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Millville Ch. 24: MORE OF THE CLUB

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(Note to readers: Please read chapter 23 before reading this chapter, otherwise it will be like watching a movie from the middle.)


Suzie and I, along with our best friends Bob and Julie, left the room filled with stocks and cages, and reentered the lounge. Bob got us some non-alcoholic drinks as we settled into the comfortable sofas that filled the room. Two other couples were there and acknowledged our entrance. They knew Julie and Bob, who introduced us as their guests. They asked Suzie and me what we thought of The Club so far.

Suzie answered first, “It’s overwhelming. We’ve only been in the next room and my head’s swimming from what I’ve seen.”

“In a good way?” one of them asked.

“I guess it’s good. I’ve just never even dreamed of such things. I’m kind of new into this stuff and I’m learning fast. Tom and I are certainly getting new ideas, aren’t we Tom?”

I replied, “I agree. What has impressed me also, besides the activities we’ve seen, is the quality of the equipment. That must be real expensive. And also I was thinking that all that nice leather padding must make being in the cages or the stocks pretty comfortable, considering.”

Bob said, “It’s not really that expensive. We have a cabinet maker and a leather worker as members who volunteered to make these things, and many more. They just charge for the materials. Actually, I think that The Club waived their dues for a year also. All this equipment is one reason why people come from far away and pay big bucks to use The Club.

We’ve had people from New York, San Francisco, all over the country. They pay $500 per person, per night, to be here. And, they come for a long weekend usually. Quite a few people from places like Nashville come here often…once or twice a month. They usually become members. In the long run it’s cheaper.

“As for the comfort. Our community isn’t into torture. That’s a whole other concept that we here, at least, don’t embrace. Bondage is used to immobilize someone. To render them incapable of resisting what someone else is inflicting on them. It’s the psychological impact of being helpless that turns people on. Being made uncomfortable at the same time would only detract from that feeling.”

I asked, “Just out of curiosity, how much is it to join The Club?”

“It’s not cheap,” Bob answered. “It’s $10,000 a person to join, $200 a person per month dues and $25 each time you come. That’s why these refreshments are free.”

“Wow!” I said. “That’s kind of steep.”

“Not really. Not if you use The Club often. Just like any private social, or golf club. After we finish tonight I hope you and Suzie will consider joining.”

I hesitated before commenting. “We’ll have to think about that. I don’t think we’re ready to commit yet.”

“Well, are you at least ready to see the rest of The Club? There’s still a lot more to this place.”

Suzie said, “Sure. Let’s go. I think I’ve gotten over the first part. Show us what you’ve got.”

Bob and I yanked on the respective leashes and Julie and Suzie followed us from the lounge back into the Stockade and Zoo room. We walked to the rear of the room and went through a side door which led into a hallway. At the left end was the kitchen where the caterers had prepared the dinner for The Gala. An open door right in front of us was labeled “Exam Room”. “Let’s go in here,” Bob said.

We all entered and saw equipment that looked like something you would see in a doctor’s office. There was an examination chair like you would see in a gynecologist’s office with the stirrups to rest the feet on, pulling the knees up and apart. There were straps in various places.

Two other tables were in the room. They looked identical. They were about seven feet long and two feet wide. Covered with leather, they had straps like leather belts hanging from the sides, with buckles to attach them in various locations. The chair and both tables were covered with white paper, just like at the doctor’s office.

A woman wearing a black leather thong and a corset so tight that her bosom was spilling out of the cups, barely concealing her nipples, stood next to one of the tables. Black thigh-high stockings and stiletto shoes completed her ensemble. Lying on the table was a person completely enclosed in a black vinyl body suit. The only opening appeared to be two small holes by the nose. Whatever openings there were to facilitate pulling it on the body were closed tightly with zippers. There appeared to be two wires sticking out of the body suit’s leather hood. They were attached Sahabet to an iPhone. Two more wires extended out from the groin area. They were attached to a TENS unit, I was told by Bob.

