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Memoir Extra 02: A Family Outing

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Three or four months before the conversation that inspired the telling of this account took place, Hannah had given birth to a healthy baby girl. Hannah was visiting one lazy afternoon when she reminded me of Juju and an adventure that we had shared together one weekend when she and Damien were home from university.

Hannah and I were sitting comfortably by the pool, naked as always. I was chatting with Hannah and holding my granddaughter when she started to grumble a bit and make little sucking movements with her lips and tongue. Knowing instinctively what this meant, I handed the baby over to Hannah and she started to feed immediately.

As had happened to me when I was feeding her, Hannah’s boobs had grown at least a cup size, maybe more, since giving birth. She seemed to take motherhood naturally in her stride. Although there were a few anxious midnight phone calls because ‘the baby won’t stop crying’, she eventually settled down and was now relatively at ease.

Watching my daughter nourish her child in the same way that I nourished her brought back fond memories. Now that Hannah was a fully grown woman with a family of her own, Ben had told me on many occasions that the resemblance between her and I grew stronger every day.

Hannah was roughly the same height me, maybe a tiny bit taller. Ben loves to tease me and tell me that from behind our hips and arses were almost indistinguishable, not to mention our thighs and calves. I think that Hannah’s boobs were slightly larger and firmer than mine, but our age difference more than accounted for this. If I squinted, Hannah was almost a younger, prettier, more savvy clone of me.

As she sat there feeding her daughter, Hannah told me about what she remembered of the weekend that Juju came to visit. She also said that her father had done a good job of writing our memoirs so far, but that she thought that I should give it a go too.

As these memoirs were Ben’s little pet project, I wanted to make sure that he was OK with me trying to write a chapter or two. When I spoke to him later that day, he was full of enthusiasm and encouraged the idea.

So, here goes . . . .

Hannah was laying back with her legs spread wide bracing herself securely. I was behind her looking over her right shoulder and Damien was looking over her left shoulder. Hannah was looking down at Ben providing coaching and encouragement.

Ben’s face was red with exertion and he was sweating profusely. He locked eyes with Hannah and repositioned himself, ready for one more try.

“Come on, you can do it!” Hannah said encouragingly.

“Yeah Ben, you’ve got this.” I said.

“Not long now, keep going.” Hannah added for good measure.

With one final effort, Ben let out a huge groan throwing himself forward before landing face first next to Hannah.

“Well done!” I said.

“Well done indeed.” said Hannah as she stood.

“Here Hannah, let me help you with that.” said Scott as he stepped towards Hannah.

“Try to remember not to let the rope wrap around your wrist, if your father had fallen and you needed to take his weight, you could have easily ended up with a nasty spiral fracture.” he continued as he disconnected the carabiner from her harness.

“Yes, yes, yes, I know that Scott! I just got caught up in the moment. I was careless, I know.” she responded with equal parts anger and shame.

“And you Ben.” Julia said as she offered him her hand, “Use your legs to push yourself up, not your arms to pull yourself up next time.”

“Legs. OK, got it.” he responded still out of breath.

Hannah and Damien were on a brief break from University so they decided to come and visit their ageing parents for a change. This time, they brought their room mates Julia, she prefers ‘Juju’, and Scott. The four of them had managed to find accommodation together. It was small with two bedrooms, but both bedrooms were ‘masters’ with ensuites each. They also had a small communal lounge/dining/kitchen area as well as a combination powder room/laundry/store room. Perfect for students.

I could easily tell that Hannah was my daughter. Not only was I there in person when her bulbous cranium popped out of my dainty lady parts, but she hated wearing clothes. Don’t get me wrong, I also hated wearing clothes, but I grew up in a household where clothing was encouraged as the norm. Hannah, on the other hand, was raised in a household where clothing was worn sparingly at most.

Both Hannah and I started out the day with our hair tied back, wearing very loose fitting tank tops with large gaping low cut arm holes and deep plunging necklines. Neither of us wore a bra of course, so there was sideboob aplenty on display that day. It was not exhibitionism, we simply felt that we needed less restrictions for our climbing activities. Juju was also wearing a similar tank top, however, her modest boobs were restrained by a sports bra underneath.

