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Mother’s Helping Hand Ch. 09

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The usual disclaimers apply, the story contains incest and sexual scenes so if you are likely to be offended by this please don’t read any further.

The characters are over 18, the persons and events described are entirely fictional. The author reserves all rights to the story and its reproduction apart from on Literotica.

All feedback is appreciated and if you like the story please rate it in the comments section.


Now Bobby’s pain meds were being reduced he spent less time sleeping during the day and more time waiting for his mom to come home. His hands were still clumsy and weak but at least he was able to slowly type and search for movies featuring his favourite big titted actresses which he watched while he fantasised about his own beautiful mother and when he would once again be able to enjoy the sight of her naked body and the feel of her tender caresses on his cock.

His hands were still too weak to be able to jerk off, he was unable to do more than tease himself, which only served to build his excitement more for when his mom returned home.

He would spend his evenings ogling his mom’s near naked body, only her high cut lacy panties depriving him of the holy of holies. She would patiently allow him to carry out his “physio exercises” on her breasts while teasing his rampant cock. Over the course of the evening she would slowly bring him to orgasm, sometimes using her tits sometimes her hands but each time he would cum so hard that it left him like a drooling idiot. She would usually bring him off at least twice, often having to beat his cock 3 or 4 times before his lust was finally sated.

The wickedness of the whole thing just added to his excitement and the fact that his mom was built like centrefold and could give him orgasms like he’d never known had turned him into a sex addict, living from one fix to the next. Tonight, however, he was a sex junkie whose dealer had failed to arrive, it was nearly 7:30pm and his mom still wasn’t home. He wasn’t too worried, she had been putting in more hours at the hospital lately to do with the new clinic, but all the same he had been getting hornier and hornier since the afternoon waiting for his daily dose of Alison and now was starting to go cold turkey. His dick was drooling pre-cum like some rabid one eyed monster and he was pacing between the porn on his laptop and the landing, listening out for the sound of his mom’s car entering the garage.

He was actually thinking about calling her cellphone when he heard the electronic garage door opening. Finally!! He shut his laptop down and waited to hear her enter the house. They had agreed a code that he should remain upstairs until she gave him the all clear, in the unlikely event that she brought a work friend home having a naked teenage son with a huge hard on walking around the living room could take a little explaining after all!

“Bobby! Are you upstairs, Bobby??”

She sounded pretty agitated, he hoped she was alright.

“Yeah mom, I’m up here.”

He heard her running up the stairs, wow she really seemed to be in a hurry tonight.

“Oh Bobby! You won’t believe it!”

She was still wearing her uniform and while they were not designed to look sexy mom’s figure had a way of making anything look hot, even with her bra her boobs still bounced in the confines of her top as she ran up the stairs towards him, his cock giving an appreciative lurch.

“I’ve got it!” she ran towards him hugging him, his hard cock suddenly pressed up against her uniform and her boobs squashing against his chest.

“Mmmff, you’ve got what mom?” hugging her as best he could with his casts.

“The clinic! The investors have agreed to go ahead and actually made it a requirement of releasing the funds that I should be appointed the deputy manager!”

“Wow that’s great!”

“I’m so sorry I’m late, the girls wanted to celebrate and give me a send off and I lost track of time.”

“That’s ok mom, I’m really happy for you. I was beginning to wonder where you got to.”

She released him from her embrace before looking down at her watch.”Oh my goodness, look at the time. Oh, I’m so sorry Bobby, I should have called.”

“It’s ok mom.”

She glanced down as his cock gave another lurch, it’s one eye staring balefully back her. “Do I take it you’ve missed me?” she smiled.

“I always miss you mom.”

“So I see.” she reached down and stroked his cock and he groaned at the sensation of her cool fingers on his rampant erection as she tenderly caressed his hard on.

“Oh god that feels good mom.” his cock lurching in her hand as she continued to lightly stroke him.

“I gathered you like it.” she smiled. “You know it it hadn’t been for your encouragement and support I’d have never had the courage to go to that meeting and have got the job.”

“Mom, you’re a beautiful, intelligent, sexy lady and ooohhh.. there’s nothing you can’t do if you want. You just needed someone to believe in you, and I always will.”

“Oh Bobby!” she released halkalı bdsm escort his cock to give him another hug and he once again had his erection pressed up against her trim belly and uniform and her huge boobs squashed against him.

