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Morning Wood

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Starring H-Cup-hootered sister Harriet and her foot-long-donged brother Henry in:

“Morning Wood”

Written by Victor C. Nathan and Dr. Mojo in their first Humper collaboration

Edited by Victor C. Nathan


“Mom? Mom! Are you still home?” Henry half-moaned as he walked down the upstairs hall of the Humper household towards his mother’s bedroom, his twelve-inch slab of cockmeat straining against the fabric of his jockeys. “Mom? Can I get a quick blow job before you leave?”

It was 9:15 on a Saturday morning, and the youngest member of the insanely overendowed Humper family had awoken minutes earlier with a serious case of morning wood, and like any eighteen-year-old boy, he was eager for gratification. Normally he would have simply rolled over and relieved his burden within the sweet confines of his top-heavy mother’s pussy or mouth, the two of them having begun waking up in the same bed on most days in the months since they became lovers.

However, unbeknownst to Henry, Hilda had left early that morning to finish up some overdue paperwork in her classroom at Taft and Adams High School. In addition to their multiple daily sex sessions at home, the mother-and-son couple had also begun sneaking in quickies during school hours in Hilda’s class, in the locker room, and various other locations around the school. The two of them had done so much fucking the previous week that Hilda had fallen behind on grading her students’ assignments, and she had elected to spend her Saturday catching up. She figured that it would be easier to get her work done without the constant distraction of her younger child’s throbbing twelve-inch wee wee that she so lusted over, so the responsible educator had quietly snuck out of her son’s bed an hour earlier and headed off to campus. Henry, who was tuckered out after the two of them had fucked each other to exhaustion until three AM the previous night, continued to snooze away into the morning, none the wiser.

“Moooooommmmm! Where are you? Mooooooommmmmm! My weeeeee weeeeee!” Henry whined like a petulant child wanting candy instead of the vegetables on his dinner plate. “Mommmmmaaa!”

Henry made his way down the hall still further, envisioning her heavy but firm gelatin-like masses of springy boobflesh as he eased his underwear down just enough to fish his ridiculously long and thick cock over the waistpant of his shorts, the tree trunk of a fuckstick springing predictably upward at the mere thought of her motherly mountainous mounds and her sopping pussy which would be all too eager to sheath his solidified stalk. Where was she, and why would the engorged-glanded elder Humper even allow her pussy to be empty this early on a Saturday morning? Henry gave his penis several strokes of encouragement and the massive glossy head of his manmeat plumped and he grew still thicker at the base of his trunk. Boy, was he ever going to stick it to her when he found his boobie mommy.

Impatiently pushing the door of his mother’s bedroom open and walking inside, Henry was disappointed to find it empty, with no sign of Hilda anywhere, her purse and keys missing and her bed immaculately made. Henry chuckled briefly at the hotel perfect tuck job of the bed, which looked like it hadn’t been slept on once since the last time the sheets were washed. That’s because it hadn’t; Hilda had spent the last four consecutive nights in Henry’s bed, the two of them fucking each other’s brains out like two horny teenage sweethearts, after which she was too tired to make the trek down the hall to the master bedroom.

In fact, Hilda hadn’t had sex in her own bed in nearly two weeks. With their newly liberated familial fuck policy, the 38-year-old top-heavy tittie trollop and her oedipally-obsessed offspring Henry had made their entire home into a veritable temple of incestuous insanity. In addition to countless trysts on Henry’s bed, they had fucked on the kitchen counter, dining room table, living room floor, the upstairs shower, Hilda’s bathtub, the stairs, the backyard patio, on top of the washing machine, and on the living room couch. Henry had even come home twice from school only to have his mother waiting for him in the foyer on her knees, undoing his pants and swallowing his twelve-inch boner to the hilt before he even had the chance to close the front door. Hilda and Henry had fucked on practically every surface and square inch of their home, and this was merely in the previous two weeks. With the rest of the house seeing so much action, Hilda’s bed had remained in a pristine, virginal state that Hilda herself hadn’t experienced in 25 years.

“Motherfucker!” Henry cursed, surveying the empty room and immaculately made bed, slapping his engorged dick blithely with his right hand, making the long and girthy trunk, all of its twelve inches, bob up and down from between his legs. “Oh, Mommy-Boobs, why, why, why? Wee wee’s hungry! Wee wee’s hungry! Son of a bitch, I need to fuck!”

