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Motherslut Ch. 05

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*All characters in this story are over the age of 18. No underage role play appears in this story.


After our amazing night out, we had come home and resumed our normal incestuous life together. We were still acting like kids in a candy store and loving every second of it. Motherslut and I were relaxing in bed after a particularly exuberant and enthusiasts bout of love-making. We were under the covers and motherslut had already positioned herself sprawled over my body in her favorite spot. I was gently stroking her back as we talked about our fantasies. We both had admitted to fantasizing about teasing each other in public, so no one else could tell. We could get each other so worked up that we would literally pounce each other as soon as we got home. We both wanted to go to a sex shop together and since the closest decent one was about an hour and a half away, we thought we could accomplish it without arousing suspicion. I admitted to wanting to see her in some very scantily clad lingerie, perhaps waiting on the couch or in our bed when I got home. She really liked that idea.

We were both excited to try some role-playing scenarios. One where she had to seduce me, but I wasn’t as reluctant as before. She brought up having me seduce her and she could be the reluctant one. We both liked the idea of either of us calling for an escort or gigolo, and then the awkward situation where one of us would show up at the door not knowing it was us. I had suggested the masseuse/happy ending fantasy and motherslut had liked that, provided we both took turns providing and receiving the massage and release. I suggested a scenario where I was injured and she had to help me get around, which would lead to her having to help me in the shower, etc. Motherslut has suggested a scenario where I was heartbroken over a breakup and she could soothe my broken heart. She also brought up a particularly interesting scenario that I was already planning for her.

We both had active imaginations and our fantasies seemed to be in line with each other. Neither of us had said anything that the other disliked or had reservations about. I had finally come clean about the incest forum that we were both members of. She had cutely blushed about being caught, but relaxed when I told her about being on there too. We had talked about our experiences on the site and liked being able to branch out and pick the minds of other mother/son couples. Seeing what issues, problems, joys, etc that the other couples had experienced. She admitted to also receiving an invitation to the private resort outside the US that catered to mother/son couples. We both admitted to being intrigued by the prospect, but neither of us was sure it was for us. Besides, if we wanted to take a romantic holiday outside the US we could always pretend to not be mother and son and just be a couple. Motherslut really liked that idea and snuggled closer into my side as she hugged me. Both of us feeling exhausted, we turned in for the night.

I woke the next morning to find motherslut enjoying my morning wood. Looking down at her as she looked up at me while smiling around my hard cock, I said “Good morning, beautiful.”

Motherslut winked at me, before turning her attention back to sucking my cock. I relaxed and enjoyed my morning blowjob from my sexy mother. I’m not sure how long she had been sucking my cock, but I didn’t last long. I moaned and blasted a huge load of my hot cum right into my mother’s waiting mouth. She moaned and continued to suck and stroke my cock until she was confident that she had gotten all my cum. She then licked her lips erotically and then bounded off to the bathroom to start her morning routine.

Not wanting to be outdone and not wanting her to feel left out, I followed her to the bathroom. Motherslut was brushing and flossing, as I made my way behind her. I hugged her from behind and kissed her neck. I then slowly dropped to my knees behind her, kissing and stroking her body until I reached her ample ass cheeks. I then grabbed a cheek in each hand and spread them wide open. I forced motherslut to bend over the bathroom sink as I began to lick and suck her pussy.

Motherslut moaned and pressed her ample ass towards my face, giving me better access to her sweet wet pussy. I can never get enough of her slut hole and I love making her cum from going down on her. I gripped her ass cheeks harder and from time to time I would place hard smacks to her cheeks. She began shaking her ass cheeks against my face and I thought she was just being cute until she moaned deeply and went completely rigid. Her pussy trembled around my tongue then released a flood of juices across my tongue and down my throat.

I then stood up and hugged my shaking mother from behind. She leaned into me as she hummed in pleasure. I then whispered into her ear, “We both have had our favorite breakfasts, now.”

Motherslut dipped her head and giggled. I kissed her cheek and joined her to brush my teeth. We continued on in silence as we finished our morning routines. After Escort bayan our actual breakfast, motherslut had to go out for a few hours for errands while I completed my online school work and did my workout routine. Finishing all of my to-do list, I then did a few chores around the house to help out. Then began to set my plans for motherslut’s kinky fantasy. It was a pretty straight forward plan. I just had to dress all in black, find my ski mask and gloves, dim the lights, and wait…

Motherslut arrived home a little while later and announced herself with her customary, “Honey, I’m home.”

