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We’re standing, face to face, smiling at each other as we anticipate this time together. You are wearing a pair of button fly jeans without any shirt and are standing with your back to the wall, leaning against it slightly with your thumbs hooking in the front of the waistband. I have surprised you by coming out of the bedroom wearing only my white garter and thong panties and a matching white bra. Silk nylons encase my legs, ending mid-thigh and attached to the garter. My feet are clad in high, high heels so I am almost as tall as you are and I can see how much this outfit excites you.

I move closer to you, placing my hands on your shoulders and sliding them down your arms lightly, to grasp your hands. Pulling your arms up as I move closer, I use my hands to place them over your head against the wall. Smiling, I motion for you to keep them there. Leaning forward, I lightly kiss your lips, sliding my tongue between them to touch yours, teasing it before sliding back to lick your lips gently and then deepen the kiss, while my hands lightly roam over your sides, your chest and stomach.

With feather light kisses, I trail my lips down to your neck, nibbling gently down to your shoulder as my hands travel around to cup your ass and pull you closer to me. I can feel your hardening cock and I smile with anticipation. Trailing my lips down to your chest, flicking my tongue out to lick and taste you, I reach one hard, flat nipple and run my tongue around it in circles before placing my lips over it. I bite the hard nipple lightly first before sucking on it gently, running my tongue all around it in my mouth, tasting your skin. Mmmmmmmmm you taste so good. Trailing my lips to your other nipple, nibbling and sucking on it, too.

My hands are sliding slowly up and down your sides, scratching lightly with my nails, raising gooseflesh in their wake. I trail my lips down your chest to your stomach, licking and tasting tesettürlü escort your skin as I do. Flicking my tongue into your belly button rapidly, I slide one hand down to the your hardening cock, rubbing firmly against it through the material of your jeans. I smile as I feel it harden and lengthen more from my ministrations.

I look up at you and smile again as I move my hands to your button fly, slowly opening each button, my fingers deliberately brushing against your hard cock inside. Once unbuttoned, I slide my hands to the waistband, hook my fingers in and tug, pulling the jeans down your hips, sliding my fingers against you as I pull them down your thighs to your feet, lifting each foot to pull them completely off and toss them aside. Your tiny briefs can hardly restrain your hard cock now and I begin to stroke and squeeze it lightly through the material, my anticipation growing sharply.

Leaning forward, I press my open mouth to the head through your briefs and kiss it, blowing hot burst of breath on it as I do. Nibbling lightly through the material, I move my mouth up and down the length, my hand reaching under you to cup your balls and fondle them. Your reaction is immediate and I am satisfied to hear you moaning above me.

I can’t wait any longer! Sliding my finger tips along the waistband of your briefs, running them back and forth, I lightly tug them down, first one side and then the other, revealing more and more of your cock, kissing and licking each inch that is revealed not letting it out of the briefs completely. I can feel your hips straining to push your cock into my mouth and I stop pulling at your briefs to grab your hips and push them firmly back against the wall, as I lick up and down the length of your cock. Finally I can’t wait any longer and I give a tug, pulling the material that extra inch off your cock so that türbanlı escort if pops free. It looks so good, hard and throbbing, pre-cum already dripping from that tiny slit. Sliding the briefs down, I let them fall to the ground, lifting each of your feet to pull them off and toss them in the general direction of your pants.

Sliding my hands up the outside of your calves, I meander across your knees to your sensitive inner thighs, scraping my nails lightly there, feeling your muscles quivering underneath. I push lightly to spread your legs further and you comply. Sliding one hand up, I cup your balls, fondling and playing with them in one hand. Leaning forward, I lick my lips slightly and press kiss on the head of your cock, flicking my tongue out to taste your wetness. MMmmmmm, it tastes so good that I have to lick all of it up, probing that tiny slit for more, my tongue wandering all over the head, searching, tasting, licking everywhere. Sliding my tongue down, I run it in circles all around under the rim, spending a lot of time there just to hear you moan.

Pressing my tongue flat against your cock, I slide it slowly down the top to the base, rubbing my face in the soft hairs there, feeling your cock sliding under my chin before running my tongue back up the side to the head. Running my tongue around the head again, I press my open mouth to the tip and suck gently, sliding my tongue against the slit as it bobs in and out of my mouth. Your hips are bucking out at me, trying to thrust more of your cock into my mouth, but I am holding your hip against the wall with one hand. Sliding it off your hip, I bring it down and curl my fingers around the base of your cock, steadying it. I run my tongue back down the other side, licking down to the base, sliding my tongue around the base and up the other side to the head.

Wetting my lips again, tüyap escort I slide them over your cock head, sucking it in and out of my mouth, keeping a gently suction that I know you like. Sliding them down a little further, I wrap my lips under the rim of your cock head, still sucking gently, my tongue swirling all around the head. Twisting my head back and forth as I tighten my lips, I gently rub my lips under the rim of your cock head as I suck, keeping a constant pressure on both sensitive areas. I know you feel so good by your moaning and I smile at the pleasure I can give you.

Sliding my mouth down your shaft, licking everywhere that I can reach with my tongue as I take your whole cock into my mouth, feeling it hit the back of my throat and go down. Sucking harder, I slide my mouth back up and onto the head, sucking the head like a lollipop, before moving my mouth back down the shaft. Keeping constant pressure, my tongue flat against your sensitive underside as my mouth travels down your cock, sucking harder as I pull my mouth off, I begin to move faster up and down your cock. My cheeks are puffing in and out as your cock goes in and out of my mouth.

You bring your hands down to either side of my head to guide me and show me the rhythm you want and I willingly suck your cock harder and faster, bobbing my head back and forth, my one hand still holding the base and the other playing with your balls. Feeling your balls tighten, I slide my mouth up to your cock head and suck there, probing under the rim until I feel your hips begin to buck and your moans grow louder. Moving my mouth back down your shaft, I begin sliding it up and down, my lips tight around your cock, keeping a fast pace back and forth until you cum in my mouth. You’re moaning loudly, your hips are bucking against me and I feel your hot, salty cum explode in my mouth.

Swallowing furiously, I slide my mouth up and down your shaft, flicking my tongue out to lick and taste all the juices. Finally, your hips slow down and rest against the wall and I slide my mouth slowly up the shaft to the head, swirling my tongue around the head, catching every drop of cum. Planting a wet kiss on the end of your cock, I lean back and smile at you as I stand slowly up, pulling your head down for a long, slow kiss.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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