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Mom’s Skater Boy Ch. 03

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Big Tits

For the record: All characters engaging in any sexual activities are at least 18 years of age!

A huge thanks to my editor RFFAST for his work fixing all my errors.

To be familiar with the characters, it would help to read previous chapters of the story, or you might miss out on some of the references in this part.

Mom’s Skater Boy Chapter 3

Off To College

We kissed for a long time, and I tried to make new rules in my head after each time we fucked, only to break them a few hours later. By the end of that night, we were committed lovers, and there was nothing I could do about it. But we would be forced apart by college soon enough.

I was so sad the last day before he went away to college, and I could see Mike was having the same problem. He was packing his bags very slowly and stopping every chance he could to run his hand up the inside of my legs, teasing me. I could not deny him anything, so I crawled up on his bed on my hands and knees, presenting my ass and pussy for him to devour.

Mike started by licking between my pussy lips then sucking on my clit, making it stand to attention. I rocked my hips, rubbing my wet pussy into my Son’s face. My pussy was making loud sounds as my juices flowed onto Mike’s lips and tongue. My clit was vibrating with joy as my orgasm was building nicely when he pulled his face away bringing a groan of disapproval from my lips.

“Oh, God, Baby, don’t stop.” I said, but was cut off when Mike pushed his cockhead against my pussy and plunged into my depths.

“Oh, shit, Mom, how am I going to live without you.” Mike said, and started to fuck me for all he was worth.

I was pushing back onto Mike’s cock as he thrust into me repeatedly. and I dropped my chest to the bed and let him have all of me, his cock bringing on the first waves of my orgasm. Then as my orgasm subsided, Mike started to grunt, heralding his oncoming climax. He slammed his cock deep within me and spasmed with each shot of his seed.

The next day when Mike had to leave, I cried all the way to the station and more as I hugged him on the platform. Then as I watched the train pull away, I had to fight the urge to run after him. I had a huge hole inside me that I could never seem to fill. I threw myself into work and talked to him on the phone each night, but the longing stayed.

“How are you going with your courses?” I asked, while I was chatting to Mike on our late-night call.

“They are easy because I like doing them all, and I already know a lot of the stuff. The best thing is the other students, and I get to play music with some of the best musicians I have ever seen. I have already started to put together a small band to sing with.” Mike said, then texted me a pic of him playing with his hard cock.

I slipped off my panties, took a pic of my fingers playing with my clit, and sent it to Mike. I could hear the ping in my phone and then a groan.

“Fuck, you are hot, Mom.” Mike whispered, and I got a video of him stroking his cock.

“And wet.” I texted back with a short video of my fingers coming out of my pussy, glistening with my juice.

“Oh, Fuck.” I heard Mike say, then I got a pic of a puddle of sperm on his belly.

“Oh yes, Baby.” I groaned out loudly and spasmed around my fingers as I orgasmed, filming it all for my Son’s viewing pleasure.

I think this weekly activity was just enough for us to get through to the end of the first semester. I was pacing up and down the platform as I waited for his train to arrive after his long journey home. I saw him first and was almost in front of him when he turned and threw his bags down and picked me up in a bear hug that lasted far too long for a Mother and Son.

“Get me home, Mom, I have missed you so much, and I don’t want to waste another moment.” Mike said, sliding his hand up the inside of my leg as soon as we were in the car.

“I want you too, Baby.” I said, and spread my legs to allow Mike better access to my body.

“Mom, you have no panties on, and you’re soaked.” Mike said, as his fingers found my secret.

“I would be naked if I thought I could get away with it.” I said, and shifted my ass forward in my seat to let him finger me better.

We barely made it inside when Mike was kissing me and pulling his clothes off. I only had to lift my sundress over my head, and I was ready for action. Mike took one look at me and lunged forward, picking me up in his arms. I wrapped my legs around his hips and kissed him back.

“I missed you so much it hurt.” I said, as I rubbed my clit against his hard cock.

“I’ve been thinking about this moment ever since I stepped on the train to go off to college.” Mike said, as he walked me to the couch and lay me down.

