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Miracle Cream Ch. 04

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Miracle Cream

Book four



Thanks to Killerarmyguy and Linnear for the edits


Chapter one

It had been a month and a half since Cory picked up his ’69 Mustang R-code 429 Cobra Jet from Greg’s, his father’s co-worker, house. Since then, he and his friends have cruised the town whenever they were free, and as always, they chipped in on gas. Sighing loudly in his room, knowing Jessica would be leaving for California in a few days once their exams were over, which he was currently studying for. His friends Mike and Biff were planning to leave to spend their summer vacations with their families before they, too, went off to the out-of-state colleges they had been accepted to. How he would miss his best friends when it would only be him staying behind. Turning his head when a knock came on the door of his room, as it stood open, seeing his father, Jairo, standing there looking at him with his pencil between his lips.

“Hey, Cory,” Jairo greeted, standing in the best outfit he owned to take out his wife for a night on the town.

“Yeah?” Cory mumbled from around his pencil.

“I was wondering if you would let me borrow your car so I can take your mother out for the evening.”

“And you promise no hanky-panky in it?” Cory retorted with an arched eyebrow.

“Umm… you’ve seen your mother; you think I can keep my hands off of her?” Jairo spoke, matching his son’s look. While his son wasn’t showing his anger at them like he had for the past five years, he knew it was still there. He knew Cory hadn’t fully forgiven them for what they had done to him. Even if the counseling sessions they had with Delilah were helping somewhat, he knew they had a long way to go before they were even remotely close to what they once were before they hurt Cory in the manner that they did. Watching his son lift his keys off his computer desk and toss them to him.

“Make sure you arm my alarm and fill it up with gas,” Cory stated, turning back to his textbook. “And no drag racing other middle-aged men in it,” he mumbled.

“Sure thing Cory, thanks, she’s going to love this,” Jairo said, seeing his son only nod as he was focused on his studying.

“Thanks, baby; I’ll promise to keep him from doing something foolish in it,” Celeste said, slipping her hand into her husband’s as she stood in a sexy red dress beside him. “You don’t stay up too late; I don’t want you tired when you take your exams tomorrow,” she spoke in a loving motherly tone before she and Jairo walked down the hall.

“Cory?” Another knock came on his door after twenty minutes. Turning his gaze to the speaker only to have his pencil fall from his lips as he stared at his eldest sister Dayana who leaned against the frame in a very low-cut shirt, showing off the bottoms of her breasts while wearing only a pair of hipster panties. “Come eat; I cooked us a pizza,” Dayana said, her eyes glinted in pride at the look on her boyfriend’s face. Ever since they have become a couple, she no longer refers to Cory as her brother. Instead, she addresses him as her boyfriend. How magical the past month had been to her, the parties he attended with her as her boyfriend, the dates they had when it was just the two of them, to how she had painted her sex on the leather of his backseat when she had taken him to her favorite make-out spot. She knew next year would be her last year of college while Cory would be starting his own. She did hope that they could make it work going forward. She knew soon she would be in the workforce while Cory would still be doing everything a college student would be, unless… a sneaky smile formed on her face, wondering if she could get her master’s degree; then she knew that would give her two more years in college with him. She was not about to leave Cory alone there, not with what he had packing in his pants. She knew the girls there wouldn’t care if they were dating. Wouldn’t care if he was hers; they would do everything they could to get his dragon. How she knows this? Simple, it’s already happened at the parties they’ve gone to. “So come eat before it gets cold,” she said, her deep forest green eyes gazed at him in a loving light before heading back down to the first floor. Grinning as she heard his racing feet, putting some swagger into her ass since she knew how much he loved gazing at it. Hoping once he was done studying for the night, she would have his tongue tasting her hot peach. It has missed it greatly.

“Hey, Cory,” Cassy greeted as she sat beside Zoe at their dinner table as they munched on their own slices.

“Pixie,” Cory nodded, not even batting an eye to see her in his house any longer, long after her stint as his day nurse was over. Walking into his kitchen, making himself a glass before returning to the table only to find that Dayana had already made him and her a plate. Seeing her sweet smile as she patted the seat of the chair that sat beside her own.

“Cory, what do the two of you have planned for this weekend?” Zoe asked, wiping the pizza sauce from her cheek.

“Well, didn’t Zack and Alice ask us to come over Thursday for dinner? bursa escort Other than that, nothing,” Cory stated, peering over at his sister, who nodded as she chewed. “Why?”

