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Moms Against Public Drunk Nudity #09

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Female Ejaculation

There are no underage characters in this story. All characters are over the age of 18-years-old.

Brenda and Christine tell Audrey, Jennifer, Carol, and Julia what they did.

The next day Brenda and Christine called an emergency meeting to tell everyone what they did with their sons. With all of them at Audrey’s house again, the women helped themselves to drinks before getting comfortable in the living room. Serious about the issue of saving their sons from drinking, whoring, and from themselves, instead of having a gab fest, which they usually did when getting all together, they focused on confessing and discussing what they incestuously did to tease their sons.

“I don’t know how else to say this other than to just blurt it out but…” said Brenda looking from Audrey, to Jennifer, to Carol, to Kathy, to Christine, and lastly to her mother. Obviously needing a sip of alcohol for courage, she took a sip of her drink before continuing. “I stripped naked in front of Mark,” she said into her drink and too softly for everyone to hear.

“Pardon? What did you do? I didn’t hear you,” said Carol.

“I stripped naked in front of Mark,” said Brenda looking up at the group of women.

“Naked? You stripped naked? You? Naked?” Doing more than she obviously did with her son, Audrey looked at her twin sister with shock. “Wow, Bren, I didn’t know you had that in you to strip totally naked in front of Mark.”

“Good for you,” said her mother, Julia, pumping her hand in the air before slapping her daughter a high five. “Now we’re talking. Way to go! That’s the ticket when all five of my daughters are committed to keeping their sons safely at home by incestuously teasing them and/or giving them sex.”

“Let Bren talk mother. She has the floor,” said Jennifer.

Never giving their mother a chance to speak, Jennifer rolled her eyes and Carol sighed with what their mother said about Brenda flashing herself. Obviously the both of them could do without their mother interrupting and injecting her sexual perversity on the group. Obviously with Julia too much of a forceful presence, with Jennifer and Carol always in competition with her and with one another and the rest of their sisters, no doubt, they wished that Julia wasn’t even there.

“How’d you do it?” Carol looked at her sister after making a bitter face at her mother. “Did you shock him? Tease him? Seduce him? Or did you just stand in the middle of the living room and start undressing?”

Brenda looked at Carol and made the same face that Carol made at her mother.

“No, of course not,” said Brenda with a nervous laugh. “I was much more subtle than that. Besides, just as Mom warned us to do, wanting to make my flashing appear accidental, I picked my moment.”

Being that Brenda and Audrey were the eldest sisters of the group, perhaps out of a sign of respect, there was an uncomfortable silence while waiting for Brenda to speak.

“So, tell us,” said Audrey. “How did you flash yourself to Mark?”

Audrey looked at Brenda with as much curiosity as she did with sexual excitement. It was oddly telling that Audrey would look at her twin sister in that way, with sexual excitement, after Brenda told her sister that she stripped herself naked in front of her son. Perhaps, being that they were identical twins and had the same thoughts lots of times, maybe she figured, as did Brenda, that Mark seeing his mother naked was much the same as seeing her, his aunt, naked too. With them having identical bodies, the only obvious differences between them were their personalities.

“Mark was out but I knew he’d be home soon,” she said with unusual certainty when none of them knew when their sons would ever be home.

“You knew he’d be home? How’d you know he’d be home?”

As if not believing that she stripped naked in front of her son and as if she was trying to poke holes in her story for the truth, Carol looked to Brenda with suspicion before looking to the rest of her sisters.

“Always bickering about his drinking, whoring, and staying out late before, as a courtesy to me and as our appeasement to put a stop to our arguing, I asked him to let me know where he is, what he’s doing, and what time he’s coming home,” said Brenda.

“Wow,” said Christine. “I never know where my son is and/or what he’s doing.”

“Moreover, I asked him to call me when he’s coming home so that I don’t worry needlessly. Now he always calls me before heading home. So far,” she said knocking on the coffee table, “that’s been working well for us.”

“Really? And he calls you,” said Kathy.

“Yes. Hit or miss in the beginning, he calls me all the time now,” said Brenda.

“Lucky,” said Kathy.

“That’s a good idea. I wish my son would do that, call me when he was coming home so that I wouldn’t have to worry,” said Carol.

“Me too,” said Jennifer. “I never know when he’s going to stumble and fall through the backdoor drunk and/or horny. Why any of them haven’t been arrested for drunk driving is beyond me.”

