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Mira Ch. 03

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Mira and Viola

“Viola called me asking if she could spend the weekend with me.”

Chase glanced over at Mira as she mixed the pancake batter. “When did she call?” Viola was Mira’s younger step sister.

“Last night. We have to iron out the details, but she’ll probably come Friday and leave Sunday night. It’s only a two-hour drive for her.”

Chase tried to think back. “I don’t think I’ve ever met her.”

“Probably not, we only visit each other a few times during the year. She’s just starting to get the feel for college.”

“From the pictures you have, I wouldn’t guess you were step sisters. You two look alike.”

“Sometimes I see it, sometimes I don’t. I mean, she’s a lot taller, more like a model. I’m too short and curvy.”

Chase moved behind her, wrapping his arms around her abdomen, resting his chin on her head. “You are perfect the way you are. I love your curves and your flat belly. I like how I can barely fit your tits in my hands. And how you’re tiny waist flares out a little and your perfect round butt is just…” he trailed off.

Mira smiled, leaning into him, “I like the way I am, but that doesn’t mean I can’t dream of having Amazon legs or being statuesque.”

“I get it. Why don’t we make the pancakes a little later, I’m hungry for something a little juicier,” Chase murmured into her ear.

“If you insist. We have a while before your housemates wake up” She covered the batter in plastic and set it in the fridge for later before following Chase into his bedroom.

Within a few moments, Chase had her hands tied the bedposts and a scarf over her eyes. She waited in anticipation, jumping a little when she felt something lightly trailing along her right thigh.

“Can you guess?” Chase asked, moving the feather down her abdomen, over her smooth mound.

“It feels like a feather.”

Chase watched as her lips parted, gasping as the feather danced over her engorged clit. “Good guess.”

The disappointment was clear on Mira’s face when the feather disappeared but she started when something cold and wet circled her breast.

“Is that ice?”

Chase didn’t reply, concentrating on tracing her breasts and nipples. Then, down around her navel.

Mira gripped her restraints as the ice touched her hot center, along her lips, and across her clit until Chase slipped the melting ice-cube into her pussy. She clenched, feeling the ice melt within her.

Chase followed the trail of water he’d made with the ice, using his tongue to warm her chilled skin. He sucked her nipple, lightly grazing it with his teeth before paying attention to the second one. As he licked along her skin, he pressed his middle finger into her pussy, feeling the chill from the melted ice-cube.

Mira moaned as he sank one finger and then a second into her, crossing them as he began to thrust into her.

“Do you like that? Do you like feeling my fingers fuck you, warming you up from the ice?”

“I love it, you feel so good.” Suddenly he was gone. Mira waited for what was next, her body thrumming with sexual tension. The bed moved and she felt the tip of his cock pressing against her lips. She opened her mouth and he filled her with his cock. Groaning she sucked him and ran her tongue over the underside of him.

Chase savored he feeling of Mira sucking him before licking her inner thigh, kissing her smooth mound before touching his tongue to her clit. As he sucked and licked he thrust his fingers deep into her.

Without her sense of sight, it felt like every caress, every stroke was orgasmic in itself. When she felt him spreading her juice to her asshole, she knew she was done for. He saturated the area before probing her with his ring finger.

Chase flattened his tongue against her clit and then made circles around the left side of it where he knew she was the most sensitive. His ring finger was deep in her ass, two others in her pussy as he fucked her. Her body was tightening and he knew she wasn’t far from cumming.

Mira tilted her head back, letting his cock fall from her mouth. “Fuck, if you keep doing that, I’m going to fucking cum.”

Chase ignored her. He didn’t stray from his rhythm until he felt her go rigid.

“Fuck, Chase!” she cried out, convulsing.

Chase felt her flooding his mouth with her juices as she continued to spasm.

“That was fucking fantastic,” Mira said when she could.

Chase moved so that he could take off her blindfold and untie her.

Mira blinked when he took of the blindfold, adjusting to the room. Then, she looked Chase in the eyes, “I want you to fuck me hard.”

Chase gripped her chin, bruising her lips with his. “Get on your hands and knees, facing the head-board.” When she was in position, he entered her with one stroke. He got into his rhythm, picking up the pace as Mira moaned. “You’re so hot and wet.” Her inner muscles worked him like a glove.”

“Fuck me harder, I want to feel you spurting cum inside me.”

Chase obliged, slamming his cock into her, his tight balls hitting her ass cheeks. He ankara escort gripped her ass and slapped her just hard enough to bring some pink into her skin.

“Don’t stop,” Mira said, breathless.