“We thought since you didn’t get to really enjoy your spring break this year and we’ll be out of school for the summer. That we could… I don’t know, us four take a trip up to the lake for a few days and just relax the stress of finals away,” Zoe said; her mint green eyes, the same as their father’s, stared at him as Cory thought about it.

“And how are you going to pay for this? And I don’t know if I can get the days…” Noting how Zoe’s eyes glanced to Dayana, who had a rather bashful look on her face as she turned her head away from him. “Don’t tell me you’ve already talked to my boss?”

“Please, Cory, don’t get mad,” Dayana said in a soft tone as she laid her hand over his. “But, yes, I did talk to your boss and explained to her what we had planned. She was very understanding given everything you went through for us,” her thumb brushed along the back of his hand as she gazed at her man, “and said she could give you until Thursday off, so Zoe and I talked to Uncle Rick about seeing if we could use his cabin on the lake from Saturday until Wednesday then come home either that night or early Thursday morning, so you’ll have time to get ready for your shift.”

“Please, Cory, say yes,” Cassy said, batting her eyes at him. “Plus, think of all that skin before your eyes; I might have to return the dragon to its hold,” she purred, already feeling her pussy getting wet being wrapped around his thick pole.

“Only if you crawl under the table and suck me off while I eat,” Cory taunted; he was not expecting both Cassy and his sister to duck beneath it nor seeing Dayana easing his fly down and snaking out his cock. He was transfixed as all three of them took turns sucking him off at the dinner table. Something he wasn’t about to tell them to stop. What really had him throbbing was how Dayana went to town, working her hand and sucking the last drops of his cum from his balls. “Okay, so, have you informed Mom and Dad we’d be gone until then?” he asked once the three of them had returned to their seats.

“We did,” Dayana nodded.

“And when do you want to leave?” Cody inquired as he took a bite of his crust.

“We…” Looking to Cassy, who nodded, “were thinking, hoping really, if, say, you’d pick us up at our school once our last exam was over, and then we just head up to the lake. Get everything sorted, get food for then, and maybe some hot sex around the fire pit that evening,” Zoe said with a sultry look in her eyes.

“Doesn’t Cassy need to pack…” The moment the words left his lips, he knew how it sounded.

“I’d just bring my bag over Thursday and put it in your trunk since all you have to do Friday is your graduation, which should be over before noon,” Cassy spoke with a coy smirk on her lips.

“Alright, but the trunk isn’t all that big, so you can only bring one bag; otherwise, you’ll have a very angry girlfriend on your hands,” Cory stated before taking a sip of his drink.

“Don’t worry, Cory, I’ll make sure there’s room enough for your own when we pack the car Thursday,” Dayana said, leaning against her brother; she couldn’t wait for the day when she would be riding with him to their morning class.

“Mmmkay, but you all better chip in on gas money; it’s not cheap keeping that pony fed,” Cory stated before finishing off his slice.

“Now, you go finish studying, and I’ll clean up; once you are, I’ll hypnotize you with the ass you can’t keep your eyes off of,” Dayana whispered into his ear; her need was clear as day in the tone of her voice. Ever since Cory had his staples and everything else removed, they weren’t just fucking anymore. No. It had gradually turned into making love between the two of them, how she just loved that feeling as their two bodies were intertwined in one another’s. “Cory, come with me,” she said, holding out her hand to him once she slid off his bed. She had been waiting patiently for him to get done with his studies; she had no wish for him to fail.

“Okay, where are we going?” Cory asked, getting to his feet and slipping his hand into hers.

“My room,” Dayana said in a light purr as she led him out of his own.

“Why?” Feeling like an idiot when Dayana peered back at him.

“You’re sleeping with me tonight,” Dayana uttered, knowing how it would feel just like their time at the beach, just without Cory being in constant pain or under the influence of the pain medication he was on at the time.

“You sure I’ll be sleeping?” Cory asked quizzically.

“Maybe,” Dayana mused as they entered her room.

“Isn’t she worried about getting pregnant?” Cassy asked, listening to Cory and Dayana going at it while she and Zoe cuddled on the couch, just enjoying each other.

“Well, with the condoms and her being on birth control, the chances are low,” Zoe muttered as he nibbled on her girlfriend’s earlobe. “Dayana keeps the bareback stuff to a minimum when they have sex.”

“Then how about…” Groaning in frustration bursa escort bayan when her cell phone went off, feeling her face heating at Zoe’s giggle, knowing what she was about to say. “Hey, Mom, yes, I’m still here; no, they went out for the evening… sigh, yes, Mom. You know I am twenty now, not eleven anymore. Fine, fine, I’ll be home in thirty.”

