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Mom and Saturday Mornings

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It was not the first time Mom had walked in on me while I masturbated but it was the first time she had done so since I returned home from college that summer.

It was a Saturday morning, laundry time. Mom had always started her Saturdays with laundry and had always started early, well before I was ready to get up and often before I had a chance to finish my morning masturbation.

Mom had always ignored whatever was going on in my bed and simply collected my clothes, most of which were scattered on the floor. I usually covered myself with a sheet and waited for her exit to resume my task.

I did not know why but that morning I did not cover up.

I did not think it was to allow Mom to get a good look at my cock because I was nothing close to being an exhibitionist and my cock could only be described as average.

My hand did partially cover my cock.

I did see Mom glance at my cock a couple of times but as usual she just commented on the state of my room and reminded me that I had a dirty clothesbasket.

Also as usual she kissed my forehead before she went out and as she did I took my hand off my cock to caress her shoulder as I normally did, allowing my cock to stand by itself in plain sight.

I have never been able to decide if I did that purposely or if I had just been careless.

I do know that I was intensely thrilled when Mom’s eyes scanned my cock before she left my bedside.

No sooner had she left I really had to masturbate. It took a while and a lot of physical effort but eventually my cock erupted into one of its most powerful blasts in memory.

I knew it was Mom that had facilitated it.

I got up and walked to the hall bathroom naked, another first. As I passed Mom’s bedroom I heard her moan loudly and hiss, “Yes, yes.”

Mom was masturbating.

While in the shower two realizations formed in my mind. The first was that I wanted to fuck Mom. The second was that if I played my cards right it could happen.

I was twenty years old then, six feet tall and lanky. I was not handsome but was not ugly either.

Mom was a small blonde with short hair and a sunny disposition. She was terminally cute. She had small but firm tits that she often allowed to be unconfined by a bra. She had a delectable ass.

That Saturday had not been the first time I had seen Mom as a desirable woman but it was the first time it had not been as a pure fantasy.

We had hugged and kissed often. Some of our kisses were lip to lip but although they were not quick pecks they were always short.

That following week our kisses became softer and longer. I released her from my hugs when I felt my cock begin to harden but sometimes she would not release me until she felt it against her. She apparently wanted to confirm that her soon to be twenty-year old son found her sexy.

Dad had left us just about a year before. I was so mad that I had yet to make contact with him. I heard Mom cry herself to sleep for half the previous summer and had suggested to her that I postpone my first year of college and spend the year working and living at home.

She was livid that I would even suggest it and actually accompanied me to the university to make sure I enrolled.

I called her every day and when I returned home for Christmas her hugs lasted longer and our kisses came more often.

That also became true of her friend Joy. I had met her before but she was now Mom’s best friend and a fixture in my house.

The second Saturday morning of that ensuing summer I removed my hands off my cock as soon as she walked in. My normal array of clothes on the floor was mostly by my bed about even with my crotch. Mom started to pick up several garments at once but then decided to pick them up one at a time. Her eyes went to my cock often. Mine went down her t-shirt and gazed at the top half of her tits.

There was no lecture that morning. I think she knew the clothes on the floor had been carefully arranged. Her kiss was a soft lip kiss and her hand caressed my chest.

I gave Mom ten seconds to get in her room then ran to her door. I masturbated to her sexual moans. My cock’s first volley came so quickly that it splattered on her door. I had at last managed to get my breath back when I heard Mom groan. Her orgasm had arrived.

As I showered I realized that I had cum long before she had. I vowed to work on canlı bahis that. There was no way I would fuck Mom unless I knew I could give her an orgasm.

As I returned to my room I suddenly worried that I had forgotten to wipe my cum off her door. When I looked it was gone so I decided that I had wiped it up, even though I probably already knew better.

The following week our kisses became even longer, our hugs tighter. We were not breaking our hugs until my cock was firmly pressing her body. I spent every single night home watching TV next to her on our sofa holding hands and kissing.

Saturday morning I had my dirty clothes piled up on the bed by my feet. I began to masturbate in earnest as Mom came into my room.

“Give me a few seconds Mom, then you can take this with you too,” I said as I waved a t-shirt in my hand. She immediately understood I intended to catch my cum in it then add it to my laundry stack.

She seemed conflicted but eventually she walked up to my bed and watched my hand become a blur as it worked on my cock.

She muttered an “Oooh,” when my first spurt went straight up and landed on my abdomen. Her eyes widened when it was followed by at least seven more.

It was over for me but she appeared to be in a hurry for hers. She impatiently took over wiping the off cum on my body and I felt the back of her hand make contact with my cock a couple of times. She took the clothes off my bed and added them to the basket and hurried out of my room. I could see that my cum soaked t-shirt was in her hand, not the basket.

