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Mrs Chadwick’s Mower Man Ch. 02

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– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –

This is also an EDITED story. There are new names and some text changes but is basically the same tale as the original. All characters are over the age of 18 years old. All players are consenting adults.

– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –


It seemed like ages since I’d seen him. The seven days between his last visit and this one seemed like forever.

I remember Louis fifteen years ago, his father dropping him off outside because he wasn’t old enough to drive. I thought our mower man was gorgeous even then and he’s improved with age.

From that innocent spotty faced teenager, I watched him grow up before my eyes and now, built like a Greek god, athletic and muscled; he is the most desirable man I could possibly imagine.

What a shame it has taken so long for me to do something about it.

Louis is stunning to look at. He always wears a shirt until the moment he starts working and then, rain hail or shine, it comes off and I get to enjoy his amazing physique as he moves about the place. Add to that the enormous cock I’ve just found out about and you have a man a woman like me can’t stop thinking about.

Last week I had seen the mighty thing erupt, spraying me with what felt like a gallon of cum (see Beryl Chadwick’s Mower Man Ch.01) and from that everything had changed.

Up until then I had been quite happily fantasizing about him from a distance but knowing what was lurking between his legs had me feel giddy and silly.

I wonder if he’s always had a thing for me?

When the doorbell finally rang I unexpectedly felt quite faint.

I hated that he was having this effect on me. Tingling all over, shaking with anticipation, I had to take several deep breaths before I could open the door as I always did, calm and cool.

I checked myself in the hallway mirror for the hundredth time, checking my hair was right my lipstick wasn’t smudged and that the short black negligee I wore was gripping and grabbing in the right places. It hugged my big tits so my nipples would poke out nicely and because it stretched so tight over my wide hips and thighs, it accentuated my lovely big ass.

I can only assume these are the features he likes in a woman.

“Good morning Louis,” I said as I opened the door, radiating with my biggest, most innocent smile.

“Good morning Mrs. Ch… Chadwick…”

My appearance had an immediate effect. I was much more risqué than usual.

I would normally have worn a gown of some sort so it was no wonder his eyes roamed over my body this morning, dwelling on my enormous tits and wide hips… and the dark patch of pubic hair only partially hidden in the folds of my nightie.

“Isn’t it magnificent weather dear?” I asked. Trying to sound cheerful and normal I heard my voice croak and gasp instead.

My nipples began to give me away immediately getting harder and harder under his admiring stare and were soon sticking out expectantly like thumbs. When I get excited they become signposts, both pointing to the same thing – look how aroused this old tart is.

“Yea…yes Mrs. Chadwick,” he mumbled staring down unashamedly at my body. “I think it’s going to be another hot one today for sure. I can’t remember it being like this so early in the season for ages. I wouldn’t be surprised if…”

As he babbled I watched his huge log of a penis get harder and harder until it was clearly outlined in his crutch and making his shorts tent out. A monster hard-on, impossible to hide and that I was causing.

I wanted him badly just then. I’m sure most any other man would have shoved me back inside, pushed me roughly down on the floorboards and fucked me there on the hall runner…

But he didn’t.

The fool looked at me in supplication – a picture of indecision. I couldn’t have made myself more wanton if I’d bent over and presented my ass to him.

Even so, I tried once more…

“What are you going to be doing in my yard today dear?” I asked huskily, stepping in so close my breasts almost brushed against his chest.

“I.. I’m… I, I guess I’ll need to mow again Mmm..rs Chadwick… gr..gr.. grass gro..ows pretty quick this time of year…”

“Well that sounds fine sweety,” I said. “I believe I’ll be having a swim later on and get rid of this winter tan…”

Putting my hands under my huge basketball boobs I lifted them up for his inspection. The poor indecisive man’s eyes popped at the sight at my huge white cleavage but he still did nothing.

“They’re very pale aren’t they dear?” I whispered, pressing them onto his chest, my hard nipples, poking through the flimsy black satin of my sexy black negligee, scraped against his blue flannel work shirt.

“I… I… I… y… yes Mrs. Ch… Chadwick..” he responded breathlessly.