All three of us ladies were wearing yoga shorts. The visible outline told me that Juju had antalya escort knickers on. Naturally, Hannah and I were knicker-free. All three men were wearing tattered shorts and t-shirts, what else?

Juju’s modest clothing surprised me slightly. Hannah told her and Scott what to expect in our house. In fact, it was very similar to their current living arrangements. She had a swim in the creek yesterday afternoon naked, she ate dinner with us naked last night and was the same at breakfast this morning.

Romana, my younger daughter, shared some naked breakfast with us that day, but she had to get to work early. She had been working part-time in an entry-level position for a while. The previous evening her manager called late and offered Romana the early morning supervisors’ shift. It seemed that Romana’s normal supervisor was not available and her manager thought that it was time for her to try stepping up. She was not happy missing out on the trip, but the opportunity for advancement was a significant and overwhelming incentive to do so.

Whilst Hannah and Ben were still recovering, the rest of us started to pack the climbing gear into our backpacks so that we could continued the hike to our final destination a few kilometres further on up the hill.

“Hold on a second.” Hannah called out as she stood up.

I looked over and saw her removing her top as she approached me. She arrived next to me and handed me her top.

“Can you please put that in the bag?” she asked offering her top to me.

As soon as I took her top, she reached down and removed her yoga shorts passing them to me as well.

“It’s still a bit cool.” I said noticing her erect nipples.

“Once we get going again, I’ll warm up.” she responded.

Whilst it’s true that Hannah’s sense of modesty was fairly lax compared to the rest of society, she was usually cautious when it came to public exposure due to the legal implications of being caught naked. Luckily, our family had been hiking this particular trail since the kids were very young and Hannah knew the area well.

Ben, Hannah, Romana and I would often join forces with Sally, Susan, Damien and Caroline and hike this trail naked. It was on private property and we had the owner’s permission to visit whenever we liked. Part way along the trail, there was a very large rock outcrop that we had been saying for years that we wanted to try climbing, we just never got around to it.

As luck would have it, when Hannah and Damien met their house mates, they quickly found out that they were avid rock climbers, and importantly, in possession of their own equipment. It may have taken a few decades, but we finally got to climb those rocks today, albeit without Romana.

Knowing that the likelihood of encountering anyone else on the trail today was close to zero, I too decided to make the rest of the hike naked as well. The clothes were mainly for protection from the ropes and rocks and now that we were finished with that part of the day, I was happy to get rid of them.

Seeing his future wife and mother-in-law strip off, Damien said, “What a wonderful idea.”

Before too long, both Damien and Ben were stuffing their clothes into their backpacks as well. The four of us helped each other into their respective backpacks and turned to leave. We were greeted with the sight of both Scott and Juju standing there stunned with their mouths wide open.

“What?” asked Hannah a little bit more defensively than I hope she meant to sound.

“You’re all naked!” responded Juju.

“So? You were naked with us last night and this morning.” I said in a carefree voice.

“That was in your backyard and behind closed doors, not just out in the open like this.” Juju added.

“Yes, but we’re on private property Juju.” replied Hannah.

“OK, well what if the owner sees us?” Scott asked.

“It’s unlikely and even if they do, they’ll probably be naked too.” responded Damien.

“Listen Juju,” I said in my best ‘disciplining a petulant child’ calm voice, “we’re not going to make you do anything that you’re uncomfortable with, but this is just like last night to us and we’re hiking this way. You’re welcome to join in or tag along or go back.”

“OK, but I’m keeping my clothes on.” Juju responded.

“Good for you dear.” I said as I headed off towards the trail.

Ben and Damien followed behind me and I heard Hannah offering some words of encouragement to Juju. I looked back and saw that Juju and Scott had indeed decided to join us.

We hiked onward and upward for another hour or so before reaching our destination. Juju caught up to me and apologised for causing a fuss. I told her not to worry about it and we went on to have a nice chat.

It turned out that she was the eldest child in her family, and that she was followed by twins. When the twins started to talk, they could not say ‘Ju-li-a’, but managed just ‘Ju’ instead. Because there were two of them, and they would often repeat what the other had said, serik escort pretty soon ‘Ju’ became ‘Juju’ and it just stuck.