I quickly followed her out and was gratified to see that her door was slightly ajar; in her haste she had not bothered to make sure it was locked.

(A month later she confessed to me she had left the door ajar on purpose. She had hoped I would watch her).

I gave her a few seconds but as soon as I heard her first moan I opened her door just enough to peek in and watched her masturbate. She was rubbing my cum covered shirt on her naked body as at least two fingers frantically worked her pussy. Her orgasm came quickly and loudly. I stepped away from the door but before I got to the bathroom I could hear her moaning; she had apparently resumed masturbating.

It became clear that satisfying Mom sexually was going to be a challenge.

It became a bigger challenge that week as Mom curtailed the number of our kisses and the intensity of our hugs. That next Saturday morning she just calmly waited for me to masturbate then had me place my cum smeared shirt on top of the basket.

As I went out to the hallway I saw her continue past her bedroom and on to the laundry room.

I was puzzled and disappointed. I had very much wanted her to take over my masturbation that morning. Or I was hoping she would join me and masturbate on my bed. Or just sit on my bed with me.

I did realize we had not gone back to step one, she had stayed and watched me masturbate and it seemed to fascinate her as much as before.

I was no longer as certain that Mom and I would fuck.

It never crossed my mind that she might have been going through her monthly period.

The following Saturday morning I could not maintain an erection. I picked up my clothes and put them in my laundry basket then put the basket on the bed. As I stepped out to take my shower I almost collided with Mom and her laundry basket as she passed me in the hallway.

“Done already?” She asked with a surprised, perhaps disappointed smile.

“No, no enthusiasm for it this morning. I will try again later,

I said with a grin.

“I hope you have not hurt it. It has been abused a lot since you got home.”

I was not too surprised that Mom knew how often I masturbated. She had probably known since I started to do it years before.

“Mom, it is biologically impossible for teenagers to abuse their, umm, selves. Its natures way to say have fun.”

Mom swatted my ass and giggled as she walked away.

It was funny; Moms swat reminded me that I was naked; her bare hand had made contact with my bare ass. By the time I walked into the bathroom I had a very nice erection.

Later that morning Mom told me she had a bachellorette party to attend that night. I reminded her that if she drank too much to call me and I would come get her.

She asked me why I was again not going out on a Saturday night. I made up bahis siteleri a story she accepted but clearly did not believe. She gave me a long sweet kiss that had my cock trying desperately to go through two layers of clothing. We held our kiss and hug until we were gently dry humping each other.

She may have had a small orgasm.

I went to my room and masturbated as Mom watched me at my open door,

Late that afternoon she handed me a note with the name and address of the club she would be that night.

“Joy is driving tonight. I expect her to get very drunk and force me into being the grownup. I intend to get as drunk as everyone else so you will need to come get me.

Joy too probably.

That is a private club and I have no idea where it is so you will need to look it up on the Internet sometime today.

You will not have to stay up too long, the party ends at eleven thirty.”

“No problem Mom. You need to treat yourself to a good time anyway. You are beginning to act your age,” I said as I quickly backed away from her.

“Wise ass. I can still beat your butt,” she said as she lunged after me.

I managed to evade her until I got out the door. I headed for the car wash as I wondered how long it had been since we had challenged each other’s ego. I loved the subsequent wrestling matches for supremacy. I suddenly regretted not allowing her to catch me.

As I washed the car my thoughts turned to Mom’s best friend Joy. She was a taller, younger, somewhat skinny version of Mom. Her tits were bigger but her butt appeared to be mostly absent. I knew it was there since my hand was on it often. She always put it there.

They had worked together at the same insurance agency for several years.

Joy had flirted with me since I understood what flirting was.

I was sure Mom and Joy fucked and I was sure Joy was in love with Mom. I was happy over that.

That night when I drove both of them to the private club they were ready to party.

It was near twelve when they staggered out of the door. I saw several ladies exchange passionate kisses before getting into their cars. I saw a lady fondling another’s exposed tits. Mom and Joy were laughing and hugging their way to me. I opened the back door for them and they both climbed in.

It did not take long on our drive back before ardent kisses were being exchanged between them. It only took a bit longer for Joy’s tits to be exposed and for Mom to cover them with her face. Before I got us home each had been fingerfucked to a cum. As they staggered into the house Joy was naked and Mom had her shirt in her hand, her tits were fully exposed.

Mom noticed my adoration of them, saw that Joy was headed to the bathroom and said, “You can kiss them if you want to.”

I rubbed my face on them then kissed and licked my way from one to the other. I stopped when I heard the commode flush. Mom had her eyes closed and her mouth partly open so I gave her a quick kiss as my tongue caressed hers then led her and Joy to her bedroom.

Joy was asleep/passed out in seconds.

Mom could not figure out why her skirt would not come off. She had forgotten to unzip it.

