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Moonlight Sonata

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The masquerade ball was going magnificently and the guests couldn’t stop dancing. I stood outside, on the balcony, overlooking a few guests that had meandered out for a stroll. The sky was perfectly clear, the moon full and bright as the stars twinkled above me. I was wearing a dark red satin corset with a floor-length skirt black skirt and black heels. Having been standing for several hours now, my feet were killing me and I felt as though I was ready to retire to my room in the hotel.

I scanned the crowd of guests inside, everyone still wearing their masks, their identities remaining tucked safely away. I was struggling internally, aching for a certain someone to be there but relieved that he wasn’t. Perhaps I could sneak out, make it to my room without anyone noticing that I was gone. We set everything up but I didn’t need to be there to take it down until tomorrow.

Stepping inside, I began to weave through the bodies coupled together on the dance floor. I managed to stifle a yawn, the champagne quickly putting me to sleep. Halfway through the room, I was stopped by a very tall gentleman in a black tux wearing a top hat and a black mask around his eyes. I had no idea who he was but he was wanting a dance so I obliged. We waltzed around the room while I silently prayed for the song to be over quickly, my feet aching terribly.

The song changed and the man seemed as if he was unwilling to release me. I looked around the room, my own mask shifting and causing some difficulty in seeing anyone I could call to for a rescue. I was about to push away, already muttering something about being very tired when I felt a hand wrap around my waist from behind. The person spun me around and I heard his voice telling the man I was just dancing with to leave, it was time for him to move on.

Christopher pulled me to him tightly, his hand firm around my back as he held the other and Moonlight Sonata began playing. We moved with the music, dancing through the room as if we were the only two there. I breathed in deeply, holding him tightly, afraid that if the music stopped then he would be gone, that it would be some fantasy and I was dancing with someone else.

I couldn’t have been more wrong. The song ended and Christopher placed his hand under my chin, tilting my head up so I could meet his lips with mine. I melted into him, our tongues dancing to a different song now.

We pulled away and I felt lightheaded, asking if we could step outside for air. He grabbed two flutes off of a waiter’s tray and followed me back onto the balcony. The skirt was too large for me to sit so I began moving to the railing only to find Christopher leaning against it, pulling me back so I was leaning against him. I could barely feel his cock pressing against my ass and I fought every urge to begin grinding against him.

“How have you been?” He asked, his warm breath tickling the exposed skin on my neck and shoulders.

“Good, I’ve been good. As usual, I am sorry for all of the messages.” I hung my head in shame, staring at the marble floor and wishing it was a pool I could sink into.

“I’ve been busy.”

“Yes, I know. I’m sorry.” I was almost whispering now, scolding myself for always acting like a psychotic woman with him. He didn’t deserve that.

“Stop apologizing. If I wanted an apology then I would say that.

“Yes Sir, I’m sorry.”

He couldn’t help but laugh, his right hand that was resting on my hip had begun to move across my chest and rest on my left shoulder. I began to tremble. There were people all around us but I felt like it was only the two of us. I slid my hand behind me, lowering it to his throbbing cock. I cursed the huge fucking skirt I was wearing, wishing it was something shorter so I could just lift it and have him take me right here. I was breathless.

“What’s wrong?” He asked, squeezing me even tighter.

“I want you.”

“I know. What kaçak iddaa do you want?”

“I want to feel your cock.”

“Where do you want to feel it?”

By now, his hand has left my shoulder and is cupping my left breast, kneading it in his fingers. I am moaning softly, my head back and resting against his chest.

“I want your cock in my mouth, I want to suck your cock, Sir.”

“And if I told you to do it right here, right now?”

“Then I would fall to my knees and lavish your cock with my wet mouth.”

“Good girl.”

I groaned, my pussy clenching for a cock that isn’t there. He slid his hand under my corset, his fingers now squeezing my hard nipples. I was dying to leave, my breath coming out in ragged gasps as he continued torturing my nipple.

“Please Christopher, please take me to my room.” I begged, my hand working up and down his stiff cock.

He pulled his hand out and spun me around, his lips pressing against mine as our tongues explored each other’s mouth. I was hungry for him, sliding my hand under the waistband of his pants to feel the velvet shaft of his cock. He grabbed me just before I reached it and pulled my hand out, hissing. He then pushed me back and told me to go.

“Go to the room, I will be there in a minute. I will have my own key and I want you in your proper place when I get there.”

“Yes Sir.”

