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Movie Star Mom Ch. 01

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All characters in this work of fiction are over the age of 18


“Tony, get up. It’s time to go to school young man”.

Jenna pounded on her youngest son’s door again.

“Tony, move your butt. I am not driving you to school if you miss the bus.”

Jenna headed downstairs to the kitchen to finish making breakfast for her family. She pulled the scrambled eggs out of the oven and put portions on plates for her husband and boys. The toaster went off and four pieces of bread popped up golden brown. A dollop of butter spread on each and orange juice rounded out the morning menu. Jenna was just about to start yelling again when her middle son, Will, bounded down the stairs and into the kitchen. Her husband Rich followed shortly thereafter.

Jenna kissed Rich. “Good morning.”

“Oh God, do you guys really have to do that in front of me.” Will gave his mother and father a snarled facial expression like he was going to vomit.

Rich grabbed his wife and bent her backwards as he kissed her again. The peck on the lips the first time was followed with a mouth probing tongue.

“Get a room you two, that’s gross.”

Rich told his middle son to stop complaining and that if it weren’t for his parents kissing like that it was unlikely that he’d ever been born. He proceeded to tease his middle son about kissing his girlfriend. Rich finished his breakfast and stood up, grabbing his briefcase and sports coat. Kissing his wife, he headed out for the day.

“Hey mom, I’m going out with Becky this afternoon after class. We are heading over to the rock wall by the strip. She wants me to show her how to scale the upper part of the wall. I’m taking her out to dinner afterwards. I should be home around 9 or 10.

“Sure, have a good time.”

Jenna watched as her middle son finish his breakfast, putting the plate and glass in sink after he was done. She watched as Will grabbed his books and headed out the front door.

She thought to herself how much Will had matured since graduating high school two years ago. He was in his second year at UNLV studying engineering. He did not look like a typical science geek; instead he looked more like collegiate athlete. At 6 feet tall, he towered over his mom by 6 inches. During his final year in high school he discovered the gym, thanks to her encouragement. He’d put on about 20 pounds of muscle and started attracting female admirers which helped his confidence. At the start of this school year he met Becky which seemed to boost his confidence even more.

Jenna looked around for her youngest son who still had not shown up for breakfast. She marched upstairs, eager to prod Tony. She stood outside his bedroom door and in her best mom voice she yelled.

“Anthony David, you are 18 years old. You are old enough to know better. Get your ass up mister and get to the bus.”

“Okay Mom, I’m coming. Stop yelling at me.”

Jenna stood at the door waiting for her son. The door finally opened and out came her youngest son. He was a mess, as he was still pulling on his shirt. He hair looked like a bird had nested on his scalp and both of his shoes were untied.

“Hi Mom.” Tony kissed his mom on the side of the cheek and headed towards the stairs. His mother chided him about brushing his hair and his teeth before going to school.

Jenna looked into Tony’s room and rolled her eyes.

“I want you to come home right after school young man. This room is a mess and you need to clean it up before you go out with your friends.”

She watched her son roll his eyes at her and then he promised to come home right away.

Jenna headed to her bedroom. She had laundry to do and needed to run to the dry cleaner before heading to the gym. She walked into the master bedroom and grabbed the dirty clothes hamper.

“Bye Mom”

She heard the door slam as she walked around the bed. After picking up clothes and towels in her bathroom, she headed towards the boy’s rooms. Will’s room was pretty clean except for a dirty towel by the window. She knew what to expect when she entered Tony’s room.

It looked like a clothes bomb went off his room. As Jenna walked around the room picking up clothes, she bent down onto one knee to grab some clothes stuffed under the bed. As she pushed off with her hands to stand back up, she bumped into the desk chair which in turn hit the desk hard. She heard the whine of the computer starting up and didn’t think much of it.

As she turned, she saw the computer screen out of the corner of her eye and froze. She turned to the screen and saw the video player paused in the middle of a movie. The video screen showed a hairless pussy with a cock buried in it. It was frozen in time, with half the dick in and half of it hanging out.

