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Memoirs – Little Women

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Holly had interested me for quite a while.

Although I was nearly twice her age, I would see her each day at the site I was working and had struck up a nice, chatty relationship with her. What attracted me to her straight away was her size. She was tiny!

Everything was in the right proportion. She was a gorgeous creature in every way; a feminine, womanly figure but everything was just small. Holly stood about four foot eleven with long raven hair and was petite. She confided to me that she was twenty four years old, but she looked much younger due to her diminutive build.

She had the tiniest of hands and feet, really pretty freckled face with big blue eyes and a tendency to blush easily. I made sure to take advantage of this latter trait as often as possible by shooting her compliments or teasing her.

She was always dressed in jeans and a pair of Converse style shoes (from the kids’ section, she told me!) and often wore a fleece top, as she worked in the packing area.

Often, her hair was in a ponytail, which gave her a real girlish look. What had started to please me most was that she was now making a point of seeking me out at every opportunity to talk small talk and to chat with. I had told her from the off just how cute I thought she was and she just blushed and thanked me with a smile. Since then, she had made it clear that she was more than happy with the attention I was giving her and I came to realise that she was attracted to me too.

I had been waiting for the chance to make a move and happened to bump into Holly in a quiet spot at her workplace and just felt compelled to say something forward to her.

“Holly, there are days that you look so cute I could eat you!”

I was rewarded with the usual blush and a shy smile and she just looked me straight in the eye. I returned the smile and tracing a finger to push her hair from her face to behind her ear. Looking at her solidly in the eyes I found myself follow up with;

“…and there’s one particular place I would dearly love to start!”

Holly turned bright red but smiled broadly and gave out a nervous giggle.

“Sounds good to me!” she blurted out nervously.

Wow! I’d got the response to me I had fantasised about for ages. I placed my index finger under her chin and gazed down at her intently.

“Well, why don’t we make it happen?” I asked gently.

“I’m off next Monday” she responded flatly, “I’ll give you my address and you could pop round and see me.”

“Try and stop me!” I blurted out with a smile.

“How does midday sound?” I offered.

“Perfect!” she announced. “Wait here and I’ll get you my address.”

She almost skipped away and within a couple of minutes she was back, handing me a slip of paper with her address and mobile ‘phone number.

“Just text me before you arrive to make sure it’s still OK” she said, and went on her way with a smile.

I made sure to drive past her address prior to the Monday to familiarise myself and I was excited and aroused in anticipation of our meeting. I noted that she lived Tokat Escort in a large house that was split into individual apartments.

The weekend crawled by and Monday arrived. At a quarter to twelve, I was parked around the corner from her house and sent a text as promised.

“Hi gorgeous. Ready for the big bad wolf to eat you all up?”

I waited a couple of minutes and my ‘phone buzzed. “Come on over. Little Red Riding Hood. Lol”

I left my car safely parked round the corner and walked to her door. Pressing her buzzer, I heard footsteps on a timber stair and the door opened to reveal a smiling Holly, dressed in jeans and a short red smock dress over the top, barefoot and, as I immediately noted, bra-less… Her feet were just amazingly pretty and petite. She had lovely chubby little toes and they were painted red and nicely manicured, as were her fingers.

She took my hand and just said “Come on in!”

I was almost bodily dragged upstairs to her apartment and she closed and bolted her door behind me.

Her home consisted of a large room with a large sofa and armchair, a TV and a small kitchenette area with worktop separating it from the lounge. A door off the lounge area which was open, led to the bedroom and I could see that this was fairly small and almost filled with a double bed placed across a window.

We stood in the lounge alongside the sofa both wondering what the next move was to be.

“You know Holly…” I stated flatly. “I’ve been wanting to get you alone for a long time.”

She smiled shyly and looked at me.

“Me too!”

I put my arms around her waist and she raised her arms onto my shoulders, looking up at me and I kissed her long and gently on her full pouting lips.

We hugged in silence, both taking in the moment. I felt her tiny breasts on my stomach as my hands slipped under her top and enclosed her tiny naked waist. I withdrew and kissed her deeply and she responded passionately.

After a short while of kissing and holding each other, I whispered in her ear.

“And now for the main course…”

I dropped to my knees and raised her smock dress to kiss her soft, warm belly, whilst my hands cupped and stroked her beautiful little bottom. Her hands were on my hair, stroking my head as I delved and licked into her belly button and allowed my hands to trace up her flanks under her smock top to her naked back. She felt incredibly

soft yet firm to the touch and I noted her wonderfully feminine curves.

I let one hand drop to the belt of her jeans and unbuttoned them, lowering the zipper slowly as she wriggled her hips side to side. I immediately pulled down her jeans to her ankles and she stepped out of them, one foot at a time whilst I was still hungrily feasting on her tummy button. I stroked my hands up the backs of her pretty legs and sat back to gaze at her mound through a pair of red lace panties. You could clearly see the valley of her pussy through her panties and she had a wonderful puffy mound which protruded rudely there between her soft, Tokat Escort Bayan smooth thighs.

I could smell her sweet, musky scent and could almost feel the heat radiating from between her legs on my face. I looked up at her face, looking down at me, as she moved her hands to the sides of my head and stroked the side of my hair, smiling.