I didn’t ask questions, I knew better. I simply turned and walked through the ballroom, almost floating. No one tried to stop me and it wouldn’t have mattered if they did, I wasn’t going to stop. There was nothing that was going to keep me from pleasing him tonight.

I slid the card through the door, unlocking it. I then ran inside, unzipping the skirt and letting it fall into a puddle of black satin around my feet. I wasn’t sure how much time I had before he arrived and I didn’t want to disappoint him. I grabbed the skirt and threw it on a chair in the corner, quickly dropping to my knees in only the red corset, black lace panties and black heels.

My feet were together, my ass barely resting on the backs of my heels. My knees were spread apart and my back straight as my chest stuck out. I placed my hands on each thigh and faced the floor, waiting. I heard the lock disengage and my heart began racing. As soon as Christopher stepped inside, closing the door behind him, I stretched my arms forward, leaning down and resting my palms on the floor while raising my ass in the air. My face was inches from the carpet as I waited for my inspection.

“It’s been a long time. Who have you fucked since?” He asked as he walked slowly around me, his hand lightly tracing the curve of my ass and teasing my dripping pussy.

“No one.” My heart began beating even faster, he knew I was insatiable and I could only hope that he believed me.

He didn’t say anything else. I remained frozen as he slid my panties to the side and slipped a single finger into my pussy. I knew he would be able to tell so I exhaled a sigh of relief. He pulled out and I groaned, aching to be filled with anything. I listened to his feet as he moved over the carpet until he was standing in front of me. He reached down and tapped me on my back and I raised myself, my ass resting on my heels once more.

I was staring at such a gorgeous specimen of a man and I wish there were a million different ways I could tell him. I felt my nipples tighten and my pussy quiver as I reached up and undid the belt and then the button on his pants and then the zipper. I licked my lips as I watched him remove the coat, unbutton his shirt and removing the tie. He was standing before me in only his pants now and those were hung teasing open, his cock mere inches from my watering mouth.

He was taking his time, tormenting me, torturing me. I had waited patiently, until now. I was close to screaming and he knew it.

“Please Sir… please may I have your cock?!”

“You kaçak bahis may take it out but may not touch it with your mouth.”

I groaned loudly, making my frustration evident. I reached up and pulled his pants down, along with his underwear. He stepped out of them and his cock bounced inches in front of me and I couldn’t help but stick my tongue out to catch the glisten pearl ready to drip off of the swollen head.

He grabbed a handful of my hair and yanked my head back, shaking his head as he grabbed his cock and stroked it. I watched as his fist tightened around the thick shaft, his hand squeezing it as it slid up and down. He stepped closer and held his cock just above my lips, my mouth opened slightly, warm breath caressing his magnificent fuck stick.

I waited for him to shove it into my mouth, to fuck the hell out of my face until I was tearing and gagging or begging him to stop. He smiled down at me and began smacking my face with his cock. Embarrassment flushed over me, my cheeks turning pink as he smacked my lips and chin and cheeks with his cock. He then walked behind me, pulling my head back and resting his cock on my forehead. I was humiliated, unsure of what he wanted me to do now, his cock taunting me as I looked at the glistening tip resting above my eyes.

“What are you?”

“I am a slut” I said softly.

“Not good enough, what are you?”

“I am a dirty slut, a cock loving whore.”

“Good girl.” He then smacked my forehead with his cock and I shuddered. “Who’s cock loving whore are you?”

“Yours, Sir. I am your dirty, cock loving slut whore.”

“Who do you belong to?”

“You, Sir.”

“And what do you do for me?”

“I take care of your cock, Sir. I do whatever you tell me to do, no matter what it is.”

“And if I want to fuck you in the ass?”

“Then I will give you my ass and beg you to be gentle.”

“You don’t beg me to be anything, you take my cock as I see fit, I do what I want, don’t I?”

“Yes Sir, I’m sorry.”

He walked back to the front of me, my forehead feeling the absence of his cock. I watched his cock bounce in front of me as he reached down and pulled my tits up, spilling them over the top of my corset. He then pulled my hair and brought me up on my knees, slapping his fat cock over my hard nipples, poking the head against then and then smacking them more. I was moaning, my mouth watering as I licked my lips.

He pushed my head forward, his cock sliding into my mouth and banging against the back of my throat. I was gagging as he began fucking my mouth, his cock filling my throat. I was dripping saliva from my stretched lips as he worked back and forth. Then he stopped, pulling his cock from my mouth with a pop, a string of saliva still connecting us.

