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Mexican Vacation

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My name is Mike. I’m 25, 5′ 11″, around 180 pounds with brown hair. I am software programmer for a large company. We have been working on a big project for a very important company. We have just wrapped up the project, and our team leads were meeting with the customer this week. They delivered the software and let them put it into the beta phase of testing. This allowed me some much needed down time.

I had contacted a travel agent my friend had recommended. I was looking for a place to get away and have some fun. He found an all inclusive hotel in Cancun, that was a 5 star, swim tops are optional around the pools. OK, this sounds like some fun! I was more than excited to get away. I packed my bags and headed to the airport early. With all the added security, you never know how long you will be tied up in the TSA checkpoint.

I make it thru the checkpoint (finally) and I had a good hour before my flight. I made my way thru the terminal and looked for my gate. I found it quickly and decided to find some alcohol before the flight. I was ready to party! I head over toward a bar that resembled a tiki hut and went inside. As I look around, I see two beautiful women.

One is a redhead, her hair was cut just below shoulder length and one has brown hair, cut about an inch above her shoulders. I walked up to them and asked if they cared that I join them. I told them I was traveling alone, wasting a half an hour or so before going to my gate. The brown haired gal said sure, with a smile that indicated she was happy for me to join them. The redhead was sitting on the other side of her, she looked up from her drink with a half hearted smile.

I sat beside the brown haired girl and introduced myself.

“Hi, my name is Mike,” looking at the brown haired girl.

“Hi, my name is Beth and this is my friend Kate,” motioning toward the redhead.

“Pleased to meet you both! I am so ready for a vacation. Work has been brutal trying to wrap up a big project, it is finally done, and I am in vacation mode!” The bartender approaches, I order a beer.

“Where are two beautiful ladies headed by yourselves?”

“We are headed to Cancun, you know one of those all inclusive resorts. Kate was engaged, then she had found out her fiancé was cheating on her. So I told Kate we need to get away for awhile. I am hoping we can have a little fun there, and kinda get her out of her depression,” Beth said as she looked at Kate.

“Bartender, another shot,” Kate asks a little sloppily

“I feel so sorry for her, Kate is really a great girl and a wonderful friend. I really hope this vacation can pull her out of her funk,” she whispers to me.

“So, what do you both do,” I asked?

“I work in real estate and Kate is a teacher.”

“Flight 279 to Cancun now boarding,” blares across the speakers.

“Thats my flight,” I replied

“Ours too! Come on Kate, time to go, leave your drink!”

“I’m not really sure I want to go Beth,” Kate replies, hearing the pain in her voice.

“Oh come on, we will have fun, let loose and have a good time! Maybe we will run into this hunk while we are down there,” she laughed!


Always the gentleman, I helped them down from their barstools. As we headed to the gate, I couldn’t help but notice what fine looking bodies they had. Beth looked to be about 5’5″, 110 pounds, probably a B cup. But they looked good on her small frame.

Kate was about 5’7″, 130 pounds with nice C cup breasts that stood straight out. She was hot, and what a nice ass on her. She had a little trouble walking, but luckily Beth was pulling her carry-on for her. At the gate, they called their group to board before mine. I told them I hoped to run across them again sometime!

“I hope we do,” Beth replied as she winked at me.

Down boy, my cock was starting to rise at the thought of an evening with these two ladies.

By the time I boarded, I looked back, Kate was by the window and Beth was on the aisle seat. As I was putting my carry-on in the overhead bin, I glanced back at those two. Kate was already passed out leaning her head against the window, and Beth gave me a smile that said, we could have some fun together. Well, at least thats what I wanted it to say!

It was a pretty uneventful flight for the most part. I did have to use the restroom. As I made my way to the back of the cabin, Beth looked up from her tablet and smiled. I of course, returned the smile and continued on. On my return trip, as I slowly walked past Beth, I saw the heading at the top of her tablet. It said Literotica. I swear she grabbed my shorts playfully when I walked by. I turned around, smiled and winked at her.

I was glad I was walking away when my cock started to come to life. What are the chances she would read Literotica stories as well. This might be a more relaxing vacation than I thought!

We arrived in Cancun and I made my way to the baggage claim. As usual, it takes forever for my bags to arrive. I look over and see Kate sitting on a bench with both their carry-ons. Beth is watching for their bags. Finally Rize Escort I see my bag coming around the belt and grab it off. I look at Beth and wave as I make my way to the exit.

