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Mom and I Enjoy a Lovely Surprise

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“That’s a really cute skirt, honey.”

I looked around to see my mom checking out my legs. I was bent over, picking up dishes after our lunch to take them back into the kitchen.

I grinned over my shoulder at her and wiggled my butt for her. I managed to bend over a little further, making my skirt ride up my thighs a little further. I wasn’t sure, but I think she got a flash peek of my thong, so I took my time.

She laughed gently at me. “My dearest, I just love your legs. Seeing them reminds me of interesting things we’ve done together.”

I put my tray of dishes down and turned to face my mother on her chaise by the pool. I was squatting with my heels together and my knees parted so she had a really good view up my mini. “What kinds of things, mommy?”

She gave a low chuckle. “Oh, the kinds of things my friends would definitely disapprove of at the Club.”

I leered at her. “Then it’s a good thing we’re not at the Club, isn’t it? I’ll bet a few of the women there would like to see a younger girl showing off what she has, wouldn’t they?”

She giggled. “I wouldn’t be surprised to learn some of them have the same kind of fun in their homes, too. I’ve seen Carolyn patting Katie’s butt a few times and it didn’t look very innocent to me.”

I reached to touch her leg as I grinned at her. “Really? I’ve thought Katie would be fun to bring home some time. She seems like a girl who appreciates other girls.”

“I’ve had both of them checking me out. I’ve intentionally flashed them. I’d love to bring either or both of them home, preferably when your dad is away for a long weekend on one of his sales trips.”

“Checking you out, huh? What were you wearing?”

“Just a summer dress and panties. I think I’d like to go commando under my dress and see how they like it. I’d love to have Carolyn eating me as Katie sat on my face and then switch. Wanna join and make it a foursome?”

I began to slowly pet my mom’s leg, gradually working her cover-up along her thigh to let me see her bathing suit. I’d seen it and a lot more earlier when we were swimming. We’d been enjoying some finger play and making out like a couple of teens for a while. I love fingering her under the water. It’s difficult for somebody to see over the fence to begin with, but they wouldn’t quite know what we were up to in such a public way.

Her gaze was fixed up my skirt as I continued to slowly seduce her in the great open spaces of our back yard near our pool.

I took my time working my way up to her lovely shaved pussy. She’s a natural blonde like me, but we both like to keep our pussies neatly and cleanly shaved. For my part, I love the smoothness. I also like it when I’m on my period. Clean up is quick and easy and not so messy. Mom says she actually likes some fur around her pussy to trap the aromas of her sex. Mom has had some experience with a number of girls starting when she was in high school and through college. She has had some female lovers during her marriage as well, but she’s very careful of that, taking great care not to get caught. She’s very considerate of my dad and his feelings. He knows she likes other women, but she tries to make sure he gets as much loving as he can possibly take. He’s number one in her book and I think that’s such a wonderful considerate way to run a marriage. If I get married, I’ll try to do the same thing for my husband.

Sometimes ümraniye escort mom teases me about letting my dad find us together making love, but she’s not serious about that. She’s afraid it will make him terribly jealous and I love him almost as much as she does.

Mom’s sunglasses kept me from seeing just where she was looking or if her eyes were open or closed, but she seemed to like what I was doing to her. I saw goose flesh on her legs as I caressed her and she definitely welcomed my kisses.

She murmured, “Greedy girl. You got laid this morning.”

I moaned softly as I laid down beside her on the chaise, my fingers finally working their way up to her pussy, covered by her bathing suit panties.

“I need my mommy again. I need to kiss her and touch her and fuck her and do everything she likes me to do to her.”

I held and caressed her breast as I continued to lightly stroke her pussy through her moistening panties. I leaned in to kiss her repeatedly, my blonde hair falling around her face in twin golden curtains.

Mom took one of my tiny breasts in her hand, too, as she ran her other hand under my little skirt to tease my ass and my taint. She’s gotten me used to gentle anal fingering while we make love. I’ve found I really enjoy this activity and she loves when I finger her, too.

I settled in for a lovely time enjoying incestuous love with my mommy. I can’t explain why I find it so enticing, but I’m more turned on making out with my mother than any other person I know. I broke up with my last boyfriend at the beginning of the school year and I’ve been flirting with another girl at school, but I haven’t gotten her home with me yet. My mother is my main sexual release. I know that sounds very taboo and I suppose it is. I do like to masturbate, but I’d rather have mom to play with.

I slowly undressed my mother, taking her cover-up off first, then her bra, and finally tugging her panties and flip flops off. She was busy with me, too, removing my shirt, my bra, then my skirt and my panties. By the time we were both nude, we managed to leave wide wet spots on each others’ thighs as we humped each other to near oblivion.

We resumed making out with each other for a few moments, climbing a little higher yet in our excitement and desire for each other. Mom looked up into my eyes and held me as close to her as she possibly could. “Wait a minute, baby girl. I need you to…”

She picked up her bag of tricks from the ground next to her chaise. She’s gotten in the habit of keeping toys close at hand whenever we might make love, which is almost any day of the week, depending on my school schedule and dad’s work schedule. When dad is away for one of his extended sales trips, my life becomes nothing short of attending my classes punctuated by our marathon of lesbian sex. I’ve never been so happy in my life.

She found what she’d been looking for and pulled her favorite strappie out of her bag, handing it to me. “Please, darling girl, would you fuck me? Pretty please? Pretty please with pussy juice on top??”

I took a moment to cover her face with kisses and then took the 8-inch, thick plastic cock and I stood up to step into it and buckle it tightly. With a salacious grin, I waved my hard thick tool in her face teasing her with the tip, not quite letting her get it into her mouth before I üsküdar escort waggled it one way or another.