I heard her quiet giggle at her acknowledgment of our incestuous relationship from my hiding spot. I stayed quiet as she called out to me several more times, before making her way to the kitchen and putting up the few groceries she had. I waited until she left the kitchen and came to the door of the stairs to make my move. I snuck up behind her and quickly placed a gloved hand over her mouth, wrapped my other arm around her waist, and forced her against the wall. I was gentle enough to not accidentally smack her head against the wall but forceful enough that she was taken totally unaware, besides she needed a little scare to really feel what was happening.

I placed my mouth to her ear and used my most dominant voice to whisper/growl, “Don’t scream or fuck with me, bitch. Do what I say and no one gets hurt. Do you understand?”

She quickly nodded with my hand over her mouth. She was completely tense but wasn’t actively trying to fight me off. The suddenness of the attack and my own sharp voice had left her frazzled and unsure of what to do. I again whispered forcefully into her ear so she could feel my warm breath on her ear, “Your son’s asleep in his room. He’s fine and if you want him to stay that way, you will do exactly what I say.”

Motherslut quickly nodded. I continued, “I’m going to drop my hand from your mouth. If you call out or scream, there will be consequences for you and your son.”

Motherslut nodded again and I let my hand fall from her mouth. I then roughly and thoroughly searched her body, taking time to grope her luscious breasts and ample ass cheeks. I then rifled through her purse, but finding nothing of value I tossed it to the floor and growled out, “Do you have any money or jewelry in the house, bitch?”

Motherslut quickly answered fearfully, “No money, but I have some jewelry in my bedroom. I…I can get it for you.”

Motherslut looked up the stairs fearfully, knowing that her son was asleep in his room. Wanting to keep it that way and not wanting this burglar anywhere near her son, she was prepared to clear out all of her jewelry and bring it all to me. I shook my head unwilling to let this scared bitch get second thoughts and try something stupid. I growled back, “Then lead the way, bitch. Let’s see what you have, but just remember who’s in charge here and who can make this situation a lot worse if you fuck around.”

Motherslut nodded again as she dropped her head and sobbed quietly. I turned her around by her arm and pressed her back against the wall. She gasped and looked up at my face accidentally, then quickly lowered her eyes, not wanting to look at me. My face was completely covered except for my eyes and mouth. I smiled at her reaction and submission and felt my cock twitch. She then turned and led us to her bedroom. I shut and locked the door behind us, as she walked to her dresser and opened her large jewelry box. I walked over and made a huffing sound of annoyance. I then turned to her and asked, “This is it? Bitch, I can’t get more than a few grand for this.”

I then shook my head as I turned back to the jewelry box. My head suddenly came back up and I slowly turned around to face her once again. I looked her up and down with an obvious leering look in my eyes. She cowered and shrank under my gaze, as she attempted to cover herself even if she was fully clothed. I took a step forward and said, “Well I may get something out of this after all. Do you want me to leave, bitch? Do you want me to leave you and your son alive and well?”

She gasped as I hinted that her and her son’s lives were at stake. She quickly nodded as tears began to form in her eyes. I nodded as I took another step forward and said, “Then I think it’s time we came to an understanding. Get on your knees, now!”

My growl of authority and the looming threat to her and her son made motherslut quickly sink to her knees. A growing feeling of dread began to fill her, as I stepped towards her again. She was now kneeling with her face right at my crotch. I then growled again, “Here is how it works, bitch. I tell you what to do and you do it all without any backtalk or trying to fight me. If you do as I say, I’ll leave and you will never have to see me again. You and your son will be safe and sound. If you act like some uptight rich bitch and try to struggle, well that might cause me to lose my temper. And it’s best if I remain calm and happy. Trust me.”

With this, I took out a Bayan escort switchblade and let it open with the signature click, as I explained the situation. She looked up fearfully and asked, “What are you going to do?”

I continued in a calm but commanding voice, “I’m not going to do anything. You’re going to do this. First, you’re going to undo my pants and take out my cock. Then you’re going to show me how much of a rich slut you are and how much you want me to leave.”