We stood like that for some minutes in a terribly uncomfortable silence, our bodies all but pressed together. I could see he wanted me but just couldn’t bring himself jigolo escort gaziantep to step over the threshold…

“… or on the other hand, I th…ink I might clea…n up near the pool to…day Mrs. Ch… Chadwick, “As well of mowing I mean …”

“Well I suppose you’d better get to it then,” I said, looking up at him with my lips slightly parted. “So you can’t be standing around talking all day can you dear?”

“I… I… N… no… noo ma’am…”

“Off you go.”

I patted his butt as he fled past me, running like a reluctant schoolgirl towards the old gardener’s hut at the bottom of the garden, disappearing inside and closing the door behind him.

– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –

I knew exactly what he’d be doing in there.

The Groundsman’s Hut is at least as old as the house itself. It’s rough white weatherboard and peaked red tile roof looked quaint and cozy, like the little dollhouse I had as a child. I couldn’t remember ever being or even seeing inside but apparently it was cool in summer and a shelter when it rained – a sanctuary for weary workers that they share with lawnmowers and tools.

It would have been impossible to approach without him seeing me. There was a window in the old cottage that had a clear view of the back of the house where I was standing. Louis might be looking at me right now.

Instead I went back into the house and left from the front door, moving down the side of the house, ducking and weaving from tree to tree and bush to bush down the left side of my yard and then, seeing no way of getting closer without being seen, crawled on my hands and knees for the last thirty feet.

I finally found myself sitting with my back against the sun-warmed white weatherboard, giggly quietly with anticipation.

I didn’t dare stand up and look through the window; he’d have seen me immediately. Thankfully the old timber walls had gaps and holes here and there and without even having to stand up I found the perfect one – a big gap that gave me a clear view inside.

The sun shining through dust motes revealed the simple sort of utility room you would expect to see. There was faded yellow linoleum on the floor and the unlined walls were whitewashed. The other end of the hut was in shadow but I could make out tools and equipment, hoses, wire, mowers and so on.

And I could see Louis quite clearly.

He was directly in front of me sprawled out on a rough whitewashed timber bench, a rude plank bed, that ran the width of the short wall. Kneeling down as I was, I was level with his crotch.

The beautiful man had taken off his blue flannel short and was sitting on it like a cushion. He was leaning against the opposite wall basking in the sun with his eyes closed and fondling his erection through those gray cotton pants.

contemplating his eventful morning I suppose. When he bent one leg up on the bench and left the other was left on the floor, it stretched the leg of his shorts wide apart so that his huge scrotum bulged out. How much cum have you got stored away in those? I wondered to myself.

I found I was shivering with excitement at what I was about to see. My face was flushed, my breath was coming quickly and I was incredibly aroused. It was the wonderful erotic high that voyeurs enjoy.

Reaching under the elastic of his shorts Louis pulled out his amazing cock, letting it lay over the top of his shorts. It was an impressive sight, laying thick and long, like a third leg up over his stomach to just under his belly button.

He picked it up and lifted it to face him, checked the nozzle, inspecting it much like a fireman would with his hose, licking his lips like a child with a lollipop.

Then he rolled on his side and was reaching under the bench, rummaging around, searching for something. When it didn’t come immediately to hand, he got down on his hands and knees on the linoleum and looked under. His monstrous cock flopped down on the floor between his legs with an audible ‘flak’ sound.

He got to his feet and I saw the old shoebox that he’d found. Standing up he dusted it off with his hand, threw the lid aside, and looked inside.

“Oooh jeeez…” I heard him say and then holding it in both hands, put his face inside…

Louis put the box carefully under one arm and then pulled his pants down.

Standing in front of me totally naked, he started rifling through the contents. His massive cock was pointing at me, swaying from side to side like a big one-eyed cobra being hypnotized by a snake charmer.

It was at this point I started rubbing my pussy. It was conceivable that someone may walk into my backyard and see me masturbating in my sexy black nightie but the risk just made it hotter.

I couldn’t imagine what it could be but it was having an effect. As he rummaged inside his cock twitched. And then again. That huge dangling monster had started a slow bounce.

What could it gaziantep lezbiyen escort bayan be? Some sort of pornography maybe? French postcards?

It was quite incredible to watch his erection grow even harder. Whatever was in that box was intoxicating to the young man. Without touching it, his cock was getting even bigger and harder.

