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Montana to L.A. Ch. 03

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Janelle woke early, Kelsey still sleeping peacefully next to her. She managed to slip out from underneath her young lover without waking her. Her thoughts tormented her about what she’d done the night before. She contemplated taking a shower; instead got her gym clothes on then headed downstairs. She tiptoed past Jordan’s room, not pausing to check since she heard the young woman snoring.

Before heading into the gym which was just off the kitchen she made coffee. She leaned back against the counter, arms folded, recalling last night. Pondering her actions with each of the girls, marveling at how wonderful each of them felt. Her bliss was short lived when she thought how complicated her life was going to become.

The coffee smelled delicious as the aromatic steam arose from the maker. She sighed while grabbing a travel mug from the cabinet. She poured her daily dose of caffeine then turned off the maker. Walking into the gym, she swooped up her MP3 player, stuffed each earbud in and set her coffee in the elliptical’s cup holder. Someone had left a towel on it which she decided to use to wipe her own sweat off with. It smelled like Jordan’s body wash which triggered sweet thoughts along with lovely sensations.

Grabbing the elliptical’s handles, she placed her feet in the pads, adjusted the resistance level then took off like a banshee. Letting her coffee cool a bit, her mind focused back on the night before. It was like she had a cartoon devil and angel on each shoulder arguing their cases. Back and forth they went, reminding her how sweet the girls were and how evil she was.

Summer was rapidly drawing to a close and she wanted both girls to stay. She knew Dave wanted them back, after all they were his daughters. Talking to herself, she began working on a dialog she planned on having with the girls. She was sure each one wanted to stay since they were enjoying their time with her. She hadn’t meant to make love with either of them, it just happened. She had enjoyed both of them but it felt dirty in many ways as her conscientious reminded her.

She sipped her coffee hoping it would help her focus on doing the right thing. Continuing to pedal, her cartoon conscientious kept making valid points which got her nowhere.

After about a half hour her coffee was done so she slowed to cool off. Taking the towel from her neck, she wiped the sweat from her brow, inhaling the lovely scent of Jordan once more.

Her body felt better with the activated endorphins racing through it. Sadly, she hadn’t come to any resolutions involving the girls. Passing through the kitchen once more, she set her cup in the sink then grabbed her water bottle. Filling it from the tap, her eyes looking out over the pool recalling the three delicious young bodies that graced it the night before.

The water overflowed the vessel quickly returning Janelle to reality. Shutting the faucet off she capped the container. Trudging back upstairs to shower she was anxious to get the sweat and sex off her. The girls were still quietly sleeping as she got undressed to shower. Taking the water bottle with her she closed the master bathroom door behind her.

She set the bottle in the shower, turned on the water and adjusted it to a soothing hot temperature. Stepping in, she sighed when the streams crashed against her sweaty skin. Dunking her head under the torrent she held it there for some time hoping it would help her find a solution to her angst.

She didn’t hear the bathroom door open but she did with the shower. Turning her head while withdrawing it from the stream she wiped the water from her face.

There was Jordan, naked and holding her body wash, “Can I join you and talk?” Janelle was both shocked and delighted. Shaking her head because she knew this probably wouldn’t turn out for the best.

“I don’t think that’s a great idea, baby doll. What is your sister going to think if she wakes and finds us in here? I already have too much on my mind to have to deal with explaining to Kels.”

Just as Janelle was declining the invitation she heard the toilet flush, “You don’t have to explain anything. Jordan and I had a little talk before we walked in here. I’m kinda mad at you, Jordan said you resisted a bit. I can’t blame you, my sister is a hottie.”

Janelle turned the water off, took a seat on the bench placing her face in her hands and started to cry. “Gawd I have screwed this up.” Her sobbing continued as both girls sat on either side of her.

“No, I put you in a bad place, Janelle,” Jordan confessed, “I shouldn’t have bothered you last night and I’m sorry. I was just confused, so many feelings and emotions were running through my head. I wasn’t thinking right. I confessed to Kels about what we did. She was mad but we don’t hate you. We both love you.”

“Jordan is right, I do love you, Janelle. I was pissed at first but I understand. I mean I did come on to you too. But you kind of started it earlier last night. It’s not like I said no or anything.” Kelsey reassured her.

“So, bursa escort bayan what you’re saying is we’re all to blame for this little love triangle?” Janelle stopped crying as she looked at each of the girls in turn.