Mike knelt between my open thighs and pushed his hard cock against my wet pussy lips, and they parted for him easily, and he slipped into me to the hilt. He gasped as he hit bottom, his balls snug against my ass crack and his hands cupping my breasts. canlı bahis şirketaleri He slowly started to stroke into me with a low groan escaping his lips.

I raised my legs to my chest and spread them apart, and let my Son have his way with me as he so quickly pushed me towards my orgasm. I saw that he was close and watched as he stopped and pulled his cock out and pressed it against my clit, letting a blast of come coat my clit and pussy mound, then another launched up over my breast to my chin.

Mike clenched his body holding off the rest of his orgasm and pushed his beautiful cock back into my sopping pussy. He started to pound into me, bringing me to the edge of my orgasm. I bucked my hips, and Mike drove into me as my pussy clenched hard on his cock. My climax washed over my body, and I jerked involuntarily as I squirted and splashed onto his pubic hair. He looked down, smiling, and started pumping harder.

Mike put two more blasts of cum in my pussy, then halted his orgasm again, then continued to piston in and out of me as he fucked me into a blubbering mess. I was on my third orgasm when he pushed into me hard and let go the rest of his load, lying exhausted on my stomach as his cock drained itself into my cum filled hole.

“We have your cum all over us. Have you been saving it up since you left?” I asked as I licked my fingers after picking up a drip off my boob.

“I needed that, but mine isn’t the only juice here.” Mike said, as he used his tee to stem the flow from my pussy.

The rest of his stay mainly was sex with a little gigging in-between. He was getting a name for himself in the area, and some of his band from school came down to us, and they did a night at the club together. It was surprising how well they worked together, and Mike’s voice and guitar work was even better than before.

I stuck with them for a while after the set finished, but the drinking got too heavy, and I was worried it might start an alarming trend. “I am heading home Boys, nice to meet you all.” I said, and rubbed Mike’s cock under the table as I stood to leave.

“OK, Guys, see you back at school next week. My ride is leaving.” Mike said, as he stood to the cajoling from his friends.

We made it home in record time, and Mike fucked me through until almost dawn. We slept until lunchtime on Sunday morning and had sex for breakfast. I was starting to feel sad because I knew that I would be seeing him off on a train to school in a few hours, and I would be alone again for the next few months. I was right, and it seemed to drag on forever, and our texting and phone sex were no substitute for the real thing.

“Hi, Baby, how are things going? Are you ready for your holidays home with me?” I asked, as it was only a week out from the break.

“Mom, I’m going to fill you up when I get home.” He said, as I slipped my hand inside my panties.

“God, I hope so, look how wet and ready I am for you.” I said, and sent a photo of my fingers stuck together with my juice.

We got ourselves off breathing into each other’s ears on the phone, then after we settled down, a more serious conversation started.

“I think you guys need to gig more. You still look too stiff on stage, like you don’t know what you are doing.” I said, hoping I wouldn’t dishearten him.

“We were just discussing the same thing, but none of us have the time to put together some gigs.” Mike said, admitting the problem.

“I can make the calls while I’m working from home. I will set up the gigs if you guys take whatever I set up without question.” I said, worried I would be buying a shit fight for myself.

“Mom, you would be a lifesaver if you would do it for us. I just texted the guys, and they are all about to kiss your feet.” He said, making me giggle at the thought

By the time he was due home, I had a set of shows for the boys to do, mostly supporting better-known bands to see how some of the old-timers do it. I was really getting worked up waiting for the train as it felt like Mike was away for ages this time. And as soon as he stepped off the train, I wrapped him up in my arms.

“I love you, Mike, and I have something special for you when we get home.” I said, as I hugged him and pressed my pussy onto his hard cock.

“Can we do it in the car? I don’t think I can make it all the way home without putting it in you.” Mike asked, picking his bags up and following me.

“I think you will want to save it all up for later tonight.” I said, as we packed his bags in the trunk.

I drove home trying to stick to the speed limit with Mike playing with my clit and pulling on my nipple at every chance he got. I was loving it and opened my legs and scrunched down as far as I could without looking weird from outside of the car.

When the garage door closed behind us, I started to kiss Mike passionately, striping my clothes off as I did. Mike helped me pull my top off as I stepped out of the car. He was hopping on one foot while trying to get his jeans off, and I got rid of my skirt. canlı kaçak iddaa We wrapped each other up and pressed every inch of our bodies together as I ground my freshly shaved pussy onto his cock.