Henry felt his balls inflate with semen weight and bulge ever larger and he slid just the front of bayan arkadaş his shorts down a smidgen more to let those big plumpers hang out. But he left his underwear on because it just seemed naughtier to him that way. Henry Humper spat on his cock several times and sat down on the edge of the perfect bed to work his encircled fingers back and forth over the spittle-shined head and the first three inches of his missile-sized wiener. Mmmm, it felt good, but it was same-old same-old. He thought for a moment of fishing one of his mother’s canyon-deep big-ass fucking brassieres out of one of her dresser drawers to stroke himself off with, maybe having a spit-up right in one of the deep deep cups. But then suddenly he had a better idea.

“Wait, why tug my own wee wee when I have the world’s second-best cock-stroker sleeping in the room next door?” Henry thought to himself excitedly as he continued to stroke his cock with more ardor as he thought of bouncy Humper boobies. “I’ve been so busy burying my boner in Mom the last couple of weeks that I’ve been neglecting my poor sister this whole time! After all, sharing is caring, and I’ve got about a pint of wee wee juice that needs to be shared with my big sis. Hopefully I can share it all over her face!” Henry smirked to himself as he recalled the countless times he’d shot his load onto Harriet’s beautiful face, her gorgeous green eyes crinkling with lust, ruby-red lips pouted, dainty hands hefting her gigantic teenage mammaries aloft for her younger brother’s visual stimulation, her words a filthy torrent of encouraging dirty talk as she coached more and more of Henry’s load out of his balls and onto her countenance.

Harriet absolutely loved to receive facials from her brother. She loved the feel of his hot jizz splashing her cheeks and forehead, rivers of his boy batter running down her chin and dripping onto her preposterously proportioned breasts. Harriet also enjoyed the renowned skin-smoothing properties that semen had on her lovely flesh, noticing that it left her complexion smoother and more youthful than any of the expensive lotions she kept in her medicine cabinet. Harriet often requested that Henry jerk off onto her face before bedtime as part of her evening beauty routine, smearing gobs of his fresh, gooey boy batter into a beauty mask that she would wear to sleep. Henry was more than happy to oblige, getting an extra orgasm before turning in for the night while helping to keep his beautiful overly-orbed sister looking radiant as ever each morning.

Hopping off the bed and bounding out of the room in a quick motion, Henry made his way down the hall to Harriet’s room, opening the door and peeking inside. Peering into his sister’s sun-lit room, Henry’s heart and wee wee both jumped a bit as they caught a glimpse of her gorgeous eighteen-year-old form. Harriet lay on her back sound asleep, breathing peacefully as her prodigious chest rose and fell with each breath. Harriet’s whopping 36HH boulders of titanic titmeat were rising comically above the rest of her body like a pair of beach balls, her nipples just barely concealed by the top of the white satin sheets she slept under. The long golden locks of hair framing her face picked up the soft morning light pouring through the windows, giving her face the gentle glow of an angel. Henry paused to admire the radiant beauty of his sister’s face, the sweetness of which, at the moment, contrasted with the insatiable libido of the girl it belonged to. Harriet had the wholesome face of the girl next door, if the girl next door was a wanton, sex-crazed nearly nineteen-year-old nymphomaniac who had fucked literally thousands of men in her short life, including her own brother who was now admiring her sleeping form. Henry truly loved his sister in every way, and cherished the time they spent together: whether it be Christmas mornings, backyard barbeques, family dinners, or, as of late, orgasm-inducing sessions of mind-blowing sex.

It pained Henry somewhat to disturb Harriet’s peaceful slumber, but the aching in his balls was starting to bother him something fierce, so he decided to give her a pleasant but gentle wake-up while easing his sexual suffering; after all, he knew what was most important. Climbing slowly onto her bed, Henry gently pulled down the satin sheet covering her body until it lay in a pile on the floor, her wet dream of a figure now completely naked and exposed to the morning air. Henry gave her the once over, admiring her smooth and well-toned legs, the flare of her young-but-very-womanly hips that framed a tiny triangular patch of blonde pubic hair above her pussy, and her narrow waist which tapered into a youthfully tight tummy. Henry lingered a bit as his eyes moved up to the target of his current desire, her famously fabulous funbags of flesh. The sudden exposure of her breasts to the open air sent a chill over her nipples, which instantly hardened, making Henry’s eyes continue to widen with lust. Shedding his underwear and letting his now raging twelve-inch hard-on spring entirely free, Henry threw one leg over his sister’s torso and straddled her, aiming his foot-long bayan partner firehose of fuck at Harriet’s boobies.

