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Merry Xmas

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“Thanks for the great sweatshirt Julie, I love it,” I said to my friend’s wife. In all honesty I thought it was horrendous, but I couldn’t break her heart. For years I have exchanged presents with my best friend and his wife, but this year was even better because you were taking part this time. So far everyone appeared to be happy with their gifts, especially you thanks to the cute crystal dolphin from Julie. Much later that evening, once their daughter was put to sleep we all kicked back with some Christmas “cheer.” You and Julie were enjoying some exceptionally strong margaritas, while Tony and I were enjoying our beers. After an hour or so of laughing and joking, your favorite subject, sex, came up. We all exchanged some very interesting stories and fantasies, which I could tell were making you extremely horny. Julie Mentioned that she had always wanted to play strip poker, but never had the guts. Julie had always had a wild streak a mile long in her, so it came as a mild surprise to me that she had never played it. I knew that you’d never played it either, so just for the hell of it I said “what the hell, what who wants to play now??” After a few more sips of liquid courage everyone raised their hands when Tony got out the cards and asked who was interested.

As Tony was shuffling the cards it dawned on me that I’d never played before and I suddenly got kinda scared. I’d always been shy about my body because I wasn’t a body builder or anything, but I figured when would I ever get another opportunity to have this much fun. After a few practice hands we began playing for real, and from the start I knew the cards were not going to be in my favor. I lost the first few hands quickly and was without my dress shirt and my pants before I got half way through my next beer. Mercifully I won the next few hands, so you lost your shoes, pants and shirt. Julie and Tony were only without their shoes so I decided that I should concentrate my efforts on his wife.

After the next 4 rounds she was down to only her bra and a very sexy thong, while he was let with his “wife beater” shirt and his boxers. I’m Escort bayan glad they didn’t have a glass table because everyone would have noticed my bulging erection from seeing two beautiful, and mostly naked women in front of me. Somehow Tony and I managed to lose the next few hands and we were both down to just our boxers. The next hand gave me absolutely nothing, so I just stood up and slowly shimmied my boxers down my legs. I felt an odd combination of excitement and nervousness fall over me since I had never been naked in front of more than one person before. I was also excited because I couldn’t wait to see how you’d react. I don’t know if it was from the alcohol, or just you being wayyy too excited, but before my boxers hit the floor your lips were wrapped around my hard cock and sucking like a vacuum cleaner. With all the excitement, I felt the pressure quickly build up in my balls, ready to explode. Oddly enough, instead of letting me cum, you stopped and sat back down. I don’t know if you quit because you suddenly realized where you were, of if the feeling of multiple sets of eyes watching your every move made you embarrassed. Julie looked at you and mentioned that she’d wanted to suck my cock for years, but didn’t know how to ask without upsetting Tony. I was surprised by this revelation, and even more shocked when both you and Tony encouraged her to make her wish come true.

Like some kind of jungle animal you crawled on all fours over to my best friend and wrapped your lips around his hard cock Watching your head bob up and down was so incredibly erotic that I almost came the second Julie’s tongue brushed my hardness. She was certainly talented, but not as good as you. Nevertheless, feeling her hand wrapped around my base while her tongue teased the underside of my cock made me cum so hard it almost hurt me. Apparently she was not prepared for it because she coughed a few times as the cum trickled out of her mouth.

As I returned to earth I suddenly felt the need to return the favor to Julie so I got up, slipped her thong off, and threw her on the couch. Before I Bayan escort went to town on her I glanced over to see you and Tony in a very hot, and erotic 69. Seeing his face buried in your steaming pussy got me so excited that I almost came again, but instead I buried my face in Julie’s steaming pussy. Again and again I licked her lips and spread them as far apart as I could. As I slid a couple of fingers inside of her, I couldn’t help but hear your moans of pleasure from Tony sucking on your soaked pussy. The moans were bouncing off the walls at a deafening volume, but we were having too much fun to care if the kids woke up. After several minutes, Julie grabbed me by the ears and asked if she could have some fun with you. Of course I said yes, so she jumped off the couch, ran out of the room, only to return with a 6-inch vibrator. She curled up next to your mingled bodies, licked the vibrator briefly to moisten it, and surprised you by inserting it in your pussy. Apparently the vibrator was too much fun for you because you sat up and let out a loud moan and concentrated on the pleasure going on down below. Tony’s tongue was doing circles around every inch of your pussy while Julie was alternating the vibrator between your pussy and your “love-hole.” Your breathing became heavy and erratic and your eyes couldn’t open, and the look on your face was a cross between intense pain and intense pleasure. Somehow you managed to make eye contact with me and briefly watched me stroking my cock in the corner. Suddenly you closed your eyes, tilted your head up towards the ceiling and let out an orgasm that left me shaking.

After your violent orgasm, you somehow managed to crawl over to me and curled up next to me. As we cuddled for a few minutes, we watched Tony bend Julie over the back of the couch, and begin to fuck the hell out of her tight ass. As we watched him pound her ass, I couldn’t help but get hornier and hornier. Apparently you were too, because you stopped rubbing my chest and began playing with my balls. Time after time he plunged his cock into her and with each plunge she let out Escort a throaty moan.

Apparently some of our moans were too loud because we could hear the baby crying upstairs. Much to Tony’s dismay, Julie got up, threw on my shirt and your pants, and went upstairs to check on the baby. Meanwhile, your hand was replaced by your mouth around my cock, as you began sucking again. Between my sighs, I motioned to Tony for him to give you the same treatment he had just given his old lady. I knew that this had been a fantasy of yours for a long, long time, so I wasn’t surprised when you stopped sucking when he slid into you. I was surprised however, that as he began fucking you, you somehow managed to keep sucking me.

When Julie returned she didn’t know what to do, since everyone was busy pleasuring someone, so she sat down and started using the vibrator on herself while watching us. Apparently, the vibrator wasn’t good enough for her because she slithered over to our mass of flesh, and began playing with your beautiful breasts. First, she just rubbed them, then began sucking your nipples, while playing with herself.

I looked down at Julie and recommended that she use the vibrator on you, and she enthusiastically agreed with me. She lubed it up with some KY that was conveniently hidden in the coffee table, and slowly slid it in your ass. As it slowly disappeared inside of you, your moans got louder and louder, until you could no longer manage to keep your lips wrapped around me.

As I looked at Tony, I knew he was close to covering you with his cum, and I wasn’t far behind, but Tony wanted to make sure you got your money’s worth. Somewhat unfortunately though, Julie turned the vibrator on low, and you violently came instantly. The vibration rang through your body and Tony came just as violently. As Julie licked you clean, I jumped behind her and began fucking her as hard as I could. Thankfully it only took a minute or two because Julie collapsed in a heap after yet another violent orgasm. Mercifully before she completely collapsed I came and managed to cover her ass with half a gallon of my cum.

We all collapsed in one exhausted mass of heavily breathing flesh and sticky bodies. Slowly we cuddled with our normal mates, and exchanged our delighted thoughts with each other, and somehow fell asleep besides their fireplace.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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