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Mom Named Barbie Ch. 18

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Chapter 18 – Discussing a change in the dynamics between mother and son

“Thank you Barbie, that explains a lot and I feel it is something I definitely needed to know. Just as it impacted your marriage with dad; it has an impact on our future too.”

“How does what I said impact our future?”

“Well, as of the party you have been with other men while we have been together; so it kind of sets a precedent, but we will discuss that another time. There is something else I want to talk with you about that happened at the party.”

“Ok, what is it?”

“Remember when we talked outside?”

“Yes, what about it?”

“Some of this has already been said, but I feel it needs to be said again; we need to set some ground rules about what is expected from each of us. However, most of the rules will be set by me and like I said that night, you can either agree or leave. I don’t mean to sound so blunt, but this is the way it will be. What I have to say is not much different than what I said that night, I just want to elaborate on some of the items as well as clarify what I meant.”

“Jay, when I told you that night I agreed with what you said, I meant it, nothing has changed about how I feel about anything you said.”

“Ok, I will begin with what you said a while back, you said you are mine, you belong to me…”

“Yes, I said that, and I meant it; I don’t have a problem being yours.”

“Let me finish; when I said you are my girlfriend, I meant that, I want you to be my girlfriend. What I am also saying is the same as I said that night, I am taking what you said that you are mine, and you belong to me literally. You are no longer my mom; you are no longer ‘superior’ to me. Like you said, I am an adult now; we are peers, not a mother and child.”

“Right, I said that.”

“Wait, hear me out, then if you have anything to say or have any questions you can speak. Considering what has happened in the past with your often lack of good judgment, I am the one in control in our relationship, you belong to me and you will do what I say. Obviously by some of your decisions your judgment needs to be monitored. When we are together everything you do will need to be approved by me; and when I am not with you, you will only do what you feel would be what I would want you to do.

You will never disrespect me again the way you did at the party, and if you do disrespect me you have two choices; you can either accept my punishment, or you can leave. But once you leave we are finished, you can’t come back; and since we have agreed Barbara or my mother no longer exist in my life, if Barbie chooses to leave there will no one left for me to have a relationship with, you will no longer have an option to be part of my life.

I will have input in almost every aspect of your life; you will wear what I want you to wear, you will conduct yourself as instructed by me, anything you say you will think of me first, asking yourself if what you are saying would be acceptable to me. Do you remember when we were talking outside; you were on your knees? If you wish to make a request from me you will ask from your knees; otherwise I will ignore you.

Now, to address your slut side; you will keep that part of your personality under control, no exceptions. Like I said that night I don’t mind you being a horny slut, it is the way you are; I couldn’t change that about you if I tried. I like that you can go from being a proper lady to being a complete slut when it comes to sex. I love you being a slut with me; and after the party I love seeing you being a slut when appropriate. I want you to feel free to be who you are, like we discussed, I encourage it.

But, again going back to that night; I demand loyalty; anytime you feel lustful urges you are to come to me or contact me if I am not with you. You are not allowed to have sex with others without my permission, you will not have sex with someone else without me there with you, for now that will not happen, if it does and I find out about it, we are finished. So you must keep your libido under control, no exceptions!

In the future I reserve the right to add, take away or amend the rules as I choose; if you have any concerns with a rule or request you must be on your knees to address me. These are the initial ground rules and are not up for negotiation by you at this time, you may only ask for clarity of what is expected from you.

While disobeying some of these rules will mean immediate termination of our relationship, and I feel you know which ones they are, any non-compliance to a rule will result in punishment of my choosing. I don’t want to lose you, and I will do everything I can to keep you; but if you give me no choice but to let you go, I will.

Again, like the other night, the choice is yours; you know the consequences if you disagree. I will always treat you with respect; and while what I have said may not sound like I respect you, I do. My tone sounds harsh because I am serious about what I am saying. canlı bahis While I hope you don’t disagree, I am willing to accept your decision whatever it may be; but once you decide it will be permanent, you cannot change your mind.”