“Hold your tits together around my cock.”

I grabbed my tits, squeezing them around his cock until it wasn’t visible anymore. He began thrusting his hips. He pushed my head down and I opened my mouth, catching the swollen head between my lips every time it popped up. He gave one final thrust, shoving it into my mouth and down my throat as his cock erupted, spilling ropes of seed into me. I sucked and swallowed every delicious drop, sucking even harder to make sure there was nothing left before relenting and releasing his cock. He walked away from me, sitting on the chair in the corner that I threw my skirt on.

“Do you have any toys here?”

“Only a new one I got online. It is a necklace so no one can tell what it is.”

“Where is it?”

“In my purse, over there” I pointed to my purse, resting on the table.

“Get it out and bend over the table, keep your legs apart and one hand under you, I want to watch as you masturbate with it.”

“Yes Sir.” I went to stand so I could walk over there.


I crawled over to the table and then stood, reaching into my purse to pull out my new toy. I saw illegal bahis it online and knew I had to have it. It was from a company called Crave and it looked like a nail, a shiny, decorative nail. It was made to look like jewelry but could be used anywhere since it was so quiet. I pulled the vibrator out and slid my hand under me as I bent over the table, my legs spread and my pussy facing him.

Another moment of embarrassment crossed over me as I lay in front of him, open and exposed for his inspection. He said nothing as I parted my puffy lips, wet and glistening with my juices. I slid the nail over my engorged clit and my pussy instantly began contracting, grasping for a cock that isn’t there. I made sure to move slowly, letting him watch as my hole opened and closed, the muscles tightening as I brought myself to the edge and then stopped, doing this several times over.

By the third time, just as I pulled the nail away from my clit before my orgasm, Christopher brought his hand across my ass, heat rushing over my pale flesh and my skin turning a soft shade of pink. I jumped up but he pushed me back down, standing behind me as he ordered me to keep going.

I ran the nail over my clit as he began smacking my ass over and over again. The pain coursing over my skin as the nail brought me pleasure was too intense and I forgot to pull away before screaming out, my orgasm tearing through my body and causing me to thrash against the table. Christopher continued smacking my now red ass until the tremors subsided and I was able to breathe again.

He reached forward and grabbed my hair, yanking my head back at the same time he slid his cock into my pussy. He stretched me, filling me completely and leaving his cock fully buried as my muscles tightened around him, adjusting to the intrusion. He moved slowly, allowing my pussy to memorize every throbbing inch of his magnificent cock, filling me completely before withdrawing to leave only the head in.

I gripped the end of the table, the nail falling to the floor as I pushed back against him. I wanted him harder, faster. I wanted him to fuck me until my pussy hurt so I could feel his cock inside of me hours after he finished. He pulled out completely, smacking my ass several more times and scolding me for being impatient. I whimpered and begged.

“Please Sir… please use me as your personal fuck toy, please fuck your dirty little slut and make me your cum whore… please!!”

That was all it took, he began pounding into me like a jackhammer, his balls smacking hard against my clit as he drilled me. I was crying out, my cunt growing sore as he speared his cock into me. He was like a wild animal and fucked me hard and fast, my hips digging into the edge of the table to leave bruises for me to remember him by. I cried out, begging for more, pushing against him.

I knew that he wouldn’t last long at this pace, my hand sneaking under my body so my fingers could rub my clit. I caressed his balls first, full and heavy and wonderful. I then went to my clit and rubbed furiously as he fucked me, his orgasm fast approaching. I felt him grip my hair and yank my head up, lifting my body off of the table and pressing his chest against my back. His hand slid over me, resting around my neck, holding me tightly but not enough to block the air. My large tits were swinging everywhere, smacking together as he growled out and began filling me with his seed. My pussy convulsed around him as my own orgasm raced through me. I was milking his cock for every wonderful drop of him.

He collapsed on top of me, our breath racing and our bodies covered in sweat. I felt him go soft inside of me, his cock slowly slipping out of my hole. I tried to tighten around him so he wouldn’t slip out but it didn’t work. He fell back into the chair, spent. I lifted myself from the table and managed to walk, on weak and shaky legs, to the bed…


(Will possibly continue the story to finish their weekend together, still unsure. XoXoXo)(P.S. I know there is spanking and rough play but I didn’t feel it was enough to warrant going under BDSM.)

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