“This is why he was late”

Jenna wondered what exactly Tony was looking at. The screen showed a close-up view of a big cock stuffed in a bald pussy. Jenna couldn’t resist sneaking a peek; despite feeling it might be wrong. Her hand trembled as she eve gelen escort hit the play button. The movie started as the huge white cock continued stoking in and out of the woman. The starlets face was not visible as she was getting pummeled from behind. A few more seconds went by and then the woman proclaimed her devotion the lord almighty and Jenna stopped breathing. She recognized the voice. It was her voice.

Jenna pulled out the chair and sat down. ‘Oh Shit’ she thought to herself. Tony had found a video of his mother getting fucked by a young stud. Her mind started to race with all of the possible ways this could have happened.

‘Maybe he snuck into our bedroom and found a video. Maybe he opened up mail for his Mom that he shouldn’t have opened.’

Jenna realized that she was lying to herself. Tony found it while searching for porn. He is 18 and probably horny, so why wouldn’t he look at porn. Jenna’s mind raced through all the ways he could have found a video online.

Just when she thought things couldn’t get any worse, she looked down to the right side of the chair she was sitting in and noticed a blue t-shirt with a dark wet spot. She reached down and picked up the shirt. Sticking her finger on the spot, she felt the warm sticky texture of the stain. Jenna raised her wet finger to her nose and inhaled deeply.

‘Oh My God’ she thought to herself. Her son had been jerking off to a movie of his mom getting fucked by someone his age. Jenna thought about the movie and realized that shortly it would show her eating the pussy of the young redhead. Jenna watched herself on the screen getting pummeled while her face was buried in the fiery crotch of teenage girl.

Jenna stopped the movie. She knew what would happen and didn’t need to see any more. She sat there for a moment and thought about her situation. She grabbed the mouse and started searching her son’s computer. In a folder marked ‘homework’ she found her son’s movie stash. It contained at least fifty movie clips of her getting fucked by dozens of men and women. As she looked at the file names, she recognized the movie titles. She was getting fucked by a black man in this movie. Another was a gang bang and a third was a lesbian scene. ‘Oh Fuck’ she thought to herself.

Jenna opened up her son’s internet browser and clicked on the navigation bar. She moved the curser over the address bar which pulled down part of the history and saw an entry for Tumblr. She clicked on it and waited as Tumblr opened to a dashboard. As she started scrolling down she was confronted with images of middle aged woman in various stages of undress or getting fucked by young guys and girls.

It wasn’t so much the pictures that bothered her, but it was the captions on the photos or in the description that shocked her. One gif showed a woman on her side getting fucked by her supposed son with the caption “I was determined to coax my son’s teeming, teenage sperm he had brewing in his heavy, flopping balls….nothing can stop a horny, hormonal 44 year-old mom who wants another baby shot up her fertile womb! Yeah son, do the job your daddy isn’t man enough to do! UNNNNNNNNGHHHHHHH!!!! “

Jenna continued to scroll through her youngest son’s Tumblr page when she found an entry that he’d obviously written recently. It showed a picture of her black satin panties that said, “Cum Slut”. It appeared that her son stole them out of her panty drawer and had used them to masturbate because they were plastered with thick globs of teenage cum. Below the picture it said that her son had stolen her panties and used them to jerk off while thinking about fucking his mommy.

As she continued to scroll down, she found numerous photos of her naked or getting fucked. Tony included captions about wanting to fuck his red headed mommy who looked a lot like the woman in the photos. She continued to scroll down, finding more and more pictures of herself naked and getting fucked.

As she read more of the blog, she came to the movie clip and she pressed play. She instantly recognized the room, since it was the very one she was sitting in. The camera jostled for a second and then a hard cock came into view. It was her son’s cock and he was stroking it. Jenna thought for a second that her son had a decent size cock, looked to be longer than 7 inches and thick. As a porn star, she has a reputation of being a ‘size queen’.

‘Wait a minute’ she thought to herself. She was sizing up her own son’s cock. Jenna knew that she should stop the video, but she couldn’t take her eyes off the dick on the screen. She watched as Tony stroked himself for a good couple of minutes. She could hear his breathing get faster and she knew instinctively that he was about to blow his load. That’s when the real surprise happened. From the left side of the screen came an 8×10 close-up of her face. One stroke, two strokes and then her son grunted and the first stream of cum erupted from his swollen helmet. Tony pumped his cock again, sending another powerful fatih escort steam of thick white fluid from his dick and onto the photo now resting on the desk. Five more streams of cum erupted from her son as she watched with her mouth gapping open.

