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Mom’s Home Movies Ch. 04

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My deepest gratitude goes to Literotica member, Smoothed for his help with editing and creative input.


Tiffany half leaned, half stood on the ladder, her son perched above her. She panted, recovering from back to back orgasms, after swallowing her son’s thick load of cum. The camera was still perched on the tripod a few feet away, the recording light dutifully blinking.

She held her son’s drooping cock as it dangled over her shoulder, spent.

Tiffany turned her face up to her son, looking past his dangling member.

“Ben, are you okay?”

Ben lethargically focused his half-lidded eyes on his mother below him. She seemed to be resting comfortably after giving him the best blowjob he’d ever had. She still wore her pink yoga top, which had become streaked with all of the saliva Tiffany had produced to lubricate her son’s massive dick as she fellated him. From above, he could see the bumps where her nipples showed, still stiff. Further down, he saw her soft thighs parted, and her hand resting over her pussy.

He smiled weakly at her.

“Oh God. Yes, Mom, I’m ok. Just a little, literally, blown away right now. That was best orgasm of my life! Are you ok?”

She laughed slightly. “Yeah, I’m good.” Tiffany was embarrassed by her powerful orgasm. It made her feel vulnerable. She would have to get used to that.

Tiffany turned her head and put her pink lips against Ben’s soft, thick cock shaft, planting a slow, wet kiss.

“Thank you,” she added, then let go of his cock and pushed herself off of the ladder.

She straightened her top and turned off the camera.

Tiffany crossed the kitchen, rubbing her neck, and got herself a glass of water. She needed to cool down her throat and mouth after that intensive blowjob.

Ben made his way off of the ladder, watching his mom.

“God, Mom. That was great!” His feet hit the floor and he made no move to put his shorts back on, shamelessly bearing his flaccid meat in their kitchen.

“I can’t wait to check out the footage. I think it was a hot scene. And that blowjob. Jeeze, Mom, I was just so turned on, and my orgasm was so good, I think I blacked out for a second.”

“Oh, goodness!” Tiffany smiled. “Coffee?” she offered, working to start the brew.

“Can you bring it to me in my room? I want to get started editing right away,” Ben said excitedly, gathering the camera.

“Sure, honey. I’ll bring it right up.”

Ben dashed out of the kitchen in a blur.

Tiffany rubbed her jaw and finished her water as the coffee brewed. She thought about how she had set all her inhibitions to the side and had gone absolutely wild on her son, she smiled to herself. ‘That had to be a twenty-minute blow job scene!’ She was impressed, but had also lost herself in the action. She remembered all that she had planned to do during the video, but had forgotten about during its execution. She was so caught up in the scene that she allowed her pure lust for her son to take over.

She made a mental note: ‘I’ll need to try to be more professional during our videos so that doesn’t happen again.’

Tiffany poured two fresh cups of coffee and joined Ben in his room, carrying the two steaming mugs on a tray.

“I have no doubt that it will be our best, don’t you?” Tiffany entered Ben’s room.

“That was insane as far as amateur videos go, Mom. Don’t worry about it being OUR best. It’s going to be one of THE best.”

She placed the tray on Ben’s desk and got her cup, holding it with both hands and taking a seat next to her son on the love seat.

“I love your confidence! Let’s see how it turned out.”

Ben had the camera connected and queued up. He sipped his hot coffee as they began reviewing.

Tiffany moved forward looking intently at the screen, as Ben sat back, putting his hands behind his head.

The two watched Tiffany begin her intro to the video, walking through the living room into the kitchen.

“Very cool lead-in, Mom.”

“Thanks!” She turned her head to look at Ben. “You know, I’ve really been impressed by that camera. The picture is so vivid, it’s almost more clear than real-life.”

She could hear the dialog on screen as they set up the scene.

“Yeah, it’s a pretty good camcorder. It was in the top ten for professional quality on a camera review webpage I was reading.”

Ben’s voice trailed off as something on screen drew his attention.

“Damn,” he commented.

Tiffany immediately turned her attention back to the screen to see what Ben had seen.

In the scene, Tiffany had her mouth on her son’s cock and was attempting to suck it as it stuck out of the leg of his shorts. Her mouth sunk down Ben’s wide shaft and her entire face entered the frame.

“Oh my God.” Tiffany put her hands anxiously on her cheeks. “My face!”

“I know, I know, hold on. Don’t panic yet,” Ben assured her.

