginal. I slowly increased my speed and FIL too started to fuck me from below. His ass moved up and down sending his Lund deep into my vagina and making me mad. Then FIL turned me around and pushed his Lund from behind. Now he took the charge of fucking me!

As he pushed his Lund from the back I moaned loudly,

“Ohhh Baba fuck me like I am bitch in heat! Ohhhhhhhh! avcılar escort This way the Lund is going very deep! Ahhhhhahhhhahhh! Your balls are hitting my clitty! Ohh god! Great fucker you are! Come on tear my choot! Fuck hard!”

With this encouragement FIL started to jab his Lund in and out at very fast pace. I knew he won’t last longer this way and suddenly FIL pushed his Lund all the way in and lay on my back. His Lund made jerking movements and I felt hot sperm soray onto the walls of my vagina, deep inside. Ahhhhhhh! I came instantly and lay on my stomach experiencing slow but intense orgasm. We both lay for some time there and enjoyed every moment of it. My FIL took his Lund out of my choot and I saw that it was covered with our mixed juices and was shiny. His Lund was still semi hard and I caught it and kissed it.

“Come on Seema lick our mixed juices off my Lund and then kiss me and share it with me. Wicked idea hu! Do it if you like to!”

“Ohhhh Baba! How can I refuse? This is going to be nice experience to me. I like to experiment in sex so I will do it. I am sure I would love it!”

I caught FIL’s Lund in my hand and put my mouth to it. It was covered with sticky juices and as I lowered my mouth onto FIL’s Lund I tasted the combined juices. Ohhhh so nice! this was really intoxicating and I loved it. I licked all the Lund and then kissed my FIL. He hungrily scraped my mouth with his tongue and tasted his own sperm out of my choot. Our kiss continued for several minutes and we both were breathless for some time. Then it was over!

I had to sleep that day without doing any work and FIL slept besides me. Readers, I was wife of FIL in the day time and wife of his son ( Sunil) in the night! Double role! Great!

Read more in next part.

Part 5a ends!

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