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Mistress Aminata Kanu’s Dungeon

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As Salaam Alaikum, to any kinky fellow Muslim reading this. Salutations and greetings, ladies and gentlemen. I am Aminata Kanu, also known as Mistress Ka, an expert on BDSM and Black sexuality. I’m a young Black Muslim woman living in the City of Santa Barbara, California. Before we go any further, I must warn you that I’m into some truly extreme shit, and I definitely don’t apologize for it. The way I see it, I am lifting the rock on Black sexuality and shining the light on it, for all to see.

I enjoy Black male pain, and it sexually arouses me. I like to torment Black men, physically, sexually and psychologically, and it brings me immense pleasure and satisfaction when I inflict pain upon others. Unlike ninety nine percent of the dominant Black women in the BDSM game, I am not allergic to Black men, and I don’t see white males as white knights in shining armor. I like to push the envelope when it comes to Black sexuality, and the brothers are my playthings. No one else can satisfy my depraved cravings…

I’ve often been told that I look deceptively innocent, like a lot of my fellow African Muslim immigrant women. Five-foot-ten, neither fat nor thin but curvy and sexy, with chocolate-hued skin, and thick hair stylized into a very neat Afro. I favor the same style of afro that the legendary activist and freedom fighter Angela Davis rocked in her heyday. I was fairly active both in Black student politics and in Feminist circles during my halcyon days at the University of California in Santa Barbara, where I earned my MBA. Good times, folks.

I discovered the world of BDSM while at UC-Santa Barbara, thanks to my ex-boyfriend Ahmad Atiku, a handsome and very kinky Muslim brother originally from Nigeria. I took to BDSM like a cat takes to hunting mice. The first man I ever dominated was Ahmad, how cool was that? I’ve been told I look great in a Black tank top and Black leather pants, wielding a whip or a riding crop. I also look great in stylish summer dresses, looking like I’m ready to go to church. It’s part of my arsenal. Disarm them with a smile, then tie them up so they can’t run away…

“You look good in a bra and panties, bitch,” I said to my latest bitch, Adam Bawumia, a big and tall, burly and dark-skinned Ghanaian-born Muslim brother who had been chatting me up on Fetlife for months. We were having some fun in my townhouse basement. Adam is fairly interesting. The dude is on virtually all the Black female domination groups and hollers at a lot of Black Mistresses, but I’m the one who caught his fancy. Doesn’t surprise me one bit, for I am like a spider, spinning my web to catch my flies, if you catch my drift.

You see, I’m into stuff like cuckolding, forced bisexuality, forced feminization, and so much more. A lot of people think only white guys are into this, but I know better. Black cuckolds, Black crossdressers, Black Sissies and freaky closeted bisexual Black guys do exist, and they’re fun to play with. A lot of Black males tell me that they have a desire for kinky twisted fun, and they’d rather play with a dominant Black female because there’s some stuff that white Mistresses simply won’t understand. That’s totally up my alley!

“Yes Mistress Ka,” Adam replied, and I slapped my bitch hard across the face. Dolled istanbul escort up in a pink bra, matching pink panties, a bright pink tutu, pink pantyhose, and a fluffy blonde wig, Adam totally looked like a bitch. So much that I renamed him Ada, for shits and giggles. See what I did there, the play on words, by switching his name? More wicked and freaky fun for me, that’s what’s up.

“Ada, I want you to put on a little show for me, so shake that fat ass for me,” I ordered, and I sat on my couch, watching as Ada began to shake that ass for me. There’s a certain art to feminizing Black males when you’re a dominant Black woman who enjoys this sort of thing. Macho Black guys like Adam here usually have a lot of hidden insecurities. Adam used to play football for UCLA and now works as a private investigator, as in leg breaker, for anyone who can pay his high fees.

“Do you like my ass, Mistress Ka?” Ada asked, and I smiled, watching as the sexy freak in front of me shook his/her ass, giving me a good look at that ass pussy which looked so damn good in them pink panties. I ordered Ada to come closer, and then bent my bitch over before giving his/her ass a sound spanking. That’s right, ladies and gentlemen, I am a strong Black woman who enjoys spanking Black men. If that offends you, you can kiss my thick chocolate ass, thank you very much.