He dragged his finger over the laptop trackpad and pressed the double-arrow icon. He selected the 2x speed on the player. On screen, Tiffany bobbed her ataköy türbanlı escort head in double time. Her face plunged in and out of the frame. She took her mouth off, the two exchanged double-time dialog in comical “Alvin the Chipmunk” tones. Then Tiffany helped Ben out of his shorts and resumed her double-speed blowjob.

The scene was incredibly hot, so much so, that Ben became hard again, not but thirty minutes after his incredible orgasm. As hot as the video was, there was no way he could overlook the fact that his mom’s face was exposed throughout nearly the entire duration.

Tiffany’s shoulders slumped. The video clearly showed the full profile of her face, and at times, her entire face was shown.

Still in 2x speed, the on-screen Ben began swearing and filling his mom’s mouth with cum. Then Tiffany quickly masturbated and had her orgasm. The footage ended in a blurry squiggle.

Tiffany sighed. “Blowjob scenes are going to be a challenge.”

“Without a doubt,” Ben concurred, thinking how awesome it was that she was concerned about future blowjob scenes.

He ran the video back to where Tiffany’s face first became visible and resumed playing it in regular speed. The two watched in silence for a moment, obviously feeling discouraged.

“I don’t know how we can use this, Mom,” Ben said, watching. He was secretly hoping she’d suggest a re-shoot. He’d love another blowjob from her. “I guess we need to conclude the series.”

Tiffany’s eyes were locked on to the graphic blowjob video playing out before her eyes. She watched her head bob frantically in her son’s lap. She marveled at how much saliva she produced. Since her face was in the shot, she could see the look in her eyes as she serviced her son. She looked excited and content, like she had the best toy in the world and it was all hers.

She noted that it was impossible to ignore how much she enjoyed sucking Ben’s cock. She had gone crazy on him, and it was all captured on the video.

Without looking away from the computer’s screen, she answered her son, “We will need to come up with something else, or come back to this later when we have a better idea of what to do.”

In that moment, she watched herself on-screen, then, her eyes grew wide suddenly as a thought occurred to her. She snapped her fingers.

“Hey! What about blurring part of my face, like from my nose up to my forehead? Can’t we do that? Just to save the video? I think this is worth saving.”

Ben considered this. He was disappointed that she didn’t suggest a re-shoot, but maybe they could salvage the footage after all.

“Yes. Yes, definitely, Mom. Let’s learn how to do that today.”

Feeling hopeful, Ben and Tiffany ate lunch watching a how-to YouTube video on the editing software he had for his camera. As they watched, Ben stole glances at his mom, imagining his thick cock spreading her mouth wide.

By that evening, the two had successfully blurred-out Tiffany’s face from the video. The result wasn’t as good as watching her beautiful, un-edited face perform on Ben’s colossal cock, but it was still more than good enough to post.

Tiffany raised her hand for a high-five after they uploaded it to the website, “We did it!”

“At least now we know how to better edit our work.” Ben shut down his laptop.

“How about some steaks to celebrate!” Tiffany ruffled Ben’s hair affectionately, then set off for the kitchen.

Ben set the formal dining room table, something they never really used any more, to celebrate the successful completion of their “Loving Mom” series.

Tiffany even poured Ben some red wine.

“I think you deserve a little wine with your steak, don’t you?”

“Sure! Sounds great!” Ben had to remind himself to sip.

“We haven’t talked about the actual content of the video we shot today, Ben. What did you think?”

Ben had been thinking about the intensely sexual scene all afternoon and how he and his mom had definitely crossed a huge line in both their video content and their relationship as mother and son. He knew that jacking off and tit-fucking videos were in a different category than blowjobs with regard to the graphic content, and he wanted to keep the momentum going.

“It was incredible, Mom. Very hot. Like I said, I think that will be, by far, a top download for the entire site.”

“I do too!” Tiffany took a sip of wine. “In fact, I’m glad I decided to take our recording to the next level. It will really boost our revenue.” Tiffany was wet just thinking about being able to suck her son’s cock again in a future video.

Ben couldn’t shake the image of his mom’s beautiful face in his crotch, her thick lips stretched around his hard shaft. It was an image so clear and striking that he knew he would never forget it.

“What ideas do you have planned for our next video?” Ben asked.

“I’ve thought about it quite a bit and I have a few ideas. Remember the tennis pro idea? Well, the next scene will be a variation of that, but ataköy ucuz escort part of it will take place in my workout room. I thought we could write it tomorrow at lunch time and record right afterward. I want to shop for some clothes tomorrow morning around ten. I should be back by lunch time.”