“Aw, too bad you can’t taste any of this tonight, huh?” Zoe teased, spreading her legs, pulling aside her panties, and flashing her girlfriend her pussy.

“Don’t you go getting me hot and bothered?!” Cassy grumbled.

“Or what?” Zoe taunted with a sexy little smile on her face.

“Or I’ll have my face buried between your legs so fast you won’t know how you came so fast,” Cassy purred in a sinful tone as she leaned in. Passionately kissing her girlfriend, hearing her light moan that filled her mouth as her fingers danced along Zoe’s labia.

“Don’t you start something if you’re just going to leave me wanting,” Zoe panted as Cassy sank two fingers into her hot glove.

“This is for teasing me with this hot little body of yours,” Cassy cooed; she loved watching the elation playing on Zoe’s face whenever they were together. Loved how she could just make her tight, little body just squirm beneath her fingertips.

“I can’t… help it… if my… woman loves my body,” Zoe panted, feeling her sex getting wetter and wetter the longer Cassy played with her pussy.

“How can I not?” Cassy asked heatedly. She at least wanted Zoe to cum once before she had to head home. Her mother might be accepting of their relationship, yet she was still a mother and wanted her home at a reasonable time, not face-first between her girlfriend’s legs late into the night. Her eyes glanced to the stairs as Dayana screamed out as she came hard. Wondering why Cory was different with them when they had sex as compared to when he and Dayana were together. She wouldn’t admit it, yet it did make her a tad jealous. “You’re just so tasty,” she purred before her fingers picked up speed to drive her woman over the edge. Smiling proudly when Zoe slammed her thighs closed around her hand as she came upon her wet fingers. “Now, don’t you go getting any sexier on me while I’m away,” Cassy whispered before their lips molded to one another’s. Smiling lovingly back at Zoe when she had a look of longing in her eyes as Cassy stood by the door. Blowing Zoe a kiss before leaving the house altogether.

Zoe stared at the door for a minute longer; her face was flushed as she looked down at her body. Wishing she could have felt Cassy’s tongue on her peach that evening, yet knew her mother didn’t like it if Cassy was over late into the night without one of her parents home. She knew it was old-fashioned. Nevertheless, she couldn’t blame Delilah for being overprotective of her. After all, Cassy was her only child, and given what Cassy had told her about her childhood, she could understand why Delilah was like that.

“Maybe tomorrow,” Zoe cooed down to her little hot box, patting her mons Venus before covering herself back up. Walking to the closet in the kitchen to get the air freshener they stored in it. She didn’t want her parents to come home and smell her sex on the air. Ambling up the stairs to her room once she had straightened out the living room so she could take care of her needy pussy, only to see Cory walking into their shared bathroom. Walking hurriedly into the bathroom and closing the door, and locking it as her back pressed against it. Noting the perplexed look on his face as he relieved himself. “Cory, I need it.”


“Mmmhmm, Cassy got me so hot, but she had to go. Will you take care of your sister?” Zoe asked in a sweet voice as she lifted the front of her skirt. Ever since they’ve been having sex with one another, she hasn’t once touched her dildos unless it was when she and Cassy were together. Other than that, she’s relied on her brother’s dragon to get her off repeatedly.

“Then come and suck Dayana’s pussy juice from my cock,” Cory ordered, turning to face her. Keeping his smirk hidden as Zoe rushed to his side. It wasn’t the first time Zoe, Dayana, or their mother hadn’t tasted one of them on it whenever they had it in their mouths. He had to admit that Zoe did look good with his cock in her mouth. The elation in his sister’s eyes was a testament to that fact as she worked to get him hard again.

“Please, Cory, I need you back inside of me,” Zoe muttered breathlessly as she eased down her panties to midthigh and bent over the sink, lifting her skirt over her ass, showing her brother her wet, puffy, red, aroused labia to him. “Mmm… fuck?!” she moaned as she felt Cory’s broad head inching into her sex. Feeling his girth stretching her out as he inched his twelve-inch monster into her needy pussy. “That’s it, Cory, fuck your slut, pound that cock into me,” Zoe pleaded as Cory kept from sending all his length into her. Over the numerous times, they’d had sex together, Cory had gotten rather good at judging how much he was thrusting into her. While she loved having the whole thing inside of her, she just wasn’t escort bursa a fan of the days of pain that normally followed after it.

“Oh, like this cock, huh?” Cory taunted as he roughly shoved his sister’s shirt up over her breasts and her bra, causing her 32Ds, the same as their mothers, to sway with every thrust of his hips.

