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Mother , Son: A Love Story Pt. 10

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So here we have my 50th entry to Literotica and perhaps the final chapter of my proudest achievement. I hope you’ve enjoyed the story of John and Carrie – perhaps more will be told in time. Thanks for all your lovely comments and helpful critiques along the way. I hope you will share your thoughts on this entry as well…as it is your feedback that serves as my greatest inspiration. Enjoy!

Of course, all the usual mutterings about this being a work of fiction and all characters existing only within the confines of my mind.


I woke to find it was early morning, the light of dawn creeping into our bedroom, filling it with shadow. It had stormed during the night and I could still hear water dripping from the trees — a pleasing sound to listen to as I stretched luxuriously in our bed. Then as I woke further, I realized why I had awoken so early to begin with.

Mom’s hand gently caressed my chest and stomach and in the shadowy light, I saw her face, resting on my shoulder, looking up at me, a sleepy and naughty smile on her face. She cuddled closer, her naked body warm and inviting against my skin. “I was hoping you would wake up, John,” she whispered before moving up to kiss me, her heavy breast dragging across my chest as her lips met mine and we kissed.

For thirteen years now, a day hadn’t passed that we hadn’t kissed each other upon rising in the morning. Each kiss was like the first — a taste of heaven. As we kissed, Mom’s hand drifted further south, sliding through my wiry pubic hair to finally encircle my rapidly swelling cock. With a mother’s tenderness and a lover’s need, Mom stroked me, masturbating me into a throbbing cockstand while our tongues danced and played.

When I was fully erect, Mom ended the kiss and rose up lithely onto her knees and quickly swung a shapely leg over my body to straddle me — my cock standing proudly, just brushing the thick mass of her hairy muff, heat and moisture radiating from her already swollen and spread pussy lips. Mom grinned down at me as I said, “I know why you woke me up.”

Mom slowly slid down, her cunt expertly capturing the head of my swollen penis and I groaned as I felt her velvet lips massaging my tender flesh — her pussy clasping hungrily to take me inside her and replied, “Any complaints, son?”

I could only shake my head now as I relished the sweet sensation of my mother and wife slowly enveloping my cock in her wet and fiery cunt. In an idle part of my mind, I wondered how many times we had done this over the years that we’d been married — one of us waking up with a passionate desire for the other. Of course, the number didn’t matter. All that was important was that each time was as good or better than the first time — that our uniquely intimate bond as both mother and son and husband and wife transported us to a place close to heaven whenever we made love.

As the dawn progressed, the room became lighter as Mom slowly rode me, her face lovely, transfixed in an expression that conveyed both great love and lust. I marveled at how with each passing day and year, Mom simply seemed to grow more beautiful.

Mom’s age of fifty-seven did not betray itself easily. Her luscious body, always on the border of voluptuousness, somehow seemed to almost immune to wrinkles and while there was definitely a little more sag to her huge breasts, the way they sloped down on her chest seemed to add to her beauty, their pendulous form evoking thoughts of an earthy goddess of fertility. Mom’s nipples, huge to begin with and thickened from nursing, were swollen with her lust, begging to be squeezed and sucked. Her thighs grow a little meatier with each passing year, but long hikes up and down the hillsides of our home, keep her legs shapely and muscular and there are few sweeter pleasures than feeling Mom’s legs wrapped around me as we make love or simply fuck in heated, incestuous passion.

Mom’s great mane of hair is in some ways, the great betrayer of her age. Through most of our marriage, Mom has let it grow until it hung far down her back, sometimes flowing freely around her like an erotic veil, like this morning, the very tips brushing my skin when she leaned forward and down to kiss me as she rode my cock and sometimes tied up in a long ponytail or braided. But the deep, rich blackness of Mom’s hair has gradually given way to a wondrous shade of gray — itself going whiter with each passing year. It doesn’t actually make her look older, but gives her an incredibly sensuous look that again evoked an earthy goddess.

On this particular morning, Mom and I took our time — savoring the pure deliciousness of slowly fucking — of our bodies meshing and becoming as one as Mom’s sugar walls tightened around my cock, massaging my flesh slowly, her slick juices surrounding me with a heavenly warmth that gradually took me closer and closer to ecstasy.