I unzipped it and assisted my completely nude mom to her bed. I gave her pussy and her tits soft kisses as I covered her. I gave her lips a soft kiss as her hand slid up my leg and gave my very hard cock a squeeze.

“Save that for Joy if you can,” she slurred as she joined her friend in la-la land.

There was no chance of that of course.

The two spent the small portion of the next morning they saw downing coffee and seltzers. I made them eat some toast and then a bowl of oatmeal. I urged them to drink lots of water.

They went into the shower around two in the afternoon. Joy dressed and before leaving the house she raised Mom’s t-shirt and licked her pussy. Mom groaned and held Joy’s head as I moved out of their sight and watched.

They both knew I was watching but Mom sat on the sofa and Joy brought her to an orgasm before leaving.

I sat on the couch with Mom and she said, “It may take us a week to get over this. She drank more than I have ever seen her do.”

Mom took my cock out of my boxers and slowly began to masturbate me, my fondest wish of the previous Saturday mornings.

She continued, “It was as wild a bachellorette party as you would ever see. I bahis şirketleri do not think there were but a few women under forty in the crowd but they all went bananas. Sometime during the evening everyone there had at least one male dancers cock in their mouth. Everyone.”

Mom put a bit of emphasis on the last word. She was telling me that yes she had at least one cock in her mouth last night.

“Joy sucked the cock of each of the dancers more than once. She in fact got one of them off which was bad news for the dancer, he lost his erection.

Joy walked around showing the ladies her mouth full of cum then went to the bride to be and gave her a deep kiss while everyone hooted. That lesbian kiss started a chain reaction and soon women were kissing women with abandon or sucking a dancers cock dry.

You may not remember Thelma, the tall lady with red hair and big eyes, she convinced one of the dancers to fuck her on the table and he did just that right in front of me.

For the last hour or so it was just ladies in there, the dancers were spent and had gone home. I finally checked off a big item on my bucket list, I ate pussy. Well I ate a pussy other than Joy’s.”


“Donna and Amy and Thelma. I did her right after her fuck ended.”

The combination of her story and her hand suddenly had my cum flying everywhere. Mom continued massaging my cock until it began to wilt. She had my cum all over her t-shirt and arms.

She stood and took off her shirt leaving her naked for me. My cock twitched and one last drop of cum oozed out. Mom noticed and kissed the drop off my cock. She used her shirt to wipe herself off then cleaned my dick and balls.

“I need another shower,” she said. Before she left she gave me a passionate kiss complete with dueling tongues then swallowed my cock and sucked it for a few moments.

As she walked away Mom said, “In case you were wondering our first fuck will be next Saturday morning. I do not want Joy to know.”

That evening I went to Mom’s bed and without a word being said I crawled to her pussy. After giving her an orgasm with my tongue I kissed my way up and slid my cock into her. We both moaned and rushed to our first fuck. Our second fuck was a lot less frantic, a lot more loving.

As we kissed and cuddled afterward she said, “Yeah, Saturday is a long way off. I am glad you did not listen to me. Now go to bed, I do not want to get used to you spending the night here with me.”

I understood and simply kissed her goodnight and went to my room.

She was playing with my cock when I awoke the next morning. She said good morning, straddled my hips, slid her panties to one side and fucked me hard.

As soon her orgasm was through with her she simply got up, slid her panties back over trapping my cum in her pussy and went to work. She was fully dressed.

I had dinner in the oven when she came home that afternoon and followed her into her shower. I kissed and licked her to an orgasm then went to check on dinner. She was as naked as I was when she joined me in the kitchen. The food was good and she complemented my thoughtfulness.

“I know what I want for dessert,” she said as she placed me on the table. Mom sat in a chair in front of me and gave me the best blowjob of my life.

We went to the living room and watched TV for a while, her hand caressing my cock as mine played with a tit.

“Are you in love with Joy?”

“Yeah, probably, but It’s mostly lust for now. I do love that Joy is in love with me and as you have probably guessed we have sex often. I have decided to let her move in with me when you go back to school.

She wants you and you may fuck her when you come back for winter break, but not me.

When you fuck her I will probably be in the room. You can watch us fuck too if you want.

But I want this summer just for us.”

“So after this summer you and I will never fuck?”

“Yes we will although rarely. The key is for Joy to never know. If we can do it without her suspecting anything we will fuck. We do need to get our hunger out of the way this summer and in fact now would me a good time for us to fuck since you have another erection.”

Mom straddled me and sunk her pussy over my hard cock. She wrapped her arms around my neck and gently bit my shoulders. I tried to swallow her tits and nibbled on her nipples. Mo began to fuck me hard and I just held on. She paused after an orgasm and kissed me deeply.

I stood with her impaled on me and walked us to her bed.

I began a slow fuck and said, “This is going to be the best summer ever.”

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