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Mistress Diabolique Ch. 06

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The two women, one on each side of the 18-year-old Caleb, marched him upstairs to his aunty’s bedroom, a trip not made any quicker by Tammy occasionally stroking his stiff cock and then kissing him on the mouth.

“Tammy,” said Mistress Diabolique, in exasperation after the third stop-for-a-smooch, “do you want to get this game started today or sometime in the middle of next week?”

The 25-year-old black domina laughed, and ran her hand over the teenager’s stiffy.

“OK, and I thought you were all reluctant to have your nephew fuck you, Mistress D?” she asked her employer. “Now you’re all of a sudden very hot to experience this youthful seven inches, eh?”

Debbie laughed at her assistant’s cheek, but realised she was speaking the truth. She had decided to hold off fucking the well-muscled – in more ways than one! – young trainee sex slave, but now she had made up her mind that she was going to possess him, she was fucked if she wanted to be delayed in that task.

“All right, you got me, but let’s get on with it, my pussy’s getting wetter by the second,” the stunningly-built 40-year-old dominatrix told the black bird.

“And mine’s not?” laughed Tammy, as she finally let go of the youngster’s erection and moved more swiftly towards the waiting bedroom.

Inside, Caleb was instructed to lie on his back in the middle of the big bed, then Tammy joined him, lying on his right side, while his Aunty Debbie got up and lay on his left.

Debbie looked at his stiffness, standing up and waving, not even lying flat on his taut abdomen.

“Now, we’re going to play another numbers game,” said his aunt, “only this one is more an endurance test. I think you’ll like it. But I’ve got to warn you, you won’t past it.”

Tammy smiled and leaned over to stroke his erection, flicking the pre-cum drool from its knob onto his belly as she did. “Bet you can’t last 10 minutes,” she whispered, teasingly, in his right ear.

“Now, Tammy, he may do much better than some of our other fucks,” said the 40-year-old domina.

“It was you who said he wouldn’t last that long,” said Tammy, “I was merely quoting you, Mistress D.”

“Aunty,” piped up the 18-year-old, “I thought you said you didn’t let your sex slaves fuck you?”

Debbie grinned down at his eager, expectant face. “Course I did, silly,” she said, “I don’t. This is a game I play with Tammy, and sometimes another domme friend of mine, with men we particularly like. They’re friends, not clients, and no money changes hands, so it’s not prostitution, it’s just an exciting sex game.

“As I say, sometimes it’s three dommes on one slave, and it can be played canlı bahis with just one domme, but I find that two’s the perfect number. Anyway, one, two, or three I know you’re going to find it a lot more fun than fucking your lovely little Lucy!”

“And speaking of ‘an exciting sex game’, and ‘fun’,” said Tammy, sounding a little exasperated, “are you gonna explain it to him so we can get this fucking thing rolling?”

Debbie relented. “Very well, here goes. Right Caleb, the game is played according to mine and Tammy’s instructions – we will call out numbers, and depending which they are, you will engage in a sex act with us.”

Caleb nodded, listening carefully to his aunt’s instructions.

The 40-year-old continued: “If I say 1, then you will kneel up by my face and place your knob to my mouth and I will fellate you. If it’s 2, then you will tit fuck me. And 3 – well, you can guess what you do when I call that out, can’t you?”

Caleb again nodded, keenly. “I fuck you in the cunt, aunty,” he whispered, huskily.

“Precisely,” said his aunt. “Now, you will move from me to Tammy and back again. The rule is that, say I’ve got you in my mouth – then Tammy’s not allowed to call out her number until you’ve been with me for at least 20 seconds.

“She may wait only for 20 seconds, she may wait for 40, even a minute, it’s over to her. Then you will remove your cock from my mouth, lie in the middle of the bed, count 1-2-3 – slowly, mind – then move over to Tammy. Then you will await my next call. Got it?”

“Yes, aunty,” said a breathless teenage sex slave. “Can we start now?”

“Down tiger,” laughed his aunt. “Now, remember I said you’d not last for 10 minutes? I think I’ll upgrade that to 15 minutes. Most of our lovers can’t last 30 minutes, so half that time will be almost as good as a pass for your debut, eh?”

“What happens if I fail the endurance test – and how long do I have to hold out?”

Tammy and the boy’s aunt burst into laughter. “Darling,” said his aunt, “no one’s ever won, they’ve always come before the time control. Anyway, since you’re keen to know, it’s 45 minutes, but don’t even think about it, you’ll never reach it!”

The two women then propped an extra pillow beneath their heads, to bring them up, Debbie knew, to an easier position for fellatio, and the 40-year-old lay back and felt a thrill surge through her as she prepared to play one of her favourite sex-slave games.

It was true that she didn’t allow clients to fuck her, as she had told Caleb, but he was quite unaware that some of the more “favoured” customers were regularly allowed to play the game with Tammy and her bahis siteleri employer, in return for such little trinkets as Rolex Oyster watches, return trips to Paris for the week-end, a night out at some swanky West End hotel. Still, she pondered, what he didn’t know wouldn’t hurt him!

