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Mom Son Straw Skirts Ch. 03

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So here I was, having fucked mom in the middle of a dance floor in front of all of dad’s colleagues and even dad but having done it discreetly as we were fully clothed, albeit wearing straw skirts.

Dad moved on to get our stuff to leave and call his driver. Just then I noticed that same fucking accountant who had possibly witness mom and my shenanigans earlier. His eyes were like saucers and his mouth was wide open. He had a perfect view of mom’s legs and the white trail and must have seen my cock too. I saw mom also had other specs of white on her face and hair and her chest just looked like it had been smeared in white paint.

I laid on the floor just closing my eyes. I think I actually passed out slightly from all the activities of the day. Like an ostrich I was hoping the world would go away if I just stuck my head in the sand.

It worked. After what must have been five minutes dad came in and said that Jerry our driver was ready but we had to also drop off a couple of people so it was going to be a tight squeeze in the car.

I looked down and noticed my cock had disappeared into my costume. Mom or that accountant dude was nowhere to be seen and the room was now filled with normal lighting.

“I’ll sit up front as I’m the biggest. You sit with the kids at the back.” said dad to mom as we walked towards dad’s S-Class Merc.

I groggily looked around to see what ‘kids’ he was talking about when I saw that same fucking accountant who keeps seeing mom and me in various naughty acts. He was as shocked as I was. The other passenger was going to be that young big tit girl. Both introduced themselves as Tom and Tina.

I sat down behind dad feeling embarrassed by what Tom might know. Tina sat next to me to my left and Tom behind the driver. Mom joined us last having put our old clothes in the boot. Mom got in on the door side pushing me further into the car. With the three of us already sat at the back there was no real room for mom.

“I’ll just have to sit on your laps” said mom looking at me sternly.

I knew the look. It meant no funny business. We were all still in costume so my exposed leg touched Tina’s. My flaccid cock was well covered by the straw in front by the time mom sat on my lap. This was all very innocent and proper.

The driver started the car and we were off. Dad explained that Tom was his prodigy and was the future of the firm. He mentioned little about Tina except to say that she was going to be dropped off first and was a 30 minute drive away.

We all got relaxed and started to nod off. It must have been about 10 minutes into the drive when I felt Tina’s head lean into my shoulder. I noticed mom too had melted into my illegal bahis body and was probably asleep too. It appeared that I was the only one awake at the back. The drive was through rural roads with little or no street lights but occasionally there was illumination into the car. In the dim light I looked sideways at Tina. Like a younger version of mom, she too was a natural beauty and had tit flesh that just wanted to escape the coconut bra.

I adjusted my left hand so that my elbow could feel Tina’s side tit-flesh. Both Tina and Tom were out with us smoking weed earlier so they were really out of it now. Mom was snoring lightly too. Feeling bold I reached my left hand and placed it on Tina’s leg through her straw. I brought my hand all the way up her side leg. I continued right to the top of her skirt’s waist by her hip and felt Tina’s thong string.

I felt a stirring in my groin. I decided to push my luck some more. I reached in front of me where mom’s back was laying on my body and untied the string that held her coconut bra in place. The coconuts simply dropped on her laps.

Everyone at the back of the car was still fast asleep. Dad appeared to be up occasionally moving around adjusting himself and listening to the soft music on the radio. The driver had his eyes firmly on the road in front.

The way my hand were placed, I couldn’t grab Tina’s tits – only feel her right boob with the outside of my left hand. I continued playing with her legs but got bored.

Not wanting to waste a good opportunity, I brought both my hands to cup mom’s tits for the second time tonight. They appeared heavier now somehow and instantly got my cock to grow. My pecker was squashed by mom’s ass and wasn’t getting enough blood to it. I lifted mom by lifting her by her ass. This released my cock and I gently carried her back to her resting position. Once my cock had straightened itself underneath mom, it rested nicely in-between her ass groove. With a comfortably growing cock I grabbed both mom’s tits again and started massaging it firmly. I tweaked her nipples which were hard and protruded rudely. Enjoying the moment I slid back and forth on the car seat allowing my cock to dry hump what ever straw was in-between us.

Mom stirred which I expected. “What are you doing?” she whispered bringing her hands to mine in an attempt to cover my breasts.

“Same problem mom… I thought I’d take care of it without bothering you. I’m nearly there. I know you’ve done so much for me tonight and I didn’t want to bother you anymore.” I said hopefully pressing all the right buttons and sounding all innocent.

“So you thought you’ll grope me?” whispered mom reasonably.

