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Meeting Cameron Ch. 02

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The kiss changed everything. As they stood together on the bumpy trail, their arms wrapped around each other, Abby’s heart quivered. It felt like it was trying to learn to beat again, still rusty, but trying hard all the same. Cam was content, holding this dear woman close to him, feeling her body against his, her heart beating against his chest.

Both were concerned that they had passed the line, moved to a point that was beyond the accepted one. Then, the deep friendship they felt kicked in, and they hugged again, and laughed.

“You saved me, Sir! I owe you. Name your prize and it shall be yours,” Abby said, giggling.

Cam smiled and decided silliness might save the moment. “I want your new Michael Crawford CD. No, I want your cool new winter gloves. No, no, I know what I want! I want you to chauffeur me for a whole day! Wait! I know! I want your first born child!”

Abby, who was laughing happily, stopped suddenly at the mention of the child. She had always thought she would live forever and have all her children with Ken, and that dream had ended. Now, it seemed entirely possible to her that Cameron could be the one she would love, marry, conceive and bear children, watch them learn, and grow old together. Cam had filled her heart with warmth and caring since the first day, and she could easily imagine him continuing all the rest of her days.

She looked up at Cam, and responded quietly, “That is a possibility, Sir!”

Looking into her face, Cam realized that he loved her. She had become so special to him, her heart linked firmly with his. Now, he slowly lowered his face to hers and kissed her again, slowly and deeply. Her mouth opened under his, accepting his searching tongue. He held her softly against him and she remembered the feeling of belonging, of fitting together with a man. His hands spanned her back, massaging her spine, trying to find a safe place to hold. Cameron didn’t want to move too fast. He certainly didn’t want to scare her away, now that he had found her.

They finished the hike, but with a subtle difference. Before, they had been careful not to touch or walk too close. Now, small touches were exchanged. He held her arm as they walked, or offered his hand on the trail. Moving down the wider places, canlı bahis they were body to body, feeling and accepting the warmth of another person. At the car, they turned together, and shared a hug.

Driving home, Abigail made the first move. “Today was wonderful. I never knew how much I could enjoy hiking! Now, let me reciprocate. Please come to dinner tonight. I would like to cook for you.”

She waited tremulously, afraid, once again, of having gone too far. Cameron beamed at her, so pleased that she had taken this step. “I would love to come over. How about 7? Will that give you enough time?”

Abby let out the breath she didn’t even know she was holding. “Yes, especially if we do the grocery shopping now. Together.” she added.

Cam pulled into the next shopping center, parking in front of the huge supermarket. They walked inside together, feeling a little odd, but happy, at the same time. Neither had shopped with someone else for a long time. It was a strangely intimate activity, and they both knew that. Cam pulled out the cart and began walking, Stopping when Abby did, watching her comparison shop, searching for the ingredients she knew she would need for tonight. Cam’s contribution was a bottle of wine, one he knew was deliciously perfect for a fall evening.

Abby liked having a man shop with her again. It was fun to talk while walking the aisles, comparing tastes and preferences. It was also nice to have a man carry the groceries to the car and later, into the house. He sat at the kitchen table with a cup of hot cocoa while she put the groceries away, chatting about the fall weather and the upcoming holiday.

While he talked, Cameron was watching Abigail. Though he was delighted when he met her, just to be with the woman he had grown to care about over weeks of phone calls, he knew she had been unhappy with her body and looks. Now, after a few months of being together, she had changed so much. Her body had become slim, toned, quite lovely. Her eyes glowed, her smile came easily. She was not the sad and lost woman he first knew. Oh, it was still there, she would always be sad about Ken. He knew that. But she had finally given herself permission to live again, to feel again. Cameron didn’t realize the important role bahis siteleri he had taken in her rebirth. He just knew he was so happy for her and glad to be a part of her life.

Abby had meant for Cam to go home, or somewhere, and return at seven to the miracle of a home-cooked meal. But he was so content to sit at her table and watch, so dis-inclined to go anywhere, she just didn’t have the heart to send him out into the now-cold day. He wandered out of the kitchen, looking at her house and approving of her simple, lovely style. In the den, he lit a fire, started some music, inhaling the delicious aromas wafting from the kitchen. He settled down on the sofa, just feeling relaxed and comfortable. The warmth of the fire, the long hike of the morning, everything caught up with him and he drifted off.

When he woke, there was Abby. She was curled up in a chair, book in hand, happily reading. He watched her quietly. She was a lovely woman. He knew she was a good and loving woman, he had known that from the start. But now, she was also incredibly beautiful and appealing. Without moving, he observed her. Her butterscotch-colored hair, her long lashes, the rosy glow in her cheeks. Her body had slimmed down and now he could see the lovely curve of her breasts against the flannel shirt, her legs shapely in the jeans. He was happy for her. He knew she was in a better place, more content with herself and her life. As he watched her, he noticed her taking tiny peeks at him. Her eyes sparkled when she looked at him, her mouth curved into a delightful smile.

Unable to bear not talking any longer, Cameron stretched and opened his eyes, looking directly at Abigail. He patted the couch beside him. She closed her book and walked over. He took her hand and pulled her down, close to him, warm against him. “Good afternoon, my dear. What a nice nap. And what a nice way to wake. Dinner smells delicious. And you, my dear Abby, look tantalizing!”

Completely of her own accord, Abby leaned forward and kissed Cam’s cheek. She lingered there, his arm around her. She allowed herself the luxury of touching his face with her palm, feeling once again the contours of a man, the slight roughness of a cheek at the end of the day. He smelled so good. He felt so good. bahis şirketleri Cameron held her, not making any sudden moves or scaring her. He wanted her to move at her own pace, and he was her willing subject.

They sat together for a long while. Both enjoyed the feeling of being with another warm person, someone who cared. They relaxed together, able to just be themselves and know it was enough. She rested her head on his shoulder, holding his hand and talking about Ken and how his death had affected her. It felt good to just tell the truth, not have to pretend things were better or easier than they really were. He listened carefully, hearing also the words she didn’t speak. She wanted permission to love again, to love as a woman. She had to give it to herself. Cameron was a patient man. He was willing to wait for what he wanted. Today, finally, he realized he wanted Abigail.

They ate in front of the fire. The stew was perfect, full of fresh vegetables and tender beef. Abby’s homemade biscuits were feather-light. His wine was a tasty addition to the meal. Dessert was S’mores, made in the fireplace, eaten with giggles and silliness.

They pulled big pillows to the fire’s edge and faced each other. No words were needed now. He allowed her to touch his face, trace his features, learn his contours. Her fingers moved softly over his lips and he fought the urge to suck them into his mouth. He felt his body respond to her, but remained still, and slightly apart from her. He could feel her trembling, sensed her hesitation, but it was her decision, her move.

When Abigail and Ken had met and fallen in love, they had been kids. Her love for him was that of a high school girl who grew. Being with Cameron was fully an adult experience. The attraction came with all the knowledge Abby had acquired, all the feelings she already knew. As she touched his face, she felt the need, the desire building in her and wanted to continue.

Finally, she moved closer to him, her breasts pressing on his shirt. He could feel her hardened nipples, hear her quickened breath. Cam looked into her face, saw the desire in her eyes, and the hesitation there too. She needed help, she needed him to guide her.

He moved the tiniest amount, coming in complete contact with her body. Their eyes locked and held. She saw the passion and love she felt reflected in Cam’s face. She knew she was safe with him, and said everything she felt with one word.


To Be Continued…

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