“Do you want your gift now?” I whispered, when I pulled back to breathe.

“I just want to be in you. I don’t need any gifts, only a week of fucking you before we hit the road.” He said, as I kissed him.

“So you don’t want this?” I asked, as I pulled up my skirt and showed off the big glass butt plug I had in my ass, after I had looked in the mirror earlier and knew he could see right up inside.

Mike didn’t answer, just gripped the end of the butt plug, pulled it out a little, and then pushed it back in, making me drop my head and moan, as I could feel my juice trickling down my clit. I could feel my ass pulse around the glass plug, and I could have played with my clit and gotten off right then, but I wanted to wait and orgasm while Mike was in my ass for the first time.

“You can be the first inside my ass, Baby, unless you don’t want your present.” I said, wiggling my ass to him.

“Fuck, yes, Mom, I want you bad.” He said, pulling the plug out and dropping it on the bedside table with a heavy clunk.

Mike pushed his cockhead against my ass, and the muscle opened up for him, his big cock slipping in past the rim. I moaned and pressed back, taking half his cock in one stroke, then I stopped and took a long breath. Then I waited for Mike to thrust again while I braced myself against the bed.

“Now, Baby boy, take me.” I said, and Mike thrust into me, holding himself inside.

“I need to let go of some of this cum, Mom, just a couple of shots.” Mike said, as he pulled out and shot two streams of his hot come into and around my battered asshole before slipping back into me with ease.

Mike started to pump his hard cock into my ass, sawing into me and building up his pace aided by his sperm lubricant. He was building up speed as my orgasm was approaching fast. I pushed back hard and spasmed around his cock as the waves of my orgasm washed over my body. I could feel Mike spasm a few times deep within my body, and then he clenched his muscles to hold back the rest of his orgasm.

“Fuck me, my Son, fuck me hard.” I said, as I let my chest drop to the bed and played with my pussy from between my legs.

Mike was building up his pace as he rammed into me while holding me by the hips, and he was grunting with his effort and bringing me closer to my second orgasm. I slipped my two middle fingers into my pussy and could feel Mike’s cock pumping into me from behind. I was now moaning with each stroke, and as I crested over into my climax, I gripped Mike’s balls and held him inside me.

“Fill me up, Baby.” I said, and could feel the floodgates open and flood my insides with its creamy prize.

I held Mike’s hip to my ass as I rolled over on my side to keep his cock inside me as long as it was hard enough to stay in there. We rested for a little while before I could feel Mike starting to hunch back into my ass. I hunched back to signal that I wanted to go another round, and we lazily fucked through one more orgasm each.

The rest of the first week went like that, Mike either in my ass or pussy, fucking me for all he’s worth. I loved it and loved him but knew once we hit the road, it was all but over. I had booked a room for him and me and another for the other three, but I figured the sex between us must be kept a secret at all costs.

The first few gigs were a mild success and we got paid on the spot, but then we opened for an older band and the crowd was not as responsive to the guys just standing there and playing good music. We all watched from the wings as the older band brought the house down as they played to the audience and each other, but the best bit was when they invited the boys on to sing a cover that everyone knew.

They soon had them bouncing around the stage, and the boys came alive as they were coaxed out of their heads and were just free to have fun.

“You guys can really play, just relax and have fun on stage. No one will ever notice a missed cord or two. The crowd just wants to be entertained, and with that voice, you will be just fine.” The lead singer said to them as they all had a beer after the show.

“We were just schooled on how to do it. We can’t thank you enough, let us know if you need someone to open for you again, and we will come running.” Mike said, unable to wipe the smile off his face.

“Don’t worry. I will call in a favour one day when you need an opening act on your own big tour.” He said, as he held up his beer. “Another round.”

Mike brushed off the comment, but all the other band members said something similar to me and gave some great advice. That night at the seedy hotel, I gave the guys their keys and pushed Mike into our room a few doors down. The rooms didn’t have a connecting wall, so I started stripping as soon as we were in the room.