Every so often the woman would adjust the settings in the TENS control box and we could see movement from within the vinyl suit. Sometimes you could see twitching in the genital area, enough to identify the person within as being a male. From time to time she would tap his chest and put her ear over his mouth as if to hear a response. I asked Bob what was going on.

“Well, there’s two things she’s doing over there. First is sensory deprivation. Just like at The Gala. Remember? They explained that all the subs wore ear plugs and also noise-cancelling ear phones. That’s why the wires coming out of the hood. She’s playing some kind of white noise from her iPhone so any noise from outside is completely blocked. He’s also probably wearing a blindfold under the hood to be sure he can see absolutely nothing. Those two things alone can be hard for a person to endure.

“Now, the TENS unit I assume is hooked up to his genitals. His balls, or cock, or maybe both. She controls the frequency and intensity so it can go from very pleasant and sexually arousing to downright painful. You can usually tell which it is by watching his body’s reaction. She knows him well so can judge by watching, but she still communicates with him to be sure he’s OK.”

I said, “Wow, Bob. I thought that kind of stuff was just for the Gala. People really do all that stuff, don’t they?”

“You’re seeing it for yourself. Wait ’til you and Suzie are further into this. You’re both gonna absolutely love it. And that reminds me. You two need to start trying some of this equipment. That’s the only way you’re going to know if joining The Club will be right for you. Why don’t you and Suzie use the other table, there in the middle of the room, and Julie and I’ll use the gyno chair. Just strap her in so she can’t move and then figure out what you want to do to her. Remember, Tom, it’s not what she wants you to do.”

“Right,” I replied, leading Suzie by the leash to the table.

I had her take off her shoes, climb onto the table and lie on her back. I studied the many straps hanging from the sides of the table to plan her bondage. I started in the middle, passing a strap from one side across her navel and attaching it to the opposite side. Then a second one crossing her body above her breasts. I had her place her hands by her hips and fastened them to shorter straps, like cuffs, at the edges of the table. Finally I put the leg cuffs we had brought on her ankles and fastened them together.

I stood by her feet and gazed up the length of her body. What a beautiful sight. I’m so lucky, I thought. Not being certain at the time how I wanted to proceed, I stepped away and moved to the doorway where I could study Suzie’s body from a distance and collect my thoughts. As I pondered, a gentleman dressed in black leather pants and bare from the waist up, entered the room and stood next to me.

“I see you’re a guest. Welcome to The Club. I’m Josh,” he said, offering his hand. His grip was strong as we shook hands and I introduced myself.

He said, “That bitch on the table there. I see she’s a guest too. She yours?”

“Yes. She’s my bitch. We’re just learning the ropes here. No pun intended.”

“You’ve got yourself one good lookin’ bitch, Tom. You suppose I could feel my way around her body? Maybe lay a few slaps on her?”

“Actually, no, Josh. Right now we’re pretty monogamous. Just feelin’ our way around as we experiment with the lifestyle. Go take a closer look if you want, though. Be good for her to start getting used to other folks seeing her like that. You know, naked and tied down.”

“Thanks, Tom. I’ll do that. Let me make a suggestion first. I don’t know what kind of stuff you’re into, but laid out flat on her back like that limits what you can do to her. If you pull her thighs up toward her chest and strap them wide apart to the sides of the table you’ll have access to her ass, her thighs and her pussy too. All kinds of possibilities then. Look. Over to the left. The girl in that chair. You see the way the stirrups hold her legs bent and apart? See what her dom is doing. Giving her a good pussy whipping. Her ass isn’t exposed there, though.”

“Actually those folks are our friends. We’re here as their guests.”

“Oh, so you know Bob and Julie? Well, you’ve got the best people around to teach you about our lifestyle.”

We walked over to Suzie’s table together and I followed his instructions, strapping Sahabet Giriş Suzie’s thighs wide apart, her knees close to her chest. He let me do it, all the time running his eyes up and down her body. I sensed that she was embarrassed, especially when he stood at her feet and stared at her now fully exposed pussy.