Chase slapped her again, a little harder this time, waiting a few seconds before repeating and slapping the other cheek. Soon her cheeks were rosy red. He couldn’t last any longer. “Fuck, Mira I’m going to cum.”

“Cum inside me, I need to feel you cumming inside me.”

His orgasm hit him hard. He convulsed, shooting his hot cum into Mira’s pussy.

She clenched her muscles before sliding off him and sucking his cock, tasting her juices intermixed with his cum. They collapsed on the bed.

“That was wonderful,” Mira said her head on his chest.

“You’re incredible,” Chase added.

“You made me cum so hard. And then spanking me?—That’s definitely something we’re adding to the box.”

“Agreed.” He pulled her closer. “Let’s just take a quick nap and then get those pancakes.”

“Good idea,” Mira murmured her eyes drifting closed.

Friday Chase helped Mira put the air mattress in his room. He’d cleared it with his housemates. They knew it was better to let Viola stay with them instead of in Mira’s dorm room where Loren was still peeved that Mira was dating her ex. Apparently, when Mira had told her sister she was staying at Chase’s Viola laughed and said, “As long as you two don’t wake me up having sex.” Viola said she would be there for dinner. Just as Mira was pulling the vegetable lasagna out of the oven the doorbell rang.

“Chase, could you get the door? It’s probably Viola.”

Sure enough, when Chase opened the door a 5’8 brunette met him. Viola stood in the doorway with her duffle.

“You must be Chase,” she exclaimed, giving him a hug. “Mira’s only said great things about you.”

“Same, I’m glad to meet you.” He ushered her in, closing the door behind her. “You didn’t have trouble finding the place, did you?”

Viola shook her head, “Mira gave me great directions.”

“Hey Vi, I’m so glad to see you!” Mira said, hugging her sister.

“Me too, I’ve had so much work lately I needed a break. Is that veggie lasagna? It smells great.”

“Absolutely, just for you. Let me introduce you to the other guys. They’ve been so great letting me stay with Chase through this whole Loren drama. There’s Jasper, Casey and August.”

While Viola met everyone, Mira asked Chase to get the table started. “Come on Vi, I’ll show you your air mattress.”

Vi laughed, “Great, I’ve always loved sleeping on such exquisite beds.”

“So, what do you think of Chase?” Mira asked, a little nervous to have her younger sister’s approval. They may not be blood, but she loved Vi more than anyone.

“He seems very nice.” Then Vi smiled, “And very attractive.”

“I’m glad you like him! He really is wonderful. I hope it’s not weird to stay in here,” Mira said, entering Chase’s room. She put Viola’s bag by the air mattress.

“Not at all. A bed is a bed.” She sat down on the edge of Chase’s bed. “You never told me how you two met.”

Mira blushed. “Well, he dated Loren for a long time.”

Vi’s mouth dropped. “Loren? You’re roommate Loren?”

Mira nodded. “And once, I’d come back from the gym and they were showering or something. Chase came back alone, didn’t see me, and tossed his towel on her bed.”

“Let me guess—he was naked and you turned around.”

“Yeah. I mean I knew him from Loren I guess, but that was the first time I saw him as himself.”

“How’s the sex?” Vi asked curiously. She’d had a boyfriend in high school but they broke up before college. Now she just liked to make out with guys at parties, but she wanted a real relationship.

Mira debated what to tell her little sister. “He’s amazing. He’s adventurous and creative and very talented.”

Chase called from the other room, “Hey, table’s all set where’s the guest of honor?”

Mira turned to leave, “Come on, let’s eat. You’re probably hungry and you’ll need something for the drinking we’ll do tonight”

“I can’t wait,” Vi replied following Mira out to the table where they sat down with the guys to eat.

Before they started pre-gaming, Mira and Vi changed into clothes more appropriate fora night downtown. Vi brought a black miniskirt and a dark green halter top with a plunging neckline.

Mira looked at her outfit, “I love that top. I’m jealous you can go braless like that.”

“The joys of being flat chested. Oh, I brought my black pointy shoes too.” Vi looked over and saw Mira pulling a one-shouldered black cutout dress from her bag. “Wow. That’s a great dress.”

“Thanks. I bought it after I lost a few pounds last semester.”

“Can I borrow your straightener? I didn’t bring mine.”

“Sure.” Mira dug through her bag to find the straightener and handed it to Vi.

Viola plugged the device in, watching as Mira stripped out of her jeans and cami.

“Do you think I can pull this off braless?” Mira asked, pulling the dress on. She adjusted it escort ankara and faced her sister.

“Definitely, it’s thick fabric and it has a lot of stretch.”