“I think so.” Jordan admitted.

“Yes, I think we all share the blame, Janelle.” Kelsey agreed.

“I love you both, you know that. There’s no way I wanted to hurt either of you. I got caught up in the moment also. Now we have it all out in the open and I promise it will never happen again. So, your aunt Janelle has made a decision. Here’s what we are going to do. I thought about this earlier and I hadn’t made up my mind until now. We’re going to conference call with your dad. You both should go home and spend time with him. He misses you both. If he’s willing to let either of you return you can stay here as long as you like.” Janelle waited for a response knowing they might not like her decision.

“But, I’m old enough to decide what I want.” Jordan retorted.

“I know you’re old enough to make your decisions but you need to involve your father. He loves you and cares for you and wants you both to be happy. I’m not going to be accused, not that your father would, of stealing his only links to your mother.”

“I hate when you’re right.” Kelsey sighed, snuggling closer to Janelle.

“I want to spend time with Emma.” Jordan said taking a stand to see if Janelle would fudge on her position.

“Look, we still have a few weeks before my sweet Kelsey needs to be back for school. You my dear, need to have a heart to heart with your dad. If you want and he says yes, you can work for me on a full-time basis. Bottom line is you’re both going home and helping your father. It’s been way too long for him with nobody home.” Janelle stood firm. The girls could see no matter what they said she wasn’t going to budge.

They both sighed reluctantly then agreed she was right. Jordan got up, twisted the water valves on the wall letting the shower resume. Kelsey kissed Janelle’s cheek before standing up to shower. Despite the temptation Janelle just showered with her young loves with no sexual overtones. After a little longer than usual shower they all got dried off and dressed.

Janelle dialed up Dave, luckily he was inside the house to answer. Janelle talked first telling Dave about the timetable she’d thought about for the girls to come home. He’d wished it were sooner but agreed since Janelle was paying for the flight. The girls each took turns talking to him without Janelle in the room and not on the speaker phone. They talked for over an hour each telling him what they were doing. He in turn informed them what was going on at the ranch. Jordan left out the part about Emma and Kelsey despite wanting to tell her dad. She also neglected to mention she wanted to live in L.A. with Janelle. They were both a bit melancholy when they hung up admitting to Janelle they really missed home. The rest of the day was spent out running around, visiting a farmer’s markets and some other sights they had on their to-do list.

During dinner that evening Jordan got a call from Emma. She excused herself since she was practically done to take the call in her room. The call lasted quite a while. When she returned to the kitchen to help with the dishes she was beaming.

“I have a date.” She bubbled.

Janelle grinned, “Oh, with Emma I assume.”

Jordan gave her a look, “Well of course, who else?”

“I’m teasing you, silly. What are you two going to do?”

“Since I’m a ‘cowgirl’ she wants to go horseback riding. There’s some place out in the valley. She knows the owners. She told them I know horses so they are going to ask me questions then they’ll let us go out on our own instead of in a group.”

Kelsey chimed in, “We don’t have anything to really ride in. Looks like we might have to go shopping.”

“It’s not we Kels, it’s me. It’s my date.”

“I know, I just wanted to go shopping with you. Can we Janelle?”

“Of course my loves. I’m sure we can find you both something even though you’re not going with your sister, sweetness. When is this ‘date’?”

“It’s Wednesday if you’ll let me off work. She said it’s crazy there on the weekends. Please, Janelle.”

Jordan flashed her puppy dog eyes; naturally Janelle relented. She would have regardless but she enjoyed when the girls pleaded with her.

“Of course, silly. Is she picking you up or what? I would like some details so I don’t worry about you.”

Janelle sighed; she caught herself being parent like. It was something she really hadn’t contemplated the entire time the girls had been visiting. During all that time they really hadn’t been out of her sight. Now Jordan was going on a date with someone she had almost guided her to.

Wednesday couldn’t come quickly enough for Jordan. Janelle scanned the internet for local western wear stores then took the girls shopping during work on Monday. The girls enjoyed the trip. It seemed to Janelle bursa anal yapan escort the only problem was the whining from her two loves, that most of the clothes she was buying them they already had similar items at home. They ended the day by taking a quick drive by the stables to glance over the area where Jordan would be going.