“Yep,” he said. “She’s a beauty alright. I hope you’ll join our club. I’d like to get to know you better.”

I asked Josh, “Are you alone here. I see by your collar that you’re not monogamous.”

“Oh, no. I’ve got my own bitch, but we both interact with other people, both doms and subs.”

“Where is she? Do you each just go your own way?”

“No. She can only go off without me if I’ve given her permission, and that’s usually when I hand her over to another dom to play with. Right now she’s in a cage in the ‘zoo’.”

“Oh. Is she the one with the inflated butt plug holding her to the back of the cage?”

“Yep. That’s her. I guess you saw her then.”

“We sure did. Ingenious method or restraining her. How long you leave her there? Seemed like she was anxious to get out, and that was a while ago.”

“I guess she’s been in there about an hour now. I’ll leave her another hour before I get her and start playing. Believe me, when I’m through with her she’ll wish she was still in that cage with her ass filled up. But, hey. I’m taking your time. Go ahead and start whatever you’re going to do to your little slut. I’m going to look in on the ‘Midas Room’ and see if there’s any action there. Tell Bob I said hello.”

Midas Room? What the Hell is that? I wondered, before stepping over to where Suzie was strapped to the table, knees up and pulled to the sides. Just seeing her like that gave me a hard on. I stood by her side and grabbed her nipples, pulling and twisting them until she cried out.

“Owwww! Ouch! Ohhhhh!”

I reached into my gym bag which was at my feet and pulled out our paddle. Glancing over to the gyno chair where Julie was being worked over by Bob, I tried to take clues from his actions. He had already paddled her inner thighs to a bright red with some purple bruises. She had been screaming in pain for some time now. At the moment he was giving attention to her pussy with light slaps and an occasional hard hit with the paddle. She really wailed when those blows struck.

Since I had access to Suzie’s ass I started there. I didn’t waste any time warming her up, just went right to the hard paddling. That got her yelling again.

“Ouch! Ouch! Ohhhh! That hurts! Stop, please!”

Not hearing the safe word I continued, moving after another minute to her inner thighs. I had already learned that they were more sensitive than the butt.

“Owwww! Ohhhweee! Ouch! Oh, no more, pleeeease!”

Once again, no safe word, so I continued some more and then went back to her ass which was also a bright red. When I thought she had had enough of that I turned to her pussy, starting with some light hand slapping and then using the paddle. I went easy because I had never paddled her there, but, seeing that she didn’t cry out too much I increased the pressure until she was really screaming and sobbing. That’s enough, I decided, and put away the paddle. Then I ran my hands gently over her body, especially the reddened areas, including her pussy lips and clit.

“Ohhhhh, Oooooh. That’s nice. Thank you, Master,” she said softly.

As I unstrapped her from the table I told her that she had been a good bitch and that I was proud of her. She asked if she could ask me a question. I said, “Yes.”

“Who was that man you were talking to and came over to look me over? I was so embarrassed.”

“I thought you were. You have to get used to that, though, especially if we join this club. That man was a friend of Bob and Julie, although I guess everyone here is. He’s also the master of that girl in the cage that we saw in the ‘zoo’. He gave me some pointers. His name is Josh.”

“Thank you for telling me, Master. Now may I get up off this table?”

“Yes. Let me help you. Here, put your shoes back on.” I handed her the shoes which she had placed under the table and then re-attached the leash to her collar. I led her to the door where Bob and Julie were waiting for us. Bob smiled at us and Julie was looking at the floor. Suzie, seeing that, also looked down. She was learning.

I asked Bob, “What the Hell is the Midas room? Sounds like someplace you would go to get your brakes fixed.”

Bob replied, “How’d you hear about that?”

“A friend of yours, a Josh, was talking to me and said that’s where he Sahabet Güncel Giriş was going next. Oh, he said to say hello to you.”

“Well, you’ll find out soon. It’s right next door.” He pulled on Julie’s leash, saying, “Come on, slut.” Suzie and I followed.