“Ok, that sounds like a plan.” Ben began clearing their plates from dinner.

After cleaning up in the kitchen, Ben went to his room and Tiffany prepared to take a bath before bed.

As Ben was checking his messages and monitoring the progress of all their videos, he received a text message on his cell. Ben never got text messages as he and his friends, both from college and high school, never really stayed in touch.

It was from Alex’s girlfriend, Taylor.


“What the hell?” Ben couldn’t imagine why Taylor would be texting him.

He texted back, -SURE. NOW?-

She returned his text almost immediately, -YES-

Ben sat back wondering why Alex’s girlfriend texted him and not Alex. ‘I wonder what’s wrong with Alex?’

Ben called her number.

“Hey, Taylor?”

“Hi, Ben!” Taylor sounded excited to be talking with him, which was strange because he and Taylor normally didn’t talk except for when the two of them were with Alex.

“I downloaded a few of your videos. I think we need to talk, in person.” Taylor’s voice sounded hot: higher-pitched and playful. In general, Ben always found Taylor to be attractive. She had long, straight, sandy-blonde hair, and a well-toned body, like a swimsuit model. Her big breasts always looked larger because of her trim figure.

Ben thought this was a strange request, but before he had thought to ask where Alex was, or why she was calling him rather than his friend, he blurted out, “Okay, when is a good time for you?”

There was a pause on the line. Ben had a strange feeling about this whole thing and Taylor replied as if she’d expected some resistance.

“Now is a good time.” Taylor had an insistent tone, as if there was no question that Ben would be right over.

“Hmm. Well, I guess I can swing that. I’ll see you in about twenty minutes.”

“Perfect. See you in a few.” Taylor ended the call.

Ben dressed in a pair of clean, khaki shorts, flip-flops, and a long-sleeved T-shirt and descended the stairs to let his mom know where he was going.

Tiffany was filling her tub with hot water as she heard a knock, then a voice.

“Mom?” Ben asked tentatively as he peeked through her bathroom door.

His mom was sitting on the edge of the tub, facing away from him. Her back was bare and a tiny pair of thong underwear stretched across her waist, disappearing between her curvaceous, pale ass cheeks. She turned to her son.

Ben’s cock instantly swelled to a full erection when she turned her bare tits toward him, making no effort to cover up. His eyes bulged and his jaw dropped. He’d never get used to, or tired of, seeing her luscious breasts.

“I was just about to get in the tub. What’s going on?”

Ben’s cock became uncomfortable as his shorts tightened from his view of his mom’s tits. He adjusted himself, drawing Tiffany’s gaze.

“I’m going to go over to Alex and Taylor’s for a little while. Is that okay?”

“I guess that’s alright. Is Taylor going to be there?”

“Yeah. In fact, she’s the one who wants to talk to me.”

“Oh, okay. Have a nice time!” She smiled at her son.

Tiffany disliked Alex. Back in high school, she blamed Alex for a lot of the trouble that Ben had gotten himself into and felt he was a bad influence on her son in general. Tiffany knew that Ben liked to have a good time, but she had observed, on more than one occasion, Alex taking matters further than her son was willing to go. It seemed every time Ben was with Alex, he came home drunk or high.

Tiffany adored Taylor, however. She was two years older than the boys and took Alex under her wing when he was a senior and looked as though he wasn’t going to graduate on time. Taylor helped Alex through his failing grades and turned him around. As a result, Alex was able to graduate with his class. Tiffany saw a little of herself in Alex’s girlfriend. Both raised by strict parents, Taylor had the body and face of a goddess, and, at least according to Ben, didn’t cave to the immature sexual demands of the high school boys who fawned over her. Tiffany always felt Taylor would be a good girlfriend for Ben.

She felt better about Ben spending time with Alex as long as Taylor was around. She remembers Taylor driving Ben home after he had gotten drunk with Alex rather than let Ben drive home drunk.

Ben stepped over to his mom and fought the urge to pull his shorts down and stuff his cock into her mouth. Instead, he leaned over, still staring at her breasts, and kissed her on the cheek.

“Thanks, Mom,” he called back as he left.

Ben’s heart raced as he drove to Alex and Taylor’s condo. What could have prompted her ataköy üniversiteli escort cryptic text? A thought dawned on him as he wondered what ‘I think we need to talk’ meant. Ben feared blackmail and began growing fearful of the encounter as his car turned down Alex’s street.

