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Mother-In-Law Sexily Seduces Me

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I started screwing my mother–in-law when I was 25 and a part time university student. I was then studying to be a psychotherapist. My mother-in-law, Yvonne was then 49 yet she looked a lot like Gillian Anderson (X-files!) but with Dolly Parton’s boobs. Small in stature but she also had beautiful shapely legs which I was always sneaking a look at. My father-in-law had died a few years before in an airplane accident and she still had not tried to have another relationship, even though I could tell she was a hot-blooded woman. However since I have known her we had been best of friends and often spent a lot of time together and share many of the same interests.

I lived in a small bungalow with her daughter who had just had our first child. It was near my school, which was also not far from Yvonne’s house. Anyway I started to take a class on hypnotism. To properly learn it however I felt I needed to practice on a subject. My wife was always busy with our child and it was then that I thought of asking Yvonne. Now I had always lusted after my mother-in-law yet I never let on of my fantasy. Yet this was not what made me go to my mother-in-law to learn hypnotism… at least not consciously.

Of course my mother-in-law was happy and even excited to help. My first session with her proved a great success. She turned out to be one of those people that took almost no effort to hypnotize. Yet I found that by the end of our session that I was extremely horny and that I had a huge hard on. That night I had to masturbate three times before I could go to sleep.

The next week I tried again and because of an earlier command it was even easier to put my mother-in-law “down” than it was before. Yet this time I was curious about what I could hypnotize Yvonne to do. Could I make her do something she would not normally do “as the experts say”. So this time I started by asking my mother-in-law personal questions. However I told her that it was not me she was talking to but an imaginary counsellor she was going to.

I asked her if she missed my father-in-law and she told me she did. I then asked her if she missed having sex with him? She told me she did very much. I asked her what she missed most and she told me having her pussy sucked by him. She also told me how he would squeeze her nipples whilst licking her cunt. I asked her what she did to satisfy her sexual urges now? She said that she spent a lot of time masturbating with a dildo.

I asked her why she didn’t date anyone? She told me that she just didn’t feel right about this and that no man interested her. I then asked her the question I was dying to ask. Did she lust after her son-in-law? She had trouble answering this question and I had to put her in a deeper state of hypnosis yet she finally did. She told me that she did sometimes but was ashamed of herself for this, as it would be cheating on her daughter. I could tell this was making her uncomfortable so I stopped questioning her about this for now. However I left the suggestion she would stop feeling guilty about this desire. I also told her that whenever she started using her dildo she would start pretending it was me who was fucking her. Of course I told her that when she woke up she would remember nothing of the latter part of our session.

To my surprise and relief it worked. She remembered nothing about what happened. When I came back a few days later however I could tell she was bizimkent escort a little uncomfortable with me. She also found it hard to look at me without blushing. This time when I put her “down” I asked her if she had been fantasying about having her son-in-law as a lover? She admitted she did. I asked her how she felt about this and she told me that it made her hornier than she had ever been with her husband. She told me how when she thought about it she couldn’t seem to get over being horny even when she masturbated till her pussy was sore. I asked her if she knew if her son-in-law also lusted for her? She told me how she had often caught me looking at her with a glint in my eye, peeking views up her skirt when she was sitting, or staring at her breasts, especially when she wore a low cut top with a Wonderbra. Yet she felt how it was unlikely that I felt that way now with marriage to her daughter. This time when I ended the session I left her with the suggestion of relaxing her guilt over her feelings even more. I also told her to start fantasying that I might also masturbate to fantasies of screwing her. I finally told her how she would fantasize that how I would fulfil all her sexual fantasies that even her husband would not do. Along this line I also told her to let her sexual imagination run wild.

When she woke up she was even more uncomfortable than before yet now she seemed to be able to look me in the eye. However her lips seem fuller, her cheeks rosier, and her breasts straighter. When next I came my mother-in-law was dressed in the sexiest clothes that I had seen her in since my father-in-law had died. She wore a tight black skirt, high-heeled sandals and a cream silk short sleeve blouse that was low cut and exposed the top edges of a lacy bra. Her legs were encased in a glowing sheen from her tan coloured stockings, and I could just make out the tell-tale bumps of suspender clips under her skirt.

Over the course of these events I had also been getting hornier and hornier and I was always restless. I could think of nothing except my next session with Yvonne.

This time when she was under I asked her to tell me what she had been dreaming of sexually. With much less hesitation than the first time, she told me how she had been lusting for her son-in-law. How she dreamed of me sucking her nipples till they were raw. How she envisioned me masturbating between her breasts and coming in her face. How she imagined me playing with her dildo in her pussy while I licked her tits…. and more. I was shocked yet unimaginably horny. I couldn’t believe how wild a woman my mother-in-law had become in only a few short weeks of hypnosis.

I then decided to take a risk. I told her to pretend she was alone and horny. I then told her to describe for me what she would do. She then told me how she would get her dildo and without a thought to what I was doing. I told her that when I snapped my fingers how she would awake and not be able to see or hear me. She would then find herself incredibly horny lusting for her son-in-law to the point where she would have to masturbate until she could relinquish her fire… and then she would go back into hypnosis.

