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Misty Breaks Ch. 04 – Rock Bottom

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Some sluts have a short half-life, as our girl is about to find out. But Misty is in it for the fun; for the pleasure she can get out of her new, exciting lifestyle. She will deal with whatever consequences come along, tomorrow. But, as when she was a teenager, tomorrow is very far away for this middle-aged MILF.


Summer term had arrived, and the trip that Misty Reynolds had planned with her son never happened. Instead, she was ready to send David off to his Aunt Patty’s on the bus, eager for time alone with DeShawn, whom she considered her boyfriend, now. The past few weeks had been uneventful, and she was practically vibrating with need. DeShawn had moved in, even before they decided mutually to send David away. The two young men had formed a strange kind of bond the evening that Misty had come home so late. It was a bond of common concern for her, but she didn’t realize that. She was happy to see them talk to one another. David could see that his mother was going down a wrong path, but he hoped the eighteen-year-old would protect her, at least. He’d made his feelings known about the older boy. DeShawn, for his part, was torn between concern for Misty’s health and a desire to use her for his own ends, but knew enough to bide his time until the whelp was gone. He fucked Misty each night until both of them were spent, but he had bigger plans for the little housewife.

They put David on the bus, and DeShawn wasted no time. He had his hand on Misty’s leg as they pulled away from the bus station. She smiled, happy that her man couldn’t keep his hands off her. She was like a teenager again. Any time she was alone with DeShawn, she reverted instantly to the slutty persona she’d adopted.

“I should have worn a skirt,” she told him, and grinned. “You want me to find a quiet place and stop, baby?” She purred softly, “I could give you a blowjob.”

DeShawn stroked her thigh and lit up a rolled joint he had pulled from his shirt pocket, grinning as he did so. ‘Damn, this slut was so hot to go!’

“Baby, don’t smoke in the car, please? You know it messes with Davey’s asthma,” she said, waving her arm around. “Besides, you’re gonna get us arrested.”

He took a deep drag, held the blunt out to her lips, and said, “Relax, slut. He won’t be back here until we say he can come back.”

The mention of the word ‘slut’ made Misty instantly wet. She inhaled deeply, then blew the smoke out over the course of the next block. By the time they’d gone half a mile she was feeling the hit, down where it mattered. “Fuck, baby,” she said, “I need that dick real bad. Why don’t I pull over?” She dropped one hand into her lap and began to fondle herself through her jeans, craving a quick orgasm to take the edge off.

They were in the middle of town. DeShawn laughed at her. “You crazy, you horny slut!” He paused, looking at her. “I know where we can go. It ain’t far. Take a right up here.”

Misty did as she was told. These days, she always did as she was told. This eighteen-year-old she’d found was almost too good to be true, for a 49-year-old with her newly discovered needs. ‘A nice big dick, and he can go all night,’ she thought. ‘Fuck yeah! I’ll do whatever.’

In truth, Misty desperately craved what she’d had that night at James’s bar; to be used again and again, without having to think. Once she’d gotten over her initial guilt the next morning, she reasoned that it was probably the best time she’d ever had, apart from meeting DeShawn. ‘And, hey – it hadn’t done any harm to anyone,’ she thought when reliving that night in her head. She hadn’t caught any diseases, she’d had a good time, and DeShawn had actually told her he was proud of her, after all was said and done. She was proud to think of herself as ‘his’ slut.

“Gimme another hit off that joint,” she told him, reaching for it. “I wanna get loaded!”

“That’s my slut,” he grinned, leaning in to shotgun the smoke from his lips, then taking it back into his mouth. By the time he told her to turn into the rural property filled with junk cars and broken motorcycles, they were both giggling hysterically. She slammed on the brakes.

“Whoa!” Misty whooped, still laughing. She looked around once they were stopped. “What the fuck is this place?” There was no one outside, but loud hip-hop boomed from inside the tiny dilapidated house. DeShawn grinned.

“We gonna get down with some brothas I know,” he told her.

She was instantly intrigued. “Yeah?” Her hand slipped down to her crotch, rubbing it absentmindedly as DeShawn climbed out of the car. He leaned in the window and told her to sit tight; he would be right back. Then he disappeared inside the house.

Misty resumed idly rubbing herself. Her pussy was buzzing with need, now that she sensed an opportunity to get fucked. “God, how horny can one person get?” she mused. She could already feel an orgasm building. As her fingers stroked over the denim, she closed her eyes and imagined DeShawn’s big dick grazing her pussy lips, drawing forth her wetness erotik film izle before plunging deep inside her. “Fuck,” she whispered, working her hips against her own hand. She wondered how many ‘brothas’ were inside, and if they would find her attractive enough to play with.