“Let’s celebrate tonight, Bobby. I’d like to take you somewhere but I had a couple of drinks with the girls and I shouldn’t drive anymore.”

The kind of celebrating he would rather be doing didn’t involve going anywhere, but this was clearly something special to his mom so he figured his hard on could wait a little longer.

“Well, what about I drive us? I mean I can steer ok as long a I take it easy.”

“Are you sure Bobby?”

“Sure, my hands are a little weak still but I can move the wheel ok in the car.”

“Well, in that case how about I treat us to dinner?” she looked at his cock as it lurched, and tenderly patted it like it was a dog that hadn’t had it’s walk. “That’s if this can wait?”

“Yes it can wait mom, another hour or two won’t kill me.” he sighed with a pained expression, and she reached down and gave him some sensuous strokes, “Well I’ll try to make it up to you later ok?”

“Ok mom. Can I have a little advance now, I’ve been waiting all day.”

“All right” she smiled, encircling his cock with her cool fingers and gently tugging on the meaty limb that sprouted from his body, pleasuring his aching cock. She continued to jerk him, slowly coaxing him towards an orgasm for several minutes until the pre cum was frothing at his cock head. They stayed like that on the landing, him head back glorying in her caresses, her looking lovingly at him while tenderly stroking his cock. She knew he would cum soon if she kept it up much longer she she slowed her stroking before releasing his cock, a strand of slimy liquid connecting her fingers to his cock head.

“There is that a bit better?”

He nodded and groaned as she smiled then sashayed off to her bedroom swinging her hips with Bobby following like a zombie whose body was now under the direction of his dick.

He sat on the bed and watched her as she stripped her uniform off until she was wearing only her bra and panties. Her big tits jiggled like jellies in their cups as she walked around the room chattering about how excited she was. His dribbling cock was pressed up against his belly with the force of his arousal and he couldn’t believe she didn’t know the effect she was having on him, or didn’t seem to care.

“Now what am I going to wear? I can’t remember the last time I went out for dinner, I don’t even have any dresses.”

“You have one mom, and seeing as we’re celebrating you getting the promotion after you saw the investors it would be kind of appropriate.”

“Bobby! I can’t wear that! What if someone saw us together?”

He had to admit she did have a point, it was hardly the sort of thing you would wear for a mother-son evening .

“What if you wore a jacket over it?”

Alison considered it for a moment, the black number was short but not outrageously so and with a jacket buttoned up it wouldn’t reveal anything much, and since she was supposed to be treating Bobby she wanted to look nice for him.

“I suppose that might be alright, if we went somewhere out of town.”

“No problem, I’m driving!”

“Oh alright, well I guess I may as well take this off then.” she sighed and reached behind her back, undoing her bra and sliding the straps down her arms, revealing her opulent breasts for Bobby to feast his eyes on once again. He watched as she took out the little black number, from the wardrobe and when he saw it again he was shocked to realise just how little it really was. Did he really send his mom out for an evening wearing just that? She turned away as she attempted to arrange herself in it and Bobby couldn’t resist moving up behind her and slipping his hands inside her dress to cup her tits.

“Bobby! What are you doing? Stop it!”

“Mom, my physio, remember?”

“You’ve had your foam balls to use all day Bobby! It’s hard enough for me to stay in this dress as it is without you making it more difficult.”

“I’m only trying to help.” as he continued to clumsily knead and squeeze her boobs under her dress.

“Well you’re not.” and she firmly removed his hands from her treasures and stepped out of reach, “We’ll never get out of the house at this rate and I’m famished. I’m not wearing that tape again, it nearly pulled my nipples off last time. If I’m wearing a jacket that’ll have to do.”

He contented himself with watching his mom trying to keep her boobs in her dress before putting on a black jacket with white trim over the top.

He had to admit it actually looked quite classy, the jacket showed a fair bit of cleavage without being pornographic while the dress showed Alison’s legs off, again it without being too revealing. She checked her makeup in the mirror, adding some more bright red lipstick to her sensuous mouth before she turned to face him.

“Do I look ok?”

“You halkalı elit escort look beautiful, as always mom.”

“Such a charmer. Well, I think we’d better get you something to wear don’t you?”

Bobby looked down at his naked body, his cock staring back up at him, the head wet and drooling with a sheen of pre cum.