Harriet’s massive milkwagons both bobbled and swayed from side to side on her sleeping body as Henry perched his muscular form over her flat stomach and ribcage lightly, his horsey-sized hogleg of a pussy-piercer tapping against the bottoms of her laconically swaying H-cupper sweat glands as he gave his peter a couple of perfunctory pumps, grinning as his mushroom pee wee head pulsed with blood and his stout fat trunk thickened yet again at the prospect of spelunking deep between her boulder-sized boobs. Henry Humper took his prick in hand, gripping it at the base and gently and luxuriantly rubbing his baseball-sized cockhead against each of her giant spacious areolas, almost massaging and mashing her golfball-sized pink tips with his swelling shroom dicktop.

“Mmmmmmm,” Harriet cooed, her udders undulating, as she almost gurgled like a baby, but amazingly didn’t wake up. “Oooooooooo.”

“I’m gettin’ in between ya, sis,” Henry whispered hornily, lifting his naked ass higher above her flat stomach, and hovering his foot-longer shlonger right above her satellite sacks of sacrosanct sexy titiness, as sweet a sight as he had ever seen. “Now it’s time to part some boobies.”

Henry slid his right hand in an agile fashion down into the deepest part of her cleavage and then opened his fingers, making her giant boobies ripple and spread. At the same moment, he lowered his ass, dropping cock-first straight downwards into her cavernous depth, the special place between her knockers, like a helicopter landing on a pad. Henry sighed deeply as his pee wee found its home at last. Ohhhhhhhhh, it was good to be home.

“Aaaaaahhhhh,” Henry sighed as he put a palm on each side of her luscious young titters and then squashed them together like a big busty boober sandwich, letting out a squeak of joy as her fleshy bazooms nearly suffocated his salami. “Oooooooo, fuccckkkk, Sleeping Boobies, that is some sweet fucking cleavage down in there.”

Henry braced himself and grinned maniacally as his sleeping sister even managed to cutely snore as he pinned his penis between her chest charms and started to gingerly buck at the waist, making his bone-hard gristle slide and traverse her deep dark depth, the sweetest place for her boobs to give him pleasure, the place he returned to again and again to ply his fuck. Mmmm, boy, did he ever like to fuck his older sissy’s boom booms. Harriet wheezed a bit as he worked his wiener harder and harder between her. He stopped for a second and wantonly tapped his applehead against her thick red lips as she softly breathed.

“Ohhhhhh, yeah, taste the tip of my cock, you jumbo-jugged slut sister of mine!” Henry growled, his growing lust overtaking his previous attempts to quietly titfuck his sister without waking her. Henry rubbed the head of his sausage all over Harriet’s thick and juicy DSL’s, dabs of pre-cum beginning to moisten the outer part of her prick-pleasing mouth.

“Oh, I can’t wait to empty my nuts onto your face, sis!” Henry moaned. “It’s time for breakfast in bed, and I’m gonna give ya a nice hot serving of penis porridge.”

Taking his protracted pussy warrior back into his hand, Henry reinserted it into the valley of Harriet’s cleavage and resumed thrusting, picking up the pace even further this time, his sister’s substantial sacks of succulent sweater meat beginning to pitch up and down on her chest like two buoys in an Atlantic storm. His buxom sister was a heavy sleeper, to be sure, but the combination of tasting Henry’s sweet pre-cum, the sound of his groaning, and the motion of the bed finally began to rouse Harriet from her slumber, her eyelids fluttering and a subtle moan escaping her lips.

“Mmmmmm…” she moaned groggily as Henry continued to manipulate her breasts with his wee wee, his palms kneading her melons like bread dough as he rubbed circles around her pencil eraser nipples. Harriet finally awoke, her eyes remaining shut as she let out a loud yawn, her mouth gaping open as she did so.

Seeing the inviting and familiar opening of his sister’s pouty lips in the O shape, Henry removed his rock-hard johnson from the cavern of her cleavage and shoved it into her mouth in one motion, six inches of his cockmeat disappearing into Harriet’s oral cavity with ease. The sensation of half of her brother’s male organ being shoved into her mouth took Harriet by surprise, especially in her groggy state, and her eyes immediately shot open wide. Harriet literally went cross-eyed as she took in the sight of her brother’s raging tree trunk of a penis disappearing literally under her nose.

“Mmmenry?!” she attempted to inquire, her mouth too stuffed with familiar wee wee to let out any coherent sounds. “Isssthtyou?” Harriet almost instinctively began to lick the underside of the cock currently occupying her mouth, not even waiting to find out who the owner was before beginning to administer her oral pleasure-giving abilities upon it as her honeydew melons bounced with her fellatio.

“Good morning, Sunshine!” bdsm escort Henry bellowed with a laugh as his chestily-charmed sister’s mouth slid up and down on his morning wood until it was as slick as glass. “Ain’t this better than two scoops of raisins?”