At the top of the hill, there were a number of rocky outcrops of various sizes interspersed with some trees, shrubs and grass. We picked two outcrops reasonably close together and laid out our picnic blankets. The four kids took the larger clearing and Ben and I took the smaller one. This was not a big deal because there was only a small patch of dirt between us.

We broke out some fruit, sandwiches, water and chocolates to replenish our energy reserves. At one point, I walked over to one of the lookouts as I was eating an apple and took in the view. Scott came over to join me. He had removed his shirt, but still had his shorts on. I wanted to point out our house, but it was hidden from view.

After highlighting a few more places of interest, we walked back to our picnic spot. When we arrived, everyone else seemed to napping so we decided to join them and headed for our respective partners.

I laid down briefly, but I did not really fell like sleeping. In fact, I was feeling very awake. I rolled over onto my side and looked at Ben, but his eyes were closed.

“Psst, are you awake?” I whispered.

“No, I’m sound asleep.” Ben responded in kind.

“Oh, that’s a shame. I thought that we could sneak off to some place private and you could take me from behind.” I said.

“Well, what do you know? I’m wide awake now.” said Ben as he rolled over to look at me grinning from ear to ear.

“I thought that may have piqued your interest.” I said with a smile.

“Let’s go.” I said quietly as I stood motioning Ben to stand too.

Ben stood and we both looked around for a while. I pointed in one direction, but Ben shook his head indicating too much shade. He then pointed to another, more sunny, location and I nodded in agreement. I extended my hand and he took it as we set off for our impromptu carnal diversion.

“I don’t want you to come inside me. I don’t want your load dribbling down my legs as we walk back down to the car.” I said to him as I retied my hair back in preparation for our little adventure.

“Don’t worry, I’ll pull out in time.” Ben said in acknowledgement.

“Just make sure that you do, I still remember that time that we had that quickie on the beach. I had to walk back to the hotel with a wet patch in my bikini bottoms.” I reminded him.

“As if it were not bad enough that I had to wear a fucking bikini in the first place, I had to wear bikini bottoms full of your sticky come!” I added for extra emphasis.

“Can I come in your mouth then?” he asked.

“OK, you can come in my mouth when you’re ready to pop.” I agreed.

Ben and I made our way along a narrow trail until we came upon a clearing with a nice view of the valley below and a small outcrop of rocks for me to lean against.

“This spot looks OK. What do you think?” I asked.

Ben looked around a bit and said, “Seems fine to me.”

I was standing on a slightly higher rock ledge than he was, so I walked over to him, put my arms on his shoulders, leaned down slightly and kissed him softly on the lips. Ben kissed me back and put his hands up on my hips.

I was starting to feel a little bit frisky so I quickly flicked my tongue into his mouth and pulled it out again as we continued to kiss. Ben reciprocated with his tongue and before too long we were like a pair of teenagers in the back row of the cinema. As we continued to kiss, Ben had moved his hands from my hips to my boobs and was kneading them and tweaking my nipples. It felt exhilarating.

After a while, Ben broke our kiss and moved his hands back to my hips and slid them around to cup my arse cheeks in his hands. He took my entire right nipple and areola into his mouth and swirled his tongue around it several times. I could feel it tingling and growing inside his mouth and when he pulled back slightly and blew on it gently, it sprang to life. He repeated the process on my left nipple and areola and when he was finished I was in possession of two enormously erect nipples.

“Oooo, boobies!” he said childishly as he admired his achievement bouncing them together from either side.

I shimmied my shoulders so that he could watch my boobs wiggle from side to side and he grinned like a little kid clapping his hands together. Sometimes it was really simple to keep my man amused.

Coming closer again, he kissed my abdomen and down to my naval. He rubbed his nose in my pubic hair and inhaled loudly. I extended my left leg and rested it on a nearby tree stump exposing my pussy for him.

Ben kissed the top of my clit before sticking his tongue in between my inner lips and wiggling it around. He then used his hands to spread my outer lips wider before taking my clitoris awkwardly into his mouth. He sucked gently on my clit, flicking his tongue on the underside as he did so.

Seemingly out of nowhere, I came and let side escort out a deep moan. Hearing this, he squatted down before me and gently inserted two fingers into my vagina. Luckily, he had trimmed and filed his finger nails the day before and his fingers did not scratch as they entered. I was already fairly wet by now and I could hear my juices slosh around as he wiggled his fingers.