“I just wanted to get illegal bahis siteleri it over with quickly. I actually tried to wake you up to ask you but you were knocked out.” I said trying to play dumb.

Mom relaxed and took stock of the situation. We were in a dark car, no one awake could see us and judging by the night we’ve already had, there was only one known cure for my problem.

“God, what are you making me do?” said mom in defeat. “I might as well help you I suppose.”

Mom lifted herself slightly using the door frame on one side and dad’s seat in front, on the other side as support. With mom off my body, my throbbing cock stood to attention. I used my hands to part the straw between her two ass cheeks and clear away any obstruction between my cock and her pussy.

“I can’t believe I get to fuck mom again” I thought.

With one final look around the car, Mom brought her hand behind her to find my cock and holding it in place, slowly impaled herself on me. Mom must have been pretty wet as my cock speared through her and entered her velvet glove.

The feeling as always was exquisite, even if it was for the second time tonight. Mom gently bounced up and down on my cock. I would have all of my 9 inches in her at one point and then she would lift herself to about half way up my dick and then fall back again. I kept my hands on her tits massaging them and tweaking her nipples which were hard and erect. Mom’s breathing was erratic and she was exhaling deeply.

Dad sensing movement behind him tried to turn his fat self around but was restricted by the seatbelt.

“You up honey?” asked dad softly over the music.

I let go of mom’s tits and moved my hands back to my body. If anything that was a stupid thing to do as mom was now sitting topless on me with nothing covering her tits.

“Uhhhhh yeah I’m up. There isn’t a lot of space back here and I’m just trying to get comfortable.” said mom as she tried to contain her excitement. Up until that point I guess I had been selfish and had not considered mom’s feelings or pleasure in all of this. Judging by her breathing, all this was definitely affecting.

Mom moved herself forward so far on the seat that she was almost standing up so that she could hug dad and put her hands around him. I inadvertently moved with her so I was still connected to her. I guess she though by doing this dad wouldn’t need to turn around to speak to her and witness the carnal crime scene.

“I love this song” said mom as she hugged dad tighter and actually wiggled her bum a little. The wiggle brought about yet another new sensation to my connected, inexperienced cock. Judging the mood, I held on to mom’s hips and proceeded canlı bahis siteleri to fuck her. Not violently but certainly with meaningful thrusts and long deep pull backs. I was almost at the edge of my seat in the now roomy car.

Mom kept her upper body composed so dad wouldn’t sense my movement. As the fucking progressed, I let go of mom’s hips and simply moved my hips to plough into her. Mom was fantastic! I felt shivers of pleasure run up and down my spine because of what Mom was doing to my cock.

Even though the sex was absolutely great, I was very tired. Settling back into my seat, I got another wicked idea.

I reached over to Tina who was still knocked out and pulled her coconut bra over her tits. It was difficult at first as I pulled at the coconut but she stirred a little and that gave way to the string at the back. The string held firm but gave enough slack for me to pull the string above her chest.

Paying no attention to any consequences, I gently grabbed and mauled her tits. They were as firm and supple as mom’s tits but with smaller nipples. I felt like the luckiest guy in the world at the moment. Mom who was a 10/10 in anyones book was fucking me while I played with another 10/10 girl’s tits in my hands.

The euphoric pre-cum sensation on my body was too much for me and I quickened my fucking with mom. Our naked bodies made loud smacking sounds as we worked toward the inevitable climax of our secret incestuous fucking. She must have realised this too as she moved her ass in circles and changed the angel of her ass to maximise feeling to my cock.

With my mom’s encouragement I started to pick up speed as I desperately wanted to give her another huge load. My first climax all over her face was fantastic but now I wanted to experience another cum shot that would at least equal the last.

Looking down at her back glistening with sweat and watching her perfect ass jiggling with every thrust of my cock I knew it wouldn’t be long.

Letting go of Tina’s tits, I brought my hands to mom’s hips again and fucked her roughly while depositing my cream deep into her. Mom held on to dad firmly for support as I attached her from behind. My cock was blistered from all the fucking and rubbing today and the pain coupled with the sheer nirvana of ejaculating was too much for me. I fell back in my seat unable to move. I felt my cock plop out of mom and some errand cum continued spraying out on mom’s back and legs. Some cum went on the back of dad’s car seat and the floor carpet. I was spent.

I knew sleep from exhaustion was close so I managed to roughly place Tina’s bra back covering her tits. Mom laid back on me recovering her coconut bra on her chest and melted into my body also from her exhaustion. Just as my eyes were shutting, I saw Jack through the corner of my eye. His eyes were open and his mouth open in shock. He just stared in mom and my direction in awe and disgust.

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