“May I speak now?”

“Yes, I think that is all I have to say, for now.”

“Jay, do you realize what you are asking of me?”

“Yes, I know exactly what I am asking of you; do you know what I am asking of you?”

“I think so; basically you are saying I must willingly submit control of my life to you.”

“Not ‘basically’, that is exactly what I am saying.”

This was new for Barbie; no one had ever made such a request of her in the past. She gladly did what Sam asked of her but he never demanded she submit to him as Jay was doing. She wanted to tell Jay to ‘go to hell’, no one would tell her what she could or could not do, how dare he even suggest such an arrangement. He was not suggesting a boyfriend/girlfriend relationship; he was suggesting a dominant/submissive agreement. How could she agree to that?

But as she humbled herself, again she knew Jay was right; if someone had taken control earlier perhaps Sam would still be alive and she would still be married. Of course her ego would take a huge blow by what Jay was asking of her, but where had her ego gotten her in the past, most often it resulted in negative consequences.

This was a side of Jay she had never seen before; he had never exerted such power, confidence and control, especially not with her. What had changed in him, had Jay always been this way and she had not seen it? Perhaps his attitude had something to do with him losing his father and blaming his mother for what happened to his once happy family, and then Jay found out about his mother’s secret about how she could not control her actions.

Barbie felt her body betraying her, she was shocked her pussy was tingling and becoming wet, there was something about the confidence and power in Jay’s voice that was turning her on. Since she had become Barbie she was aroused by Jay anytime she saw him, but this was different, his desire to dominate her was like an aphrodisiac. Barbie didn’t know whether to cuss Jay out or throw him on the floor and fuck him. Jay was asking a lot from her, she was conflicted on how to respond. This time she was totally serious when she asked Jay.

“And, how long do I have to give you my answer? Me agreeing to be Barbie, leaving my past behind, was a huge request; but this completely changes the dynamics of our relationship forever. I don’t mean any offense, but I need time to think this through; I think that is a fair request considering what you are asking.”

“Ok, to show you I still have respect and compassion for you; you have until lunch tomorrow. You bring lunch here tomorrow if you’re willing to accept my proposal. If not, there is no need for you to bring anything, just come by and tell me your answer is no and you can leave. We both know what your refusal will mean.”

“I understand, I know what I want to say; but this is another life-changing decision. I feel it would not be fair to either of us if I didn’t take some time to think it over.”

Jay and Barbie sat together for a few more minutes, but there was not much else to say until she made her decision; so Barbie went to her apartment to think. How could she give complete control of her life to someone else; even if that someone is Jay? It would be the question she wrestled with most of the night.

On one hand, she did tell Jay she belonged to him, she had told him she would do anything to make him happy and she basically told him she would do anything to make it up to Jay for all the heartache and pain she had caused him.

On the other, she would basically be giving up her individuality to Jay, he would be the one that determined who is she and what she represents, she would be putting every aspect of her life in his hands, Jay would either make her decisions for her or any decision she made would have to be submitted to him for approval.

It was an astronomical decision Barbie was faced with; she fell asleep sitting at her dining table having not made a choice between her two options. The sun shining in the window woke her, she had actually slept only about three hours and she was not any closer to an answer now than she was before she fell asleep. Barbie took out a notepad and drew a line down the middle; at the top on one side she wrote ‘Pros’, on the other she wrote ‘Cons’. She listed the obvious…