As Bob had said, the ‘Midas Room’ was right next door. We stood in the doorway and looked in. It was a room almost completely finished in white tile. The walls and floor both. “This used to be the shower room when the saw mill was still operating,” Bob told us. We made some changes, of course, one of which was to add eye bolts all around, on the walls and the floor. We left the shower heads as they were and added hose bibs at both ends.

I asked, “Why the ‘Midas Room’?”

“Well, you know the story of King Midas?”

“I think so. Isn’t that the story about the King who turned everything he touched to gold? Greek mythology, I believe.”

“That’s right. So it seemed fitting to name the room devoted to ‘golden showers’ the Midas Room. This is the only place in The Club where ‘golden showers’ are allowed. Anyone using the room has to clean up really well after they’re through. That’s why the hoses at each end. The place looks wet. I guess someone must have just used it. Most folks do that stuff at home, but a few prefer here. Maybe they want an audience or maybe they don’t have an adequate space at home.”

Jerking Julie’s leash he headed further down the hall to the next door. Suzie and I, bewildered by having just seen a room devoted to people peeing on each other, followed close behind.

“This,” Bob started, “is the ‘O.R’. No, we don’t really have operations in there. But it’s the only room in The Club where blood play is allowed. Of course sometimes there’s some blood resulting from severe caning or paddling, but that’s incidental to the action and there are disinfectants all around to clean those up. The O.R. is for intentional needle piercing and the like. This is the only room in which non-participants are not allowed inside.

The participants can only leave the room after the dungeon master inspects them to make sure they have no blood on them or active bleeding, and they have cleaned the room thoroughly. Sometimes the dom will want to parade his sub around The Club showing off all the pins and needles stuck in the sub. I remember one time there was a sub in one of the stocks, bent over with her legs apart so you could see her pussy. There were needles on both pussy lips and a string running back and forth between them like shoe laces, tied in a nice bow right over her clit.

“You can see there are a table and chair like in the Exam Room, covered with the same paper. There’s also a St. Andrew’s cross against the far wall. Shelves all around the room have disinfectant solution, alcohol swabs and paper towels. Also Sharps containers to dispose of any medical waste such as used needles. Just like an O.R.”

I said, “I don’t think Suzie and I will ever be in there.”

“No,” Bob said. “Julie and I haven’t been in there. Probably won’t be either. We’re not into that.”

I said softly to Suzie, “That surprises me.”

Trying to keep her eyes down, but still trying to see the rooms we’ve been shown, Suzie replied quietly, “Me too.”

“Seen enough of this, Tom?” Bob asked after a couple of minutes.

“I guess so. Is there more?”

“Oh, yes. I saved the best for last. We could go in from one of the doors on the other side of the hall, but this time let’s go in the main entrance. The one you went through after dinner at the Gala. So we go back into the Stockade and Zoo room and then to ‘The da Vinci Room’.

“Why’s it called that,” I asked.

“You’ll see. Patience, Tom.”

We led our bitch wives by their leashes back down the hall to the door leading to the Stockade and Zoo room. Even through the closed door we could hear lots more screaming than we heard before. When Bob opened the door it is was almost frightening. The male sub was no longer stuck by his balls to the bars of his now empty cage. Josh was in the process of extricating his sub from her confinement. There were two females and one male occupying other cages. Four females and one male were in the stocks. That was where all the noise was coming from as all five were being beaten with one instrument or another.

As Bob led us to the door above which was written “The da Vinci Room” Suzie whispered to me, “Master, Do you suppose you could put me in one of the stocks before we leave tonight? Just to see how it feels. Ever since I was little I’ve fantasized about being in stocks. I don’t know why. But it turns me on now, especially seeing them like this.”

I answered, “If we have time. But I have a hunch we’ll be in The da Vinci Room quite a while. We’ll see.”

“Thank you, Master.”

(Author’s note: You won’t want to miss The da Vinci Room)

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