“Great. I hate wearing strapless bras.” Mira rummaged through her underwear to find the perfect one to wear with the dress. She pulled a nude colored translucent thong out and shed her cheekies, swapping the panties.

“So, are you completely bare?”

Mira glanced over her shoulder at Vi, adjusting her panties and dress. “Yeah.”

“Do you do that all the time?”

“No, but everyone once in a while. Usually I leave a bit on the mound but I decided what the hell.”

“Doesn’t it hurt? You probably wax, right?”

“It’s not so bad after the first time. I always take a few Advil an hour before. But usually I just get the sides and bottom done, and trim the top.”

“Yeah, I just trim it.”

Mira examined herself in the mirror checking to see how much showed when she bent over or danced. “Good. I’m not flashing too much.”

“What about me?” Vi asked moving around.

“You look good too. Do you want help with your hair?”

“Nah, I got it. I just need to get the kinks out. I had it up while I was driving.”

Mira sprayed her hair with beach spray and plugged in her curling iron. She wrapped pieces around the iron and curled her hair into loose waves. When she finished she turned to her makeup bag. “So what look do I go for?”

“Lots of mascara, pink lips—Do you have a green eyeliner?”

“Yeah and mascara.”

Vi glanced at her. “Green mascara? Seriously?”


“That’s weird. I just want the eyeliner.”

“Whatever.” Mira searched through her bag and set it on the desk for Viola.

“Thanks.” Vi finished her hair and turned the iron off.

Chase walked in to find Viola and Mira finishing their makeup. “You guys look phenomenal.”

“Thanks Chase, you’re so nice,” Vi said, looking over at him. “I’ll fit in down town, right?”

“Definitely: skimpy skirt, skimpy shirt, high heels. Perfect.”

“Ok, we’re almost ready.”

“Great, everyone’s here, there’s beer, liquor and mixers. We have a pong table and flip cup ready too.”

“Chase, could I partner with you for a round of pong? I haven’t really played before but I figure if I play a game with you or Mira that’ll loosen me up and help me get along with everyone.”

Chase looked at Mira to see her reaction; He caught the subtle nod. “Yeah, no problem. I’ll put us on the list.”

“Thanks a lot.”

He left the room, leaving them alone to finish getting ready.

“You’re in good hands, he’s great at beer pong.”

“I can tell. Then again, everyone’s better than you,” Vi teased.

Mira hip checked her, ruining her eyeliner.

“Hey, uncalled for.”

“Be good Vi.”

“I can be good at school, I’m here to have fun.”

Chase knew Mira was keeping an eye on her sister as he poured beer in to the cups, setting the game up. She was putting up a good front, and headed off to start a game of flip cup.

“I’m so excited to play,” Vi said after being introduced to their opponents Casey and Eliza.

“Good. I like to think of myself as a fun partner.”

“I’m sure. Mira wouldn’t have stuck around if you weren’t.”

“Oh great thanks.”

“No problem. Now let’s play.”

At some point during the game, Chase realized that the now tipsy Vi was teasing him especially. Whenever she bent down to get the ball she’d bump into him or touch his arm. He was thinking she just might be a touchy-feely drunk, but at the same time he didn’t want Mira accusing him of trying to get with her sister.

“Ok Vi, we have two cups left. You can do it.”

Vi squinted, holding the ball at eye level, ignoring Casey and Eliza’s attempts to rattle her. The ball sailed through the air into the cup. “Wooo!” Vi yelled slapping Chase’s hand in a high-five.

“Awesome shot.”

“Thanks. All you need to do is sink this baby, Chase, and we are victorious.”

Chase grinned. “Oh I think I can bring the gold.” He grabbed the ball and took aim, inhaling and exhaling before letting the ball fly. It made a resonating splash before Vi started shouting, jumping up and hugging Chase and kissing him on the cheek.

“Ok everyone, we’re getting ready to head down town. Finish your drinks and grab your shoes,” Mira called out.

“How about shots for the road?” Vi asked.

“Sure. Shots for the road are in the kitchen.”

Chase moved towards Mira, grabbing a shot glass. “Got any 151 left?”

“Yup.” She pulled out the bottle and lined a shot glass up with his, pouring into both of them. “Congrats on the game, you guys did really well.”

“Thanks. Cheers,” he said clicking his glass with hers as they threw back the shots.

“Hey, I’m the one who wanted one!”

“Well, get a glass Vi.”

“What is that?” Vi asked grabbing a shot glass.

“Bacardi 151.”

“Cool. Pour me one please.”

Mira obliged. ankara escort bayan

“Can I drink a shot on my own?”

“Absolutely,” Chase replied, watching her throw it back.

“Fuck that’s gross.”