DeShawn was gone a long time. She was close; so close to a climax, but she began to worry. She checked her phone. It had been more than twenty minutes. Opening the door, she got out and pulled her shirt into shape. Her other hand had been rubbing her nipples, making them harder and even more sensitive. She could see their outlines beneath the heavy cotton. With trembling fingers, she combed her shoulder-length hair back away from her face, and slipped a scrunchee from her right wrist to contain it. She stepped up onto the stoop and raised her hand to knock. She heard voices, the sound of laughter.

When a man opened the door, he stared at the little blonde. “Hey, darlin’, what you doing out here?” he asked, stepping back for her to enter.

“I was looking for DeShawn,” she said meekly, then stepped inside.

Most of the voices inside quieted immediately. Misty looked around. There were two men sitting on an old couch with a young black girl between them. She was leant over, sucking one man’s erect cock as the other played between her outstretched legs. Another man stood off to one side, watching them until Misty came in. He then directed his gaze to her, fondling the black cock that was semi-erect. Someone was in the kitchen, still talking loudly. The music boomed from a radio on the floor in a corner. This was a flop-house, she realized. There was a handful of assorted pills strewn across a small table.

“Hi,” she said tentatively. “Is DeShawn in here?” She hadn’t seen him. She looked at the girl, who glared at her before going back to sucking the dick she was still holding.

“Who are you?” the man behind her asked.

She turned to face him. “I… I’m Misty,” she said. “My boyfriend came in here a while ago and I was waiting for him.”

The man grinned, displaying three gold teeth up top. She couldn’t tell how old he was; his unshaven, lined face made him look like he was probably in his sixties. “Oh,” he said, “you DeShawn’s girl, huh?” He moved into her and put both hands on her waist, looking down at her. “Damn, you fine,” he said. Misty blushed. He laughed as he slipped a hand up to her breast and held it. “He back there,” he said, and nodded towards a door. He still held her with both hands. Misty didn’t want to appear unfriendly, so she put her hands on his biceps and hesitated before pushing away. He wasn’t overly muscular, but his arms were solid, she noted. She turned and walked to the doorway of the other room.

Inside, DeShawn and another man lounged on a bed, leaning against the wall and sharing a blunt as a girl lay on her stomach before them. She was naked, and white. Both men had their shorts down, their cocks standing up as the girl’s corn-rowed head moved from one to the other. No one looked up at Misty. They were lost in their own world at the moment.

Misty cleared her throat. “Uh, baby?” she said, watching the back of the girl’s head as it bobbed over her man’s dick. When DeShawn looked up, she asked, “Were you gonna come back out later?”

He grinned stupidly. “Oh, hey baby,” he said, then hesitated. “Uh…yeah. I was just headed that way.” The girl turned to look at Misty for the first time, and she and the men all broke up laughing.

The scene was so disturbingly erotic that Misty couldn’t help but react. She was about to burst with need! She climbed onto the bed, shouldering the other girl aside. “That’s my man,” she muttered, and took DeShawn’s cock in her hand. She began to give him head as the other girl concentrated on his friend, and the two men passed the blunt back and forth between them. Misty was now beyond horny! She ground her pelvis into the mattress as she sucked, her breathing becoming more and more labored as she worked the dick feverishly with her lips and tongue. DeShawn’s hand slipped around to grip her pony-tail, She slid one hand under her and began to work the zipper down on her jeans. She wanted his cock in her pussy!

Then there was another set of hands behind her, and she felt her jeans being pulled down over her hips. Misty moaned, delirious with need. DeShawn worked her head steadily as the pants were pulled off her legs, and she got up onto her knees. A hand pulled her thong aside, exposing the wet clam between her thighs, and two fingers drove inside her. Misty flinched, then pushed her hips back. The fingers curled downward, working her flesh as they rubbed against her clit and g-spot. Misty pulled off DeShawn’s dick long enough to utter, “Oooooh, fuck,” then she enclosed his meat once again with her mouth. Her climax was suddenly there, fueled by this unknown stranger.


