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Melanie Ch. 03

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Chapter 03

The sex party

Working hard all day had the advantage of distracting Melanie from what might happen to her this evening. With the two silent women, Sophia and Sapphire, a banquet was being prepared which meant visitors to the mansion were expected.

Who they were and what was expected of her was still a mystery for they were forbidden to talk and so was she. They both wore just a short see-through shift and she had become used to wearing the same, but to be on display to complete strangers was more than a little daunting.

Being drugged continued the confusion so she continued to believe Roberta had sent her there to play out a fantasy game. Melanie was determined to see it through. All she had been told was to obey and that she did easily as all they were doing was preparing diner for visitors. Was that when she would be expected to play some naughty game to earn her place here? It frightened her, yet excited too.

At last the buffet was set with an ornate display, enough to feed an army. A lobster with an array of seafood was laid out under magnificent candelabra as the centrepiece.

Exotic fruit carved into animal shapes, sliced meats, everything was there in plenty. The guests arrived without the expected change of clothing so she stood quietly trying to be unobtrusive, ready to serve from the buffet. The two women led men into the room, each one of them dressed in a Roman toga.

Melanie found the men’s companions fascinating. The women were dressed in risqué Roman fantasy costumes. That wasn’t all. They either stood beside their seated gentlemen or kneeled at their feet. A young woman on hands and knees seemed to be fitted with a tray on her back, for her to be a piece of furniture.

This was crazy, fascinating and exciting. This was one place a naked woman could avoid attention. Anyone could see her body clearly through the costume and so she had to remember not to get carried away in this intense atmosphere for they would be able to tell at a glance she was excited.

Melanie felt as though she were being ignored yet despite earlier misgivings wanted to be a part of this bizarre gathering. They must be regulars she thought, though they didn’t look like husbands and wives or even regular couples.

“Let me show you off, Ruby,” Bernard said, taking hold of her arm. With little choice she was marched across the room to a large rotund man hiding a chair under a fulsome toga. “This is my latest acquisition, he boasted. I’ve named her Ruby. She isn’t trained, as you can see but has potential, I think.”

“Very nice, I’m sure. You should teach her how to greet her betters at least.” The fat man sneered. “You could give her to me for the evening, I’ll teach her for you.”

Bernard frowned and cut him short with a wave of his hand. Embarrassed at the way she had stared at the man, he led her out the room where he found Sophia. “Teach her to greet the guests properly then bring her back. She can join in the entertainment. Be quick.”

Sophia didn’t say a word. She stood with head bowed until Melanie took the hint. With a foot she separated Melanie’s feet splaying them outward. Could she stand displaying herself like that in a room full of strangers? The room wasn’t dimly lit; everything would be clearly on display through the filmy material.

Led back into the room she stood slightly behind Bernard head bowed, as he toured the room conversing with guests. When introduced she would open her legs and clumsily curtsy. This wasn’t exciting at all, it was embarrassing and demeaning.

She felt like a little devil being naughty among her elders, showing off for attention. These strangers were examining her body comparing her breasts with those of a companion. The shape and colour of her shaved vagina was even commented upon, as though she were a mere possession, a mare purchased for breeding stock.

As much as the humiliation hurt there didn’t seem a way out of this sordid game. She didn’t know where she was and had no clothes or money to find a way home. ‘If Roberta had been able to stand it then so can I,’ she told herself.

As the evening wore on she calmed down enough to find it disturbingly attractive. At least no one had touched her although there had been someone she wouldn’t have made a complaint against if he had.

What a strange way to meet someone. He was strong and handsome, a man with arms she could sink into and feel protected and loved. As though she were dressed in a ball gown or her little black dress sipping cocktails, she imagined them chatting together, getting to know each other.

Instead she was almost naked acting as his servant, helping him with a plate of food. Dutifully following him back to his seat, he indicated casually where she should place the dish.

She laid it carefully on the tray set into the outfit of a woman beside him, still patiently waiting on hands and knees. Forgetting herself she stood and stared in curiosity at this human piece of furniture. Sahabet

“You will be in trouble Ruby if your master catches you. The big man is taking an interest in you and that means trouble. Sit down here by me until he finds something else to complain about. You don’t want to be given to him for the night do you?” He chided her.