I find the shuttle bus to my hotel, they load my bags and I board the bus. We wait as all the other guests find the shuttle and get on board. I’m looking out the window, as I turn my head back to look at the passengers boarding, Beth comes into view. Behind her Kate is moving slowly. What luck! They are staying at the same hotel!

Beth sits down in the seat in front of me and scoots toward the window, and Kate drops in beside her.

“Hello Beth, Hello Kate, how lucky to be staying at the same tropical resort with two beautiful women!”

Beth gives me a smile that says she is happy about it, Kate turns and gives me a smirk. Kate at this point has no use for any man. We make small talk on our ride to the hotel. Kate does participate begrudgingly, not trying to be totally rude to me.

We check in at the hotel. My room is on the 9th floor near the middle of the hotel. All the rooms face the beach. They tell me their room is on the 12th floor at the end. We exchange room numbers, with the thought that maybe we could get together for dinner some night.

Im a walking hard-on right now, as we move toward the elevators. Luckily they are in front of me as we enter the elevator. They turn and face the front as I enter the elevator. I have no way to hide my bulge, as they both look down at my shorts. I quickly turn around, fully embarrassed, when I hear them snickering and whispering to each other. The elevator reaches my floor and I can’t get out quick enough.

Ok, that was embarrassing. I make it to my room, unpack my bags, since I will be here a few days.

It’s a little after 2:00pm , so I decide to head down to the pool. But first I head to the bathroom and stroke one off. As I grab my 7″ thick cock, I start stroking thinking of getting Beth and maybe even Kate to fuck me. I can imagine them with their clothes off taking turns sucking my cock.

It doesn’t take long before I’m dumping my load down the toilet. There was no way I could have went to a “tops optional” pool without getting some release early. I get my swim trunks on and head to poolside. I find a nice recliner in the shade, my sunglasses mandatory.

The attendant comes by and I order a couple shots of whiskey. A little liquid courage never hurt anyone!

As I lay semi-reclined in my chair, I am checking the babes out. The travel agent was dead on, women walking around bare breasted. I thought I had died and gone to heaven. Women who had large firm breasts, small perky breasts, breasts that I could cup in my hands without being overly large. Small nipples, large nipples, small areola as well as large.

Some women would have looked better with their tops on as the sag had started to set in. In fact, there were women who wore their bikini tops on and sometimes, I think looked just as sexy, or not sexier, hiding the unknown. The cleavage the bikini top created was truly inviting.

I was fortunate to have worn my sunglasses, they were dark and hid my roving eyes. As I was enjoying the view my shots arrived. I quickly downed one, as I felt the burn. Man, to suck on some of these nipples.

And the bottoms (some of which were barely there) certainly got my attention. What treasures could that small patch of cloth conceal? Hairy? Shaved? Maybe even a landing strip!

I downed my second shot and I suddenly felt warm and needed to cool off. I grabbed my sunglasses off my eyes and held them above my head and jumped into the water. The water felt refreshing. After my head popped up above water, I put my sunglasses back on. I could get to like this.

I saw women floating on rafts sunning themselves. Women hanging around the side with their back to the wall, breasts floating in front of them. Luckily I was in the water where my rising cock could not be detected so easy. I swam a few laps back and forth across the pool, then went to the side to hold on and rested.

While at the side of the pool, I saw Beth and Kate walk out of the hotel in their bikinis. Wow! Beth’s bikini fit her just right, her breasts filling her top out nice, and her bottoms hugging her hips and showing off her shapely legs. Kate’s outfit was over the top. (Beth explained later it was for her honeymoon.) Beth’s top consisted of two pieces of cloth, that were hooked together with strings. The top showed massive cleavage and the sides of her breast were spilling out of the sides of her top. The bottoms were skimpy, really like a thong, strings holding it all together with a patch down the front and a string up the back. With her awesome legs, she was turning heads as she walked to their chairs.

They sat across from my chair. At first they didn’t notice me in the water. They sat there and applied their suntan lotion all over their bodies. Beth proceeds to take her top off. She has a handful with small areola and nice nipples just the right size for her breast. I watch as she massages the lotion Rize Escort Bayan into her tits, as she works them over, giving her nips a little pinch as her hands roll over them.