Misty’s world exploded. The fingers inside her were suddenly drenched by her juices as they continued their exploration, heedless of the film izle sudden gyrations of her lower body. Misty tried to pull away as she gushed, but DeShawn kept her mouth impaled on his dick, so she moaned around him, sucking air in greedily through her nose. This was excruciating pleasure! Her hips worked forward and back as she fucked herself on the stranger’s hand, seeking more gratification even as her orgasm peaked. She could have screamed if she’d been allowed.

That was the climax she’d been waiting for, but now she craved more. She attacked DeShawn’s cock with her mouth, whipping her tongue over and around it as she sucked, eager to have his cum in her mouth. The stranger behind her moved onto the bed, pushing her legs apart with his knees. When the warm cock pressed against her pussy lips, she accepted it with a soft sigh.

DeShawn said nothing, but used both hands to force his slut’s head down, so that his cock slid past her uvula and into her throat. Misty had mastered deep-throating her man in the weeks before, and only occasionally gagged as he used her face. She was concentrating on the cock now sliding in and out, trembling with the promise of another orgasm coming so soon after her first.

The stranger began to fuck her roughly, occasionally slapping her white ass on one cheek, digging strong fingers into the skin of her hips. His balls beat a tattoo against her from beneath. She heard him say, “This slut pretty hot,” an assessment which filled her with pride, for she knew DeShawn would be pleased. DeShawn groaned and told him, “She used to be married and got a kid, but she’s mine now.” Misty couldn’t help but notice the note of pride in his voice.

The man replied, grunting as he did so, “You ever tap that asshole?”

Misty stiffened momentarily at that. This man was as thick as DeShawn, though not as long. She couldn’t imagine that in her tightest hole; the one she’d never had touched, much less given up for sex. As the man thrust into her, however, he placed his thumb against her asshole, pressing until it hurt to keep it clenched against him. She relaxed for a moment, and he breached her sphincter.

Misty gasped and pulled off the cock. “Ogod! NO!” she said urgently. The stranger laughed.

“She a backdoor virgin?” he asked DeShawn, though she couldn’t hear a reply. Perhaps he was concentrating too intently on fucking her throat again, or he didn’t care. But no… She was his slut. He had to care about her!

“I’m gonna tap it,” the man declared. “Take that pussy; we’ll DP her for her first time.”

To her horror, DeShawn reached down under her arms and pulled her upwards, until she straddled his torso. He looked into her eyes, nodded and said, “She ready.” His cock was poised to enter her gaping pussy.

Misty struggled upright, gasping, “No! No, baby, please! I can’…”

Her objections were interrupted by him pushing down on her hips. “Oooooh, fuck!” she groaned, as he took him to the balls inside her. The man behind her was quick to drop a long line of drool onto where his thumb was still inside her ass. He pulled the thumb out and swirled it around, then pushed it back in. It went in easier this time, but it still hurt and she didn’t want it. She tried to pull herself forward, but DeShawn’s hands were still on her hips, holding her there.

“That’s right, honey,” the man growled, “you gonna be a ass slut in no time.”

Misty started to protest again, but DeShawn leaned forward and kissed her as the man worked his thumb around, loosening her sphincter muscles. She tried to relax her opening, seeking a respite from the feeling of being ripped apart. In time, the pain was less, as the man smeared her pussy’s discharge on her and worked it in. The skin and muscle was gaining some elasticity. But when the stranger drove his dick inside her, she stiffened as if she’d been electrocuted.

Her eyes were wide, her nostrils flared, as the thick cock was stuffed between her cheeks. She screamed into DeShawn’s mouth. Then the man pulled out, long enough to rub her juices over the length of his cock. In that moment, Misty collapsed onto DeShawn. When it went back in, she had no strength. She submitted silently, gripping DeShawn’s upper arms tightly, and the man began to thrust inside her.

It was brutal and it was inescapable, but she slowly became accustomed to the strangeness of it. By the time the man had emptied his balls into her colon, she hardly felt DeShawn, still rigid inside her pussy. But as the man behind pulled out, DeShawn began to thrust his hips upward, and she began to respond again.

“Yeah, baby,” he grunted, feeling her need. “Work that pussy. You a real good slut for DeShawn, aren’t you?”

Misty moaned her agreement as her legs began to pump against his sides, rocking her pelvis and working toward her next climax. The pain from her anal assault was all but gone. She’d survived that hell. Now all she wanted was to cum again. As his cock banged against her cervix, Misty grunted like a feral animal in heat. And when seks filmi izle the next climax hit, she shuddered and squirted again.