Pros – Officially belong to Jay just as she had promised

Making Jay happy would be her obligation, not just something she said

Jay was promising her the chance to make up for the pain and heartache

She would be Jay’s girlfriend; he would not look for anyone else

She would not only belong to Jay she would be with Jay

Jay could help straighten out her life

Jay would help her make better decisions

She did not have to change kaçak iddaa who she was

The possibility of experiencing more adventurous sex

An official commitment between the two of them

Jay would choose what she wore

Jay would choose how she acted

Jay made the rules

Cons – Giving up individuality

No control over who she is

Little to no control over her life

Jay would make all decisions

Any decision she made would be scrutinized by Jay

Jay wanted dominance over her

She would be submissive to her son

Jay would choose what she wore

Jay would choose how she acted

Jay made the rules

She had little say in the rules

Thirteen pros to eleven cons, with three items on both lists; after reconsidering the three common items she crossed two of them off the con list. She had pretty much already turned over what she would be wearing to Jay as well as him helping her with how she conducted herself, so they should not be a negative. She carefully studied the two lists and realized most of the items on the pro list she had already promised to do for Jay; and some of the items on the con list, in one form or another she was voluntarily doing for Jay now, if they were truly negatives why did she not refuse to do them?

Ok, so she had made lists, now that she had analyzed her decisions somewhat scientifically; perhaps she should look at the choices emotionally. She loved Jay and he was all she had left of her family. She was proudly doing most of the things he was asking of her and she looked forward to his input and guidance in her life. Even though he was almost half her age he made better decisions than she did; when he made suggestions more often than not he was right.

And, as bad as being submissive to a man sounded something about it was a good fit for her, it was as if Jay’s proposal was something she had always needed in her life. Looking back she had voluntarily submitted to men most of her life; and except for Sam and Jay, the men had abused the privilege of having control over her. The more Barbie thought about it, the more she realized she had always been a submissive but she had been submitting to the wrong men, she had willingly given control to men who made decisions that were in their best interest rather than hers.

She was a submissive in need of someone she could trust to look after her and keep her safe. She needed someone who had her best interest in mind; she knew there was no one who could fill that role except for Jay. Confident in her choice she showered excited about going to Jay’s for lunch. She meticulously took care of the intimate grooming she had grown accustom too then put on Barbie’s makeup. Now for clothes, even though it was mid-winter it would not be jeans and sweater today, but she could not decide on a dress was appropriate for the occasion.

Wearing only the short satin robe she went to the kitchen for a glass of water, she noticed her trench coat draped across the back of the couch giving her an idea. Barbie took the water back into her ‘whore’ room and stirred through the drawer of lingerie; she knew what she was looking for if only she could find all the pieces.

She found the dark purple lace bra first, next was black stockings with pretty lace tops and a purple garter belt; now to find the thong that matched the bra. After digging another five minutes she finally found it tangled inside a bra. Barbie slowly rolled the hosiery up her long legs attaching the tops to the straps hanging from the garter belt; she fastened the front clasp of the sexy bra, and pulled the tiny thong over her hips.

She put on the black five and a half inch island sandals with an inch and a half platform she had worn to the party. She felt overdressed with both a bra and panties on, the garter belt and panties around her waist felt redundant so she slid the thong down her legs and off her feet. Wearing a bra under the trench coat was already an exception to Barbie’s vow of no bra or panties.

Tying the belt of the coat around her waist with two buttons fastened above the belt and one below Barbie left to get lunch for her and Jay at a popular chain restaurant that offered carry-out. Since she was early Barbie opted to wait at the restaurant bar rather than call the order in where it would be ready when she got there.

With it being Sunday, Barbie was thankful she was ahead of the church crowd; she would have certainly gotten some judgmental looks from those whom had just left a place where it was taught not to judge others. There were a few families there for an early lunch but they were sitting in booths far away from the bar area. At the bar were three men on one side and a couple and another man on the other side.

Barbie took a seat between two of the three men, crossing her legs and discreetly wiggling her shoulders causing the front of her coat to open. Carefully looking down the lace tops of her stockings were peeking kaçak bahis out with only the one button fastened below the belt; also while she was looking down she had been successful in spreading the lapels of the trench coat apart exposing the front clasp of the lacy purple bra. Her exhibitionism did not go unnoticed by the men sitting on each side of her.