The ranch was tucked away at the North end of the San Fernando Valley. They could see trails rising up from the bottom of a small canyon back behind the house and stables. The surrounding hills looked desolate due to the drought California had been experiencing over the past few years. Kelsey looked over the parched landscape as they drove by uttering how hot it was going to get on their ride. Janelle thought that with Emma it would get hot regardless of the temperature. Jordan reminded her this was Emma’s choice and that she was going to make the best of it.

Wednesday morning arrived, Janelle and Kelsey hugged Jordan good-bye on their way to work. Janelle reminded Jordan to use plenty of sunscreen and take some extra water with her. She was beginning to accept the idea of being a surrogate mother despite the feelings she still had for both the girls. The commute to work was full of speculation about Jordan’s first date. Kelsey took the position it would be too hot for Emma and she’d get sunburned or pass out from heat stroke. Janelle kept admonishing her for being so negative, accusing her of being jealous. It finally came down to a ‘am not’, ‘am too’ argument which lasted a couple of minutes. They ended it by laughing at each other for being so silly.

Meanwhile, Jordan fidgeted around the house checking herself in the mirror every ten minutes or so. She applied sunscreen just as Janelle had suggested leaving the tube on the kitchen table next to her water bottle just in case Emma needed some.

Emma finally showed just before nine. She pulled up in a black chauffeured Mercedes SUV. Jordan heard the car in the drive, she peeked though one of the curtains giggling to herself as Emma exited the vehicle. She was dressed just a bit fancier than Jordan, brand new boots, designer jeans, with a blouse that looked like it came off a rodeo princess. It was elaborately embroidered with gold vines and red roses. Jordan chuckled to herself, as Emma made her way to the door.

Jordan slipped by the table swooping up her water and sunscreen. She slid up to the front door just as Emma began her knock. She opened it quickly startling the unsuspecting Emma.

Emma jumped back as the beaming Jordan opened the door wide and said hello.

“Geeze, were you waiting behind the door?”

“Oh, sorry. No, I saw you drive up and I grabbed my stuff real quick. I didn’t mean to scare you. Wow, you’re lookin’ good little filly.” Jordan giggled closing the door behind her.

“I wasn’t sure what to wear. I’ve modeled this ‘cowgirl’ stuff before but never actually put it to use. Is it okay?” Emma did a quick pirouette showing off her new attire.

Jordan smiled, “It’s a bit fancy for just a ride but it looks cute. I use my embroidered tops for shows. I brought some things but Janelle donated them when we got here. Now I wish she hadn’t.”

The temperatures in the hills where Janelle lived overlooking Los Angeles were a bit cooler than the parched North end of the valley where the girls would be riding. The temperature at 9 am was already sixty-five degrees. By the time the girls got to the stables the thermometer had reached seventy-five degrees on its way to a scorching ninety-five. Emma escorted Jordan to the owner’s office to introduce her while their driver headed off someplace cooler to wait for a text to bring him back.

The owner, Maggie was in her fifties, dressed in clothes similar to Jordan well-worn and fit for working, not showing off. She greeted the girls with a skeptical look then walked them to the stables, questioning Jordan’s horse knowledge along the way. She liked the answers Jordan gave her then told her she’d like to see her saddle a horse. Instead of the usual plodding trail weary quarter horses she used for tourists she introduced the girls to two of her more independent mares. One was already saddled and waiting, the other had all of its tack neatly arranged outside the stall waiting to be applied.

Maggie looked at Jordan and told her to have at it. The young woman smiled as she approached the horse waiting in the stall. Gently talking to her, she turned and asked Maggie her name.

“Princess, the other is Lucinda.” Her voice a little raspy from smoking.

“Hello Princess,” Jordan said facing the horse.

When Jordan greeted her, the horse turned and walked over to the door in her stall. Poking her head out, she nodded letting out a whinny. Jordan stroked her forehead gently, talking to her the entire time. Emma looked over at Maggie to see her smiling, won over so far by Jordan’s actions.

Jordan grabbed Princess’ reins as she opened the stall door. bursa rus escort Walking Princess out, she tied her off and began saddling her. When she was finished she stood back asking Maggie how she did. Maggie was impressed and told the girls they could head out on their own. She led them with the horses out to a trailhead just past the back of the house.