Flicking the hard nub of my clitoris almost made me give the game away but he didn’t hear me moaning.

I had forgotten how big his prick really was. It had been a week since I’d seen it hard and I had thought that I might have exaggerated its size in my mind – but I hadn’t. It was colossal, like a child’s arm held in a fist.

Now fully erect it had to be somewhere between 12 and 14 inches long and massively thick. I couldn’t imagine he had enough blood in his body to get that monster hard without rubbing it. It looked as stiff and as hard as a rock.

His handsome face lit up with a big silly grin.

“Oooh yeah,” he said to himself, lifting out a piece of white cloth that he studied it closely. Satisfied with his choice, he brought it up to his nose and breathed in deeply.

With a start, I recognized a pair of my white cotton nickers.

Louis had a shoebox full of my dirty lingerie.

He finally took his huge hard cock in his free hand and began jerking himself, breathing through my panties at the same time. He was really enjoying himself and I was enjoying watching him. It was such a beautiful day. I couldn’t imagine being anywhere else but on my knees on this soft grass watching my personal Adonis jerking his mammoth cock, breathing in my scent, worshiping me.

It wasn’t long before he settled back down in his previous position on the bench, his legs spread and his back against the wall facing me.

I was in the perfect position.

From where I crouched down outside, his immense cock partially obscured his face and dominated my field of vision. He had wrapped my old panties around it and was using both hands to rub the cotton up and down the shaft.

He was groaning with pleasure and I was fingering myself happily. A warm summer breeze blew through the garden, under my nightie and between my legs cooling my hot damp body and lifting the light fabric, exposing me. My sopping wet cunt was so ready to be fucked.

I wouldn’t even turn around, I thought to myself. If someone just came up behind me right now, I would just let him use my body and I’d just keep watching my gardener abuse himself.

Louis used both hands to jerk off using that unique method that only super well-hung men can use – one hand at the bottom half and the other at the top, gripping and twisting the big bulbous head now and again while still pumping the bottom half.

“Oh Beryl,” I heard him moan. “I love you so much sweet Beryl…”

When I heard him say my name I started to fuck my pussy earnestly, all my fingers and thumb…

He was jerking fast, both hands pumping in unison. Pre-cum started to well out of the slit at the top.

“Mmmm oh yeah… I’ll let you s… suck it you like,” he groaned. “Do you wanna suck it? …beautiful Beryl?”

With a fantasy picture of me in his mind, my big handsome gardener bent his knees and slid his feet up so he was almost squatting on the timber bench.

His huge cock slapped against his face.

At first I thought I had imagined it… a trick of the light and the angle I was looking at…

In disbelief I watched him wrapping his arms under his thighs and, lowering his head, began licking the top six inches of his shaft, up and down, up and down, like a boy with an ice cream cone on a hot day. His long tongue was all over the top and under the baby-fist head as well, teasing the slit and licking up the pre-cum that was dribbled out…

My eyes were wide and my mouth was dry as I watched him abuse himself. What man wouldn’t do this? Especially if was as accessible as Louis’s was.

After teasing himself for a while he opened his mouth wide and took the head of that colossal cock into his mouth. While he jerked it, he sucked it, his mouth stretching wider and wider to accommodate it.

With practiced skill he began to take it further and further into his mouth, gagging a little sometimes but after about ten minutes he was deep throating the top six inches of his cock and jerking the other half. His head bobbing up and down, fellating himself with ease.

My clitoris was hard and protruding and I used my thumb and forefinger and jerked it like Louis was jerking his cock into his mouth.

He was making little muffled grunting and mewing sounds and I found myself doing the same…

“Mmmff…. mmmou… MMMmmff… mmmouff….”

Louis’s end game was fabulous. Sucking himself faster and faster he held the back of his thighs for support. His hips begin to buck wildly as he fucked his mouth like a five-dollar whore, six inches went down, and then eight inches and then gaziantep escort masaj salonları ten impossible inches deep down his neck.

After a few minutes, he stopped still…

The immense appendage had spread his mouth as wide as it could possibly go, well over two-thirds was jammed down his throat and he was looking down at it cross-eyed, tears of pleasure running down his cheeks and onto his huge cock.

