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Mom Pursues Taboo Desires Pt. 03

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Julie had planned on making dinner for her son that evening but instead they went out for pizza. Despite the hot sex they had enjoyed earlier their conversation while they ate was pretty much as it always was for the mother and her son. They had beer with their pizza and ended up getting a second large pitcher as they talked.

About halfway through the second pitcher Josh said that he was curious and asked his mom “so how did things even come about today?”

Julie’s son commented on how totally embarrassed he was when she walked in on him masturbating. Before he could even comprehend the shock from that she was on her knees licking his cock.

Julie told him the entire story, from having fantasies after seeing him masturbate when he was eighteen all the way up to her suspicions of him masturbating with her panties on his last visit to her house. Josh looked a little embarrassed when she mentioned that and said “yea, I have to admit that I’ve always liked to masturbate with your panties.”

Even though Julie had set her son up for the events that happened earlier that day she didn’t confess to that. She only told him that when she saw him masturbating and again saw how big and sexy his cock was, she couldn’t resist fulfilling her long time fantasy. Josh replied “I’ve always known that sons will fantasize about their moms but I guess I never realized it might go the other way too.”

After they finished the beer and got in the car to head back to his mom’s house Josh just sat there for a moment. Julie asked “is there something wrong?”

Josh looked at his mom with his mischievous smile then said “you know slut, I’m feeling kind of horny again, and I don’t want to wait until we get home. I need you to suck my cock while we’re sitting here in the parking lot.”

Julie thought her son may be testing her to see if she really was going to be his slut whenever he wanted. That was okay with her as she found the idea of having to pleasure her son in a public place to be very exciting. As Josh unzipped his jeans he told his mom to take her pants down too. He said “I want to be able to see your big sexy butt while you’re sucking my cock.”

Julie felt the excitement building in her again as she slid her jeans and panties down. She leaned over the console then took her son’s cock out of his pants and began licking the head. It took very little time before she had Josh fully erect.

Just before Julie took his ten inch penis into her mouth she said “I feel so slutty doing this. I’m actually hoping someone walks by and sees me with your big cock in my mouth.”

Julie hadn’t sucked a guy off in a car in a long time and she was loving the naughty feeling of knowing she may get caught while giving her son a blow job. The parking lot was well lit and Julie knew she could easily be seen inside their car. As she sucked and stroked her son she kept making comments about how much she loved his big sexy cock.

Josh was loving it too as he leaned back and let his mom’s mouth pleasure his cock. After about ten minutes he said to his mom “it looks like you’re about bahis siteleri to get your wish slut. There’s some guys heading this way.”

Josh told his mom “finger your cunt and move your head up and down to make it really obvious that you’re sucking my cock.”

As Julie bobbed her head up and down on his thick cock she could hear the men’s voices as they were approaching the car. Josh told her “now move your head faster slut. There’s no doubt they can see you and I want them to know what your doing.”

Julie was holding her son’s cock at the base while moving her head up and down the full length of his shaft as quickly as she could. As the men walked by the car Julie heard one of them say “someone’s having a good time.”

She then heard a second voice say “I hope mom likes to swallow.”

Josh couldn’t control his excitement any longer. He moaned with pleasure and as he pushed his cock deep into his mom’s mouth he began filling it with his thick warm semen.

Julie was in heaven at getting to enjoy another big load of cum from her son’s cock. After she’d swallowed every delicious drop she said “oh my god, that turned me on so much to have someone see me. I came so hard when I heard their comments that I squirted all over your seat.”

Josh told his mom that the guys who walked by were the same ones who had been sitting near them in the restaurant. Julie asked “so do you think the one comment was due to our obvious age difference or do you think he really thought I was your mom?”

With a smile on his face Josh said “I’m pretty certain they knew you were my mom. I’m also pretty certain they now know you like sucking your son’s cock.”

As Julie pulled her jeans and panties back on she said “well they are right about that. And yes, mom does like to swallow.”

Since Josh had completed the work in his mom’s bathroom on Saturday he was planning to head back to his home by around noon on Sunday. Julie has traditionally always made a big breakfast for her sons on Sunday mornings and this weekend was no exception.

After finishing up their breakfast Julie was cleaning up the stove and the dishes in her usual manner. Josh asked his mom if she wanted to know one of his recurring fantasies that he had about her when he was growing up. He began telling her “I always loved watching you clean up after breakfast.”

Josh told his mom that he especially enjoyed seeing her bend over the table to wipe it off. He said “you would always be wearing your pajamas and I really liked looking at your butt in them.”

Her son said “the view was always nice no matter whether you were wearing cotton pajamas or silky ones.”

Josh then commented “the silky ones were extra nice though. When you were wearing panties underneath I would get a nice view of them through the sheer material. When you weren’t wearing panties it was even better. I would get a great view of your butt and could see your crack. That would always get me aroused.”

Josh told his mom that he would often think about that view when he masturbated. He said “I canlı bahis siteleri would fantasize about pulling your pajama bottoms down and rubbing my hard cock on your naked butt while you were still bent over the table.”

As Josh finished telling his mom about his fantasy he said “actually this table looks like it needs wiped off now. You’d better get a rag slut and do your job.”