“You’re a horrible tease, you know. I want that cock inside me and I want it now. I need a good fucking so bad. I really need your cock inside my pussy. Fuck me, darling. Fuck me!”

Who could ignore such a plea? I got onto my knees between her thighs which she pulled up and apart for my grand entrance. Mom loves having a hard dick inside her. Dad isn’t here nearly enough to satisfy her carnal needs, so I’m often nominated to “fill in” and I love doing that for her. By now, I’ve had lots of practice as a cocksman. Cockswoman? Motherfucker. I love when she calls me that.

Before getting down to that business, I scooted down a little to taste her lovely pussy. I truly adore her taste and aroma. She doesn’t taste strongly of anything, but I find it a delicious aphrodisiac. Besides, I love to get my face thoroughly wet with her secretions before I settle down to hug, kiss, and screw her. She finds it a lovely addition to our love-making as well.

I aroused her to the point she was whimpering and begging me to put it inside her. Creeping up her body, I planted a line of kisses to her left breast which I took into my mouth for a moment of licking, sucking, and nibbling on her areola and nipple before I hunched my way just a little higher to get my cock into my mommy. Knowing this toy is sliding into the canal that gave me birth is an amazing turnon for me. I try to milk it for everything I possibly can before I settle down to seriously fucking my mother.

“Do you like your little motherfucker, mommy? Do you like her in your horny twat?”

“I love you. I can’t believe how much I love you, my darling. Please fuck me deep and hard. I need it so badly. Fuck me.”


Unbeknownst to either of us, dad had come home much earlier than expected. He’d parked his car in the garage and come in through the house, calling for my mom. We later learned he’d planned to take her anywhere he found her. He was a very horny and needy man and his proud cock was already out of his slacks, leading the way.

He looked in all the usual places, not finding her in the master bedroom, the bathroom, the kitchen, he began to hear sounds suspiciously like lovemaking coming from the area of the lanai next to the pool. At first, he thought his beautiful wife was enjoying one of her favorite porn movies, but the sounds seemed more real, more immediate.

He was very sneaky and stalked us very quietly, though if the truth were known, we were so far gone into our fucking that the whole marching band could have come in and we’d never have noticed.

What my dad saw was a tall, skinny boy between his wife’s beautiful legs with blonde hair responding to her cries of “Fuck me, darling” and other such endearments. It didn’t take long for him to jump to the wrong conclusion and storm in to claim the territory that had always been his sole preserve.

His yell got our attention and he grabbed my hip and shoulder and levered me off of my mother, exposing our astonished and guilty looks, her gaping pussy and my very wet purple cock standing out from my pelvis. I went from lover to scared shitless in about a second. I was sure I was about to die. “Daddy?”

Mom had her wits kadıköy escort about her. “Be gentle with your daughter, my love, and come here and fuck your needy wife.”

She sat up just enough to grasp him by the belt and to pull him down on her. She grabbed his cock and stroked it back to full hardness before she put the tip at her opening, hunching her pelvis up to take him a little way inside her very wet and needy core. “Fuck me, Frank. Fuck me now. Anje, would you please help by undressing your father?”

Mom wrapped her legs around his hips and he responded as any red-blooded man would, finding himself on top of the most beautiful woman in the world. He began to fuck her.

For my part, well for the first time in my life, I got to undress a man. Yes, he was my dad, but the sight of them already fucking no more than a minute after discovering his wife in the arms of another was a spectacular turnon for me.

I had a finger inside my pussy and another circling my clit as I watched my parents trying to make a baby right in front of me. My mom grinned as she saw what I was doing. “Move up close to my head, Anje. I want your father to see what you’re doing. Keep fucking me, Frank, and see how grown up our baby has become? Isn’t she beautiful? Fuck me, darling. I need you. Please shoot your come inside me. I want our daughter to taste it from me before you fuck her.”

Dad’s eyes grew bigger and I was shocked by what mom said, but I was a very needy girl and I needed satisfaction, too. I managed to sit at the head of the chaise with my thighs spread around mom’s head as I masturbated while I watched dad fuck mom and he watched me. My strap on cock was still sticking straight out from my pussy and It ended up on top of mom’s head, pointing at my father’s face while he fucked her. He could have sucked my cock right then if he’d wanted to.

He seemed to be staring at the cock that had just been inside his wife’s lovely pussy, fucking her quite satisfactorily. That seemed to stir him to greater effort. He fucked mom as I fingered myself and he was the winner, crossing the finish line first.

Mom still hadn’t come yet, but she was close. She pushed dad off of her. “Dearest daughter, I want you to fuck me again. Do it now. I need you, but I want you to taste your father’s baby juice first, direct from you mother. I love how he tastes and so will you.”

Dad, totally bemused by this turn of events, moved aside as I got down between mom’s legs again to taste her. I took a tentative lick and I loved it. His juice was a little salty and his aroma a little musky, but actually a light tasting concoction. I started licking her in earnest, but she said she wanted me to save some for her. She pulled me up on top of her again and guided my hard cock into her pussy for round three. I didn’t hold anything back. Her smile was my reward as I again impaled her on my purple rod.

I looked into mom’s eyes, kissing her lips as I fucked her when I felt hands between us. Daddy had moved up and grabbed her breasts to hold and squeeze them. We worked together to get mom the nicest orgasm I’d ever seen her enjoy.

Mom closed her eyes for a moment and then moved to push me off of her. She kissed me as she undid the straps and pulled the dildo away. She looked at her husband and smiled at what she saw. “Frank, come over here and fuck your daughter.”

He was wonderfully hard and inside me in a flash and I loved the feeling of knowing I’d made love with both of my parents and I was sure to get more. Besides, my father had taken my virginity. That thought made me spasm and clamp down on his lovely hard penis. Not only was I a motherfucker, but I got fucked by my daddy, too, and I loved it.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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