It was the most astonishing sight. I frigged myself madly, feeling my orgasm building…

The little mewing sounds came out faster and faster…”mmmfff… mmmwwfff… mmmwwwffff …like he was trying to tell me something. Suddenly his eyes went very wide and then rolled back in his head and he started convulsing.

I knew his cock was spurting cum down his throat.

This site drove me over the edge. It was the most amazing thing I had ever seen.

He was madly trying to swallow as much as he could but there was too much. Little trickles of cum began to escape and run down the side of his cock as he blew himself.

Moaning unhappily at these stray squirts of cum, he bore down, his Adam’s apple moving up and down gulping and gulping.


His cheeks were puffed out and full of cum, his eyes glazed over, his body jerking in ecstasy… and then I started to cum as well. I found an uncontrollable wail of pleasure welling up louder and louder until I was almost screaming. My intense orgasm washed over me in great shivering waves as I watched my gardener cum.

Unable to swallow fast enough, he started to gag and two big bursts of thick creamy cum spat out of his nose.

Coughing and spluttering, he released his cock and fell back against the wall behind, cum dribbling out of his nose and mouth…

…and I missed what happened next.

My orgasm made me lose my balance and I fell over backwards landing heavily on my well-padded bottom. I flung myself down on my back in the soft grass biting my lip to hold back my involuntary scream of pleasure. With my sexy nightie bunched up around my waist and my back arched, I frigged myself in the warm morning sun, milking every last skerrick of pleasure out of quivering pulsing pussy.

– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –


This summer had been much hotter than usual and I’ve been using the pool a lot. There’s no better way to cool off.

As I sauntered out the back door I was hoping that my costume would have the desired effect on my young man. I have a big range of swimming costumes. I’d spent a good part of the morning on my choice.

Wearing my sun hat, dark glasses and an ankle-length red kimono, tied with a black silk sash, I walked over the grassy verge towards the pool, studiously ignoring him as I approached. He was trimming the hedge that surrounds the pool with a huge pair of garden shears, diligently working as though he hadn’t sucked himself off a few hours ago.

“Good afternoon Mrs. Chadwick,” he said out cheerfully as opened the pool gate for me.

“Hello Louis,” I replied, nonchalantly.

Goodness me… just looking at him made my cunt wet and slippery again. The midday sun gleamed off his ripped body like he was made of bronze, his wide flashing smile, his curly blonde locks… oh my goodness!

My body was fully covered. Nothing to see here young man, I thought to myself as I settled down on the bright orange sun lounge with my book and lemonade.

Of course, he was watching me when he thought I wasn’t looking. The dark glasses I was wearing disguising the fact that I wasn’t really reading my book at all. I even turned a page every now and again.

I listened to the whisk-whisk-whisk of his hedge clippers as he came closer, disguising his intension by pretending to work.

When I was certain he is directly behind I put my book down and, getting to my feet, fiddled around unnecessarily with the sash… letting the colorful robe fall off my shoulders…

I could feel his eyes on me, waiting expectantly like a happy child looking at Xmas presents under the tree.

Letting the robe fall, I revealed my swimsuit. I stood with my back to him, hands on hips, so he could see properly.

The clipping sound had stopped.

I guessed that the sheer white one-piece I was wearing had caught his eye.

It is quite old. I used to wear it back in the ’60s and it certainly turned heads back in those crazy free-loving days. Now that I have filled out so much, it clings to my more voluptuous body in ways that would prevent me from wearing it to a public beach.

The halter neck strap around the neck holds it up and then it plunges down in a big scoop front that holds my basketball boobs in a sling. My wide hips and the big white orbs of my bum protrude out of the high cut legs, the thong disappearing inside the crack of my big broad ass.

Still ignoring him I head over to the pool and get down on my hands and knees to feel the temperature of the water, knowing full well my sweet sexy gardening guy will enjoy the view from this angle.

I carefully sat down on the tiled edge, my feet and legs dangling in the water. And then with a squeal, I jump in.

It is beautifully refreshing. Taking a deep breath I swim to the bottom and then pushing off, spring out of the water like a child, gleeful and splashing. There’s nothing like a pool on a hot day.

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