DeShawn slowed his thrusts, but remained hard inside her, And as Misty’s heart rate began to slow, she turned her head to her left. She saw three men leaning in the doorway, as well as the young white girl, whose bleached blonde cornrows made her look as though she was wearing some sort of yellow headpiece. They were all staring at the couple. DeShawn motioned the girl over. She approached, leaned over and kissed him passionately with her hand on Misty’s shoulder.

“That was hot,” she whispered when their lips separated. “Bitch took it good, for her first time.” She looked at Misty then, and grinned. “Yeah you,” she said with a chuckle, and leaned in to kiss Misty.

The girl’s lips were dry, but soft. Misty, as DeShawn began to pump into her again, felt the difference between hers and any man she’d ever kissed and like it. Their kiss lingered, and the girl extended her tongue between Misty’s lips. Misty eagerly opened her mouth. Their tongues played, and Misty’s arousal rose again.

When the girl’s lips left hers, Misty moaned, staring into the other’s eyes. This was the first time she’d ever kissed another woman, and she craved more from the girl’s mouth. As another climax approached, she reached out and grasped at the girl’s arm, begging her with her eyes to kiss her again.

The girl studied her face, smiling. “You feelin’ good now, baby?” she cooed. Misty nodded, unable to speak, breathing rapidly.

“Good. I got somethin’ for you.”

Misty gave herself over to her swiftly approaching climax as the girl turned and left the room, and when it hit, she closed her eyes and ground her hips rapidly against DeShawn’s. “Unnnggghhh,” she groaned, squirting again. This had to be her fourth, but it wasn’t enough.

DeShawn kept up his pace, able to go for as long as he wanted before rewarding his slut. He looked up to see the girl approaching, a strap-on harness in her hands. She grinned at him and stepped into it.

“She gonna loooove this,” the girl joked, winking at him and climbing back onto the bed over them both.

Misty jerked as she felt another intruder between her cheeks. Her anus was still gaped open, thanks to her last encounter, and she didn’t initially resist as this one began to invade her creamy hole. It felt different, but not unpleasant. She relaxed as it slid slowly inside her colon, and DeShawn resumed his assault. Then the two of them were thrusting in unison, sliding alongside each other in their separate canals.

The girl stood above them, her knees bent, as she worked her hips. She put her hands on Misty’s shoulders, and it was only then that Misty realized it wasn’t a man behind her, but the corn-rowed white girl. She craned her neck upward, and the girl laughed.

“You want to make out, whitebread?” she girl teased. “Not until I open that ass up, like I got mine opened up!” She looked down at DeShawn. “Ain’t that right, ‘Shawn?”

DeShawn looked up at the younger slut with a grin. “You a good little slut, ain’tcha?”

“Damn right!” The girl began to pound into Misty’s sloppy ass with a vengeance, ignoring the woman’s sudden squeals of pain. “You gonna… be a slut… for these brothas… you… gotta… learn to… take it… cunt,” she grunted between thrusts.

The verbal abuse got Misty off as much as the anal stimulation, and she climaxed wildly, clinging to DeShawn’s shoulders as another orgasm ripped through her. The girl felt it, and renewed her attack, verbally berating Misty as she used the blonde’s helpless body relentlessly. Misty came again, this time sobbing and hiccupping, giving herself completely over to her two lovers. She felt like she was one of them, now; truly stripped to her lusty, depraved core. DeShawn had cum inside her, but she barely felt it. And the girl’s noisy domination had gotten everyone aroused. As she drew the messy dildo slowly out, DeShawn slipped from beneath her, and two more men took their places above and below her.

The rest of the night was a seemingly endless parade of hard black cocks, large and small; most of them wet from the other girls. Misty didn’t care; she couldn’t get enough. When a scraggly white guy mounted her in the early morning hours, she looked up at him questioningly, He laughed.

“Heard about you down the street,” he offered, barely pausing as his hips began to piston over her. She kissed him deeply with her hands on his skinny ass, urging him on.

“Oh, yeah? What’d you hear?” she asked when their kiss ended, smiling. He answered by slapping her face, then cumming on her belly. She and the girl reunited at one point, and brought each other to mutual climaxes before the girl pushed Misty’s face down to her murky cunt.

“Eat it up, bitch,” she ordered, and Misty obeyed, lapping the countless loads of tangy cream from between the slut’s skinny thighs. The girl laughed at the older woman and slapped at her head the whole time, calling her names. And as she did, another man sunk his cock into the creamy froth that coated Misty’s own cunt lips. Sighing contentedly, she continued to work the sloppy folds with her mouth and tongue.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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