I lifted her dress upwards as she raised her arms and raised myself up on my knees whilst lifting the dress up and off, my face a matter of inches from a pair of absolutely perfect, small, pert breasts.

Her nipples were quite substantial and were surrounded by the pinkest, smoothest areola I think I have ever seen. I cupped her pert little breasts gently in my hands and licked and suckled the nipples.

Holly cooed loudly “Oooooh!”

As I gently and lovingly licked and kissed her breasts, I hooked my index fingers into the waistband of her panties and pulled them straight down to her ankles.

Whilst she stepped out of them, I placed my hands on her buttocks and stroked them. I sat back again and gently placed my hands on her hips and looked at her pussy. She was shaved, apart from a small, black strip running upward from her fleshy mound and her pussy was a very smooth pale pink with swollen and pink outer lips; no sign whatsoever of her inner labia.

I reached my face in and delved my tongue to lick along the crack of her womanhood vertically, delving hard at the top to seek out her clitoris, which made Holly gasp. One hand was now on the back of my head and her fingers were grasping my hair pulling me onto her. I gently pushed her back onto the sofa and she half sat, half lay back on the large cushions and watched me intently as I pushed her legs apart and gazed longingly at her exposed cunt.

She was looking straight down at me and I looked her straight in the eyes as I moved my mouth onto her and licked along her inner lips, delving into her wetness. (Wow! She was absolutely saturated

with sweet, slippery juices!) I pushed her knees wide apart as she raised them upward alongside her breasts and placed her hands over her ankles to expose herself for my invasion.

I licked and sucked at her labia and then sought out her clitoris, which was by now sticking out rudely and very swollen. Holly was making small gasping and sighing noises as I worked on her.

I lapped at her pussy for all I was worth and inserted my middle finger, palm upwards, into her perfect, tight little cunt and rubbed her G-Spot as I finger fucked her and licked round and round her clitoris. By now, her knees had started jerking upwards from each push of my finger and my cock was straining at the front of my jeans. I just had to fuck this wonderful little woman!

I inserted my index finger alongside the middle finger and could feel the tightness of her cunt muscles squeezing against me as I fingered and licked her for as long as it took to achieve a noisy orgasm…

I could bear it no longer and gathered her naked body up in my arms and carried her to the bedroom. She had her Escort Tokat arms around my neck and was kissing my face and mouth as I gently placed her on the bed and frantically unbuttoned my shirt. She leaned forward and grabbed at my belt buckle and almost

tore my belt and waistline of my jeans open.

I threw off my shirt and pulled down my jeans and briefs all in one, pulling each leg off with each sock as I went. My cock was rigid and sticking upwards and Holly gazed at it with wide blue eyes

as I stood upright. She sat on the edge of the bed, grabbed the shaft of my cock and squeezed it.

“Wow. Nice!” Holly exclaimed.

Reaching across to the top drawer of her bedside cabinet, Holly retrieved a condom, tore open the packet and skilfully rolled it down over my erection, taking a moment to stroke me along my length as she gazed at the swollen rudeness of my manhood in front of her face.

I pushed her gently back and climbed onto her as she shuffled to lay on the bed, kissing her full on the lips. Her arms were under mine and around my upper back as I positioned the head of my swollen and by now, throbbing cock, at her wet opening. Her fingers were grabbing at my flesh and she looked down between us at my cock, which was about to impale her. In one movement, I pushed gently and the head of my cock pressed into her. She was wonderfully wet and incredibly tight, but I pushed my hips forward and my cock just seemed to glide into her half way.

Holly gasped as I raised myself up onto my elbows and kissed her neck. I made a conscious effort to pull out of her slightly, then pressed my swollen and stiff erection in again slowly, but deeper.

Holly emitted a sort of pleading noise; “Mmmmm?”

I couldn’t help but keep pushing myself into her and she took it all the way to the hilt. I could feel her cervix against the underside of my cock as I pushed myself deep into her, strongly and roughly. I was now at the point of no return and started fucking her deep and hard as she bucked beneath me in perfect rhythm.

I couldn’t seem to stop myself. I unconsciously uttered “Yes! Yes! Yes!” with each thrust.

Holly was gasping “Ah! Ah! Ah!” in unison as we fucked each other frantically.

After what seemed like an age, I felt myself welling and knew I couldn’t hold on any longer when Holly suddenly loudly reached orgasm. She grabbed me so tightly and wrapped her legs round the backs of my thighs that she was no longer permitting me to move in and out of her, but I was buried deep inside of her as she shook and twitched in a full body orgasm, clinging to me like a limpet.

I could feel her cunt clenching onto my cock and this pushed me over the edge, joining her in a

loud, but exquisite release. I exploded inside her and kissed her hungry mouth desperately as we both collapsed flat onto the bed and lay there panting, kissing and cuddling for what seemed an eternity.

After a short respite, we shifted to lay on our sides, her arms inside my arms which were wrapped around her, her hands stroking the hairs of my chest as we kissed, giggling and hugging.

She was everything I had fantasised that she would be and we spent the next couple of hours together on her bed. Much more happened during those hours to recount that was wonderful and memorable.

But then, that’s another story…

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