Melanie blushed that he had remembered her given name: no one here used a real name. It felt humiliating to be asked if she wanted to be given to some stranger. Eager to lose the fat man’s attention she did as he told her.

Squatting before him she almost rested her chin on his knee. It seemed so easy to become close here, to become carried away with the sexual charge atmosphere. So much sexual tension was in the air, it crackled, standing the fine hairs of her arms on end.

She squatted at his feet gazing up at him, content to listen to his deep strong voice while he exchanged gossip with others. Inside she seemed to be reduced to a lovesick puppy wanting him to protect her. If he took a fancy to her could she complete her fantasy weekend with him? Her nipples were standing out proud and she dare not think about what was happening between her legs.

A man marched into the large ballroom wearing a full Roman centurion’s uniform and the room took notice, it fell silent with expectation.

Twisting round to view the entertainment she leant against his knee. The six-foot tall athletic man made some announcement about returning from war with Caesar against the Gaul’s; capturing slaves.

As he toured the banqueting hall recounting vulgar adventures with foreign slave women he elicited cheers and laughter. She watched the conquering hero lift his tunic to reveal a huge erect penis, which bobbed as he walked, accompanied by appreciative course comments and applause.

Closing in on the circle of chairs he stopped at each of the women offering his penis. ‘He must be a porn star hired for the night’s entertainment.’ She thought. With everyone encouraging him with ribald remarks the male guests had little choice but order their women to pay homage.

Melanie watched mesmerised as each in turn kissed the tip of the glistening member. One poor woman, obviously enjoying the evening too much, sucked at it. Accompanied by raucous laughter the master pulled her away by the hair.

As the Centurion approached Melanie turned away wanting no part of this sordid game. She looked up at the man she was falling for knowing it was an infatuation, or a concentration of lust yet unable to prevent it.

Her senses had been assaulted by so much sexual play and powerful fantasy she was ready to fall for anyone. At that moment she needed someone to protect her. If she had to pay a price for this lavish game she would be pleased if this handsome man collected it.

The Centurion was close for she heard his sandals creaking. In the midst of rising off the floor she felt his large hands grasp her hips. As though once more gripped in bondage she was immobile bent forward. A sense of humiliation washed over on hearing the disgusting ribald remarks leaving her swooning.

She knew what was happening but time stood still freezing her reactions. The horrid shouts receded into the distance as though nothing existed except the lips of her pussy when she felt its touch.

“No!” She wanted to shout but the shock had constricted and silenced her throat. That monster cock was too big it belonged in a porn film not inside her. “Not here, not now, never!” She needed to shout but couldn’t.

She felt it large and powerful as it pressed at her lips and with that same forward movement pierced her without a regard for what she wanted. There had been no resistance. In one thrust it buried itself deep filling her up, demanding room, reaching further than anything before it. Pushing at the entrance to her womb it seemed to be demanding everything she had. With an extra thrust it stretched her limits further, forcing her legs outward to make room for the monster.

Stretching her neck up gulping air she caught sight of the handsome stranger watching her. Her hands were on his knees with her open gasping mouth inches from his penis. For a moment a cloud of shame racked her mind.

She had wanted this man to take an interest in her. She had wanted to get to know him, perhaps even play a game with him. He was watching her having her brains fucked out by an uninvited stranger. The humiliation and all thought was as suddenly swept away by an orgasm.

He watched that too. As she came round the applause had died down and looking to her right she watched women, one after the other, cleaning the Centurions dripping cock with their tongues. How could she even look at her handsome stranger after this?

Walking away was no easy task with her weak legs splayed out; she would have to lean on him to straighten up. Somehow it didn’t matter about the others in the banqueting hall; just this one man had made personal contact Sahabet Giriş with her. She couldn’t just shrug off the squalid act as though she had deserted her wonderful stranger on a dance floor, returning with some excuse about it being a cousin she had danced with.

