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Meet the Family Ch. 03

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Big Tits

The Cast of Characters:

ADRIAN: Our hero.

KELLY: Fiancée-to-be

TOM: Katie’s’ boyfriend

KATIE: Twin sister


MAE: Mom

Katie gets serious with Tom and brings him home; her new boyfriend meets the family.

So, the months and years went on, and as our strange little family polycule went through its period of sexual discovery, we all had various types of sex in every configuration. It think it’s fair to say that we screwed each other senseless pretty much continually…

…and then Katie met Tom.

“Good news – I’ve met someone!” she told us, “He’s the same age as me and Adrian and he’s really great. I want him to… meet you – I think you’d all like him too!”

We all asked about him to no avail. She simply said she’d bring him over for a semi-formal dinner whenever was good. “Mysterious, eh?” said Mom. “OK honey – as you like it.” and smiled, only somewhat lasciviously.

So the date arrived at last and the dinner was a great success. After a few drinks had been served, Tom had a man-to-man chat with Dad.

“So, Katie’s’ told me about your… lifestyle, and, er, I was wondering if, erm… you could show us something?”

“Of course, I will consider your every desire” said Dad.

“Well, er, you see I also am, shall we say somewhat unconventional, and I was wondering, that is, er, if you could um, er, show us how it’s possible for, er, two men to, er, penetrate a lady at the same time…”

My sister interjected: “He means, will you show him how to fuck me with two cocks at once, Daddy?”

“I think that’s a wonderful idea” said Dad, and asked “Have you two fucked yet?”

“We certainly have!” grinned Tom, shyly.

“Well, then. We could both fuck Katie together, and we could fuck my wife as well if you like. It would be a marvelous way to welcome you to the family.” He looked sidelong at me. “And I’m sure my son would love to suck your cock as well!”

“I sure love sucking yours, Dad” I said with a contented smile.

Tom said, “Sounds great. I’m in. Oh boy am I in!”

“So… shall we repair to the bedroom?” said Dad.

In the bedroom there was an extra note of urgency as we got undressed. After all, here was someone new!

First, the five of us all laid down on the bed and hugged, stroked, ikitelli escort and kissed each other. Then my sister whispered to me “He’s got a lovely cock, in case you were interested…” and I went down to investigate.

Tom’s cock was indeed magnificent. It was just the right size, not too big, not too small, un-circumcised and just really cute and suckable… the perfect cock in every way. So I stuffed him in my mouth and licked and sucked him to the point of absolute ecstasy… Then Dad said “Share, Son, share!” and I found him next to me.

Sheepishly I relinquished control of the marvelous cock and watched, entranced, as Dad engulfed it with his mouth as I had. Having been on the receiving end of his blow jobs I knew we were lucky that Tom didn’t cum on the spot, but Dad knew just exactly how long to stimulate it and when to ease off… pity in a way, I mean I do love cum!

Eventually Dad released Tom’s cock and announced “That is a fabulous cock, and I am sure it will give all of us much pleasure. I couldn’t have asked for a better tool to fuck my daughter with… but first, I think someone else would like to be fucked.”

At that, Mom appeared and said “First I wanna suck it too, you two!” and stuffed it in her mouth. I guess I see where I get it from, it seems cock sucking runs in the family…

Finally, Katie took her turn to suck him off as we all went back to stroking and kissing each other, and then when she’d finished Mom said something really sweet. She asked Katie: “Sweetie, are you sure it’s OK if I fuck Tom? Momma hasn’t fucked anyone new in a long time, and she could really do with some fresh cum in her pussy. But I understand if you want to keep him for yourself. I mean, I know some women are competitive…”

“Oh, Mom, of course you can fuck him!” said Katie, and kissed her on the mouth. “But let me and Ade lick your cunt while you do it, you know how we love a good fucklicking!”

“Of course, honey, you know you’re both always welcome to lick my cunt!” said Mom, and then knelt above Tom’s rampaging hard-on, reverse-cowgirl style.

The three of us, me, Dad, and Katie, all gave his cock one last lick and suck for good luck, then we held it below Mom’s cunt as she lowered herself down onto it, and watched my kadıköy escort sisters’ boyfriend penetrate her, his cock slowly parting Mom’s pussy lips as she eased herself down onto him.