She shuddered and dropped her head. She then chanced a lookup as she pleads, “I don’t do that kind of thing, please don’t make me.”

I smiled as I reminded her, “Well the choice is yours, do as I say and no one gets hurt. Otherwise…”

She took a deep breath and raised her shaking hand to my pants. She undid then and maneuvered my already hard cock out of my pants. She seemed to look at my hard cock with a sense of fear and definite hesitation. I added, “It’s ok, you know how and if not it’s high time you learned.”

Motherslut then looked shocked at what I had said, before dropping her head again in submission. She then opened her mouth, closed her eyes, and forced her open lips to wrap around my rock hard cock. I felt her begin to suck reluctantly and hesitantly on my hard cock, until I growled out a reminder “Better show me you can service a hard cock properly, bitch. I don’t just want your mouth on my cock, start sucking.”

Motherslut seemed to cringe and deflate even more, but followed my orders and began sucking my cock as instructed. I moaned and began offering advice and taunts, “Yeah, rich bitch, use your tongue. Lick my head. Now rub my balls and stroke my cock. I want to feel your cock sucking skills.”

Motherslut continued to suck my cock and follow my orders, still feeling completely demeaned and humiliated at being forced to service some stranger’s hard cock. She continuously had to remind herself to just follow her orders and do as she was told, anything to get through this and keep her and her son safe. She was unprepared when my hard cock suddenly exploded into her mouth. She cried out in surprise and would have jumped away, but I had grabbed her head to hold her still as I continued to pump my seed down her throat. I smirked as I said, “Keep sucking that cock, bitch. I want to see you swallow my whole load. A good rich bitch should know how to swallow a man’s hot cum, it shows that she knows who’s in charge.”

Motherslut had continued to suck my hard cock and had swallowed all my seed. She looked up at me with wide eyes and a questioning look on her face, with my hard cock still in her mouth. I smirked down at her as I said, “See what a natural cock sucker you are, rich bitch? Now let’s see the rest of your skills. Get up on your bed on your hands and knees facing the headboard.”

She was so humiliated and frazzled by the events that she didn’t even question me anymore. I knew that would stop once she figured out what was coming her way, but for now she was a good little submissive rich bitch for me to play with. Seeing her ample ass cheeks under her sundress, I flipped the hem of her dress exposing her thong and bubble butt to me. I smirked again see her shudder at being on display like this to some strange man. I then told her to remain very still unless she wanted my knife to slip. I then swiftly cut the middle of her thong, exposing her puckered asshole and pussy to me.

She jumped then went rigid when I cut away her thong then placed my hands to her ass cheeks. In her position, I didn’t even have to spread her ass cheeks to reveal her asshole, so I simply lowered my mouth to her puckered hole and began to tongue fuck her ass. She whimpered and clenched her asshole around my tongue, attempting to deny me entry. I continued to lick and probe her ass until it relaxed involuntarily and allowed my wet tongue full entry. She gasped loudly and I felt her asshole and ass cheeks clench in her vain attempt to force my tongue out of her opening.

She began to sob quietly as her asshole relaxed further and my wet tongue probed deeper into her anal canal. She was so humiliated, she had just been forced to suck the erect penis of some strange man, as he said such crude and obscene things to her. Then he had actually orgasmed in her mouth, shooting his vile seed down her throat and making her swallow it all. Now this cretin was forcing his disgusting tongue into her rectum on her own bed. Another year ran down her face as she heard a moan escape her tormentor. She dipped her head as she hoped that this was almost over and she could lock her doors and forget all about this wretched creature.

I finished giving motherslut’s asshole the deep and wet tongue fucking she would need for what comes next. I smiled as I let my tongue fall out of her spit-soaked asshole. I then climbed up on the bed behind her and pressed my hard cock head to her wet asshole. I was rewarded by hearing a sharp gasp, feeling her try to move her asshole away from my hard cock, and a desperately whispered plea of “Oh, please Escort God, no!”

I smirked as I smacked her ass cheeks and said, “It’s your own fault for having such a big and fuckable ass. You ever take a nice hard cock in this tight little asshole before, rich bitch?”

She shook her head no as she tried to think of a way out of this. Clutching on to a particularly demeaning but less objectionable course of action, she begged “Please don’t stick your penis in my rectum. I’m not that kind of woman. I can’t take that. I’ll suck your penis some more, I’ll even swallow!”

