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Model Mum Ch. 02

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I decided to let her have it. I curled the two probing fingers of my right hand until they rubbed against the inside walls of the front of her pussy and began rubbing her clitty with my right thumb. At the same time I curled the two probing digits of my left hand so that they rubbed against the back wall of her pussy. I wanted her to feel rubbing in every direction.

“Ohh… uuuhhhhh… o.. o. oooohhhhh…. dooon’t… stop,” she started to shiver and spasm.

There was only one thing left to do. I curled the finger of my left hand so they rubbed against the back wall of her pussy and then I pressed my left thumb against her butt-hole. There was a little resistance at first but with the juices from her pussy and sweat dripping down her bum cleavage it was only token resistance. My thumb slid into her hot back entrance and all the way up until I could feel my fingers through the thin wall of flesh between her two orifices. She paused momentarily as she realised where the new sensations were coming from.

I looked up from her sweaty breasts to check her reaction. Where there a face of serenity a half-hour ago was now a reddish glow of yearning, an urgent face covered with streaks of blond hair, held in place by beads of perspiration.

She looked at me through glazed eyes and smiled a wicked conspiratorial smile as if to say “Sonovabitch, do you have any fucking idea how good you’re making me feel, how dare you, you motherfuckeing… ” She never finished, she was interrupted mid-thought by me shoving my rubbing thumbs and fingers deeper up her. Damn, when this woman let’s herself go, she really let’s herself go.

“Ooooohhhhhhhh… fffffuckkk… I’mm.. going to cummm… oooohhhh..” she moan and her eyes rolled back in their sockets and closed as she savoured each sensation my fingers were delivering. She was impaled, held like captured prey and loving every moment of it. As each new sensation surged through her body, her spasms became more urgent and violent.

“Uuunnnggghhhhhhhhhh… “

I quickened my rubbing and probing digits and sucked one and then the other engorged nipple into my mouth biting and sucking harder than I had ever dared to before. Her pelvic thrusts were soon replaced by a slow shivering as her body started to tense and I looked up at her face as she tilted her head back, her eye’s rolling back in their sockets. Joy was on the edge of an orgasmic precipice and she was heading, no, rushing to dive over it.

“Yeeeaaarrrhhhhh… ngghh… ngghh… ngghh… ohhh… gawddd… mmmmm fmmfffffff. nghh… ohhhh… ngghhh… oh…… oh fuck me… jimmm… fuckkk. k. k m meeeee… Jim… ohhhhhh….. ohhhhhh… Jim… yes… jim… yessssss… uuhhhhhh… yesssss… ohhhhhh…. “

“I’mm cum… oh god… Cumm.. m.. m.. minggggghhhhh… Oooooo hhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh… “

I felt her hot release wash over my already sopping wet fingers and the rippling contractions and expansions of her cunt and butt-hole as they tried to squeeze something, anything out of my thumbs and fingers.

She bucked, spasmed, her thighs tensed, heels kicking, pelvis thrusting as she gaziantep yabancı escort bayan kept rolled her head gasping and trembling at the same time. Boy could this old girl come. I felt her fingernails dig into the back of my neck as her mini climaxes peaked. “NNNghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, nnnnghhhhhhn, nnnghhhhhh”, was all she could manage as her body suddenly went completely stiff and then sagged against mine. I was sure she had stopped breathing altogether. It was like a sudden calm in the eye of a hurricane. Eerie.

Down below, it took a while for vaginal contractions and shaking to die down and her hips to stop pushing against my trapped hands. I have made many girls come in the past either with my tongue, my fingers or my cock and they do come like blazes but I always thought the older they got the less energetic they became. Joy was no teenager but she came harder than any girl I’d ever brought to the brink and beyond.

I pulled my cum-soaked fingers out of her and wrapped my arms around her holding her close as she sank against me. Slowly her breathing returned to normal and as it did her limp body slid off the sofa, between my legs onto the floor, her head resting on my inner thigh. She looked fucked. I was smiling from ear to ear. Just half an hour ago I was in my car wondering what to do for the afternoon, now I had a willing lover and a hard-on that still needed attention.

I’d been so absorbed by Joy’s explosion of carnal delight and orgasm that I’d completely forgotten about my erection. Fumbling with my fly with my cum-covered fingers I managed after some effort to release my cock. It sprang out like the monster that it is and the head glistened with pre-come. ‘Took your fucking time?’, it seemed to say in protest.

My underpants and my crotch were soaking wet with my own sticky pre-cum. The poor fellow had taken the brunt of Joy’s dry humping and the weight of my hands as she rode on my fingers.

Joy lifted her head to allow me to completely remove my pants and was now resting her head on my bare thigh her face inches from my still frustrated manhood. Her eyes were closed and her breathing was slow with the occasional gasp. She was in no condition to help me so I slowly stroked my manhood with my left hand while with the other, I brushed back the hair from her moist forehead and stroked her damp cheek.

I closed my eyes and slowly pumped away at my erection. In my mind I could see Mandy lying beneath my body, pushing her hips up to meet mine, daring me to drive my hardness deeper each time. Every few seconds these images would be replaced by Joy’s face as she rose and ground down on my fingers and thumbs. I was fucking first one and then the other woman and sometimes my head would trick me into seeing the two combined into one ageless, erotic beauty. My Mandy-Joy image was at the same time young and slender as well as mature, experienced and ripened with age. But whoever it was I was fucking in my fantasy, one thing was constant, she was hot, lustful and insatiable and all her womanly delights gaziantep genç escort bayan were available to me and my cock. I started to thrust my pelvis against my imaginary lover(s).