Jenna scrolled down a bit and read the caption under the video. It said “Almost nothing turns my mom on more than a really huge load of cum, especially watching it spurt out of my hard cock. She also loves being jacked off onto and having her face, tits and body covered in my cum from head to toe.” She recognized most of the quote, since he’d lifted it from her website. It was part of her page that described her sexual turn-ons. It was true, she loves cum. She loves it all over and inside of her body. He’d obviously inserted the part about him fucking her, but it was mostly her admission to being a cum slut.

She hit play. She wasn’t thinking, but she wanted to see her son cum again. As she watched the video again, she could feel the stiffening sensation in the nipples of her 32DD breasts. As she watched her son jerk off, she couldn’t help but to drool a little bit. He did have a delicious looking cock. As the video ended, she hit play again. This time her right hand scratched at the crotch of her yoga pants. Damn, she was wet. She refused to believe it, but she was getting horny watching her son jerk off as he shot his load all over a picture of her.

She hit stop and scrolled down further on the page. She found another movie and this one showed her son jerking off again. The difference was the picture of her was from a porn shoot and showed her with her mouth open as she orgasmed. Tony had cut a hole in the photo where her open mouth would be and he was slowly sliding his cock in and out, as if he were fucking his mother. She watched as Tony slid his cock in and out of the mouth on the picture before cumming all over it.

Jenna stood up and pulled her yoga pants off as well as her sports bra. She grabbed one of her tits while her other hand feverously rubbed her clit. She hit play again and masturbated while watching her son jerk off.

Over the next two hours Jenna would learn that her son knew about her career in porn and that he desperately wanted to fuck his mommy. He never mentioned who his mother was, but in another incest blog he admitted to being the son of a well-known porn star. This blog didn’t have any photos of her, but it gave brief hints of her identity. She also learned that her other sons knew about her porn career and that all three of them had talked about wanting to fuck their mother. Tony went as far as to say that he wanted to gang fuck his mother with his brothers and make her air tight. Jenna understood the reference to having a dick in her ass, pussy and mouth all at the same time. As she continued reading his blog, she rubbed herself through three orgasms. The final one came when she closed her eyes and thought about Tony jerking off to her photo.

She realized that she had to tell Rich what happened. He knew about her career in porn, helping her set up her own website and doing some of the camera work in the original homemade films. There was nothing off limits in their discussions or bedroom. She ended up in porn by accident, before that she was a typical soccer mom until the couple decided to open their marriage. It started out with swinging, and then a blog site devoted to videos of them fucking others. It was soon followed with a call from a porn producer in Southern California. Rich was open to the idea and it just kind of happened.

Jenna closed the web browser and put the movie back to the exact spot she had found it. She also threw all of her son’s clothes that she’d picked up off the floor, including the cum stained t-shirt. She didn’t want Tony to know that she’d been in his room. Jenna walked down hall to the master bedroom to call Rich.

Jenna called Rich at work and told him what she’d found in their youngest son’s room. Her husband was unusually quiet as she described the videos that Tony had made of jerking off and cumming all over her photos. He asked her if she had masturbated as she watched her son jerk off onto her picture. She hesitated and then answered no.

“I thought we swore to be honest with each other when it came to sex.”

Jenna was caught, and she knew it. She admitted that she’d rubbed herself through several orgasms, while watching her son stroke his cock. Rich assured her that he was not mad. He said that he could understand why a teenage boy with raging hormones would want to fuck her, since he did almost every night. He also said that it was normal for some boys to be drawn to their mothers and he admitted that at one point he had a crush on his mom.

“You should talk to him about it honey. We always knew there was going to come a day when we would need to tell the boys about our lifestyle and your work in porn. Have an adult conversation with him and I’m certain things will go fine. Maybe he’ll let you watch him in person as he jerks halkalı anal yapan escort off thinking about his Mommy.”

Rich laughed after the last sentence.

“Not funny dickhead.”