“You know I do,” Zoe panted, feeling her thighs trembling as Cory roughly fondled her breasts. Wondering why he acted differently when he was with Dayana than he was with her. Whimpering loudly as she bit down on her lip as she came hard on her brother’s cock; it was only due to how her hands rested on the sides of the sink that she was even standing at that moment as her sex filled the room. “No?!” she cried out when Cory slipped his cock out of her and pressed it against her starfish. Groaning, her eyes rolled into the back of her head as her ass gave way to his crown. Drool began to run down her chin as she felt his cock inching deeper into her ass. Silently thanking him for stopping at six inches, she didn’t think her ass could take any more of his cock. “I told… you… no… ass… play,” Zoe panted, trying to keep her lust from her voice.

“Oh? Then why are you tightening up on me if you don’t enjoy my cock in your ass?” Cory asked with a cocky grin.

“I am not…” Only to feel Cory taking hold of her hair, snatching her head back, forcing her to peer at herself in the mirror.

“Look at yourself; look how slutty you are with my cock in it,” Cory spoke in a commanding tone. Smiling wickedly as he rolled his hips, causing his sister to moan very loudly in pleasure. “If you weren’t into anal, then my big cock wouldn’t have been able to easily slip into it. Makes me wonder if you’ve been waiting for this day,” he taunted, watching his sister’s face as she gave into the bliss. Listening to her moan out for more, begging him to cum in her ass, to let her feel how hot it would be shooting deep into it. As Cory unleashed his load into his sister’s ass, Zoe moaned loudly as she came hard, squirting all over her brother’s balls.

“What the fuck?!” Cory muttered, looking down, feeling something dripping off his ball sack.

“Please, Cory, don’t get mad; it’s why I didn’t want you to fuck me there,” Zoe uttered, hanging her head in shame.

“Did you just pee on me?”

“No,” Zoe said in a weak voice. “When I have anal sex, and if it’s really good, I squirt. Please, don’t hate me,” she said in a timid voice as she hid behind her sandy blonde hair like her mother’s.

“So, you’re inferring that you enjoyed my dick in your ass, and it was really good, huh?” Cory asked, grinning madly at his sister as she buried her face in her hands to hide her embarrassment. “Well, I need a shower too, you know,” gesturing down at his cock, “so if you don’t mind,” he said, starting his shower.

“C-c-can I… join you?” Zoe asked a little bashfully, feeling her brother’s cum leaking out of her ask as her index fingers tapped against one another as she had a cute little look on her face as her cheeks heated. Her panties fell to the floor now that her spread legs weren’t applying the tension needed to keep them aloft.

“If you want,” Cory answered with a shrug as he pulled out a towel. He was not expecting his sister to step up to him, with her breast still uncovered, and plant the kind of kiss he was currently experiencing at the moment.

“Thank you, I’ve wanted to do it with you, but I didn’t know how you would react if I brought it up,” Zoe muttered shyly as she backed away.

“Wonder if I should tell Pixie about this,” Cory mused as he tested out the water, seeing his sister quickly stripping out of her clothes from the corner of his eye.

“She knows,” Zoe said. Another round of heat flooded her face at her brother’s look he levied at her.

“Wait… never mind, really don’t want to know about how weird yours and Pixie’s sex life is like,” Cory joked, feeling the sting of his sister’s slap on his back as he climbed into the shower.

“Do… Do these pain you ever?” Zoe asked as the pad of her finger trailed down the long scar given to him by a very wicked man who was now doing life behind bars and been passed around from one large horny man to the next since his incarceration, along with his two other cohorts. They finally learned that no one, not even criminals, liked rapists.

“Only when I shower,” Cory said plainly as he was in the middle of soaping up his sister’s breasts. Making a mental note of how Zoe and their mother looked awful alike when Celeste was his sister’s age. Although, that didn’t stop him from playing with her breasts as the hot water poured down his sister’s back.

“I’m sorry you ever had to go through this and for it to show me just what kind of man you are. I hope in time you’ll forgive me for what I’ve done to you,” Zoe whispered as she wrapped her arms around him. While Cory was pleasant with them when he spoke to them, that didn’t mean the anger wasn’t still there. It wasn’t hard to see when he thought they weren’t looking. She knew he was being nice to them to give them a chance to redeem themselves in his eyes. Lightly kissing his lips when they left their bathroom, thanking him for not thinking her weird for liking anal before she sauntered off to her room while Cory headed off to Dayana’s, who had been waiting patiently for his return.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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