Kate left her top on, but when she massages the lotion around her boobs, you can see her mounds move fluidly against her hands. She applies the lotion to her legs, lifting her foot up and exposing the cleft between her legs. I reach down to adjust my boner, the sight is driving me crazy. She puts that leg down and adjusts the other leg to put lotion on. I don’t see a bit of hair from that string bikini bottom. Shaved or landing strip? Hummm, hope to find out.

“Hi ladies,” I exclaim.

“What’s up Mike,” Beth said?

“Hey Mike,” Kate said, surprising me that she finally acknowledged me.

Kate lay her chair back and started sunning. Not surprised. The fact she even speaks to men at this point is amazing. Beth was still sitting up, finishing coating her legs with lotion. Not a bit of modesty as she sat there with her breasts exposed to me.

I hurried up out of the pool, the steps being right by their chairs. I was trying to conceal my boner as I went to my chair.

“Mike,” Beth called.

I moved a little closer to their chairs.

“Kate and I were wondering if you would like to join us for dinner this evening? Since we really don’t know anyone, it would be nice to have a handsome man join us for dinner?”

“It would be my pleasure to dine with two beautiful women tonight. Shall I stop by around say 8-8:30 to pick you up?”

“That would be wonderful, we are in Suite 1201,” she replied.

She leaned over to whisper in my ear, “Nice trouser snake.”

I turned quickly and headed back to my chair, hearing her snicker as I left.

I sat down and enjoyed the view from my chair at the pool. I kept stealing glances at Beth’s nice tits. I looked over once and she grinned at me. Kate had turned over and Beth had untied what little top she had on. I was seeing a lot of side boobage and would love to see what the whole package looked like.

After awhile I decided to get back into the pool, jumped back in, holding my sunglasses up and put them back on.

“Beth, you and Kate come on in, the water feels good,” I asked.

She talks to Kate, Kate has her retie her top and they head for the pool. Beth jumps in right beside me and splashes me. Kate dives in and when she resurfaces, she has had a major nip slip, with that skimpy top she is wearing. My cock rises rapidly looking at her nice breast with her nipple as hard as a rock. She fixes herself, Then I remember Beth had splashed me.

I chased after Beth, her shorter legs not carrying her as far as my longer legs could. I lunged at her and we both went under the water. I wrapped my arms around her as my arms brushed her nipples. We started to surface and I held her tight against me. She started wiggling her ass against my cock and I was ready to explode. I pinched her nipples and turned her around as I let loose of my grip.

“You naughty girl, you might have to be punished for being so bad,” I said

“Promises, promises,” she taunted me.

We swam over to Kate and she looked embarrassed.

“Kate what are you so embarrassed for,” I said?

“You saw what happened!”

“Look around you Kate, over half the women are topless. We as American’s tend to be more prudish about sex. There is nothing to be ashamed of. Around here, it is so prevalent, people don’t really pay that much attention to it,” I answered.

“Well I was brought up in a very conservative environment. I find it hard to let loose so easily. I have read some of the stories on Literotica that Beth has shown me. I really get turned on by some of them,” she replied.

“Well, you are in Mexico, and what happens in Mexico, stays in Mexico,” I smiled!

“What is your drink of choice ladies,” I asked questioningly?

“Screwdrivers,” they said in unison.

“Screwdrivers it is! I will see you ladies tonight,” smiling as I walk away!

I return to my room and call the front desk. “Do you have any personal concierge available?”

“Yes, sir I will send you my best up right away,” the young lady at the front desk answered.

“Thank You, Room 920. Goodbye.

A short time later, there is a knock at the door. I open the door and there is a nice looking young man. He looks to be about 22 yrs old.

“My name is Juan, I am your personal concierge this evening,” he states in very good english.

“My name is Mike. I would like you to pick up a few things for me if possible,” I requested.

“Certainly Sir!”

I write out a list of things for him to pick up and hand the list to him. He looks at the list and said the one thing might be hard to come by. I slip him $60.00.

“Ok I don’t think this will be a problem sir,” he replies.

“Good, thank you Juan. I will possibly need your services till midnight, will that be a problem,” I asked?

“No Sir,” he replied.

“Ok fine, I will call the front desk when I am ready for you to Escort Rize bring these things to me,” I said thankfully.

“Thank You Sir, good day”

As I closed the door, I thought to myself, ‘I hope it will be a good day!’

I lay down for a short nap, my alarm waking me at 6:00pm.