When the bartender took her to go order Barbie added a cocktail to her ticket. She needed something to occupy her time while she waited for their food. The cocktail glasses were kept in a rack over the bar, and when the bartender took one from the rack in front of Barbie she noticed a strategically placed mirror above the glasses. The idea to place the mirror there was either very clever or convenient mistake, either way the mirror was a benefit to male patrons.

The mirror was mounted an angle that provided a view of the chest of anyone sitting at the bar; Barbie looked at her own chest in the mirror and most of the purple bra could be seen as well as the roundness of her full breasts that were pushed up by the bra. What was also revealed was she did not have a top on underneath the coat, just the bra. Barbie had only planned on teasing the guys at the bar not actually exposing anything, but due to the strategically placed mirror they could easily see all the way down the front of her coat, even the guy sitting two chairs away could see her tits in the mirror.

She felt self-conscious with so much of her bra and breasts being unintentionally displayed in public; but only those who were sitting at the bar, on the same side as her had the convenient view of her tits. But then she remembered she is Barbie and not Barbara, Barbie does not mind showing off her sexy body; as a matter of fact she encourages men to look at her tits and long shapely legs by dressing scandalously.

Barbie smiled with pride, uncrossing and crossing her legs causing the bottom of the coat to spread more exposing the creamy smooth skin of her upper thighs above the tops of the stockings. The two men on each side of her were no longer looking in the mirror above; both were attempting to avoid making it obvious they were looking at Barbie’s crotch. If the coat went just a little higher and they could see her panties, that is if she were wearing panties, the two men had no way of knowing for sure.

She was becoming aroused playing with the guys at the bar; Barbie was actually disappointed at how promptly her food arrived in the to-go bag. But she was not half as disappointed as the guys on each side whose regret was the sexy mature woman would not be staying at the bar.

Barbie could not resist giving them one more treat before she left, as she reached into the coat pocket for cash to pay for the food, she intentionally pulled the bottom of her coat up; she revealed the answer to the question she was not wearing any panties. The guy on her left actually spilled his drink string at her clean shaven genitalia; Barbie could not help but laugh out loud.

When the bartender returned with her change, Barbie slid off the tall chair allowing it to pull the back of her coat up exposing her bare ass and the straps of the garter belt. She intentionally left the bag sitting on the bar which meant she had to reach for it pulling the top of her coat open farther than it had been while sitting at the bar. As reimbursement for her causing him to spill his drink she put almost all of her bra clad tits three inches from the face of the guy on her left, he could see all the way down the front of her coat revealing her toned flat stomach.

Barbie looked at him softly saying “They’re great aren’t they, they feel as good as they look!” as she seductively licked her lips. The guy was speechless, but then what would he have said if he could have talked? She took her bag and with an extra twist in her step went outside to her car.

She felt good about going to see Jay today; she was very comfortable with the decision she had made. Teasing the guys at the bar had made her horny as well as in a very good mood; Barbie wasn’t sure how Jay felt about them having sex, but if he wanted to fuck she was wet and ready. With bag in hand she knocked on Jay’s door; she knew when he answered and saw she brought food he would know her answer.

Just as she had expected, or hoped, when Jay opened the door the smile on his face indicated his approval of her decision. Barbie had purposely pulled the front of the coat closed without fastening any additional buttons, all that could be seen were the black island stiletto heels and that she was wearing black hosiery. Jay invited her inside offering to take her coat, but Barbie claimed she had gotten a chill from the cold air and wanted to keep it on.

Very little was said as they ate lunch, but even though Jay had only seen her lower legs and the heels, he of course complimented her on how nice she looked. His kindness assured Barbie she was correct bringing lunch with her. With no dishes to tend to immediately after finishing their meal Barbie and Jay went to the living room to talk, it was time for Barbie to formally reveal her decision. It was also a hint of why she had not removed her coat; when she sat down beside Jay on the couch and crossed her legs there was no sign of a dress.

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