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Mother Mistress Ch. 04

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This story is the property of the author. It is not to be changed in any way, nor published or shown at other web sites without the permission of the author.

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It was the following weekend, after Susan and Patrick met Aunts Jane and Martha. Agnes planned a party for this night to initiate both of the new submissives to their small group of friends that practiced the BDSM lifestyle. The students had spent the day helping the housekeeper to clean and prepare refreshments for the initiation. Mother Mistress had spent most of the day arranging her private basement Dungeon for the event. Neither of the new submissives, Susan and Patrick, was aware of the Dungeons existence in the huge mansion that Agnes owned. It had been purposely placed off limits to them until they were ready to join the group. Tonight they would be ready.

Earlier in the day, Cindy had supervised the cleaning of the house and preparation of refreshments. When those chores were completed, she brought both of the naked students to the bathroom to examine them. She made sure that neither had any new growth of hair on their bodies and instructed them to shower for their initiation. After their showers, Cindy told the new submissives and lie down to take naps because it would be a long night. She would return later to wake them and escort them to the place of initiation. The two student boarders went to their rooms to await their fate. Neither would be able to nap as they were both too excited with what the evening might bring.

At seven pm, Cindy, wearing a floor length terrycloth robe, knocked on Susan’s bedroom door and entered. She gave the new submissive a terrycloth robe similar to the robe she wore and told her to put the robe on over her naked body. Susan complied then followed her to Patrick’s room where he too put on similar robe. Cindy instructed them not to speak to anyone during the initiation unless they were spoken to and an answer was required. Further, they were to remain standing unless instructed to do otherwise. Cindy led the way down the staircase, through the kitchen and down the basement stairs to the heavy oak door that had been ‘off limits’ to them. The lights in the basement were dim and neither of the new submissives could see very well.

Cindy opened the door and ushered them into a darkened room. The only light came from the dim basement lights shining through the open doorway. Looking out of the corners of their eyes, Susan and Patrick could not see anyone in the dark gloomy room. Suddenly, a spotlight shined brightly down onto a platform where they saw Mother Mistress. She sat in a large chair wearing a leather Dominatrix costume and a bustier that revealed both of her breasts. On either side of her were Mistress Jane and Mistress Martha, also dressed in Dominatrix costumes, each wearing a breast revealing bustier. All three Mistresses wore lacy bikini panties that matched their costumes. Two other people were in the shadows, but the new submissives could not see them, very well.

Mistress Jane was about the same height as Agnes. She wore her black hair short and had large D cup breasts. Her large pink nipples protruded nearly half an inch in their hardness. Mistress Martha was a very tall pretty blond woman, six feet plus, well shaped with very heavy double D breasts and a narrow waist. She could only be described as Amazonian. Her costume revealed her huge breasts too, visible over a firm support bra. The spotlight on the three Mistresses widened its scope to reveal two female submissives that knelt at Jane’s and Martha’s sides. Patrick recognized the woman next to Mistress Jane as the Victoria’s Secret clerk, Annie that helped Cindy select lingerie. She was naked and gorgeous. The other woman was Twila; Aunt Martha’s adult baby girl who wore only what appeared to be a diaper.

Mother Mistress stood up to speak. “I welcome all of you to my Dungeon. Tonight I want to introduce our two new submissives, Susan and Patrick, to our lifestyle group. They are University students and in addition, my student boarders during their time at the college. Both have agreed to become new submissives in our group.” Agnes nodded to Cindy and the Dungeon was suddenly illuminated brightly. The new submissives could see a large wall behind the Mistresses covered with various implements and toys. A variety of whips, crops, floggers, slappers and paddles occupied one portion of the wall, while clamps, small chains, weights, elastic cords and a variety of restraints were hung on that wall too.

Behind them were the special sets of equipment such as tables, benches, X frames, special chairs, posts, a gymnasts horse, pads, slings and a variety of collars and harnesses. On the wall, next to the equipment, were ropes, dildos and butt plugs of all shapes and sizes. Hanging on pegs were gags, hoods and other items of torment, or pleasure, depending on one’s point of view. There were multiple overhead chains dangling from ceiling beams with strategically placed hooks. Tipobet The floor contained multiple embedded steel rings. In the corner was a King sized bed with four tall bedposts at each corner. Manacles and other devices were built into all of the posts. Off to one side another door led to a full bathroom with sunken tub. Over the years, Agnes had built this complete Dungeon to indulge her self and her Dominatrix lifestyle.