I dropped to my knees in front of Mike and undid his canlı kaçak bahis fly, and had his cock in my mouth before his pants hit the floor. I had him hard in a few seconds and lay back on the bed, and pulled him on top of me. He speared into my sopping pussy as he fell, and I held my legs to my chest as he ploughed into me with all his pent-up energy. His first blast of sperm triggered my orgasm, and I held him as he unloaded inside of me, not wanting him to hold back this time.

“I love you, Mom.” Mike said, into my ear.

“I love you too, Baby.” I said, kissing his neck.

The rest of the break went a lot better, with bar managers wanting to book extra nights and wanting a return visit next time we came that way. When we got back home, we only had two days to make love as often as we could before Mike got back on that dreaded train.

Mike spent most of his spare time writing new songs, and a few friends from school helped the band put together a video that they put on YouTube. The song was a slower sad number that was about being apart from your love. I knew it was about me, but no one else would ever pick that from listening to the song.

Within a few days of it hitting their channel, I started to receive phone calls and messages about bookings all over the country. We were not set up for that yet, as the boys and Mike still had the rest of the term to go, at least. But when I got a call from a producer, I knew it was serious. After talking it over with Mike and the boys, we decided to hold off for the next few weeks until the term was out.

I set up some interviews for the first week after school breaks up and booked another round of gigs after that. Then I tried to get through the last weeks without Mike, but it was killing me. The phone sex and texts are just not enough, and I was constantly horny.

“OK, Baby, I’m just getting on the plane. I will see you in Nashville tomorrow morning. I will be waiting at the station.” I said, as I was in the terminal waiting for the boarding call.

“Thanks, Mom. I hope you have another present for me.” He said, as he texted me a pick of his hand wrapped around his cock.

“I don’t have any new ones to give you. I guess I will have to regift them to you all over again.” I said, and sent a pic of my fingers inside my wet pussy.

“That would work out fine for me as the hole in the cupboard door is starting to look good at the moment.” He said, just as they called my plane.

“Gotta go, baby. See you tomorrow.” I said, and raced for my gate.

The following morning, I was at the train station in the thinnest white sundress I could find wearing nothing else but a smile. I figured that you could see all of me in the right light, and I was hoping Mike would like it. He stepped off the train and stopped in his tracks staring at me for a long moment before running to me and picking me up in his arms and twirling me around a few times, kissing me as he did.

“Oh, Mom, you look fantastic. How am I going to wait until we get to the hotel room.” He said, into my ear as he held onto me tight.

“I’m already dripping. Take me in the alley out back if you like.” I said, daring him to keep his word.

“Let’s get to the hotel before we get arrested.” He said, dragging me by the hand.

Mike had his hand under my dress all the way to the room, and the driver was looking at us in the rearview mirror as he drove. We raced up the hall, and he pressed his cock into my ass as I tried to open the door. We tumbled onto the bed, and Mike had my dress up around my waist and his face between my legs as I pulled his shirt over his head.

I was almost at my peak when he stopped and stood at the end of the bed and dropped his pants, pulling me by the legs to the edge. He slid his cock through my folds and up over my clit, bringing a gasp of pleasure. Then he lined up with my opening and thrust forward and buried himself into my depths.

“Oh, Baby, I have missed you so much.” I said, between moans.

“I love you so much, Mom.” Mike said, as he stroked in and out of my body.

Mike started slowly pulling my nipples and thrusting into me with purpose. I couldn’t wait that long and used my heels to pull him into me faster. My Son responded to my urging and ploughed into me with strong blows until I crested over into my orgasm, convulsing under him as he continued to thrust.

He then stopped and pulled out of me and aimed his cock at my body, letting go a stream of come that streaked across me. Its warm trail running from my breast down my body to my pussy mound. The next blast hit my chin and ran across my nipple and down to my waist. Mike clenched his body holding back the rest of his orgasm, and placed his cockhead at my opening again.

“I am not going to let go of all my come until I have filled every entrance of your body.” Mike said, and slammed back into me.

He fucked me with a vengeance, letting go of one stream of coming in my pussy before making me suck his cock to get it all wet with my spit, then placing his cockhead at my ass and pressing into me firmly, but gently until his length was inside me. Then after he built up to long powerful strokes, he let go of two more squirts. With the extra lubrication, he pounded my ass until I orgasmed around his cock.

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