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I was 13 and Dad was off with his girlfriend again. I had met her some time ago and did not make the connection. Mum took it bad but I think it hit me harder. Give him a couple of days and he’d be back.

I went to bed early that night which I generally did with the intention of having a long read. I devoured books at a rate of knots so was always in the library looking for more science fiction. A couple of hours immersed in a story and I would doze off as easy as pie. Tonight I found myself rereading the same line over and over as my concentration was way off. So, I gave in, put down the book and tried to go to sleep. My mother I had left downstairs watching the TV, my other, younger sisters had long gone off to sleep in their own room. My mind raced and would not calm.

Soon, I the sound from the TV stopped, the lounge door opened, I heard my mother climbing the stairs to bed and the door closing as she went into her room. Sleep still eluded me. The house was quiet, but after a few minutes I could just hear the sound of my mum crying; a sound just on the edge of my comprehension. Now my senses were attuned to it and it would not let me go to sleep. So I got up.

The only bedroom door that was ever closed was my parent’s, ours were always open. I passed the girl’s room and could see they were both fast asleep. I stopped with my hand on the handle of my mother’s room, paused, took a deep breath and went in. The crying stopped immediately.

“What’s the matter?” she asked.

“I can’t sleep.”

I heard her sigh “No, neither can I.”

“Can I come in bed with you?” I asked.

There was a short pause as she considered the request. As kids you are always trying to sleep with your parents and have no idea why you get turned down. “Just for a bit.” Was the gentle reply.

I lifted the blankets, snuggled up to my mum, she had her back to me I think so I would not see, even in the dark, red-rimmed eyes. I tried to go to sleep. No such fortune but I was so still I suspect my mother thought I was asleep. The sobbing started again so I put my arm around her to try to comfort her. She took hold of my arm to show that it was appreciated but this had the effect of placing my hand on her breast. I still do not know if this was accident şişli escort or design but I stopped breathing for a second. A female tit. A real live female tit. I’d never felt one before and it felt soft under my hand which I did not dare move in case the accident was discovered and my hand was removed from this bit of warm bit of feminine flesh. Did not matter that it belonged to my mother, it was still a tit. It was covered by her nightgown but I could still feel it

Trouble is, of course, not just the brain reacts and I felt my cock come erect and steal its way out of my pyjamas and poke my mother in the nether regions. Now I became embarrassed, my mind was racing and was not sure what to do. So I did what any red blooded boy would do in the same circumstances – nothing.

My mother made the next move, she moved her hand from where it was grasping my wrist and covered my hand, pressing it to her breast, moving it so her nipple was under my fingers then she let go. Heaven! I moved my hand and that little bud grew larger so I rubbed it feeling the hardness of it surrounded by the softness of her breast. Not for one minute had I, up to that point entertained any sexual feelings towards my mother, but that changed in an instant so I planted a kiss on the back of her neck. She arched and her body moved next to mine. This had the dual effect of rubbing my cock and making her breast move under my hand.

I took my had off her tit and ran it down her side over the arch of her hips pausing a moment to feel there – no knickers! Such joy. But I had other designs for the present. I had only felt her breast whilst it was covered by the cotton fabric of her gown and I was determined to feel this tit for real. My other arm, which had been under me, I lifted and put it round her neck which she obligingly lifted to allow me to do so. Now I could put this hand inside the neck of her dressing gown and onto her breast for real. I felt both one after the other the new sensations making my cock strain.

I had guessed that she could feel it, but now she confirmed it by putting her arm behind her and grasping my penis. Her hand went up and down the shaft a couple of times and without any method that was available to me, I came spurting my semen onto her back. The hot liquid soaked into the fabric of her nightgown and she shook it and declared “Can’t wear that anymore.” Whereupon she sat up and lifted it off over her head then laid back down in the bed on her back.

She put her hand on my cock which was still erect. “Such is youth.” she commented, “You are not finished yet, are you?” Then got hold of my hand and put it between her legs. I did not have the faintest idea what to do which was obvious so she took my index finger, pushing the others out of the way, and slid it into her warm and moist crack then brought her hands back to my penis, rubbing it gently just enough to ensure it stayed erect.

I took the hint and continued to rub up and down her cunt lips. It felt good to me but obviously was not enough for mum as she got hold of my hand, pushed my finger into her vagina and continued her ministrations on my cock. So this was a cunt? Wow, a whole series of new sensations in a few minutes. I soon found I could easily get 2 fingers in her and enjoyed the feel of that warm and wet hole. Soft sighs escaped from her lips as I continued to explore her cunt.

Then she took her hand from my cock and under my side to encourage me to get on top of her. I needed no second bidding and climbed between her legs my arms at full stretch so I could see her tits, full and lolling off to the side of her body. Gently she grasped my cock and guided it into her when I felt the warmth and grip of her cunt on my member. Automatically I began pelvic thrusts to move my cock in and out of her cunt. The feeling was sensational! I had lost my virginity at 13 and to my mother. Didn’t seem to matter, I was fucking a woman.

My mother had her hands on my bum and was pushing me into her, her breaths coming in short pants. I could feel my body temperature rise as I neared a climax, at the same time my mother’s breathing became more ragged and I felt the muscles of her cunt contract and she began to make soft sobbing noises. My penis seemed to grow even harder and , which my mother holding me tight in her cunt, my cock throbbed and began to inject its load into her warm cunt. She smiled up at me and I slid out of her cunt and laid down beside her, resting my head on her soft tits.

That was the beginning of a long night. Three more times my cock came erect and I was happy to fuck her and follow my earlier load of semen with even more. In the early hours she woke me, put on her nightdress and bade me go back to my own room till the morning.

I was woken at 8 by my mum in order to go to school. The girls always left first, their school being a little further than mine and their start time 15 minutes earlier. They would stay to school lunch but I came home to eat. I hated school meals. Mum waved them goodbye from the front door, walked into the lounge, put her hands up her skirt and slid her knickers to the floor.

“One more before you go?” She asked walking into the kitchen where she sat on the table lifting her skirt and exposing her cunt to my view.. I needed no second bidding, dropped trousers and underpants my cock springing erect and ready. A few thrusts and I had put another lot of semen into her.

My father returned the next day and, my mother forgave him again, neglecting to mention that her exploits were worse and illegal to boot. But our relationship had changed along with her demeanour. My father must have put this down to his return because I am certain he suspected nothing, but that is not what was going on. I fondled my mother’s tits, arse and legs at every opportunity; if the family were present it would look like a casual accident. And we fucked all the time. After the girls had gone off to school and lunchtimes were the best opportunities. My mother taught me French kissing and I learned to lick and enjoy the taste of her cunt. She would bathe just before I was due home for the lunchtime fuck session and I would find her dressed just in a towel.

If the above led you to believe that my mum was a slim corker, you’d be wrong, she was short, fairly over-weight and although only in her late 30s had quite saggy tits which I came to love. Fortunately she had been sterilised after the birth of my second sister so there was never any danger of conception. We still fucked even after I was married. I was working shifts and what was more natural than for a son to visit his mum.

It only ended when my parents decided to try and regain the lost spark by emigrating to Australia and I never saw her for some years.

Every guy should lose their virginity to their mum

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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