Julie’s heart immediately started pounding at hearing her son’s words. She knew it meant she was going to enjoy his cock again before he left.

After getting a dish rag Julie started wiping off the table. As she bent over to reach the far side Josh came up behind her and pulled down her cotton pajama bottoms. With her big butt and hairy pussy once again exposed to her son Julie bent over further as she wiped the table. She wanted to give her son the full view of her intimacy.

Julie looked back over her shoulder and saw Josh removing his pants. As her son pulled his underwear down she saw that his thick ten inch cock was already fully erect. Josh immediately began rubbing his hard cock on her butt and said “this is even better than it was in my fantasies.”

As Josh continued sliding his cock back and forth in Julie’s butt crack he reached around her and began to massage her clit. She was incredibly turned on from having her son rubbing his hard cock on her butt.

After a moment of enjoying the pleasure of rubbing his cock on his mom’s big butt Josh got down on his knees behind her. He had her grab her cheeks and spread them to fully expose her puckered hole.

As Josh pushed his nose into her butthole and began sniffing Julie was going crazy with desire. He told his mom “everything about your butt turns me on. My god it smells so good.”

Josh started licking his mom’s butthole and as he pushed his tongue deep inside Julie squealed with pleasure. As his mom squirmed with delight she said “oh god yes Josh, eat my butt.”

After tonguing his mom’s butthole Josh moved his face down further. As he slid his tongue into his mom’s wet pussy he also pushed a finger deep into her butt. It took very little time before Julie began to orgasm as Josh licked her pussy while finger fucking her butt.

Josh continued to use his tongue to pleasure his mom for the next few minutes. When he stood back up he put the head of his cock just inside his mom’s pussy lips and asked “is my slut mom ready for the pleasure of her son’s big cock?”

When Julie replied “oh god yes, fuck me please” Josh shoved all ten inches into her very wet cunt. His mom squealed with pleasure at feeling his thick cock slide all the way in.

Josh proceeded to fuck his mom very slowly for several minutes using long full strokes. The anticipation was again driving Julie crazy with desire and she felt herself nearing orgasm. When Josh unexpectedly removed his cock from her pussy Julie was disappointed. She was just about to cum and couldn’t believe he had suddenly stopped fucking her.

Before Julie could say a word she felt the head of his big cock pressing against güvenilir bahis her butthole. Josh began to slowly push his thick cock into his mom’s butt. It was a pleasure she had truly not anticipated. With not wanting him to stop she reassuringly said “oh my god yes Josh, fuck mom’s butt, please fuck my fat butt with your big cock.”

Josh was being very gentle as he slowly worked his cock in deeper using short thrusts. When he finally had pushed it all the way in Julie exclaimed “oh my god that feels so good. I’ve never had a cock this big in my butt.”

Julie immediately started rubbing her clit and pussy as Josh slowly fucked her butthole. He told his mom “I can’t believe I’m fucking your pooper. This is a fantasy come true.”

At the same time Julie was saying “oh god, your cock is so big. I feel so naughty having it in my butt.”

Josh was trying to make the pleasure last as long as possible, using long slow strokes in and out of his mom’s tight hole. To help maintain control he would occasionally stop and remove his cock from her butt for just a few seconds. He would then shove it all the way back in with one thrust and cause his mom to scream with pleasure.

Julie was in ecstasy as she continued rubbing her clit and felt herself building towards an incredible orgasm. Between her gasps and moans she said “oh my god Josh, it would turn me on so much to have you calling me mom while you’re fucking my butt.”

Josh was happy to fulfill his mom’s request. As he began fucking her with short fast strokes he said “oh god yes mom, I’m fucking your butt. I’ve got my cock up your butt and I love it. I love fucking your fat sexy butt mom.”

Julie had already started to orgasm and Josh couldn’t control his excitement any longer. Julie was ecstatic with pleasure when she felt her son’s big cock throbbing in her tight hole. Josh shoved his thick ten inch cock into his mom’s butthole as deep as it would go. He groaned with pleasure and loudly exclaimed “oh yea I’m gonna cum mom. I’m gonna cum right in your pooper. Oh my god yes mom, I’m filling your pooper with cum.”

Julie squealed with orgasmic delight as her son ejaculated while she repeatedly said “oh Josh, this feels so naughty. Fuck my poop hole, Fuck my slutty mom poop hole.”

As Josh unloaded several streams of his semen deep into his mom’s butt Julie continued to squeal with pleasure as she enjoyed multiple orgasms.

After the excitement subsided Julie’s pleasure was obvious by the creamy pussy cum oozing from her cunt. Below her the floor was also wet as the intense pleasure had caused her juices to squirt during her orgasms.

In all of her fantasies Julie had never thought about Josh fucking her butt. It was the most intense sexual experience she’d ever had. As it turned out, even with as good as the other sex had been with Josh that weekend, having his big cock in her butt was what she enjoyed the most.

Shortly after the hot sex that morning with his mom Josh prepared to head back home. As he gave her a hug and a kiss Julie said “I hope this won’t be the last time we get to enjoy so much pleasure from spending time together.”

Josh assured her that it wouldn’t be. He smiled at his mom as he got in the car and said “don’t even think this will be the last time slut. I will be expecting for you to give me your hairy pussy and big butt whenever I want it.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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