“It’s Escort bayan only a matter of time before they crash into something, kill themselves, and/or kill someone else,” said Carol shaking her head with sadness.

Julia rolled her eyes and shrugged her shoulders.

“Hello? That’s the reason why we’re all here. That’s the reason for all of this incestuous sex,” said Julia while forcing the women to confront all that they’ve sexually done and/or what else they were planning to do with their sons.

“We all know the reason why we’re here mother. You don’t have to remind us and you don’t stuff it down our throats. A necessary evil, none of us feel very good about having incestuous sex with our sons,” said Jennifer.

“Get over it Jen. What’s the big deal? It’s just sex,” said Julia. “When you’re my age, it’s not as important to have a sexual good time that it was when you were in your twenties. When you’re my age, more concerned with health issues and—”

“Be quiet Mother. Go ahead Bren,” said Carol interrupting her mother and making a sour face at her mother for daring to speak and to voice her opinion again.

Brenda took a long sip of her drink for the courage that she needed to continue her sexual, incestuous confession.

“Only, this time, when he called I let the machine pick up the phone. Using his call as my scheduled time to put my plan in play, I stripped off my clothes, wrapped a towel around me, and turned on the radio really loud while in the bathroom with the door wide open. Being that my bathroom window faces the driveway, when I heard his car, I knew he was home and it would only be a matter of a few seconds before he’d unlock the back door and stealthily make his way through the house,” said Brenda.

“Stealthily make his way through the house? You make him sound like a burglar or an intruder in his own house,” said Christine.

“Mark is sneaky in that way. He’s always trying to see me in my bra and panty, topless, or naked. Peeping on me, he’s always sneaking around the house while hoping to see something of me that he shouldn’t see,” said Brenda.

“My son is the same way,” said Christine.

“Mine too,” said Kathy.

“The reason why my plan to keep your sons safe is because all of your sons are incestuous perverts,” said Julia.

“Mother really,” said Carol. “Please continue Bren. Mother promises not to interrupt again.”

Julia smiled at Carol before giving her the finger.

“This time, knowing he was standing on the stairs in the dark, I had a surprise for him. This time he was going to see all that he’s been hoping to see of me. This time, he was going to see me naked,” she said looking around the room. “Standing there naked but for my towel while dancing and singing to the music, I pretended that I didn’t know he was standing there watching me from the stairs. I felt so naughty. I felt so wicked with the delicious thoughts of exposing my naked body to him.”

“Oh, this is good. I can see where this is going now,” said Christine. “Yeah, this is a good one. I wish I had thought of doing this, stripping myself naked while pretending that I didn’t know Michael was home. He’d have had a heart attack if he saw me naked while dancing with my big boobs bouncing.”

“That’s been a problem for me too,” said Kathy making everyone laugh while looking down at her A cup breasts. “Whenever I dance naked my tits hit me in my face,” she said jumping up as if trying to make her braless breasts magically jump out of her blouse to hit her in the face.

“Some days, when my back hurts from lugging these around, I wish I had your tits,” said Christine cupping her double D’s in the palm of her hands and lifting them.

“I know what you mean,” said Carol lifting up her D cups by her bra straps.

“I love my tits,” said Jennifer caressing her C cuppers. “I wouldn’t trade them for the world.”

“You’re welcome,” said Julia. “You all got your tits from me,” she said proudly pushing out her C cup chest.

As if they were 10-year-old girls instead of grown women, Carol made a face at her mother and Julia made a face back.

“Anyway with the hall dark, I couldn’t see him but I knew that he sure as Hell could see me,” she said with a dirty laugh. “He’s always trying to see whatever he can see of me. With him always trying to catch me dressing and undressing, I knew he was standing on the stairs staring. I just knew he was standing there watching me,” she said with another dirty laugh. She paused to take another sip of her drink before continuing. “Then—”

“Then? Then what? Are you kidding me? There’s more?”

Audrey looked at her twin sister with shocked surprise. Comparatively speaking, with Brenda the reluctant one, the most modest one, the shyest one, the most reserved one, and the one less slutty, she was the one less likely to flash more than her bra strap to her son. She was nothing like the whores that Jennifer and Carol still were and always will be. Yet, even with her modesty, shyness, and sexual reservations, Bayan escort she was no virgin, not by a longshot. Just as slutty as her sisters and best friend were back then, she’s given plenty of men blowjobs when she was dating and out partying before she was married.

