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Mother Knows Best

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It really hurt and I wanted it to stop but I couldn’t say a thing. The big red ball gag was very effective at keeping me from speaking. I struggled against the bonds but was unable to move as she had me strapped in very tightly today. I really hated being in this position. My ass was in the air, my ankles securely bonded to my thighs, my arms bound in a leather arm-binder and my balls were wrapped with a cord. Suddenly the pain stopped. Her spiked heel was no longer pressing against my rectum and a sense of relief flooded over me. The next thing I felt was my balls being gently caressed by her stilettos. Next I heard her slowly walk around in front of me and the blindfold was suddenly torn away. My eyes quickly adjusted to the dim light of the basement. My view was aided by the floor to ceiling mirrors that adorned all four walls and even the ceiling. My field of view was completely taken up by a black, six-inch. platform, spiked heel containing a black nylon covered foot. A gold ankle bracelet with a charm that read MKB reflected the dim basement light.

Suddenly I felt pain at the top of my head as she used my hair as a handle to pull my head off of the floor and raise me to a kneeling position in front of her. I was now eye level with her magnificent snatch. My whole world consisted of the top of her thigh high stockings framing a completely shaved pussy, topped by a tight flat stomach.

“It’s so hard. Little and pathetic to be sure, but hard none the less.” she said as she gently caressed my cheek with her ring encrusted fingers.

I felt a deep blush fill my face as her soft laugh filled the room. She gently cupped my chin, with her free hand and raised my head up so that I was looking into her eyes. It still hurt because the only thing holding me up was her grip on my hair. My view of her face was almost, but not completely blocked by a pair of the most fantastic tits I had yet seen in real life.

Mom was wearing a black rubber, long sleeved top that covered her completely. Her nipples were clearly visible through the skin tight material and written in studs across the top of her bust line was the word BITCH. The liquid black color of her rubber top contrasted beautifully with her crimson, talon like nails. I was deeply ashamed that this sight aroused me so much. Mother always dressed sexy but never as sexy as when she was administering discipline and mother was a professional at administering discipline. She saw most of her clients at a dungeon located in a warehouse. The basement was reserved for a few of her select clients, and me.

She sighed as she detached the ball gag and let it fall to the floor. It had served its purpose. No-one had heard me while she whipped my exposed ass with her favorite riding crop. “I might forgive you ditching class if you had a 4.0 GPA but with your grades I can’t imagine what you were thinking. I let this type of behavior slide while you were a boy in high school but you are a nineteen year old man in college. A college education that I am paying for I might add.”

I started to speak when she suddenly slapped me in the face, hard. She had not held anything back and I had distinctly felt both of the rings of her right hand.

“I don’t recall asking you a question young man.” Her voice was even and calm. “You know better than to speak to me out of turn. I went easy on you this time. After all it was only ditching a class, but speak to me again in a disrespectful manner and you will feel mommy’s spike heel deep in your tight virgin ass little boy.” she said, again calmly but with just a hint of menace. “I expect you to excel in school. Being in college is no excuse to jack off. If you don’t graduate with a 3.0 I am going to actually hurt you. Do you understand that?”

I nodded and ventured a meek, “Yes mother.”

“Now that we understand each other more clearly let me add an inducement. If you graduate with GPA of 3.8 or better I will give you a….” her voice now dropped to a husky whisper and she added, “reward.” As the final word came out of her mouth she Escort bayan gently caressed my hard cock with her high heel.

“Yes mother, I understand.” I replied quietly.

“Good. I am glad we are clear. You may now service me to show your gratitude.” With that she hastily kicked the quick releases which bound by ankles to my thighs and by continuing to hold me by my hair she pulled me across the room to her “throne.” This was a toilet seat mounted to a low frame. She lifted the cover and sat down, crossing her long legs as she sat. She released my hair. “Standard position.” was her simple command.

I slid under the seat from behind. This was standard position. Non standard was me on my back from the front. Non standard afforded her the opportunity to play with my cock with her shoes as I ate her out. I preferred standard because not only was my dick protected from her whims but I would get a better view of her fantastic double D breasts as I performed the mandatory servicing.

It had really freaked me out the first time my gorgeous mother had sat on my face. I had fantasized about her for a very long time and when I was younger I had wondered about some of her fashion choices, as this was before I had discovered that men paid my mother handsomely to dress in leather and beat the shit out of them.