“Step onto the platform behind you and remove your robes,” Agnes instructed the new submissives. A collective gasp resonated throughout the Dungeon when the group beheld Susan’s beauty as her robe fluttered to the platform floor. Her lovely breasts swayed and her nipples hardened as she mounted the platform. Both Jane and Martha applauded the new submissive. Their eagerness to use this girl for their pleasure multiplied as they gazed upon her. Moving to the male, Agnes announced, “This is our lone new male submissive, Patrick. He will be initiated into our lifestyle first.” Patrick gazed at the assembled Mistresses, ashamed of his nakedness in front of so many strange women.

His cock, however, was unashamed and stiffened fully, causing his near seven inches to tower above his large balls dangling below. The assembled women, Dominas and submissives, applauded at the sight of his ample hardon. Annie and Twila, the diapered ‘baby girl’, were awed by his foreskin that completely covered his cockhead. They both were eager to examine and play with the first foreskin they had ever seen. Cindy removed her robe and stood ready to assist the Mistresses however they might direct her. All of the participants took in deep breaths as Cindy’s magnificent breasts and hard nipples were revealed.

Cindy collared the new submissives and told Susan to sit on the floor of the platform. Next, Cindy snapped a chain leash to Susan’s collar and fastened the leash to a steel ring in the platform. She positioned the girl to sit with her legs spread wide and her arms at her sides so that the others could see her shaved pussy and lovely breasts. “Mistress Jane will begin the initiation,” Agnes announced. Jane stood and stepped onto the platform. She grasped Patrick’s cock to lead him to an X frame and placed his back against it. She placed his wrists in the manacles on the top part of the X and his ankles were manacled to the lower part of the X frame. Patrick fearfully realized that he was now totally helpless.

Mistress Jane was an accomplished Masturbitrix, in addition to her role as a Mistress and Agnes’s bisexual lover of many years. Jane smiled at a very nervous Patrick and her lovely large breasts jiggled as she reached out to grasp his cock again. Instantly, his cock hardened even more to stick out, proudly seeping precum. Slowly, Jane ran her fingers lightly over his cock and balls. The sensation was electrifying. Patrick writhed in pleasure while the wonderful fingers played with his genitals. He moaned and tried to sway toward Mistress Jane to receive more caresses from the unbearably wonderful stimulation she provided. Jane moved his foreskin back and forth over his cockhead while she lightly fondled his balls.

Precum heavily oozed from his cockhole to flow over his bulbous velvety cockhead. She smiled as he writhed and jerked from the wonderful sensations of pleasure that Jane was giving him. She could feel his cock and balls throbbing in her hand, and sensed that he was about to cum. Suddenly, the wonderful fondling sensations were painfully replaced with a vicious slap across his cockhead. Instantly Jane followed up with several harsh backhands to his balls. Patrick gasped for breath, as the extreme pain kept him from screaming. He tried to pull his knees up to his chest, but the ankle manacles prevented it. Finding his voice, he screamed in pain. Mistress Jane removed her wet panties to shove them into his open mouth to muffle his screams.

The panty gag prevented him from crying out as he moaned, hanging painfully from the X frame in front of his tormentor. Jane grinned sweetly at him then resumed the wonderful fondling of his cock and balls. The pain soon receded and was transformed to pleasure, as Jane’s magic hands and fingers teased him unmercifully. Patrick struggled hard to avoid cumming while Jane felt his cock throb as she fondled him. Soon he resumed seeping precum and neared orgasm again. His cock began to spasm, as if dancing to the marvelous ministrations of the expert Masturbitrix. Fearing that she might not prevent him from cumming, Mistress Jane stopped masturbating him. She moved to the Toy wall and selected a rawhide cord.

Jane returned to her ‘captive sub’ kneeled down and wrapped the rawhide cord tightly around the base of his cock to form a rawhide cock ring. “Now, slave boy Patrick, this cock ring will prevent you from cumming and from losing your marvelous hardon until it is untied!” she exclaimed. She resumed the sensitive touching, feeling and gentle rubbing of his cock. Patrick moaned into the panty gag again as his eyes rolled in their sockets from the overwhelming pleasure bestowed on his Tipobet Giriş cock. He desperately needed to cum and his balls began to draw up tightly into a half sphere. Patrick feared that he would fall victim to that teen male condition known as the ‘hot nuts’ if he didn’t cum soon.