My fantasy was interrupted by a hand on mine. My pelvic motions must have awakened Joy. We looked at each other and everything seemed so natural and familiar. I’d never masturbated in front of anyone before but I was not the least bit embarrassed.

Taking my free hand in hers, she pulled my still moist finger towards her mouth and began to suck on each finger, tasting each in turn. Then she looked up and locked her eyes on mine, my thumb now in her mouth, and we both understood that from this moment on, our bodies would always be available to each other. Joy would never be Mrs. Harris to me again nor I just another of her daughter’s boyfriends. We were lovers and the night was young.

My stroking slowed as I watched her slowly pull my thumb out of her mouth. Her lips were so soft that I just couldn’t resist them. I leaned forward and holding her face between my hands kissed her full on those delicious, morsels of flesh, my tongue slipping between them to seek out hers. She returned my kiss with the same passion and she sucked on my tongue so hard it began to hurt. This woman was far from finished with me. While we continued exploring each others mouths she slipped both her hands around my cock, one above the other as though she was measuring me for a fit. This made me even harder and I felt her hands measuring me and her surprise when she realised she would have needed 3 hands to completely cover the shaft. Even then the head would be exposed. I could tell she liked what she had discovered and her kissing intensified as she pulled away at my hard-on.

Pulling away from my kiss, she sat back on the floor to admire her new toy. Her hands were still on my cock. I didn’t think she had any intention of ever letting go. Then she licked her lips and I saw once again that devilish smile as she pulled my erection towards her moist parted lips. I felt her hot breath a split second before she placed my cock-head on her outstretched tongue and guided it into her mouth.

“Mmmmmmmmmmm..” was all she said.

As she did so she closed her eyes to concentrate on the feel and taste of my cock. I was in heaven. This was just too good to be true. I’d often fantasised about being sucked off by Mandy’s mum but it’s not the sort of thing I’d thought would ever become reality. And right now Joy was proving that she could give as good if not better than her little girl. Her tongue was everywhere and my cock was getting the tongue bath of its life. I could feel the head swelling even more and the burning sensation one gets from excessive stimulation. I could see every vein clearly she time she lifted her head, damn I was had as a steel pipe. “Please, take it easy you hot bitch, I don’t want to come yet”, I thought to myself as I felt my balls stirring.

Sensing that she may be giving me too much too soon, Joy stopped her sucking and brought me back to reality gaziantep gerçek resimli escort bayan with a gentle bite. She then scraped her upper front teeth along the top of the head and it was everything I could do to stop from exploding right then. But no, she was only toying with me and she was far from being satisfied with a mouthful so soon.

Taking a firm grip of my now fully engorged erection with both hands she slowly began to lower her open mouth over the head then sucked deeply and hollowed out her cheeks so that my cock-head was now cradled on all sides by cheek and tongue. She was good and I could feel my pre-come dripping out and into her mouth. I’m sure she could taste it. As her lips touched each finger she would unwrap that finger to allow more of my cock into her mouth. She kept going down until only one hand was still wrapped around my cock. I felt my cock-head press against the back of her throat and then it began to slide down her throat. She kept swallowing to open up her throat and allow me to slide deeper. This wasn’t sucking, hell she was trying to fuck me with her throat. I had to try and stay soft so she could swallow all of me while the swallowing sensations made me harder. This is the agony and ecstasy of deep-throating. The deadlock was broken when she reversed direction and slowly pulled her head back and allowed my cock to slide reluctantly out of her mouth. This drew more pre-come out of my pee-hole and as she reached the tip she twirled her tongue around the head and into my pee-hole to get all of it. She could taste it all right and she was proud of the results she was getting. She started down on me again.

It was my time to close my eyes and moan. I could feel my pulse in my head as all my muscles began to tense. Oh God I was so hard any slight movement and I was sure I would burst a vein. I leaned back against the back of the sofa my arms outstretched on both sides. I wanted to hold her head but I had a feeling this expert didn’t need any help or encouragement.

Then I felt a hand on my now tight, come-filled testicles. They were high up and tight. She slowly began to massage them in time to her bobbing head. Any second now I was going to lose my load.

As she slid down once again, I was sure she had reached her limit and I was wrong. I felt her slide past the first finger and at the same time my cock press against the more restrictive confines of the back of her throat. I knew I still had a few more inches of meat to feed her but she was already past Mandy’s limit.

I underestimated Joy’s ability. I watched in astonishment and awe as she blinked and fought off an urge to gag, then nostrils flaring, she sucked in some air, looked straight into my eyes and proceeded to feed my cock into her face past all the fingers of her hand!

I struggled to keep my eyes opened so I could confirm by sight what my cock was telling me, but the sensations were too overpowering. I felt my cock slide past her tongue and into her throat. It was a sensation I had never had before. It was as though my cock was now locked in an iron caress. My manhood had been claimed and was now the possession of this woman with a pussy for a mouth and a vagina for a throat..

Joy finally stopped when she hit bottom. Her nose was pressed against my pubic hair and her chin against my balls. She had taken all 10 inches of me and the look in her eyes demanded my acknowledgment. I gave her a smile that told her just that.

I had no idea what she had in store for me next but I soon found out.

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