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Mother and Son Return

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It was time to head back to my home for the holidays. My name is Nick and I was looking forward to seeing my mother once more. The summer before college started I had sex with my Mom. My father hadn’t been taking care of Mom’s needs so she turned to me. I was on the bus back to my home town and my cock was stirring in my pants. I was thinking back to the times I filled my Mom’s pussy. All that daydreaming… I finally made it back.

My Mom was there to pick me up. Sure enough my Dad was away on business again. He never had time for my mother or myself. Mom squeezed me hard and kissed me flush on the mouth, there at the terminal.

“I missed you so much Nick.”

I had missed Mom as well. As foolish as it sounds, I didn’t have sex with anyone at school. I couldn’t wait to get home. We got into the car and Mom drove us home. She had reached over and put her hand on my crotch on the ride back. I knew what was going to happen once we got in the door. We barely made it into the living room when my Mom pulled me into her arms. We both stripped down and I took a good look at my Mom’s body.

Mom had such large tits. Her nipples were a light brown and big as well. We got over to the couch and Mom got onto her back. My cock was aching to have her again.

“I’m off the pill Nick,” my Mom told me.

During the summer I told my Mom I wanted to impregnate her. I never thought she would follow through. I spread beylikdüzü otele gelen escort Mom’s legs and I took hold of my raging cock. I slowly pushed my mushroom past her wet folds. Mom let out this cry as I entered her for the first time in months. It was easy to see my mother was greedy to be fucked. She threw her legs around my back and we got to it.

I stretched my legs out and gave Mom my entire length. I was pumping furiously. My sacs were slapping against her bottom. Mom was so tight down below. I would have to do something about that. I started to circle my dick around inside my Mom’s pussy. Mom’s muscles were holding me firmly.

“You’re mine now Mom, your pussy is all mine,” I ranted as I fed her cock.

“Impregnate me Nick, I want your baby seed,” she told me.

I did have a giant load all stored up just for this occasion. I lowered my mouth and I took a nipple between my teeth. I was chewing on each one as I fed my Mom more cock. I felt my Mom’s hands on my ass. It was like she was holding on for dear life. I wish I could have held out longer, but I was so excited this first time since summer. I drove my prick into Mom and I exploded.

It was if someone turned on a fire hydrant. I kept blasting my hot cum deep into Mom’s belly. God, she was needy for my sticky seed. Her muscles tensed up and took all my love offering from my erect beylikdüzü rus escort cock. I could see that my cum was dripping out of my Mom’s pussy. There was a pool of it on the couch. I just kept stroking my Mom’s pussy until I went soft. My dick made a popping noise as I pulled out.

Looking down my Mom looked out of it. She was breathing hard and her body was shaking. She told me that she hadn’t had sex with my Dad the whole time I was away. She was saving herself just for me. My Mom did finally get up and we cleaned up our mess. I was only going to be home a week or so. I wanted to make sure I had my fill of Mom.

My Dad did manage to take some days off around Christmas day. There was no way we could make love. I was getting tense not being able to fuck my Mom. My Dad did go out early one morning to do some shopping. Mom and I fucked like two rabbits in heat after he left the house. Mom came into my bedroom and she dropped her robe to the floor. She mounted me and she rode my cock.

I do love when Mom gets on top of me. I can squeeze her big breasts with both hands. She loves it as well. Mom was bouncing up and down my seven inch rod and I brought my cock up to meet her.

“Fuck me hard Nick!”

Mom was actually doing most of the work. She would slam down hard onto my prick. I was completely buried inside her pussy. Mom rode me for nearly an hour. I gave beylikdüzü türbanlı escort her more of my baby cum that day. Yes it was on my mind. Impregnating my mother with my cum. We only ever fucked bare and Mom was off the pill. I pumped my love lotion deep into Mom’s pussy that morning. I just love squirting my hot cum into my Mom.

Christmas day came and went and it was getting close to my day to go back. My Dad offered to take me to the bus depot, but my mother said she would drive me instead. We didn’t drive straight there. Mom took a less direct route and we drove out into a wooded area. Mom unzipped me and she brought my cock to her mouth.

“Here is a present to remember me by,” she said.

Mom took my cock down her throat. She sucked me off as we sat in the car. I was getting close but I didn’t want to cum this way. I told my Mom to pull off. We got out of the car and I pulled my Mom’s pants down. I had her lean over the hood of the car and I fucked her out there in the wooded opening. It was damn cold that morning, but I had to have my mother one last time. I inserted my dick from behind and I fed my Mom’s pussy. There we stood out on this cold, back road.

Mom was screaming as I fed her my dick. Damn, she loved to take cock from me. I ended up blasting my seed into her pussy. It must have taken a good ten minutes for me to shoot my entire load. After we finished Mom went over to some bushes and she pushed my cum out. We did make it to the terminal on time. Mom kissed me on the lips and I hopped on the bus. I could feel the remainder of my load leaking from the tip of my cock.

I am back at school and just waiting for the day I get a call from Mom. I know I have planted my seed. It is just a matter of how long it takes for Mom to know I have impregnated her.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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