Mom sighed as she came the first time, leaning forward so her hands were clenching the old brass rail headboard while eve gelen escort her breasts swayed and brushed my face, my tongue darting out to tease her swollen nipples. Mom’s cries of pleasure were so familiar and yet always a marvel to me — reminding me once again of my good fortune to have my mother as my lover and mate.

As Mom reached her second orgasm of the morning, I began thrusting back, meeting her downward motion to bury myself as deep into her sweet womb as I could. Mom fell forward on top of me as she whimpered in the throes of her welling climax, pressing her face against my neck as her soft, meaty tits pillowed against my chest, our joined loins working hard until I too was cumming, thrusting hard and deep into Mom’s cunt as I gave her my hot seed.

Our sweaty bodies cooled quickly in the cool morning air, making us shiver a bit as we kissed and whispered tender things to each other. I reached out with a hand and found the light quilt we’d been using as a blanket, one of Mama Polly’s old handmade quilts and tugged it over our quivering bodies. Still joined together, we kissed and dozed for a good while, just savoring the joy and love we shared.

In the midst of a sleepy kiss, I heard the downstairs kitchen door open and close, followed by footsteps down the back steps. I opened my eyes and looked at Mom inquiringly.

The serene look that she usually had after making love transformed into a sad smile and she said softly, “Molly.”

Comprehension come quickly then and I said, “Today’s the day, isn’t it?”

Mom nodded, her gaze suddenly a little distant and her smile growing sadder. “Yes. Hard to believe it’s been five years.”

There was little to say after that and then as we heard the kids stirring about, we reluctantly slipped apart and began our day. By the time Polly and Tommy had finished in the bathroom and were dressed for school, Mom had breakfast cooking and I’d hiked down to the road to retrieve the morning paper. Breakfast was as always, a boisterous affair of chatter, eating, and last minute and allegedly forgotten homework.

Polly, Mom’s and my daughter was at age thirteen was already turning into the beautiful, young woman we always knew she would be. Tall and awkward for her age, blonde haired and eager to take on the world, she and Mom reviewed her words for a big spelling test coming that day and I watched proudly as she rattled off each word correctly.

Tommy, the son I had fathered with Molly, was short, dark haired and serious, trying to cope with the trials and tribulations of running smack dab into puberty. We spent most of breakfast commiserating on the lackluster seasons of our favorite baseball teams, neither of which was going to be playing in the post-season, their year done now that October was here. Tommy tried to pin me down on the chances of going up to Cincinnati when the Cubs came to play next April and I just played coy, not wanting to tell him I had already looked up next year’s schedule to plan that trip.

As breakfast was squared away and books and backpacks collected for the walk down to the school bus, Tommy looked about and said, “Where’s Mom? Is she still asleep?”

An uncomfortable pause followed as Mom and I exchanged glances and then putting her arm around her grandson, Mom said gently, “She’s gone up the hill to visit with Mom-Deb. She slipped out while we were all still in bed.”

Comprehension dawned in my son’s eyes and my heart ached for him as a sad and dark cloud covered his face. “Oh…yeah.” He looked up at Mom and then at me. “Is she alright, you think?”

It wasn’t the first time I ever felt helpless as a father and I knew it wouldn’t be the last. I leaned over and squeezed his shoulder. “Yeah, she’ll be alright. She just needs to do this. When you get home this afternoon, you’ll see.”

Matt gave me a small smile and I was about to suggest we head down to the bus pickup when Polly slipped by me, giving me a quick peck on the cheek and putting her arm around Tommy, said, “C’mon, big brother! We don’t want to be late!” Polly and our mother gave each other a look that said much more than words could convey and Mom gave me a silent shake of the head indicating I should let them go on alone.

I stood at the living room window and watched them hiking down the drive towards the highway, Polly, although a few months younger than Tommy, always seeming to be older and wiser and I knew that somehow, she was the one who could find the words that would make him feel better.

I felt Mom’s arm slip around my waist as she moved up beside me, watching the kids go off to school. “Think he’ll be alright?” I asked Mom, inadvertently repeating my son’s words.

“Yes, it’s just a bit…hard. Polly will keep an eye on him.”

I shook my head, feeling just a bit bewildered. “When the hell did she grow up and become so wise,” I asked Mom.