“Ok, let’s get out of here,” Mira said pulling on her heels.

“Woo, I can’t wait to dance!” Vi exclaimed sitting down to put hers on too.

“Vi, you are drunk.”

“Woah Mira, I’m tipsy. Not drunk. Yet.”

“Ok Vi, let’s go dancing.”

“It’s like a moth to flames,” Chase muttered, standing at the bar, one hand around Mira, the other around a beer.

“I know. It’s like the drunker she is, the brighter the light.”

“Fascinating. Come on, hot stuff, let’s dance.” Chase drained his glass and set it on the counter.

Mira grinned and lead him out to the dance floor, pressing her back against his front, still keeping an eye on her sister.

“I really love this dress. I can tell you aren’t wearing much underneath it,” Chase whispered into her ear, his hands on her waist.

“I picked it out thinking of you. Think about you peeling it off me. I even picked out my skimpiest panties.”

“Your ass is magnificent.”

Mira leaned into him. As she grinded against his crotch he pulled her hair over her left shoulder so he could kiss along her neck and ear. They danced together through a few songs until Mira went to get more drinks.

Suddenly, Viola was standing in front of him, smiling like Salome.

“Having fun?” Chase asked.

“A blast. They have the best music here. Where’s Mira?”

“Getting herself another drink, I’m two beers and a shot ahead of her.”

“Ok good, dance with me until she gets back.” She pressed her body against him, writhing to the music.

Fuck. Fuck. Fuck. Fuck. Fuck, Chase thought. “Listen Vi, this isn’t a good idea.”

“Oh, come on Chase. Relax, have some fun.”

The ass of his girlfriend’s step-sister was grinding on his crotch. He was so fucked.

From the bar, Mira glanced back at the dance floor over to see Viola dancing with a panicked Chase. It was part comedy, part porn. Viola was drunk off her ass and Chase was trying to fend her off without crushing her.

“You know what, make that a double and a beer.” Mira dropped the bills on the bar with a decent tip and slammed the shot back. She moved to a corner to watch and sipped her beer. She saw the moment Chase gave in and committed to dancing with Vi, and how she teased him.

What the hell am I doing? I am sitting in a club, halfway between tipsy and drunk watching my sister have sex on a dance floor with my boyfriend. I am officially a pervert. And then it hit her. She began to plan something that had the potential to be amazing. Send a text to her sister; she told her to meet her at the bar and not to tell Chase. Then, she waited. By the time Vi checked her phone, Mira’s beer was running on empty. Vi whispered something to Chase and bounded across the club.

“Yeah, hey what’s up?”

“I have a deal for you.”

“Like what?”

“You come back with me and Chase. I give you fifteen minutes, alone, to get Chase into your pants. If not, you don’t get a second chance and the next time you’re all over him you answer to me. Oh and you buy my drinks tomorrow night.” Mira watched Vi think about the offer.

“Deal. After I get another drink.”

“Fine by me. Get Chase another one too.”

Maybe that last drink was a mistake for them, Mira wondered, helping Chase and Mira into the cab. Chase was in his horny stage of drunk, rubbing his hands along her inner thighs. On her other side was Vi, who was planning her attack. Thankfully, the ride was short. Mira paid the cab and let Vi usher Chase to the door where he spent a few moments fumbling with the keys before opening the door.

“Hey, Vi, take a minute, let Chase get ready for bed, and then go on in. I’m going to take a quick shower.”

Vi nodded as Chase stumbled into the room already stripping off his shirt. After a few minutes Vi went into see Chase in the middle of unbuckling his belt.

“You are beautiful.” Vi said from the doorway.


“I said, Chase, you’re beautiful.”

“Look, Mira’s going to be here in a sec.”

“She’s in the shower, relax,” Vi said moving towards him.

Chase didn’t like the look in her eye. Mira had that same look when she was going to pounce on him. He was too busy thinking to realize how close Vi was until she touched him, moving her hands to unbuckle his belt.

“Let me help get you out of these.”

“No, Vi, go on.”

Vi pouted and sat on his bed, her legs open.

Chase managed to get his pants off, keeping an eye on her.

“Don’t you think I’m pretty Chase?”

“You know you are,” he grumbled.

Vi tugged her shirt off, revealing her small breasts and hard nipples.

“Fuck Vi, why are you trying to do this?”

” I want you.”

“Look, you’re nice—and beautiful. But don’t do this.”

Vi stood up and kissed him, pressing her tits against him, wrapping her arms around him. She loved how he felt against her, but she didn’t have time for this. She broke the kiss, falling to her knees. She pulled his hard cock out from his boxers and started to go down on him.

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Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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