“Okay, ladies. This trail leads up to a reservoir about five miles out. It’s not a hard ride but I don’t let the tourists use it. The terrain is a bit more scenic so I hope you brought a camera. I see you have water with you. It’s going to be hot so I gave you a couple more bottles just in case. They are in Lucinda’s saddlebags. Have fun and I’ll see you back here in about three hours.”

“We have my cell phone, Aunt Maggie” Emma replied.

“Thank you Maggie, we’ll take good care of them.” Jordan answered as she pet Princess.

Maggie watched as the girls took a few ‘selfies’ then grinned as Emma struggled to mount Lucinda. She finally got on after two tries, blushing profusely when she made it. Jordan easily entered the saddle, patiently waiting for Emma to do the same. When they were set, Jordan took the lead, waving back at Maggie thanking her as the trotted off.

The trail was wide enough for the two young riders to ride parallel to each other at the beginning. Emma was impressed with Jordan’s horsemanship and let her know. Jordan shrugged it off comparing her knowledge with Emma’s modeling expertise. The sun beat down upon them and had it not been for a slight breeze wafting up the canyon the girls would have been very uncomfortable. The horses plodded along in a comfortable gait allowing the girls to converse. As the trail narrowed Emma let Jordan lead the way which made talking a bit difficult.

After about an hour they were on a mesa overlooking the reservoir. The path wound through it bordered intermittently with piles of boulders. They could see hints of the reservoir just off in the distance. There were a couple of flat areas near the shore with trees in several places. Jordan suggested they stop under one particular spot that had a picnic table. Emma agreed joking that her butt was beginning to get a bit sore from the bumping in the saddle. That made Jordan laugh as she headed for the tiny oasis a few hundred yards off.

Upon arrival, Jordan dismounted tying Princess loosely to one of the trees. She helped Emma down then tied Lucinda off at another. She glanced at Emma who was walking rather stiffly to the table. She was rubbing her butt trying to ease her saddle soreness.

Before leaving Lucinda, Jordan snatched an extra water Maggie had packed. Smiling a bit at Emma’s discomfort she handed her date a bottle then took a seat next to her.

“It takes a bit to get used to riding. How’s your butt?” Taking a sip from the bottle.

“Thanks, it’s getting warmer out. Oh, it’s a bit sore. How’s yours? Besides being cute.” Emma grinned.

“I can feel it. It’s been a couple of months since I’ve ridden. But it does feel good to be back in the saddle, I miss it,” Jordan lamented.

“Well, I could rub the soreness out if you want.” Emma winked as she took a long swig from the bottle.

Jordan blushed, “Here? We’re outside in public naughty girl.”

“We’re outside five miles from anyone. Maggie said nobody comes up here. Rub mine, I’ll rub yours.”

“You are naughty!”

“But you like it don’t you.” Emma smiled seeing the blush on Jordan’s face get a bit redder. “I can be. I want to be with you, Jordan. Not really naughty, well I guess I do but I want to be close to you. Get to know you. I’ve very attracted to you and I hope you feel the same.”

Jordan thought for a minute, looking down at the grass surrounding the table. It was a light yellow with a few remaining blades of green as the lack of water slowly turned it dormant. The horses stood idly by, stretching their reins trying to eat what little grass remained around them. She looked up at them as Emma patiently awaited a response to her confession.

“I have never felt like this with any girl I’ve ever met before, Emma. It’s new, confusing, and it’s exciting. I loved kissing you. But I’m scared at the same time. I’m going back home in a couple of weeks. I didn’t think I missed it but after this little ride today, I realize I do. I miss my dad, I miss my mom and I miss home. I don’t want just a summer fling.”

“I don’t either, Jordan.” Emma set her bottle aside. Turning to face Jordan, she took both the girl’s hands in hers. Looking at her; voice trembling a bit, she continued, “Jordan, I know it sounds like a promise that won’t be kept but I will keep it. I want to come visit you. I want to meet your dad. I want to see where you live, how you live. Find out more about your mother. Your world is so different than mine. Please let me in.”

Both girls tried holding back tears to no avail.

Jordan wiped away hers, “This is happening so fast. My heart is racing, I’m so torn.”

“Don’t be torn.” Emma leaned in kissing Jordan softly.

Jordan reciprocated, dropping Emma’s hands, wrapping hers around the girl’s shoulders, pulling her close. Their kiss started out sweet and loving then passion grabbed a foothold within each of them. It quickly built into a lust and arousal with each passing moment.

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