I take my time in the shower making sure to clean all the chlorine off from the day. I put on my cologne. I dress in a nice cotton shirt and a pair of khaki shorts, and my tennis shoes. I’m on vacation, right?

I head to the elevator about 8:15pm. Women always take more time to get ready. As I get off on the 12th floor, things are a little nicer. The carpeting looks more expensive, the lighting fixtures are nicer. The space between the doors of each room looks huge. I am in awe, these must be the fanciest suites in the hotel. I reach Suite 1201 and knock.

As the door swings open, Beth greets me at the door. She is wearing a light cotton dress, a few inches above the knee, very thin. I swear she is wearing nothing underneath. She looks wonderful!

“Kate is finishing getting ready,” she replied, “Come on in.”

As I step into the suite, I am in awe of the grandeur. There is a coat closet to the right. A guest bathroom to the left. We walk a little farther in and we enter the living room. To the rear of the living room is a balcony that overlooks the ocean. On the opposite side of the living room is a gas burning fireplace, with a big screen tv mounted above it. The couch, love seat, and chair all made of fine soft leather.

To the right, a hall, the first door on the left is a small kitchen. The next room on the left is the guest bedroom. The only door on the right leads to the master bedroom. It has a bath on the right inside the master bedroom. Kate was in the bathroom finishing up.

“Since Kate is in the bathroom, I will just tell you about that room,” she explained.

“The bath contains a huge hot tub, behind a curtain that opens in front of a pair of sliding pocket doors to the outside. The shower is large, with seating around two sides, controls to activate jets from all angles, top sides, even from the bottom of the shower,” Beth said trying to remember alI the details.

I was in awe with all the elegance! Beth pulled me aside. She spoke softly.

“This was supposed to be her honeymoon suite. But because of the lying, cheating bastard she was engaged to, the honeymoon which should have been on now, was cancelled. Her parents couldn’t get a refund, so here we are,” she said exasperated.

“I am so sorry this has happened to Kate. I hope we can make it as memorable a vacation as possible for her. Is she still up to going tonight,” I asked?

She was a little hesitant at first, then Kate said, “What the hell, what happens in Mexico stays in Mexico!!”

Just then, Kate walks out of the master bedroom. Wow! A simple white dress, V neck, showing her ample cleavage, just above the knee, Three inch heels. Her red hair combed straight.

“You two ladies look awesome! If you are ready, Im starving!”

I open the door for them, and we head down to the restaurant. Waiting for the elevator, I cannot believe my good fortune to have met two beautiful ladies, with the chance to spend more time with them. As we descend to the restaurant, we stop at a few floors to pick additional guests up heading down. The last stop, we are starting to get a little crowded. I back up as the last person enters the cab, and I can feel Kates breasts on my back. She doesn’t make any move to relieve the pressure as I turn and smile at Kate and Beth.

As we reach the restaurant, Its Kate, then me, with Beth behind me. Kate hands the host her room card, as he swipes it, his eyes light up and he turns to us and smiles.

“Welcome! For newlywed’s we have a special table right over here,” as he jesters to the left.

“Were no… ,” as she turns and looks at me as if how to answer.

“Thhaank You,” I stammer as I shrug my shoulders at Kate.

Beth snickers behind me as we follow the host to the table. Kate sits to the right, I sit in the middle and Beth to my left as we face the window overlooking the ocean. What a beautiful view as we look out into the ocean, the sun falling rapidly. The rays of light skimming over ocean swells.

“Complimentary bottle of wine for our newlyweds,” our waiter proclaims as he places the ice bucket in front of us.

“Thank You! We will need a minute to look over the menu’s,” I reply.

“Of course, sir.”

I do like wine as well, as I grab the bottle, uncork it, and proceed to pour each of us a glass.

“I propose a toast! To our new…friendship’s, to tonight, and hopefully a few more wonderful nights,” as I raise my glass in a toast.

Both women raise their glasses as we toast together. I detect a hint of a smile, a hint of sadness, from Kate. Hopefully we can bring her out of her funk tonight and enjoy some time together. Beth is smiling as well, this could turn out to be a good night!

We start talking about different things we like, places we would love to go and our different interests. I made a point to steer clear of any romantic type questions, like if Beth was dating, single, et cetera because I knew this was a critical time in Kate’s life. I wanted to lift her spirits and hopefully help her thru this.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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