Ben removed his fingers and stood up to his full height. He offered his hand up to my mouth and after giving them a long lingering sniff, I licked my pussy juices off his two extended fingers.

I looked down at his cock and saw that he was nice and hard already and I decided that I wanted him inside me.

I stood back and extended him my hand so that he would join me up on my level. He stepped up and I lead him over to a nearby rock formation. Facing away from him, I spread my legs into a sturdy stance and bent over at the waist. I supported myself with one arm and reached back with the other to spread my pussy lips for him.

Ben was a wonderful husband, great father and gentle lover, but sometimes his aim was a bit off back there. This time his aim was right on the money and I felt him put his hands on my hips before he slid gently inside me. It felt simply wonderful as he started to thrust gradually building up speed.

Before long, Ben’s rhythm had reached the pace that I liked and his depth was reaching my g-spot perfectly.

“How’s that?” he asked.

“Just perfect, don’t change a thing.” I told him as my boobs swung back and forth beneath me.

Perfect indeed. The day turned out to be sunny, but not overly hot. There was an intermittent cool breeze that made my skin tingle at its touch. My nipples were good and hard and buzzing in my aroused state. To top it all off, the man that I loved and the father of my children was inside me doing his best to make me come, again. Perfect indeed.

I was looking to my side at the beautiful view below as Ben’s hard cock continued to slide in and out of my wet pussy, effortlessly hitting the right spot time after time after time. I could feel my next climax gradually building and when it arrived I dropped my head down and let out an almighty moan that could have woken the dead.

“That sounded like a big one.” said a voice from beside me.

I look in the direction of the voice and saw Hannah standing there looking down at me.

“I hope that Juju and Scott don’t hear you.” she continued.

“How long have you been standing there?” I asked as Ben continued to pump away steadily.

“Three or four minutes at least.” Hannah responded.

“Did you know about this?” I asked turning back as far as I could to look at Ben.

“Sure did!” he replied in a smug voice not changing his pace.

“I thought that we could join you.” Hannah said as she turned her back to Damien, placed both hands on the rock in front of her and bent over.

Before long, Hannah’s boobs were swinging back and forth below her, just like mine were. I looked back a bit further and saw Damien’s hands on Hannah’s hips rocking back and forth.

“It’s been a while since we’ve done anything like this together.” Hannah commented nonchalantly.

“I do miss our family outings.” Ben pitched in from out of nowhere adding a small chuckle.

It felt like another orgasm was building so I reached back and rubbed my clit for a while. Seeing this, Ben picked up the pace a bit and before too long yet another wave of ecstasy engulfed my body. I think that was number three.

I heard a rather loud moan. At first I thought that Ben had come in me and had forgotten to pull out again. However, I realised that it had a higher pitch so I looked across at my daughter to see her face contorted, blissfully content.

“Fuck that was great Damien.” Hannah said after regaining her composure.

“I’m getting pretty close now,” Damien said, “are you ready?”

With that, Hannah stood up and turned around before squatting down beside Damien with her legs spread wide facing me. I saw Damien’s hard cock come into view as Hannah extended her index finger and started to tickle the underside of its head. After about the second or third stroke, I had a perfect view as Damien’s cock shrank back slightly before lurching forward and exploding with a powerful stream of pearly white juice.

Damien moaned loudly as his cock recoiled and bounced up and down slightly. To be honest, it was a little bit comical as it just bounced there. Another huge stream of come spurted out as Hannah ran her finger along the underside of Damien’s shaft. After another 3 or 4 more massive eruptions, Hannah moved in front of Daniel and took his cock into her mouth. Just as she clamped her lips closed, I could see Damien’s cock pulsate again and again as I heard a series of deep, satisfying grunts.

Damien rocked gently back and forth as Hannah suck him dry. Once she was finished, she turned to me and smiled before opening her mouth to show me Damien’s creamy semen mixed with her saliva. She closed her mouth, looked up slightly and repeated the gesture for her father.

“Nice one Hannah.” Ben said from behind me not missing a beat.

Hannah looked back at me and swallowed before opening her mouth to show that it was now empty.

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