Unable to stand she crawled round the edge of the room and out. In a rest room she washed and tended the slight make up she wore. It was too soon for tears but she was sure they would flood later.

Before everyone in that room she had an orgasm. A short desultory one, but deeply humiliating nevertheless. She had been carelessly used and abandoned. Returning to the banqueting hall she found no one seemed to stare or point at the wanton hussy she now felt like. Melanie made a point of avoiding the handsome young man as much as the odious fat man.


Next morning, after breakfast and the party had been cleared away, she once again stood before the master of the house. Even more than the previous day she felt guilty; the errant schoolgirl awaiting a headmaster’s punishment. This time the guilt was well founded on what had happened last night and he didn’t look amused. He looked at her sternly seeming to measure her up for a punishment.

“I’m not pleased, Ruby. Some of what happened was my fault. I should have spent more time training you, how to behave and what I expect of you. It seems it wasn’t enough for you to pick up good habits from Sophia and Sapphire. I have decided to send you for training. There is nothing to pack so you can leave immediately. Good luck and bon voyage.” He told her.

With his head once more buried in paperwork it seemed she had been dismissed. Had she broken the rules or was all this a part of the game? Perhaps she was being sent back home with the two days now over. It hadn’t been what she had expected; not romantic at all. The feelings of excitement had been replaced with shame and humiliation.

At the study door the ever-silent Sapphire walked her to the kitchen, out a back door and opened the door to a limo, all without speaking or revealing the slightest emotion.

Melanie slid into the leather upholstery feeling her bare bottom on the seat, only then wondering how she was expected to get home dressed like this. It would be nice if the driver dropped her off at the end of the street, nice for the local men that is. After all that had happened recently it wouldn’t matter if he did for she had sunk to her lowest ebb.

In a secluded part of a local airfield she was quickly transferred from limo to private jet. Not seeing anyone during the flight she helped herself to drinks and packets of snacks. The plane taxied to a halt where a middle-aged man in jeans and t-shirt helped her down the steps into a waiting limo. All this was accomplished without speaking to anyone, not that she was in the mood for idle chat.

This was not home. The rugged scenery was of the South West, maybe even south of the border. So it looked as though she was getting a full week not just a weekend. She would have to be home preparing for a new job by Saturday or Sunday at the latest.

No longer convinced this fantasy stuff was for her she decided to give it one more try then pack it in. It was a little worrying how much all this was costing and who had paid for it. Roberta couldn’t have done so. Was the irresponsible woman paying for this on a credit card? They didn’t even seem to know what her fantasies were.

Driving up a long dirt road they eventually came to what looked like a ranch house. The driver opened the door, “Come on out, you’ve arrived.”

Melanie squealed with pain on feeling the hot ground under bare feet. He scooped her up easily cradling her in his arms. Their heads were together as he walked with her around to the back of the house.

He held her high with her breasts scrunched under his face, the dress no protection. He said nothing but grinned as the twin mounds squirmed like wild creatures, trying to escape, in rhythm with his long strides across the yard.

The barn was dark, too dark to see details after the bright outside world. He let her down into a stall onto a concrete floor. It was cool beneath her feet. As he closed the gate she realised she had slid from his arms out of the dress and he was carrying it away with him.

It hadn’t been much but it was all she had. In the stall there was nothing but some straw. Gathering it together like a nest she tried to make a bed.

‘What now!’ Melanie thought. The drug administered by Sophia was wearing off and all that had happened was coming into a nasty clear focus. “What the hell am I doing here?” she exclaimed to the walls of the stable.

As though magically answering the question a singsong voice chimed up surprising her. “Hi! I’m Sandy and I’m here to help you settle in. Before the training starts I will be teaching you some basics.” The tall blond bimbo announced cheerily.

At last someone to talk to. Melanie didn’t know what to say. The Sahabet Güncel Giriş woman seemed so vacuous was it worth trying to communicate. She needed to tell someone her pussy had been assaulted without her permission and she wanted to go home. Gritting her teeth she asked. “What do you mean the basics?”

