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Meeting After School

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Passing in the hall you stop me…with a wonderful smile “meet me after school in my room.” You say with a smile.

Smiling back as I have wanted to be alone with you for so long.

”Ok I will be there.”

Last period ends and I go to your classroom…”You wanted to see me sir?” I ask softly.

“Yes I did come in here.” You reply with a devilish grin on your face.

“I wanted to discuss your work efforts in this class.”

“Yes sir.”

Knowing this could be my perfect opportunity I walk over to your desk, looking at the grades you are showing me I slowly move behind you running my nails over your shoulders, suddenly you grab my hand.

”Stop that…I had you come here to discuss this little situation.” You say sternly, moving my hand off your shoulders.

Making you think I was paying attention, moving my hand back onto your shoulders as it slips gently down the front of you…moving slightly in your chair, trying not to let me bother you yet I can tell its not working, as you clear your throat

”Now what are we going to do about these grades you have been getting lately?” you ask in a struggling tone.

”Oh sir I don’t know I promise to be a good girl and try harder.” I whisper, kissing the back of your neck softly.

A soft moan escapes you…”ah I hope so, if you don’t you don’t you will fail my class.”

“Oh sir please I can’t fail I will do anything to keep from failing” moving in illegal bahis front of you.


“Yes sir anything.”

“Well then I think your going to have to stay after school for a while to make up some of these grades.

”Yes sir I will.” beginning to walk away.

“Where do you think your going girl?”

“Oh, well sir I thought you were done with me.”

”Oh no I’m not done with you yet, come back over here.”

Walking back to you “yes sir” standing you take your hands onto my hips and pull me in closer to you…although not resisting I have been wanting you to touch me for a long time yet I never said anything as I didn’t think you would look at me that way.

“You are going to begin making those grades up today and I am going to help you.” Yes sir”.

Raising my chin with your finger as you stare into my eyes kissing me softly at first trying to see if I would stay or pull away.

”Sir is this how I am going to make up my grades?” I ask smiling.

”Well can you think of any other way to fix these grades of yours?”

Oh no sir.”

Kissing me again as my hands begin out of instinct to run through your hair as our kisses deepen while tongues search for one another once met they dance feverishly together your hands trace my outer being as my body begins to melt to the touch of your hands.

My hands run up and down your back wanting more, “Sir, what are we doing? illegal bahis siteleri Whispering in a soft moan.

“Something that I know you have wanted for a very long time now.”

“Oh how did you know this?” blushing as I turn my head away.

“I’ve been able to tell for a while I’ve seen the way you look at me in class even when you don’t think I notice.” You reply as you turn my head back to look at you, your hand slips down between my legs gently

”Ah god no please don’t to this, we could get in so much trouble if we got caught.” my hips moving to the feel of your touch.

”Oh we won’t get caught” slowly sliding my skirt off my hips and down to the floor stopping for a moment as you undo your pants as your manhood stands erect in front of me, running your hands over my pussy feeling my wetness through my thong…

”Oh your all excited now aren’t you? Pushing my thong to the side sliding one finger inside my hot wet pussy

“Oh Yessssss!!!” grabbing your shoulders shrieking

“OHHHHH my god, you are so fucking hot and so wet, how would you like this hard cock in there instead of my finger?”

“Oh yes please finger my pussy faster and harder” crying out in almost a wail.

”Is this really what you want?”

“Oh yes I want it so badly inside me, please let me have it!!”

Removing my thong you clear the front of your desk where you sit me, spreading my legs moving inside them canlı bahis siteleri teasing my lips with the head of your cock.

Moving forward trying to get you into me…you whisper, ”oh you really want this cock of mine don’t you?”

Wrapping my legs around your waist pushing you in closer to me, ”I want it so bad, I want it now please fuck me!”

“Oh I don’t know do you think I should? You ask with a teasing smile, suddenly your cock rams into me as a scream of ecstasy echoes through the hollow room.


Harder and faster your pace picks up as my nails dig into your shoulders.

”Oh baby you feel so good, I have wanted to fuck you for like forever, MMMMM god damn your pussy is so hot!!!!” you scream as you hold onto my hips pulling me onto your cock even harder.

Suddenly you feel my pussy squeezing your cock milking it as my body tenses and my back leaves the desk.

”OHHHHHHH YESSSSSS FUCK ME HARDER!!” oh I need it harder please I am going to CUMMMM!!!!”

”OH HELL YEAH baby that’s right cum for the teacher baby MMMM do it baby come on cum for me!”

Suddenly I feel your body tense and your cock and balls tighten as you grab my hips and thrust into me one last time harder, your head throws back and you let out a hell of a scream as you explode inside me shooting hot streams of cum into me.


Still pumping me as your body begins to slow down, looking down at me smiling.

”This is a very good beginning to your grade improvements, you will meet me here again tomorrow.”

“Yes sir I will be here.”

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