And then she set the ball rolling with a low call of “2” – she had considered opening up with a “3” right off the bat, but decided to lead up to it slowly, tantalisingly.

Cal rose from his position beside her and placed his drooling seven-inches of pulsing, thick-veined manhood against her bright red lipsticked mouth.

Opening wide she let the knob of the shining prick slide smoothly inside until she had the glans down to the ring in her mouth. Cal gave a sharp, hissed intake of breath as he felt his aunt accommodate his cock, then he thrust slowly, almost imperceptibly, as she fellated him.

The lad was carried away by the sensation when dimly, and from off to his left as he knelt above his aunt’s mouth, he heard Tammy call “2”.

Caleb pulled from Mistress Diabolique’s wet mouth and lay on his back, his cock throbbing. “One, two, three,” he called, then rose and placed his knees on either side of Tammy’s gleaming ebony skin.

The 25-year-old cupped her big breasts, one in each hand and as he lowered his stiffy and placed it in the valley between the brown roundnesses, she pressed the globes together, trapping the cock in between them.

Caleb then started to tit fuck the black beast, noting, as he did so, that with each upward drive, his foreskin was pulled back by the tautness of the passage through which his seven-incher was travelling. Then, on the return journey, his foreskin gathered back onto the top of his knob covering the glistening glans.

Throughout the sliding, slippery operation, his movements were causing slimy deposits of pre-cum to coat the inside of the valley.

Then, no more than 30 seconds after he had begun this glorious ride on the black bird’s boobs, his aunt called out quietly “2”.

Caleb fell onto his back, counted out “1, 2, 3” and resumed his tit fucking, only this time between his aunty’s lush 34-inch, surgery-enhanced breasts.

No more than 20 or 21 seconds after starting on his aunt, Tammy called out “3” and Debbie felt the youngster’s body give a start as a thrilling tremor ran through him.

Like a flash he was off his aunt’s tits, lying on his back, counting out “1, 2, 3” as fast as he dared, then he climbed over onto the lovely ebony domina.

Sweat was pouring off his brow as he placed his cock tip to the outer lips of Tammy’s cunt, then drove smoothly in one bahis şirketleri irresistible drive into her.

He must have felt, his aunt knew, his foreskin get pulled back by the tight tension of her vagina on his cock. Debbie counted slowly to 25, then called out “3” and waited for his arrival.

Caleb groaned but obediently pulled his swinging member from the black girl’s cunt, then lay on his back and counted up to three, before climbing onto his aunty’s lovely firm body.

His now-circumsised cock rode smoothly into his aunt’s pussy, slippery and moist from her arousal, and soon the boy was gasping with delight as he fucked her, occasionally kissing her sloppily on the mouth, as he thrust.

“One” he heard from Tammy, and Caleb pulled from his aunt’s hot sex slit and lay on his back, his hand reaching to his cock to replace the foreskin in its usual place, only to be told by a curtly snapped order from his aunt: “Hands off your cock!”

Caleb counted out the three numbers, then rose to place his cock on Tammy lips. She opened her mouth and sucked him in, completely covering his glans as she fellated his throbbing prick.

It seemed to the lad that he had hardly entered the woman’s mouth than his aunt was again ordering him back to her body, with a hushed “2”.

Caleb fell onto his back, sweat pouring from his body, he performed the obligatory count, then rose to place his cock deep into his aunt’s cunt.

Debbie felt him sigh with relief as he started to pump slowly up and down her sex tunnel, then almost sob as he heard Tammy on the other side of the bed intoning “3”!

Pulling from his aunt, he lay on his back again, counted to 3, then resumed his sex play with the ebony beauty. But almost as soon as he had entered her, Caleb gave a shudder, then a sob, then, through gritted teeth he called out in an anguished voice “Oh fuck, I’m sorry, I’m sorry, oh fuuuuurck!”

And then he had pulled his seven-inch erection from the ebony cunt and was pumping his seed all over her belly, some globs spraying as far as her heavy breasts.

Then he fell on his back, sobbing and panting, his body covered in sweat, his cock starting to slide down to normal size.

Mistress Diabolique leaned over him, propping herself on an elbow and grinned at his dismay.

“I had a stopwatch on you,” she smiled. “Wanna know your time, sweetie?”

“No, let me guess,” said Tammy, as she wiped herself down with a tissue.

“Shut the fuck up, Tammy, I asked Cal, not you,” snapped the mistress.

“Five minutes?” asked a by now thoroughly chastened young stud.

“Four minutes 35 seconds, I’m afraid,” smiled his aunty. “And you thought five?”

Caleb nodded his head in disappointment at not even holding out for five measly, stinking minutes.

“Just goes to show,” said his aunt, “time flies when you’re having fun!”

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