She laughed and standing on tip-toe, gave me a kiss fatih escort on the cheek. “Never blink, John. Your kids grow up in the blink of an eye.” She moved around to face me, wrapping her arms around my neck as she looked up at me lovingly. “I can remember blinking and my wonderful first born son went from a loving child to a handsome young man that I feel head over in heels in love with!”

We kissed then, long and lovingly — our tongues exploring each other, always delighting in the taste and touch of each other. My hands slipped upwards, under Mom’s robe to cup a heavy, meaty breast and Mom laughed and wriggled from my grasp.

“Down, sweetie — there’ll be time for that later.” Mom danced away from me and said, “Don’t you have some work to do?” pointing towards my office.

I gave Mom a mock pout and said, “Oh, you’re no fun!”

Mom rolled her eyes and said, “You didn’t say that a couple of hours ago. Now, get in there and make a living and I’ll come get you around lunch time and we’ll go check on Molly.”

I sighed and then made Mom giggle and scream, chasing her around the living room couch until she let herself be caught and we kissed a little more before she gave me my marching orders and I trotted off to work.

I was now three years into being a freelance writer and was making good money. I’d given ten years to the same company as a technical writer before the owner sat me down and told me I should be going out on my own — that while I was always welcome to work for him, I could be making more on my own. With the internet now out of its infancy, he was right and with a solid reputation as a writer already, I had no problem getting work and have worked steadily since.

The big plus to all this was that I could work out of our home and spend that much more time with my family. My former boss had always been progressive and had been an early pioneer in allowing employees to work from home to begin with. That had allowed me to spend a lot of quality time with my kids as they were growing up.

I worked for the next few hours, my mind wandering occasionally to thoughts of Molly and then Mom was in the doorway of my office, looking lovely in a long, wraparound skirt and one of my shirts tied up and leaving her belly bare, her breasts threatening to burst free of the overworked buttons. She was carrying a basket of fresh picked flowers in one hand and a picnic basket in the other. Mom looked breathtaking.

“Care to take a walk with me, son?” Mom asked, looking at me with such affection that I felt both my cock and my heart swell with the love I held for her.

“I’d follow you anywhere, Mom,” I replied, levering myself out of my chair and taking the picnic basket in one hand.

We took a leisurely stroll up the hill, passing through Mom’s beloved flower garden where Mom paused long enough to add a few more flowers to her basket. It was a beautiful, sunny fall day with the autumn colors in full riot among the trees and only a few water puddles left as a reminder of the early rain.

My hand found Mom’s, our fingers intertwining as we walked along. “Are you okay, Mom? I hadn’t asked and I should have.”

Mom didn’t respond for a bit, the sadness in her face all the evidence necessary for her answer, but finally she responded. “I…miss her. We were always close, even before, well…” Mom smiled up at me and gave my hand a squeeze. “There are times I forget she’s gone and I’ll think about calling and telling her the latest with Polly and then it hits me.”

We emerged from the woods into the clearing where our family cemetery was situated and there sat Molly on a blanket, cross legged and head bowed, hand stretched out and touching the headstone of the great love of her life, Aunt Deb.


Deb discovered the lump shortly after hers and Molly’s seventh wedding anniversary. It was small, but Aunt Deb had always taken care of herself and checked herself regularly. She immediately had it checked out by her physician and by August of that year — the test results came back that it was indeed breast cancer. A mastectomy followed along with some precautionary chemo treatments…all to no avail. Within six months the cancer was back and spreading like wildfire.

Molly and Deb were resolute in their efforts to combat it, but all treatments simply failed. Mom and I closed down the house and I took a leave of absence and we went to Florida to be with Molly and Deb and little Tommy. Polly was overjoyed to spend time with her brother and going to school there was a new experience and our little seven year old loved new experiences. The joy that brother and sister shared at being together all the time helped a little with the pain and worry we were all feeling.

After several bouts of chemo and radiation therapy, all which failed miserably, Deb finally said enough was enough and came home from the hospital to spend her last weeks with the people she loved most in the halkalı anal yapan escort world. It was hard for everyone — Molly because she was losing the great love of her life, Mom, because of the very intimate bond that can only be shared by sisters and for me because I was seeing all the most important women in my life suffer and there was not a damn thing I could do about it. For the first time in my life I understood the despair of feeling impotent.