Alex and Taylor lived in a luxury condominium that was part of a two-story unit. He knew his parents helped him pay for the place, mostly to get him out of the house. Alex’s partying had worn thin on his parents and the wealthy couple would rather pay for a place for their son than have to tolerate his lifestyle in their own home.

Ben parked his car at the curb in front of Alex and Taylor’s home. There were no cars in the driveway.

Trembling slightly, he rang the bell.

After a few moments, Taylor opened the door with a wide grin on her face. She was in a pair of tight-fitting jean shorts and a white tank-top, stretched thin across her full bosom. She radiated with a casual, but highly attractive energy. She looked amazing.

“Hey, Taylor!” Ben stepped inside.

Taylor let him in and closed the door, locking the deadbolt after Ben was in the house.

“Benny!” Smiling broadly, she threw her arms around Ben’s neck as the two embraced.

Ben found his face in her soft, dirty blonde hair. She smelled marvelous.

Taylor always looked amazing. Long, perfectly toned legs, firm butt, big breasts, she was the kind of woman that you loved to spend time with, just so you could look at her. She was a senior when Ben was a sophomore, but he could still recall that her reputation in school was just as solid as her looks. She didn’t date other than one other boy besides Alex, and had always carried herself in a way that most high school boys found intimidating. She was confident, didn’t play games, and always seemed to have her shit together. Ben had a crush on her from the moment she began dating Alex. He found it out of character for her to be recording porn videos with Alex. He had always wondered whose idea it was to start the business that they were now so deeply involved with.

Until two weeks ago, Ben had never seen Taylor naked. The most he had ever seen was her hot body in a bathing suit. That first scene that Alex showed him, the scene where she was masturbating, was forever imprinted on Ben’s mind.

He broke the hug, looking down at her with an eyebrow raised, smiling.

“Benny? Oh, yeah. You said you downloaded some of our movies.” Taylor giggled and led Ben to the living room down the tiled hallway.

“Do you want a beer?” She walked over to the kitchen. Ben looked around. No sign of Alex.

“Uh, sure! So, what’s up? Where’s Alex?” Ben looked around again. It was a warm room, decorated in a contemporary style with white walls, dark brown, and leather furniture accented with grey coffee and end tables. The only lights on were two floor lamps at either corner on each side of a very large, flat-screen TV.

“Alex is at a bachelor’s party in Vegas. He flew out this morning. He should be back day after tomorrow.”

Ben heard the hissing pop of two bottles being uncapped. Soon after, Taylor emerged from the kitchen carrying two bottles and handed one to Ben. He accepted it and she folded her legs under her as she sat next to him, on the couch, angled toward him.

“Alex never wanted me to watch your videos. I found the first one downloaded on his computer, watched it, and decided to buy a few for myself.” She tilted her head to the open laptop on the table. Ben saw it was on his homepage, showing thumbnails of the movies she’d downloaded.

Ben was trying to prepare for this, thinking, ‘Here it comes. She’s going to ask for money in exchange for her silence.’ He was sure Alex was somehow behind this. He was up to no good. He decided to play along and let her reveal her hand.

He sipped the cold beer. “Well, what did you think?”

He eyed her cautiously and suddenly noticed two distinct bumps appear on her chest. Her nipples had apparently just stiffened. He found himself distracted, wondering, ‘Is this outfit part of her plan?’

She smiled, then put her hands on her face, covering it in what appeared to be a show of embarrassment. She peeked an eye out of her hands at him, then removed her hands completely. She was flushed and smiling.

“I… Well, I’m just going to come out and say it: HOT. I found them incredibly hot.”

Taylor noticeably looked at Ben’s crotch.

“You have… I mean you are perfect for these videos.” Taylor now had her hands on her smooth, tanned legs.

“What?” Ben wasn’t sure he heard her correctly.

Taylor’s eyes met his. “Alex never wanted me to see your videos. As soon as I saw the first one, I knew why. He’s jealous.” Her eyes dropped to his crotch again.

“You have an amazing dick, Ben, not to mention a great body.” Taylor smiled and brought her gaze to Ben’s face. “You’re perfect for this!”

Ben wasn’t sure exactly what to say to that. He settled on, “Oh, uh, Ok. Thanks.”

He watched Taylor fidget and felt his bulge growing as she eyed it. ‘Is she blushing?’ Ben thought he could see her face turn slightly red.

Taylor continued. “You’re also constantly hard, and you have a sort of innocence that is unusual for porn, amateur or pro. I hope you don’t quit making videos any time soon.” Apparently, this had been on her mind quite a bit.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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