When I snapped my fingers she awoke. My heart stopped afraid that I had gone to far yet I soon saw she was looking through me. I then saw how her breathing was getting heavier and heavier. She then closed bostancı escort her eyes and started squeezing her breasts through her blouse. Soon she had pulled up her skirt and had one hand going down inside her pants and she started to moan. Then she was saying “Oh baby suck your mummy’s titties. That’s a good hungry baby suck them. MMMMMMM…”

Then she got up and rapidly went to her room shedding off her clothes as she went. She enticingly kept on her stockings and suspenders. When she got there she took a 7 or 8 inch dildo out of her dresser drawer along with some lubricant she had. She quickly dabbed the dildo with the cream and went to her bed. In bed she took off her bra and started playing with her large tits with her hands and using the dildo on her nipples. As she did this she was purring things like “baby, lick your mummy’s boobies” or “darling play with mummy’s juggs”. Then she was soon playing with the dildo around her pussy and ass. She was rubbing so vigorously that she even had to get up to get more cream which she liberally applied to her whole bottom and cunt. Again she would moan things like “baby play with your cock along mummy’s hot ass” or “sweetheart slap your hot cock on mummy’s wet pussy”. She also loved watching the dildo play around her cunt as if she were watching my real cock. Soon she started playing with the dildo around her cunt pushing the dildo in a short way then letting it slide back out along her swollen sex. First tickling her clit then letting it slip into her folds a little bit. Each time going a little deeper and deeper until soon she jammed the whole rod deep into her self as she let out an animal moan.

I was found myself shaken with excitement and my cock was harder than it had ever been. I was still afraid to play with it in front of my mother-in-law but that didn’t keep it from pulsing with heat and spilling pits of cum into my underwear.

Soon my mother-in-law was jamming the dildo in and out of her like a steam engine begging her baby soon to fuck his mother-in-law until she came in a series of orgasms that seem to shake her to her roots. Then she was under hypnosis again. I told Yvonne to get dressed, yet I let her remember her masturbation although I told her she had done it before I had come over. I also suggested that she lose her inhibitions about her sexual feelings towards her son-in-law plus that she would start considering seducing me. When she woke up she seem to have a fire in her eyes and she looked at me in a way that I had never seen before. It was then that I thought that maybe I had gone to far and thought about stopping this dangerous game. Yet I left and told her that I would see her the next day.

The next day I came over and she had a wonderful dinner set up for me with candles and a couple bottles of expensive red wine. She kissed me when I came in, in a way that did not seem very motherly. Over dinner I told her that I thought I no longer need to use her to practice my hypnotism. She smile over her wine and asked me if I accomplished all that I had wanted with my “homework” and for a second I thought that maybe I had been caught. My nervousness however made me drink more than I ever had. After dinner, as it was a warm summer evening, we sat out in her porch in her large swing hearing the night sounds and watching the stars. Then she surprised me by lighting up a joint and passing it büyükçekmece escort to me. I never imagined my demure mother-in-law smoking pot yet she told me that occasionally it loosened her up and opened up her mind.

I was soon fairly stoned. I was lusting for my mother-in-law again with all my past vigour but with my guilt drifting away. When she told me she was hot and opened up her blouse, I stared at her huge soft tits hanging down her chest just waiting to be touched and played with. She asked me if I liked them and I think the way my eyes were bulging and the sausage in my pants answered her question. She then started talking to me about if I thought it was wrong for a mother-in-law and son-in-law to be lovers as her hands played over my crotch. I told her that I thought that as long as two adults wanted the same thing, and it didn’t hurt others, that I thought it would be beautiful. She told me how much she needed a man but that since my father-in-law died she could find no interest in other men except her son-in-law and if I hated her for that? She also wanted to know if I could take my father-in-law’s place?

In answer I started to play with her tits. She soon pushed me head down unto them moaning as she did. “Mummy wants to fuck her little boy”, she said. “Mummy wants to be dirty and bad with her son”. As I sucked and licked and pressed her tits all over my face I found her hands stripping me of my clothes. When my bulging cock jumped out of my pants she grabbed it and held it in her hands as if it pulsed her whole system with pleasure. She then hiked her skirt above her hips and I was mesmerised by her black stocking tops and black lace suspenders. She then drove me into her pussy and howled with pleasure as she rubbed her pussy vigorously up and down my shaft. Within minutes she was trembling and shaking as she moaned, “I’m coming. Your horny mother is coming. My baby’s big dick is making me commmmmmmmmmmme.

She then collapsed on top of me and started crying. Through her tears she asked me to forgive her. She told me she didn’t know what had come over her. Yet the last few weeks she couldn’t stop lusting over me and dreaming about fucking me. She asked me to please not hate her. Yet in reply I kissed her tears. Then I kissed her. Yet my kiss conveyed my hunger to her and my mouth opened hers while my tongue searched for her. I also started rocking my still hard cock against the lace material of her knickers, then I pulled the material to one side exposing her dripping cunt until she was soon rocking with me. I then grabbed her tits and rolled her erect nipples with my fingers, which made her start to moan again. She then looked and me and smiled. She said, “My horny son wants to fuck his old lady doesn’t he?” I smiled and squeezed her gorgeous tits even harder. Then a thought came to her and she asked, “Did my dirty son-in-law hypnotize his horny mother-in-law into screwing him?” When she saw my guilty look she squeezed my cock inside her and said she was glad because she had gone without a good man to long. She also told me this was the best sex she had ever had and now that I had ruined her I would always have to be her wild lover.

With that we led each other into an evening of the hottest sex I had ever had. It also got better and better every time we did it. We have now been fucking for over 10 years now and even though Yvonne is over 60, she is still the sexiest woman I have ever seen and the sight of her in her high heels, stockings and suspenders and push-up bra can make me almost cum in my pants. Yvonne has recently hinted on letting her daughter ‘join us’ but I’m not convinced that hypnosis would work so well twice – although I may one day just chance my luck!!

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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