Henry shoved his legs apart and sat his ass softly onto her high-rising H dirigible deuces that jutted up like fucking speed bumps of utter lunacy from her luscious body that lay beneath him. He roughly put a knee on either side of her blonde head and her mouth stretched as gurgling sounds came from her occupied throat as she tried to accommodate him. Henry grabbed the headboard to brace his perch athwart her globular whoppers and then began to buck firmly and confidently at the waist. Facefucking was his forte this morning and his wee wee wasn’t going to be a damn bit shy about it. His sister’s throat was going to take every inch of his lance it possibly could; and maybe a little bit more.

“Mmmmhmmmmmm!” Harriet Humper, boobahs-a-wobbling under his buttocks, her lips curling into a smile even as her gullet gripped and grabbed at his girthy stalk, his fat wanker as his gonads beat rhythmically and methodically against her chin, his plumper cum-makers as swollen as two oranges freshly ripe.

“Aaaaaahhhhhhhh, big sis, your throat feels good as fuck! Yeah! Mmmm, uuhhhh, uhhhhhhh, talk about swallowing a guy up!” Henry let out as he rode her oral cavity like it was a wet and receiving pussy instead of the mouth and throat of his gargantuan-mountained sister whom he had just woken up by invading her face with his whopper of a trouser snake. “There is nothing better than a brotherly facefuck to really wake a big-tittied broad up!”

Momentarily withdrawing his foot-long monster from his sister’s oral cavity, Henry once again rubbed the apple head of his mushroom warrior over her pouty DSL’s and giggled as she darted her tongue out to lap up some stray pre-cum that had begun to leak down the edge of the shaft. Harriet, her mouth no longer stuffed to the tonsils with his familial pole, was finally able to speak coherent sentences.

“And a good morning to you too, brother-dear! How sweet of you to bring me breakfast in bed! You know they say chivalry is dying out, but you wouldn’t know it with such a thoughtful gentleman like you around! Tee hee!” Harriet giggled to herself and continued to lap at the breakfast sausage that jutted out from between her younger brother’s legs, her continuing oral ministrations and the feel of her jumblies on Henry’s ass causing his dick to grow harder, thicker and longer. “Although I’m a little surprised to find you in my room so early *slurp* *slurp* because usually this time of the morning I wake up to the sound of Mom screaming your name and her headboard slamming paint off the walls as you give it to her doggie style. What did I do to make you pry this jumbo pussy-pleaser *slurp* *slurp* of yours away from our mother’s pussy and bring it into my room to stick in my mouth?” she inquired, lifting Henry’s penis up and stroking it with one hand as she leaned forward to lick his scrotum.

Henry, the nerves in his balls tingling with delight at the sensation of his sister’s well-practiced tongue upon them, humored her with a little of his famous charm as she lapped at his sack earnestly. “Well, I wanted to do something really – oh! OHHHH! – special for you today because I feel like I’ve been neglecting you, Hare. Mom’s been monopolizing my dick so much lately that I wanted to have a little – oh fuck yeah, lick my nuts! – alone time with my sis, just the two of us! So I thought I’d sneak away from her for a bit and surprise you,” he blurted out, his thinking starting to become a little blurred by the pleasure Harriet’s mouth was providing his male organs at the moment.

“HA! Henry, you are quite the charmer, but I know when you’re full of shit,” Harriet retorted, her years of knowing her little brother betraying his attempts at flattery. “I know you were looking for Mom to get a quick nut off this morning and probably couldn’t find her. She told me last night before dinner that she was planning on going into school early to finish up some work. What am I, your silver medal?” she asked, hefting her bazooms in mock poutiness as she momentarily stopped her oral and manual manipulation of Henry’s genitals, hoping to extract a more serious compliment from him.

Henry, his ruse now exposed, was beginning to turn red-faced with embarrassment. Like a husband answering incorrectly to the “do I look fat” question, he struggled to back himself out of the corner. “No, no! I mean, yeah, I did go to Mom’s room first, but it was only because I left my boxers in her bathroom the other night, and I, uh, started to tug my wee wee on her bed when I saw her bra, but, umm….I remembered that you were home, and I saw you sleeping and you were just so pretty, and then I saw your titties sticking up……..and that made my wee wee really stand up and…….” he trailed off as Harriet began to laugh hysterically at his clumsy rationalizations. She had seen this bumbling male excuse routine countless times from her boyfriend Chuck, usually during the many occasions when she would walk in on him fucking another girl. Even though they had an open relationship, Harriet enjoyed seeing his instinctual, flustered excuse-making after getting caught. Seeing this routine from her own brother was currently having the same effect.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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