Then we pounced. Somehow, the three of us all managed to go down on them as his cock fucked Mom’s pussy.

Of course, it wasn’t long before he came inside her – we all felt it, the familiar feeling of a cock bucking and throbbing as he spurted his load into Mom’s hot, wet cunt as well as the shudder of Mom’s orgasm.

There’s no rest for the wicked, and as he took his cock out of Mom’s vagina we all lapped up their combined juices, cleaning his cock and her cunt as best we could, even as his cum seeped out of Mom’s pussy.

“Now, for double penetration, we’ll start off with a nice, hot, wet cunt that’s all slippery and well lubed with cum. Like Mae’s here!” said Dad, as he lied down to take Tom’s place.

Mom bent over him and I took up the rear. “Now, the trick is to get your cocks in at the same time. Me and Adrian will rub our pricks together and, as one, we’ll fuck Mae… and… that’s right…

Mom eased herself onto us, and in a moment, we were both inside her, our hard cocks rubbing together inside her hot, wet, juicy, cum-filled pussy. the two of us happily fucking her as Tom and Katie watched. Then Dad said, “OK, Adrian, why don’t you fuck your sister and Tom can try double-teaming your Mom with me?”

“Only if you lick my pussy while we do it, Daddy – I want your tongue on me while my brother fucks me!”

Katie sat down on Dad’s face so he could lick her clit while I eased my cock into her tight, wet pussy, and Mom stayed on Dad’s cock while Tom took my place behind her.

Mom’s heavy tits brushed my back as she took the two men inside her, and I felt Dad’s tongue fluttering against my cock, just as mine had fluttered against his, so many times – and now Tom’s. Tom, who had fucked my beautiful sister and was now fucking my mother as well… Tom, our new playmate with a fantastic cock, that seemed just the right size, exactly right for…

I came in my sisters’ pussy as I imagined Tom fucking my ass. Dad was way too big, but I reckoned I could handle Tom… especially if he was lubed up with another family members’ pussy juice!

I kartal escort took my cock out and let Dad clean me up, then he said: “OK, now Katie’s full of cum too, so she’ll definitely be lubed up enough for us to fuck her together.” Katie sat up a little, and Mom disentangled herself from the two men so they could reposition themselves – Tom lying down so Katie could swing her leg over him, and Dad behind her so he could fuck her from behind while she rode Tom.

Just before they all started fucking, Tom and my sister shared a passionate kiss and Katie said “Welcome to the family, Tom. We will all, always be here for you, whatever happens.”

“I love you so much, Honey” said Tom.

“I know, baby, I know. Now why don’t you and Daddy fuck me with your big cocks!”

“Haven’t your Dad and brother both done this with you as well?”

“Many, many times, hun. They’ve both fucked me together and separately in every conceivable way – but that was all just to prepare me for the real thing, to prepare me for you. And now you’re here, and you’re gonna fuck me with my Dad’s cock right next to yours, and then you’re gonna fuck me with my twin brother. Because I love you all that much.”

“OK, hun. Here I come…”

And with that, Tom and Dad both fucked my sister as me and Mom covered the three of them with kisses…


“Aww! That’s so romantic!” interjected Kelly, snapping me back to the present.

“That’s what it’s all about, honey. It’s not a sordid or evil thing – We just share the love with each other…”

“And you want to do that with me?”

“Only if you want to. I couldn’t even dream of getting you into something you weren’t interested in, but after all the parties we’ve been to, all the orgies and threesomes and foursomes and moresomes we’ve done… I thought you’d be receptive to it.”

“It IS hot…” she said. “But what if I just don’t fancy them?”

“Then nothing will happen. We’ll make our excuses and leave, simple as that. We don’t HAVE to all fuck – it’s just something that happens, sometimes. It’s not our whole lives or anything like that – we’ve gone years without having sex, just as people will go years without seeing each other -doesn’t mean they don’t love each other, it just means it’s not appropriate at that time. But…”

“But what, honey?”

“But I think you’ll really, REALLY like them. Mom, Dad, Katie, and Tom.”

“You know what? I think I might…”

“So – you wanna try it?”

“Yeah… I’ll fuck your family. IF they’re hot!”


Tune in next time, when Kelly and Katie finally meet and sparks fly!

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