“You’ve got a fat ass, and I’m going to put it to good use, Ada,” I replied, and I laughed as I spanked Ada/Adam’s ass some more. Prior to accepting Adam as a new sub and client, I dutifully checked him out. Adam Cornell has a Criminal Justice degree from UCLA, works as a private investigator, and has a mixed-race daughter, Evelyn, from his relationship with a white woman named Deborah Anderson. It’s interesting that Adam dates white women, yet prefers to deal with a dominant Black female when it comes to his kinky fun. Very interesting indeed…

I love Black male psychology, and with many reasons. Take my Bull, Bilal Hafiz, for example. This African-American Muslim brother is tall, well-built and handsome. Bilal and I met during an alumni meeting. He studied mechanical engineering at UC-Santa Barbara and is now married to a Ghanaian sister named Jamila Kufuor, and has two sons with her. One hell of a guy, some might say. I know him better than that.

Underneath the façade of the married man, model Muslim and successful Black male professional, Bilal Hafiz is a man leading a double life. The brother is forthrightly bisexual and has urges which cannot be denied. He craves illicit sex with men, women and even transsexuals. I use him as a Bull with my male subs, allowing him satisfy his cravings. Sometimes I wonder what Bilal would have done if he hadn’t met me. Brother’s lucky to know me, for real.

As the afternoon progressed, Ada/Adam and I had some truly wicked fun. I laid my bitch flat on the floor and sat on her face, smothering her with my big chocolate booty. I like face-sitting, it’s one of my favorite fetishes. A lot of Black men like to have women sit on their faces and smother them, and I am the kind of freaky sister who likes this sort of thing. I rode Ada/Adam’s face for a while, and then continued to torment my bitch the way only a freaky, bossy gal like myself can…

“Oh escort bayan fuck,” Ada/Adam screamed as I bent her cross-dressing ass over, and fisted her asshole while tugging on her dark dick. I like to fist Black men, Black transsexuals and any freaky Black person who is into it. I dug into Ada/Adam’s well-lubricated asshole, twisted my fist around, and made my cross-dressing Black male slut scream some more. Those screams were beautiful and sweet music to my damn ears…

After a few more sessions, I made Adam my own personal bitch, due to his addiction to sexual torment and punishment, and the emergence of his more feminine alter ego, Ada the Sissy. I bent Adam over and fucked him with a strap-on dildo and made him give my asshole a tongue bath. I made him walk around my house in a tutu…with a massive butt plug buried in his asshole. Yes, I am a sadistic Black bitch who enjoys tormenting, feminizing and debasing Black men…and they love me for it!

“Ada, I’ve got a special treat for you tonight,” I told Adam Cornell on the three-month anniversary of our first kinky session together. You should have seen the look on Adam’s face when I introduced him to Bilal Hafiz, my own personal Bull. Every dominant woman needs one of those. A well-endowed, strong and obedient man who can fuck anyone, female or male, whom his Mistress orders him to fuck. I smiled as Bilal and Adam shook hands, and then I got the ball rolling…

“Let’s fuck, fellas,” I said, and I sat down and watched, fingering my pussy as Bilal and Adam got naked. I feasted my eyes on the muscular, masculine physiques of these handsome brothers. There’s beauty to be found in men and women of all races, but this dominant sister definitely prefers the brothers. Adam got dressed up, and became Ada the Sissy, and then got on his/her knees to suck on Bilal’s thick dark dick. I thrust two fingers into my pussy as I watched Ada suck Bilal’s dick.

“Suck that dick like a good bitch,” I thought with a smile. The evening progressed nicely, with Ada sucking Bilal’s dick like there was no tomorrow. When Bilal came, Ada the Sissy drank his cum like a good bitch. At this point, I handed the fellas condoms and lubricant, and the party really got started. Like the strong Bull that fate and circumstance designed him to be, Bilal bent Ada over and began working his thick dark dick into the Black male cross-dresser’s tight butt hole.