“Really honey. How often have you committed supposed incest on screen? I think you’ve fucked every step-son or daughter you’ve ever had. Hell, if you were my mom and she wanted me to jerk off in front of her, my cock would be out of my pants in seconds.”

“Stop saying that, you are freaking me out. What would happen if he pulled out his cock and jerked off in front of me? You know how much of a slut I am for young cock.”

Jenna chuckled to herself, which helped cut the tension of the conversation.

“How about if I stay at work a little later tonight and it will give you time to have a polite conversation with Tony. I think Will said he wasn’t going to be home till around 10.”

“Okay, I’ll talk to him. I love you.”

“I love you too honey.”

It was almost 1 pm by the time Jenna finally finished ramming a dildo in her pussy, she’d spent the last hour thinking about her son while playing with herself. She would have to waste 90 minutes before her son got home from school. Jenna pulled on a sports bra and pair of yoga shorts. She’d thought about wearing underwear, but decided that it was too hot in Las Vegas today.

After getting dressed, she thought about how to bring up the topic of him watching her movies. She could hint at it or take the more direct approach. She was afraid that the subtle approach may not work with her son. On the other hand, walking into his room during one of his masturbation sessions might scar him for life. Jenna thought for a while and then decided on a direct, but not in your face way to confront her son.

The sound of the front door and bellowed ‘hello’ made Jenna jump as she sat in the kitchen drinking iced tea.

“Hey honey, I’m in the kitchen. Why don’t you have a seat in the living room and I’ll bring you something to drink.” Jenna filled an empty glass with some water and headed to the living room and her son. As she walked the unmistakable tingling feeling started in her pussy. She knew that she had to be the mature adult in this conversation.

Jenna sat down on the couch and beckoned for her son to sit next to her. He protested but eventually relented. As her son sat down, she noticed that he kept trying to sneak glances of her boobs. Jenna had never noticed it before, since she had no reason to think that Tony would gawk at his mom. Jenna handed Tony the glass of water, then sat intimately close to her son and stuck a hand on his thigh. She could tell by Tony’s expression that the touch was unexpected.

“Tony, we need to have a little talk”

“Sure Mom.”

“I was picking up the dirty laundry in your bedroom today when I bumped your computer and it came on.”

Jenna watched as her son’s eye grew big with fear and it looked like all of the blood rushed out of his face.

“Why did you go into my room? I told you that I was going to pick it up when I got home from school”

“I went into your room to find all of the dirty laundry. I decided that I was going to pretend to be a good mother and homemaker and wash my children’s laundry. Like I said, I bumped into your desk and the computer turned on.”

“I can explain Mom,”

Jenna put a finger to his lips and told him to shush and that mommy wasn’t done speaking yet.

“Like I was saying, your computer came on and I saw the video player was opened. I guess you were watching a movie when you were supposed to be getting ready for school. I take it that’s why you almost missed the bus today?”

“I didn’t miss the bus Mom.”

“You would have missed the bus if I hadn’t yelled at you multiple times.”

“I wouldn’t have missed the bus.”

“That’s not the point mister; you were watching a movie while you were supposed to be getting ready for school. What was so dang important that you had to watch it instead of getting ready?”

“Nothing. It was something that one of the guys at school sent me.”

Jenna wondered if her son’s excuse was true or if he was making it up.

“So, you’re saying that someone at school sent you a video and you just had to watch it?”

“Yes Ma’am”

“Funny, when I looked at the screen it was paused at a point where a woman had a cock buried in her pussy. So, that was what your friends sent you? Do they normally send you porn movies?”

“Umm.” Tony was silent for a moment as he hoped that his mom would drop it.

“I’m sorry Mom, it won’t happen again.”

“Tony, are you really sorry? I was a little surprised that my darling angel of son would be watching porn on the internet.”

Tony looked down. Jenna didn’t know if he was ashamed that he was watching porn or that he was sorry that he got caught. She suspected that it was the latter.

“As you can imagine, I was a little shocked that you were watching porn. Then I realized that boys your age are perpetually horny. I see you when you go out with your family, always trying to sneak peeks at pretty girls. I’m standing in your room furious with you and then I start to wonder what could have gotten your attention so much that you ignored me, your mother. So, I decided to hit the ‘play’ button and started watching the movie.”

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