Yet, now that she’s a respectable middle aged woman, a widow, with an adult son, she’s changed her life for the better. Had it not been for her son’s bad behavior and her mother professing that she knew how to save her son from the Devil, she wouldn’t be playing in the Devil’s playground now with her shockingly inappropriate, incestuous behavior of showing her son her naked body. Obviously for sister, Audrey, to be so shocked, in the way that she did with her son, Gary, Audrey must have figured that her twin sister only flash her son her bra and/or her panties. Obviously, Audrey must have figured that Brenda would never flash her son her naked body. A giant leap over her twin sister, even Audrey didn’t flash her son her naked body.

“There sure is more to tell, a lot more,” said Brenda with a dirty laugh. Adding more suspense to what she did, she took another sip of her drink before looking around the room at the six women waiting for her to tell them what she did with her son. “As if I was one of the strippers that he sees on stage, I slowly stripped off my towel.”

“Oh, you sexy slut,” said Carol laughing.

“Incestuous whore,” said Jennifer laughing too.

“One slow breast at a time, first I exposed my left breast to him, then I exposed my right breast to him. Standing there topless, I teased him by bouncing my tits while dancing around the bathroom. Finally, I removed the rest of the towel for him to see my ass and my pussy. Standing there naked while singing and dancing to the music, that’s when the real show started,” she said with a dirty laugh.

“Wow,” said Audrey.

“Well, I don’t feel as guilty about stripping myself naked,” said Kathy.

“I never knew you had it in you,” laughed Christine.

“Oh, my God. You truly are such an incestuous whore,” said Jennifer laughing.

“I can’t believe you of all people got naked in front of Mark,” said Carol.

“I knew you’d do the right thing,” said Julia sticking her tongue out at Carol and Jennifer. “When it comes to the safety of your sons, there’s more at stake than modesty and morality,” said Julia.

“Really mother,” said Carol shaking her head at her mother. “How childish can you be?”

“Don’t mind her,” said Jennifer referring to her mother. “Please tell us more about what you did with Mark.”

“Being that I had already stripped myself naked that was it, show over, or so I thought. I figured giving him a quick flash of my naked body and giving him something to masturbate over later was the extent of how far I’d be willing to go,” said Brenda. “Only, once I was naked, something happened?”

“What?” Audrey looked at her sister with surprise. “What happened?”

“Did he attack you?” Carol looked at her older sister with compassion. “The bastard.”

“Did he rape you?” Jennifer looked at her sister with shock. “That animal.”

“No nothing like that,” said Brenda. “As soon as I stripped myself naked, I was horny,” said Brenda with a sexy laugh.

“Horny?” Audrey couldn’t believe her uptight sister. “You? Horny? I never figured you ever got horny,” said Audrey with a laugh.

“We all have sexual urges Audrey,” said Brenda laughing. “I’m not dead.”

“Oh, goody,” said Christine. “Here comes the good part. I can just feel it.”

“Never believing that I’d ever do such a thing in front of my son, I started touching myself,” said Brenda smiling over at Christine. “Feeling my tits, I fingered my nipples, before reaching down to finger my pussy.”

“Jesus Bren, you’re turning into a real slut. You’re just as bad as Jennifer and Carol,” said Audrey.

“Thank you,” said Jennifer.

“Watch yourself,” said Carol pointing her finger at her big sister.

“Just as I started giving him a sexy masturbation show, before I could even reach for my dildo and vibrator, which I already had in the bathroom with me and ready to use,” said Brenda looking around the room. “He made a noise when he nearly fell down the stairs,” she said laughing. “So ready to do this, I wanted him to watch me masturbate myself. I wanted him to watch me cum and hear me having an orgasm. Prematurely, my surprise striptease and masturbation show was over.”

“Oh my God,” said Kathy. “Is he okay?”

“He’s perfectly fine,” said Brenda. “I suspect that he was masturbating to all that I was doing while he was perched on the stairs watching me. Quickly and silently, he ran down the stairs and, pretending he had just gotten home, he called to me from the kitchen after slamming shut the back door. Mom, I’m home,” she said with a laugh.

“Wow,” said Audrey. “Now that you flashed Mark your naked body, you make me wish that I had flashed Gary my naked body.”

“That’s a lot for you to do,” said Jennifer. “It appears Escort that we are all on our way to keeping our sons happily home for Nude Day.”

“So, what happened with you Christine?” Kathy looked at her childhood friend.