“You’ve got a tight ass,” Bilal said as he rammed his dick into Ada’s ass, causing the cross-dressing Black male slut to squeal. I masturbated furiously, pinching my nipples and stimulating my pussy by rubbing my clit and fingering myself. Bilal pounded away at Ada, filling that ass pussy with thick dark dick. I got so turned on that I decided to strap up and join the action. I silenced Ada the Sissy by offering him/her something to suck on, and the Black male slut began sucking my dildo like there was no tomorrow…

“Suck my dildo like the slut that you are, Ada, or Adam, whatever the fuck you want to be called,” I shouted gleefully as I rammed my dildo down my cross-dressing Black male slut’s throat. Ada/Adam sucked me off with gusto, and I watched Bilal, whose handsome face was twisted with effort, as he rammed his thick dark dick Pendik escort into Ada/Adam’s asshole. We smiled at each other as we worked Ada/Adam over, until the bitch frigging tapped out. It was absolutely fantastic!

“Thank you for everything,” Adam said to me, about an hour later, as he stood before me, well-dressed, and looking very much like a regular brother. I gave him a hug and thanked him, then sent him on his merry way. Adam drove away, heading back to his family, and I waved him goodbye. As soon as he was gone, I turned to Bilal and smiled, for I had major plans for the brother and had big tool of his…

“Bilal, this is to remind you that even though you’re a Bull, never forget that you’re my bitch too,” I said to Bilal as I put his big dark dick in a chastity device. That’s right, ladies and gentlemen. You read this right. I am a dominant Black Mistress who puts big Black cocks in chastity devices. As Bilal sat there, with his dick trapped by the chastity device, looking no different from the white male submissive types that other Black women like to play with, I smiled with contentment.

“Yes Mistress Ka,” Bilal replied, and I grinned and smacked his face, and then proceeded to torment him. I put Bilal on his knees and ordered him to eat my pussy, and when he finished, I peed on his face. I put him on all fours and gave his ass a sound spanking, and then donned some gloves. I opened up Bilal’s lubricated asshole with a speculum, and then began fingering him. Bilal screamed like a bitch as I spread his ass open and I laughed. Truly, the brother hadn’t felt anything yet…

The highlight of the evening was when I donned my strap-on dildo, the same one I fucked Adam/Ada with, and after cleaning it, I rolled a condom on it and grabbed the lubricant. I bound Bilal’s hands behind his back with rope, put him on all fours, spread his ass cheeks and pushed the dildo inside. Bilal groaned and moaned as I gripped his hips and began fucking him with gusto. This got me so excited that I came right then and there, my pussy gushing hot girly cum, my screams mingling with Bilal’s.

Why does a strong Black Mistress like myself find it necessary to dominate the strong and sexually flexible, well-endowed Black male whom I use with my male sluts? Oh, so many reasons! A lot of Bulls think they’re all that because their Mistresses let them fuck other women and men, and I’ve heard some Mistresses even let their Bulls fuck them. Not me, I do the fucking. Bull, cuckold, or Sissy, every male in my dungeon becomes my bitch!

“I am Mistress Ka, your owner, for all eternity,” I said to Bilal, smiling triumphantly, after he tapped out. I pulled my dildo out of his asshole, undid his bindings, and let him get some rest. I am a strong sister who likes to conquer a brother and make him mine. However, in victory, I will say that I am magnanimous, and quite merciful. Once I own you, I become so sweet and gentle it hurts…until I feel like hurting you for real. It’s just the kind of freaky sister that I am.

After Bilal recovered from all the mean and sexy things I did to him, I let him take a shower, get dressed and sent him home. I feel so damn good after dominating the hell out of these two handsome, masculine Black studs. I look forward to dominating many more strong Black men in the future. Heterosexual Black men, bisexual Black men or even gay Black men, from all faiths, all kinky brothers are welcome to this dominant sister’s dungeon. Come to Mistress Ka’s dungeon, brothers. Don’t be afraid.

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