His tormentor also noted his condition moved to the wall to select a small leather collar with a separator strap. She selected some additional items which she kept hidden from Patrick’s view. Kneeling in front of him, Jane wrapped the small collar tightly around the base of his balls and buckled it in securely its place. She separated his testicles with the small strap and fastened it to the balls collar. Several small chains hung down from the balls collar. Jane showed everyone the ‘other items’ which were small ten-ounce lead weights. She proceeded to ‘decorate’ his balls collar chains with the lead weights.

Patrick groaned as his balls were pulled and stretched by the weights hanging on his balls collar. In a way he was grateful, the collar and weights prevented him from getting the extremely painful ‘hot nuts’. Mistress Jane looked up at her captive male submissive, smiled at him and licked away a small drop of precum which oozed from his cockhole. She drew his foreskin down to reveal his pinkish purple cockhead which she covered with her mouth. Patrick moaned into his panty gag as Jane swirled her tongue all over his bulbous cockhead sending intense sensations throughout his body.

Sealing her lips around Patrick’s cock, Mistress Jane began to bob her head up and down on his cock. He groaned with pleasure as the incredible sensations at his cock. Jane took take more of his cock into her mouth with each of her down strokes until his cockhead entered her throat. She began to use her throat muscles to try to swallow his cock, but naturally could not. The intense sensations from Jane’s magic tongue and throat drove Patrick relentlessly toward orgasm. Deep inside he could feel his orgasm swiftly building. He felt a sense of satisfaction that he would cum in spite of the cock ring that bound the base of his cock. Finally, his cock spasmed…but nothing happened. There was no orgasm, only the complete disappointment that he was again denied relief.

Mistress Jane deep throated him several times more, driving him nearly mad with desire and his overwhelming need to cum. She placed the tip of her tongue on his cockhole then drew his foreskin over his cockhead and her tongue. Jane swirled her tongue all about his sensitive cockhead underneath his foreskin. Patrick trembled from lust and arousal as his cock came near orgasm again and again only to be denied by the cock ring. He groaned into his panty gag as Jane pulled his foreskin back down and sucked hard on his cockhead.

Tears formed in the corners of his eyes and ran down his cheeks from his absolute need to cum from Mistress Jane’s wonderful torments. Noticing the tears, Jane rose to her feet and licked the salty sweet tears from his cheeks. Patrick was completely overcome with his need to cum and he slumped from his manacles. His cock was red, swollen and throbbing, feeling that it would burst from the need to cum. Mistress Jane spread her arms wide with her palms up as she pranced about the platform to the applause of the women in the room. She had totally frayed Patrick’s nerves and had nearly blown his mind from her masturbatory and fellatio expertise.

Cindy stepped onto the platform to release the manacles from Patrick’s wrists and ankles to guide him to a padded bench. She laid him down on his back as he sighed deeply, grateful for the chance to rest for a moment. Grasping his wrists, Cindy tied each wrist to the front legs of the bench. Next, she spread his ankles wide apart and tied each ankle to a steel ring in the platform floor. Patrick was once again immobilized, spread eagled and totally helpless. Unable to utter a sound due to the panty gag stuffed into his mouth. He could not imagine what was next.

Mistress Agnes stood and walked onto the platform. She stood near Patrick’s head as she ran her fingers lightly through his hair in a motherly fashion. Straddling his head she stood over him with her legs spread wide apart. Patrick looked up at Agnes’s, who had removed her panties, to see her shaved pussy, wet with her juices. Agnes reached down and pulled Jane’s panties from his mouth. He watched as her nectar gathered on her cuntlips then formed a large drop which fell to splatter on his upper lip. Several more drops followed the first and he opened his mouth to let them splatter on his tongue. He savored the flavor of her juices as he rolled them over his taste buds.

Agnes looked at him, pleased that he had so willingly accepted her offering. She lowered her body to bring her delightful pussy to his lips. Instinctively Patrick thrust his tongue out to lick Mother Mistress’s cuntlips while she sighed with delight. She moaned and held her cuntlips open with her fingers as Patrick drew his tongue the length of her slit. Agnes slowly ran her fingers through his hair while Patrick Tipobet Güncel Giriş plunged his tongue deep into her sopping wet cunt. She groaned with pleasure as he licked the soft pink inner folds of her pussy and swallowed her nectar. Agnes closed her eyes as he pleasured her, sighing and moaning from the wonderful strokes of Patrick’s tongue.