“Err, yeah I guess you’ve got a point.”

He followed her as she went to his room, his cock scything through the air as he walked and admired her legs as picked out a suit from his wardrobe holding it up for him,

“Why don’t you wear this, you look so handsome in it.”

Bobby felt his heart and cock swell at the compliment, he only usually wore it for formal occasions under duress, but if his gorgeous mom liked him in a suit, a suit it was.

“I think perhaps we’d better clean this up first.” she regarded his cock which now had a strand of pre cum hanging from the head.”

She went to the bathroom and returned with a wet wipe which she used to gently clean the slime from his cock, pulling the skin back to properly clean the glans. He revelled in her touch, even wiping his cock clean felt great. She disposed of the wipe and looked in his draws for some briefs.

“Don’t you have any underwear in here Bobby?”

“I don’t really bother with it mom, it kind of gets in the way.”

“Oh well, if that’s how you feel comfortable.”

She put his shirt and tie on first, his dick sticking out obscenely from under his shirt, before pulling on his pants. She levered his cock into them as best as she could but it still stuck out, forming a giant tent in the front of his trousers.

“Bobby you can’t go out like that! How do you get away without wearing briefs.”

“Well normally I just keep my hands in my pockets.” he gingerly slid his tender hand into his pocket and used his it to hold his cock against his hip. “See?”

“I wondered why you always seemed to have your hands in your pockets, I thought you were just being casual. Now I know better.”

“Well I kind of had to find ways of covering it up, what with it being, well you know..”

“Huge and permanently hard?” she said with a wry look.

“Um yeah.”

“Hmmm, well now we’ve got you ‘arranged’ perhaps we can go and eat.”

They drove out onto the freeway, Bobby keeping the speed down and taking the corners steadily, Alison beginning to relax as she could see he was comfortable behind the wheel.

“Well this is nice, it’s been a long time since I went on a dinner date with a handsome young man, though I’m sure everyone will wonder what you’re doing with an old lady like me.”

“With an old lady like you? Mom, you’ll be the most beautiful woman in the room, you always are. I doubt anyone will even notice me. And stop with the old, you look like you’re in your twenties.”

“Oh Bobby, you’re so sweet.” she cuddled up to him and he felt for all the world like he was taking a high school sweetheart on a date. His cock was still hard as a rock and as he felt her warmth against him and smelt her perfume it grew harder. He could even feel her breath on his neck when she spoke. Breath that came from the mouth that had held his cock oh so briefly that night and had swallowed his cum. His dick pulsed in his pants as he recalled that night.

“I wish there was something more I could do to thank you other than giving you dinner.” that warm breath again, those full lips.

“You could let me give you the desert.” he blurted out.

“Desert? What do you mean?”

Oh shit! Why did he say that? “Um well, I just meant like, um, well after the err, party.”

“After the party, what do you… oh that! Bobby! I did that to help you out because I felt bad leaving you in that…state. It was not something I intended to make a habit of!”

“Um, I’m sorry, I just figured, I mean, seeing as you did it then, maybe, um tonight is special.. so..um” Oh jeesusss, why couldn’t he just shut his fucking mouth and stop babbling.

“So… you thought we could celebrate by me giving you oral sex? Is that what you thought tonight was leading up to?”

“Um no… I didn’t expect… I just…you know, it was nice and…”


Oh christ!! Why couldn’t he have broken his jaw instead of his wrists, then he wouldn’t be digging himself a fucking hole that was halfway to China!

“I didn’t mean it was nice, it was wonderful, it was amazing and I guess I thought, because you wanted to thank me you, um…”

“I would show my gratitude to you by sucking your cock?!”

God she was pissed, when she started swearing it was a sign she was in danger of going postal.

“I didn’t expect anything mom, I’m sorry, I don’t know what got into me. I guess I was a just horny and, I remember that night and how it felt. I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to be rude, or imply anything. C’mon mom, please don’t be mad.”

She took a deep breath and he felt her soften and relax a little.

“I’m sorry Bobby, I didn’t mean to get mad. halkalı escort I suppose I just wonder sometimes where all this is going to lead. I told you when this started there were limits and we couldn’t go any further.”

“I know.”

“I agreed to help you because of your wrists and how frustrated it was making you, but now you’re driving and before long you’ll be able to do…other stuff, again. I want us to be a normal mother and son again Bobby.”