“Oh! All sorts of exciting things honey! Come on lets go get some chow then I’ll get you something to wear.” She said with a broad smile. Already Melanie missed Sophia and Sapphire. There didn’t seem a way to shut off the inane chatter; no off switch on the life sized Barbie doll.

If told only a few days ago she would be sitting around a stranger’s home completely naked the idea would have seemed ridiculous but here she was eating and patiently waiting for the next humiliation.

“We just have to fill out some paperwork and then get started. Those boobies look great where did you have them done?” She asked while pumping her own huge tight mounds of silicone.

“There mine, I mean natural,” Melanie said slowly enough for the little brain to understand. Sandy seemed to be impressed. Melanie was glad it kept the tiny brain thinking about the idea of them not being man made like her own. The daft thing didn’t seem to be able to think and talk at the same time.

Melanie wanted to tell her to hurry up and get some clothes but already she had become used to wearing little and now nothing at all.

The young woman wore a miniscule flared skirt with a thong, revealed every time she swished around the kitchen. The top hardly covered her ample breasts; something a streetwalker would find embarrassing. Melanie dreaded to think what this woman might present as suitable clothing.

At last it seemed they were going to find out what she thought a fantasy weekend should be. When a blood sample was taken dire thoughts of what that penis had deposited inside her surfaced. She shook her head trying not to think about it.

In a backroom Sandy handed her a pair of ridiculous shoes. The heels were five maybe six inches. “Here, let me help you. This is the first lesson, how to walk in heels,” Sandy offered.

There were no other clothes just shoes. Melanie wobbled around until able to balance. It was a small achievement but still it was something, even if completely useless in the real world. She imagined, with a jaded smile, walking in to the new job as Administration Manager on Monday wearing these. It would certainly make an impression. Perhaps she would compromise and wear some clothes too.

Giggling at the idea brought forth from Sandy a bright tinkling laughter. The laughter and enthusiasm were bringing Melanie around from the previous despair. “Well done girl. Now take them off and we’ll try some positions.” Sandy told her.

What a provocative statement Melanie thought. Not even a steady boyfriend would dare suggest that. Melanie thought a good position would be the bimbo’s neck in her tightening hands. The anger in those thoughts sobered her for a moment. The poor girl was trying her best.

True to her word Sandy demonstrated how to stand with breasts thrust out and hands clasped behind her head. Melanie burst out laughing at the ridiculousness of the position and Sandy joined in, with a silly happy laugh.

“This shows off my breasts so well, don’t you think?” she asked innocently.

“Yes, you’d gain any man’s attention Sandy,” Melanie mocked.

“Oh No! Not any man, just my master,” she complained in surprise.

Melanie didn’t believe she was expected to sit like that. Sandy was sitting on the floor with legs splayed out almost sideways then lifted her hips as though presenting her sex.

Telling herself they weren’t much different to yoga positions she enjoyed Melanie relented under the cajoling of the enthusiastic little Barbie doll. She elicited a promise of some clothing first.

Giggling like a naughty school girl she followed the earnest sincere demonstrations. Next was how to squat on the floor with back arched back, again pushing out her large breasts.

All were designed to present her body in a variety of sexy poses. It didn’t take long before Melanie thought of those women at the Roman party last night sitting at their master’s feet in these lewd poses.

She sat on the floor with her legs spread out wide, head bowed, with hands gripping her shins. From this to another, then another pose, each one held for some minutes while she learnt to stretch her body.

It was a good work out, especially after being cramped in the box, even though the poses were lewd. Repeating these in a gym would bring the place to a halt with cheers and applause even when dressed in a leotard. Despite herself she was becoming aroused thinking of herself like this in the banqueting hall.

Darkness had descended and Melanie was becoming tired, desperately wanting to rest. To hasten the end of the training she jumped to it when Sandy gave her a command. It didn’t matter that she felt like a dog performing tricks, she wanted to show how well she had learnt the poses to end the session.

Woken up early by Sandy, bright and perky as usual, breakfast was eaten and she was ready for a change. The man who had collected her from the airport strode in.

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