Agnes groaned with lust and passion as he repeatedly thrust his tongue deep inside her. After several wonderful minutes, Patrick withdrew his tongue from her pussy to flick it over her clit. Her clit responded immediately and she let out a little cry as her pussy twitched. He swirled his tongue all over her clit while Agnes writhed and moaned joyfully as he pleasured her. Recalling that Susan had him suck her clit in and out of his mouth, he did the same to Agnes. His Mistress cried out and forcefully held his head to her cunt. Agnes quivered as he tongued her clit, feeling her orgasm swiftly began to rise. Suddenly, she cried out and erupted in a powerful orgasm, spewing her juices all over his face, mouth and tongue.

Mother Mistress groaned in ecstasy as her body shuddered through multiple orgasms while Patrick continued to lick her clit throughout her orgasms. Cindy, standing on the platform next to her Mistress, grasped Agnes’s shoulders to keep her from falling over from the intensity of her multiple orgasms. She helped Mother Mistress ease back and lay down on Patrick’s body as Agnes kissed him deeply. Her tongue entwined with his as they both tasted her nectar. Agnes smiled at her teenage submissive lover, knowing that they would he would repeat this service to her many more times. She kissed him again then scooted back towards his swollen cock.

Agnes felt Patrick’s hardon resting between her asscheeks. She raised her body up to allow his cock to rub against her cunt. Reaching underneath her self, Agnes parted her cuntlips with her fingers. She grasped his hardon with her other hand and drew his foreskin down to expose his cockhead. Mother Mistress began to draw his cockhead between her slippery cuntlips raising new and wonderful sensations for both she and Patrick. After a few moments of this teasing torment, Agnes lowered her body to fully envelope his cock with her cunt. She groaned in delight as she impaled herself on his super hard cock.

Pausing for a few moments to savor his cock inside her, Agnes began to rise and fall on Patrick’s magnificent cock. She fucked him slowly as she savored the thick fleshy cock impaling her. They fucked for several minutes until Agnes could feel Patrick’s cock throbbing deep inside her. The need to cum consumed him once again as Agnes fucked him relentlessly. She felt the first twinges of her orgasm begin to build and she quickened her pace. Agnes laid her head back and closed her eyes. The only thing that mattered now was fucking the marvelous cock that she kept plunging deep inside herself.

Eyes shut and head laid back, Agnes started to pull hard at her nipples. Cindy quickly moved to her Mother Mistress and sucked one of Agnes’s nipples into her mouth. She rubbed, rolled and tugged the other nipple with her thumb and forefinger as Agnes fucked her young submissive. Her scream resonated throughout the Dungeon as Agnes exploded in a massive orgasm. Her juices streamed from her pussy to coat Patrick’s balls and flow down to coat his asshole. Cindy moved from nipple to nipple to suckle her Mistress, causing Agnes to cum hard again. Patrick too, groaned with disappointment as he again was unable to cum. His groin ached with the need cum, but he was again denied.

Cindy held her Mistress tightly to assure she would not fall as her orgasm subsided. Agnes gasped for air while Cindy held Agnes’s head against her marvelous breasts, waiting for her to recover from the powerful orgasms. While the other women applauded her, Agnes’s eyes fluttered open as Cindy held her tightly. Catching her breath, Agnes with help from Cindy, stood up shakily. Helping her Mother Mistress step off the platform, Cindy guided her to her chair between Mistresses Jane and Martha. Agnes thanked Cindy softly and sat back in her chair.

Cindy returned to release Patrick from the bench and lead him to the center of the platform. She lowered an overhead chain with two wrist restraints on its end then fastened Patrick’s wrists securely to the chain. She raised the chain so Patrick’s arms were over his head. Next, she had him spread his legs apart and she fastened his ankles to steel rings in the floor. Again, Patrick found himself fully restrained and totally helpless. He raised his head to see Mistress Martha stand up and walk to the platform.

Martha examined Patrick’s body carefully, then untied his rawhide cock ring and let it fall to the floor. Patrick sighed in relief as now he would be able to cum. He was totally unaware that Mistress Martha had no intention of allowing that to happen. She had loosened his cock ring to allow his circulation to resume. She knelt to examine his swollen cock and was pleased that it had not been hurt or damaged. Patrick’s sore cock was shrinking to a flaccid state. Although Martha was a lesbian, she occasionally, at the urging of Agnes and Jane, would fuck men in the frenzy of their kinky sexual orgies. However, she was always glad to have an opportunity to Dominate and torment students, be they male or female.

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