Fuck, what was she saying, no more watching her naked? No more hand jobs? Didn’t she understand, it wasn’t about his wrists anymore ,she had uncorked a genie and it wasn’t going back in the bottle.

They drove on in silence for a while each lost in their thoughts.

“This steakhouse on the right is supposed to be pretty nice, let’s pull in here.”

“Sure mom.”

“Why such a long face? We’re still celebrating right?” she smiled, clearly wanting to put the argument behind them.

“Yes sure!” he forced a smile.

They pulled into the parking lot and his mom leant over him to open the door for him. Her jacket might have covered up her boobs she was sitting up but when she leant over it left everything on display. Her boobs tumbled out of her dress and Bobby gawped at them swaying as she struggled with the handle before pushing the door open for him. He climbed out and walked round to her side of the car holding the door open while she slid out. He admired her the beautiful legs as her skirt slid up as she slipped out before turning to face him.

“Well you are the gallant young man aren’t you?” before glancing down, “Although that does rather spoil the effect.” He looked down and saw tent in the front of his pants she was referring to.

“Perhaps you should, well, put your hands in your pockets before we go in.”

“Oh, yeah sorry.” he tried to gingerly slide his hands into his pockets but the casts made it awkward and the drive over had made his wrists ache worse than he thought. After a couple of moments of watching him struggle his mom intervened.

“Here, let me, or we’ll be eating in the parking lot.” she slid her hand into his pocket and found his cock through the lining, holding it against his hip. “Now just take my arm.”

Bobby did as she said and they walked into the restaurant arm in arm disguising the fact she was holding his bloated cock inside his pants.

The waitress that greeted them was a pretty latin looking girl about Bobby’s age.

“Hi I’m Lucia, I’ll be your server tonight. Let me take you to your table.”

As they walked through the restaurant Bobby couldn’t help noticing Lucia’s cute little butt through her skirt. He was so busy checking out her ass he didn’t notice his mom was checking him out and saw where he was looking, she said nothing but suddenly gave Bobby’s cock a hard squeeze that made him jump. He glanced at his mom who showed no reaction but simply stared ahead. Lucia sat them at their table and noticed Bobby’s casts.

‘Oh wow, did you injure yourself?”

“Yeah, skiing accident, up in Colorado.” Bobby flashed her a smile.

“Wow! I’ve always wanted to go.” Lucia returning his smile.

“You should, it’s amazing, as long as you don’t have an accident.” he flashed her a winning smile again.

Alison felt herself flushing, and responded by reaching onto Bobby’s crotch under the table and beginning to stroke his cock. Bobby flinched slightly at her touch.

“Yeah it’s great!” he smiled, trying not to show any reaction.

“I bet it must be amazing, how did you have your accident?”

Well I was on one of the black slopes and err..” Alison’s movement were becoming bolder, tugging his cock head through the thin fabric of his pants she began jerking him off. Bobby struggled to retain his composure as her stroking quickened.

“I got onto some , err, soft… snow…”

“Um ok?”

Her persistant tugging grew faster and he fought the feelings eminating from his cock.

“Uhhhhh, yeah it was soft, real soft, oh yeah, and I lost my grip, I mean um footing.”


He could feel his balls tightening and his cock lurching under her touch.

“Uhhh oh yeah, then I hit a treeee!”

The waitress looked at Bobby quizzically, waiting for some more information but Bobby was fighting a losing battle against his mom’s jerking. Fuck, if she kept this up for much longer he was going to cum in his pants.

“It was, yeah, Uhhhhhhh god.”

“Are you ok sir?”

Bobby was no longer able to speak, all his attention was being taken up with trying to stop himself cumming in his pants.

“He’s fine, he just has little episodes,” Alison intervened with a look of pure innocence, “it’s from where he hit his head during the accident.”

“Oh dear, that’s terrible.”

“Yes, poor sweetie.” stroking his forehead with one hand while jerking his cock with the other. “He’ll be fine in a few minutes.”

“Um ok, well, can I get you guys something to drink?”

“Actually yes, we’ll have a bottle of champagne please, we’re celebrating.” Alison smiled while slowing her stroking under the table.

“Oh wow, that’s great! What’s the occasion?”

“A promotion.”

“That’s great, congratulations! I’ll be right back.”

Alison released his cock under the table just when he thought he couldn’t hold back any more.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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