I only smirked as I gripped her ass cheeks and teased her asshole with my cock head, letting my precum smear against her puckered hole. I laughed as I said, “You see, rich bitch, you’re already embracing your skills of being a cock sucker. Now you just have to learn the proper terms: it’s not a penis, it’s a hard cock; I’m not sticking it in your rectum, I’m going to shove it up your ass; and you wouldn’t suck my penis, you would suck my hard cock. And another thing, rich bitch, offering to swallow isn’t an option, if you suck a cock you will swallow. But no, I’m going to enjoy watching this tiny little asshole swallow every inch of my hard cock. Then you get to feel me planting my hot seed in your ass.”

She tried again, begging and pleading “Please, you’re too big. You’ll split me in half!”

I laughed again as I began pressing my hard cock into her spit-lubed asshole. She whimpered quietly as she felt her asshole stretching to accommodate my hard cock. She then gasped as she felt my cock head pop past her asshole muscles and come to rest inside her ass. I didn’t rest though, I continued to push forward inch by inch until I was bottomed out inside her ass. She was breathing heavily in exhaustion with the effort of taking my hard cock deep inside her ass.

I let her get used to the feeling as I taunted her, “Your asshole is the tightest I have ever had, rich bitch. I bet you really were telling the truth about not getting this tight little hole fucked by a hard cock before. I bet your such a prude that you wouldn’t even let someone stick a finger in your ass or tongue fuck your ass if they went down on you. But don’t you worry, I’m here to give this tight little asshole the fucking it clearly needs.”

I then started a good pace of fucking her tight ass. Her whimpers and gasps were so cute and only spurred me in to go deeper into her ass. She continued to beg and plead softly, but slowly stopped when she realized she was just egging next on to fuck get harder and deeper. I smirked as I enjoyed the feeling of her tight asshole clenching my hard cock so tightly. I decided to add to this rich bitch’s experience, I called out “Rich bitch, why aren’t you enjoying yourself? I know why don’t you reach down and play with your slut hole. A rich bitch like you, I bet you have had a lot of practice rubbing your pussy. I want you to rub your pussy until you cum with my hard cock in your ass.”

She sobbed again as she dropped her head in shame. The then slowly snaked her hand between her legs and began to slowly masturbate. She went completely red in the face as her fingers touched her clit, causing her to moan involuntarily. She continued to rub her pussy as her asshole was undergoing a deep and hard pounding. Motherslut found that if she concentrated on rubbing her clit, she could actually ignore the hard ass-fucking she was receiving. Feeling debased and horrid, she even pressed two fingers into her pussy to distract herself even more.

I felt her asshole tightening around my hard cock, as I suddenly saw her throw her head back. She didn’t cry out in pleasure, instead just seemed to gasp audibly. The new pressure on my hard cock was too much for me. I shoved my hard cock deep into her ass and blasted her insides with my hot cum. I moaned loudly and said, “There you go, rich bitch, you just got your second load of my hot cum inside your body. How does it feel having my seed inside your ass? You fingered yourself long enough to make yourself cum, like any ordinary dirty slut. I bet all you need is a little more practice and you’ll cum from getting your tight little ass fucked by a hard cock.”

She dropped her hand from her pussy and felt her head sink in shame as she pleads, “Please, no more. I can’t take it anymore. My bottom is so sore. It hurts so bad. Your just too big.”

I laughed as I smacked her ass cheeks and watched them shake, “No more? You can’t take any more of my hard cock pounding deep inside your ass? Can’t you feel how hard my cock still is? I’m not stopping yet. You need at least one more load of my hot cum. Your asshole is just too tight. It’s keeping me rock hard and I’m not stopping until I’m good and relaxed. So get ready, rich bitch, your asshole is about to feel what a deep ass fucking feels like.”

I then gripped her hips and set a demanding pace of deep fucking her ass. Her ass cheeks were being smashed and shaking by the force of my thrusts. She was reduced to sad little whimpers as I would thrust deep inside her and loud gasps as I would pull back. I wanted this rich bitch to really get the whole experience, so I growled out “Take out your tits, rich bitch. I want to see those udders swaying under you as I blast your asshole.”

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