Molly was utterly crushed as she lost her spouse by inches, painfully and slowly, but she was never more loving and beautiful as she carried the burden of losing her beloved and yet making Deb’s last moments on Earth as peaceful as she could.

In the end, Molly was at her side, curled up next to her, gently stroking her pain-filled brow, letting her know that she wasn’t alone, whispering to her that she was loved and surrounded by family. At the last, Aunt Deb was beyond the pain and she whispered goodbye to each of us and kissed us for the last time. I’ve never asked what she said to the younger ones or to Mom or Molly — I know that it was meant for them alone and honor her memory by not prying.

To me, Aunt Deb grinned and pulled me closer, kissing me softly with dry, chapped lips before whispering in my ear and saying, “This is your family, John. All of them are your responsibility now. Please love my Molly well and take care of her and Tommy and Polly. Love your mother as never before. I love you, John.”

Tears cascaded from my eyes as I somehow managed to reply, “I love you too, Deb,” without falling apart.

For a moment, the pain cleared from her eyes and I saw a glimpse of the sinful devil she loved playing and she pulled me back to her and said, “Almost forgot. You’re a great fuck, nephew!” I loved her for that — amidst all her own pain and suffering, she still could make me laugh and I will treasure her last words to me for the rest of my life.


Mom and I slowly went to Molly, quietly kneeling down on each side of her. Mom reached out and covered Molly’s hand on the cool marble with her own, their fingers intertwining. We all sat there silent, each of us remembering Aunt Deb in our own way until Molly finally looked up at each of us, taking her free hand and trying to rub the tears out of her red and swollen eyes with her palm.

“I’m not supposed to cry. Deb made me promise n-not to mourn her, but…” Molly let out a great sigh. Tears ran down her face as she continued. “But when this day comes around…I — I, oh I miss her so much!” She turned and leaned against Mom, her face buried against Mom’s chest and began to sob. Mom’s arms came up around her and she hugged her tight. I sat there and wiped away tears of my own — tears for Deb and tears for Molly, knowing only that I doubted I could be as strong as her if I lost Mom and unable to truly fathom the depths of her pain.

Mom made comforting noises as only a mother seems to know, her hands gently stroking Molly’s back, helping her cry away her grief and anguish. When finally, Molly’s cries began to fade, she pulled loose from Mom’s embrace, wiping her tears away with her hands. For a split second, I knew what Molly had looked like as a little girl after a good long cry and my heart ached for her — her sadness only increasing her beauty.

She sniffed a couple of times and took us both by the hand and said almost in a whisper, “Thank you both. I don’t know how I’d ever get through this day or any days without y’all.

I shrugged and replied, “We’re family, darling. We’ll get each other through any and all hard times. Besides, you’re tougher than you think…tougher than I could ever be if…” I left the rest unsaid, looking at Mom who was looking back at me with such a feral grin of love and lust that all but screamed, “NEVER! OUR LOVE IS FOREVER!”

Molly nodded and answered, “I reckon, but there are days…it feels like she’ right there and then…” She sniffed again and wiped the new tears in her eyes.

Mom sighed and reaching out, took my free hand in hers so we sat facing each other, all of us holding hands. “I feel the same way.” She lifted Molly’s hand and after kissing it, said, “And Deb is here, watching over us all along with Daddy and Mama Polly.”

Molly laughed then, a breathless chuckle still echoing pain. “I know. Lord knows you’re right, Carrie.”

Mom grinned then and said, “And I know what she would say to us right here at this very moment.”

Her grin was infectious and Molly nodded and looked at Mom expectantly. Mom licked her lips and said, “Deb would just shake her head and say, “For Christ’s sake, people, quit your whining and somebody fuck somebody!”

Molly let out a short, cathartic laugh and then grew wide-eyed as she looked at us both and her hands tugged at Mom and I insistently and then we were all in a tight embrace, lips and tongues meeting, joining in a passionate three person kiss.


Aunt Deb passed away on the first of October — she and Molly having been married eight years. At Deb’s request, she was cremated with the instructions that part of her remains were to be taken back to Kentucky to be placed in the family cemetery with her father’s and grandmother’s remains. As for the rest, she had made another request.

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