That first time mother had caught me with a really raunchy magazine and when I eventually gave her a smart answer she suddenly grabbed my crotch, really hard. She subsequently forced me to the floor and while still holding my nuts in a death grip she had lowered her crotch over my face and said, “If you like snatch so much you had better learn to eat it properly asshole.” She had ripped her panties away and jammed her pussy against my face. It had been my first lesson in cunninglingus.

I was now considerably more experienced and could bring her to orgasm fairly quickly. As my tongue touched her snatch she grabbed the D ring on the leather collar that encircled my neck. She pulled up hard and huskily said, “Deeper little boy.”

Either she was really horny today or I was doing an especially good job. While she maintained an iron grip on my collar, pulling my face deep into her increasingly wet pussy, her free hand was vigorously messaging her magnificent tits. Suddenly she tore her rubber top open ruining it completely. She then did something I had never seen before that almost caused me to shoot my load. She cupped her left breast with her right hand and bringing it up to her mouth she sucked her own nipple into her mouth. She continued sucking on her own tit as she came on my face. She released me and her tit and I watched her for several minutes as she continued to pant.

After she caught her breath she smiled down at me. “Very good, you are getting better. You are almost finished.” An evil grin formed on her lips as she completed this sentence and she reached through her spread legs and grabbed my by the hair once again. She pulled me up against her pussy and said one word, “Drink.” Her head then went back and she released a stream of warm piss into my mouth.

After this instance I redoubled my efforts to stay out of trouble. Mother did not let up, however, and she began hounding me for even the most minor infraction.

“Christopher, get in here!” I heard as I worked on my calculus homework. I came into the kitchen and saw mom glaring at the kitchen table. She was dressed in an off white Liz Claiborne suit. As usual she wore the blouse with the top three buttons undone, sans bra. Another thing different about the way mom wore a suit is that if you looked carefully enough you would notice that she had a pair of white platform spike heels on.

She picked a mostly black banana off of the table and held it up. “Haven’t we talked about this? I don’t like food going to waste and I don’t like you leaving a disgusting mess for me to clean up. I am most certainly not your maid.” She then paused and looked at me and then at the banana she held by her long nails, as though she was too Bayan escort disgusted to touch it directly. “Maybe you like your food mushy and rotten.” She then smiled contemptuously and a moment later she squeezed the banana hard causing it to burst and the contents to fall to the floor. She had been standing with almost all of her weight on her left leg and her right foot jutted out at an angle in front of her. Mom then tilted her right foot up so that only the spiked heel was still on the ground. Her foot then pivoted so that her toes were hovering over the blackened banana. Slowly, while she looked me directly in the eyes she brought her foot down, flattening the banana into a gooey paste. “Oh my, now look at what you caused.” she said sotto voice as she looked down at the mess at her feet. She then stepped forward and one foot at a time ground the remainder of the rotten fruit into the floor.

As I stood dumbfounded she pulled a chair out next to the mess and sat down, crossing her legs. “Well, what are you waiting for? Clean up your mess young man.”

I walked over to the counter and got a wad of paper towels. I then knelt down but before I could begin mother started laughing softly; “What do you think you are doing? We do not waste food in this house. I don’t want a bit of that banana wasted. Eat it off of the floor Christopher.”

“But mom the……”

She suddenly had a fistful of my hair, “I am not the one who left a half eaten banana to waste away on the kitchen table young man. Maybe you will not waste food again. Now you know what happens to you when you mouth off so I suggest you shut up and get to it.”

As I ate the disgusting mess off of the floor I felt her clean hand gently comb through my hair. After I had eaten all that I could I mopped up the rest with a damp paper towel and got up to leave.

Right as I turned to leave I heard her clear her throat and I turned back around. Mother had extended her left foot straight out and was pointing at it; “I don’t think you are quite finished young man.”

I went to grab more towels but she again stopped me with a curt, “Do I need to explain this to you again Christopher?”

I knelt down in front of her and took her left foot gingerly in my hand and glanced up at mother as I began to lick the sweet mess off of the bottom of her shoe. As I began tonguing her shoe clean she drew a sharp breath. She messaged her right tit as I dutifully cleansed both of her high heels with my tongue. Last I she placed her perfectly manicured fingers into my mouth and made me clean her right hand of all the remaining banana.

After dinner that night mother was looking at me with a faraway look on her eyes. After I had cleared the table and done the dishes I asked to be excused.