* * * * *

“Well, I wasn’t as brazen as Brenda was in stripping herself naked but I was brazen enough to flash Michael my tits,” said Christine.

“Flashing tits is always the best way to get a man’s attention,” said Julia. “I remember the first time that I flashed my tits to—”

Carol shot her mother another look while Jennifer returned the subject back from her mother to Christine, their childhood, family friend.

“Was this the first time Michael has seen your breasts?”

“Yes,” said Christine. “Actually, who knows? He could have been peeping on me for all that I know.”

“He may have installed one of those cameras in the bathroom ceiling,” said Julia. “When I stayed at the Holiday Inn in Florida—”

“Please, not again mother,” said Carol. “We’ve all heard that candid camera spy story a hundred times of how the maintenance man installed a camera in your room to watch you strip naked. Please stop interrupting mother. Please continue Christine,” said Carol.

“Quit interrupting me Carol,” said Julia. “You never let me talk. I have things to say too, you know. This isn’t all about you.”

“Let her tell us all that she did with Michael,” said Jennifer and then you can talk all you want.

“After we all leave,” said Carol under her breath.

“I heard that Carol,” said Julia.

“Drink your drink mother while Christine tells her story,” said Kathy.

“Much like Brenda, I had planned on flashing Michael my tits with that being the end of it. Sunning myself in the backyard, I waited until I heard his car in the driveway before I undid my top. I knew, if nothing else and if I chickened out, that he could see the sides of my squished breasts peeking out either side of me. Then, when I sat up to tie my top, something that happens all the time, unless I put my hand there to hold them in place, my too heavy boobs for my bikini bra fall out of the bottom of my top,” said Christine.

“That happens to me all the time,” said Kathy making fun of her A cup breasts and causing everyone to laugh.

“So there I was tying my top around my neck with my tits hanging out of the bottom of my bikini bra while pretending that I wasn’t exposed. Michael’s concentrated stare made me so very horny that I thought I’d give him more of a treat with a prolonged flash,” said Christine.

“Here comes the good part,” said Kathy.

“How come you don’t say anything to her when she interrupts?” Julia looked at Carol.

“Quiet please mother,” said Carol.

“I was wearing my barely there, transparent when wet bikini,” said Christine with a sexy look and a dirty laugh. “Knowing that Michael would push me in the pool, especially after telling him that I couldn’t swim in this bikini because it was see-through when wet, he pushed me in the pool,” she said laughing and causing everyone else to laugh. “Then when I told him to close his eyes so that I could get out without showing him everything, he swam up behind me and stole my bikini top.”

“Wow,” said Kathy. “Did he see your boobs?”

“Did see my boobs? Duh? Of course he saw my boobs, especially when I jumped back in the pool on the pretense of getting my bikini bra. How could he not see my boobs? My boobs are so big that I can’t cover them with my hands and forearms,” said Christine. “There’s no way that he didn’t see my boobs.”

“I have the same problem,” said Kathy looking down at her small boobs and making everyone laugh. “Walnut shells barely cover them.”

“More than seeing just my boobs, Michael could see everything through my bikini. If he was looking closely enough, and he was, he could see my patch of pubic hair, my nipples, and even my ass crack. Instead of getting out of the pool, I dived under the water and stole his bathing suit,” said Christine with a dirty laugh.

“You did not,” said Jennifer.

“I do so,” said Christine.

“Well, good for you,” said Julia suddenly looking as sexually excited as Christine was when Michael was staring at her breasts that escaped from her bikini bra. “So, tell us all, did you see his cock?”

“Mother, let her tell the story,” said Jennifer with Carol making a face, sighing, and rolling her eyes.

“I did see his cock and he had a beautiful erection,” she said with a sexually satisfied smile. “With him having no modesty whatsoever he climbed the ladder and stepped out of the pool. After he mooned me, he turned to flash me his cock,” she said looking around the room. “Not having seen an erect cock in a few years, since the time we all went to that CFNM show—”

“Oh my God, that was a blast,” said Carol. “I think I had every stripper’s cock in my mouth.”

“Whore,” said Julia under her breath.

“I heard that mother,” said Carol with attitude. “And it takes one to know one.”

“Don’t skimp on the good part,” said Julia. “Tell us more about Michael’s cock.”

“Mother,” said Carol. “Really.”

“I’m with Mother,” said Jennifer with a sexy laugh. “I’d like to hear more about Michael’s cock too. He’s so handsome.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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