Quietly mother said, “Sit down Christopher.” She then deliberately removed her lipliner from her purse and painted her lips a bright red that matched her nials. As I took my seat she continued. “It occurs to me that you have been studying very hard of late and I have been pleased with your ‘performance’ in all respects. So perhaps you deserve a little treat.” With that she rose and slowly walked over to me. My chair was out at an angle perpendicular to the dinner table. Mother straddled the chair and slowly lowered herself into my lap while facing me. “It also occurs to me that you seem to really enjoy eating really mushy food. With that in mind I am inspired to feed you your dessert.”

She reached across the table and retrieved a fresh banana from the fruit bowl in the center of the dining table. As she peeled it she continued talking in low sensuous tones, “You are becoming quite skilled in the use of your tongue Christopher. I enjoyed watching you clean my stilettos and you made mommy come so hard last month.” By now the banana was completely peeled and she turned her attention back to me. She cupped my chin and said, “Now open your mouth wide and hold it that way Christopher.” Then she did something that made my cock instantly stiff. She basically went down on the Escort banana. Watching those perfect red lips form an O around that faux cock was intensely erotic. After taking about six inches she bit it off and chewed all the while staring directly into my eyes. I had relaxed my mouth as I watched her and now she squeezed my jaw with her hand signaling me to hold my mouth wide open. While still chewing her left hand softly went to the back of my neck. She placed her right hand on my cheek and slowly drew our mouths together. Opening her mouth wide her lips formed a perfect seal with mine. Forcefully she frenched the goo in her mouth into mine. In this manner she fed the rest of the banana to me. After I had swallowed it all we continued to kiss passionately. Mom was grinding against me as we frenched. My hands were roaming her back and her petite body felt oh so good. I had never before been allowed to touch her.

Suddenly mom broke our kiss and looked at me wantonly. Slowly her hands went to the front of he blouse and she suddenly ripped it open sending buttons flying everywhere. My hands instinctively went to those magnificent half globes. That was a mistake.

Suddenly I was being bitch slapped. “DID I FUCKING SAY YOU COULD TOUCH ME ASSHOLE!” I was stunned and froze. Mom got up and quickly walked out saying over her shoulder, “Don’t fucking move.” I heard her come back into the kitchen behind me. She roughly grabbed my wrists behind me and slapped them into a pair of steel cuffs. She then straddled me again and dropped into my lap hard, which hurt me and made her smile. Cupping my chin again she said, “You just never learn.” She then leaned forward and continued kissing me passionately until she was again excited and grinding against me.

Again she broke our kiss but continued to grind her pelvis against my crotch as she looked at me through half opened eyes. “Open.” she commanded and I again obeyed. She then spit in my mouth and when I closed my mouth in disgust she slapped me across the face and said, “Did I tell you to close your mouth?” I knew she was not kidding around and I re-opened my mouth wide. She then spit into my mouth several more times before stopping and commenting, “Much better. Never forget I am to be obeyed, always and without hesitation. Now swallow.”

After I had swallowed moms spit she smiled again and said, “Now open up again, not so wide, there you go.” She then stood up and dragged her right nipple up my chin past my bottom lip and into my mouth. “Suck – gently.” I could not believe it. I had always fantasized about sucking her huge melons but never thought it would actually happen.

“Oh God. – Yes like that. – Oh that feels marvelous. Keep sucking. Mommy has been messaging her breasts since you were little and she is still lactating. I want you to drink mommy’s milk Christopher.” As I sucked her tit I strained against the handcuffs. God I wanted to touch her.

I opened my eyes and looked down. Her left hand was now deep down her pants and it looked like she was finger fucking herself. I looked up and my heart raced as I saw that with her right hand she had cupped her other tit and was sucking it. About this moment her milk started to flow into my mouth. Mom then started cumming. As she came she sucked a large portion of her breast into her mouth.

After she came she dropped back into my lap, pulling her right tit from my mouth as she fell. Roughly she grabbed my head and tilting it back she forced her mouth over mine. As I opened my mouth mom forced a large quantity of her milk into my mouth. After I swallowed it she continued to kiss me for a couple of minutes.

Mother then stood up and roughly pulled me by my hair into a standing position. She went behind me and deftly removed the handcuffs. “Turn around Christopher.” She said coldly. “Now I gave you a very nice treat and what did you do? You tried to grope your mother. Would any of your friends attempt to grab a handful of their mother’s titties Christipher?’

“Well…. I …Uh.” I responded.

“Of course they would not. What possessed you to think you could mystifies me. I don’t want it happening again. Are we clear young man?”

“Yes mother.” I was still flustered and way turned on but I really did not want to piss her off either.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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