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Mrs. Giggles’ Gang Shag

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Big Tits

Last week I got an unwelcome call from Mrs. Giggles, one of them I receive periodically. “George,” she ordered me in her whiny, nasal voice. “I’m horny again. Bring yourself and four other authors over to take care of it. Be sure you bring that sexy Raven; you know how much I want to eat her hot little cunt.”

“Yes, Mrs. Giggles.” Because of her prominence as an erotica critic, I and all the other Literotica authors had to do her bidding and when she said she was horny, that meant we would have to go and attend to her needs. I didn’t like having to do it and I know most of the other authors didn’t like it either but we realized that taking one for the team was something that sometimes had to be done.

I decided to call Raven first. She is one of the few, maybe the only one, who would actually go willingly. She has a very sensitive and juicy pussy and Mrs. Giggles, whatever you might say against her, would do a really good job of eating her out. Because of the reviewer’s known skill, Raven agreed with alacrity.

Besides myself, I would need at least one other man. It had to be somebody really hung because he would fuck the old broad’s pussy while I was fucking her ass. I decided on Belegon, because he is young and strong and would be able to really fill her up and get her off, at least once, hopefully more than that. With some reluctance, he agreed. His chore and mine would not actually be all that onerous, nor would Raven’s, so the easy part was done.

Because she is so sweet, I decided to call Honey for one of the other openings. “Aw, Geez, George, do I gotta?” she asked me when I told her what I wanted her to do.

“Yes, Honey, I’m afraid you must. After all, somebody has to, and you are the best suited for the chore. I’m going to be there, and Raven and Belegon and you don’t hear us bitching, do you?”

“That’s different. Raven is gonna sit on her face and have her pussy eaten and you and Belegon will be fucking the old battleaxe. You guys got it made. What she’ll want to do with me is play with my ass and pussy with her bony fingers. If I wanted that, I could do it a hell of a lot better myself.”

“I tell you what, Honey. Just go along with the program and let her frig you and get you off and I will edit the next story you submit. What do you say to that?”

She thought about it for a few seconds. “Make it the next two stories and you got a deal.”

I don’t really mind editing Honey’s stories but I couldn’t give in too easily. “Okay, two of them, but make them short stories. No more than 5,000 words.”

Honey agreed to that and I needed one more. Mrs. Giggles has some pretty definite ideas of what she wants, and I would have to go along with her demands. For one thing, she insists on a DP and Belegon and I would be taking care of that. She also wants a pussy to eat or a cock to suck and, on that occasion, it would be Raven’s pussy. Two people would be masturbated, preferably one man and one woman. One would be Honey, which meant I would have to find some male author who was horny enough to be willing to be jerked off by her cold and bony old fingers. I was going to talk to the ones who had already agreed and ask for suggestions but, before I could do that, Hugo Sam volunteered for the job. Apparently, one of the others had contacted him and suggested he do so.

With myself and the other four set, I called Mrs. Giggles again so she could tell me the day and time. After we set it for the following afternoon, she sprang a very unwelcome surprise on me.

“That’s when the other four get here, George. I want you here to eat me out earlier than that, and get me off a couple of times so I can enjoy what you and the others do for me later. I’ve read enough of your stories that I know you like eating a juicy cunt and I want you to give me as much fun as you give the women in your stories.”

I gulped at that and tried to beg off. “Mrs. Giggles, that’s just fiction. I’m not really all that good at eating pussy.”

“I don’t believe you, George, and you’d better be here and do it right, if you know what’s good for you. Now, I’ll have no more whining. I’ll see you tomorrow.” After that, she hung up without saying good-bye or anything else.

I was stuck, and I knew it. Although I really like eating pussy and all the stories I have written about myself are true, I hated the thought of getting my face between Mrs. Giggles’s bony thighs. Her crotch is about the skuzziest one I know of and, to make it worse, she covers up her own foul odor with strong perfume.

Since I knew what was good for me, though, I was there at the appointed hour the next day. Raven and the other martyrs were scheduled to arrive later, after I would have already suffered the tortures of the damned. She was waiting for me, naked, reminding me of a skinny spider, and she led me to the bed that waited in her lair. Once there, she removed her dentures and put them in a glass on the nightstand. Obscenely, she sprawled on the silk sheets and pillows, grinned lewdly and gave me my orders.

“Get canlı bahis to work, George. And make it good. Start on my tits like you always write about.”

Sometimes I wish I weren’t so transparent in my writings, describing what I like to do. Tentatively, I stroked her first nipple with my tongue. It wasn’t bad; I’ve certainly had my tongue in worse places than that. At first it felt flabby but after licking it a few more times, it started to become erect, and I could feel the tiny ridges pleasing the sensitive tip of my tongue. I continued licking, using broader strokes.

“Come on, George. I’ve got two of them, you know.”

Her complaint was too obvious for me to respond to, except for starting to lick the other nipple. It also felt rubbery at first and there were several very stiff, black hairs that had sprouted around it. Licking her there was certainly not something I really wanted to do but, after a few more strokes of my tongue, the second nipple became erect too, making my chore less unpleasant. For as long as I could get away with it, I switched back and forth between her nipples, licking sometimes with broad strokes and sometimes just using the tip of my tongue. I knew very well what Mrs. Giggles would want me to do next but I was delaying it as long as I could.

Finally, she got tired of the delays. “That’s enough of that, George. Start sucking on my tits. You know what I want.”

Although I had never been together with her, I was well aware of what she wanted, having done it with so many women, and written about it so often. With some distaste, I drew one of her flabby dugs into my mouth and started gently sucking. My lips formed a seal on her wrinkled flesh and my tongue flicked against her nipple, which was still erect, and her areola. I sucked and licked on the first tit for a few seconds before starting do the same thing for its equally unappetizing twin.

“That’s better. Keep doing that and I’ll let you know when I want you to go down farther on me.”

I really hoped it would take a long time because I was extremely loath to start licking her unsavory pussy. For as long as I could, I switched back and forth between her tits, trying not to arouse her too much but it was no use. The acrid smell of her juices assaulted my nose and I could see her pussy squirming. I knew full well that, any second, she would insist that I bury my face in her crotch and start eating her out.

That time arrived. “Eat my cunt, George,” she demanded. One of her hands was holding a pillow and the other was pressing on the top of my head, pushing me down lower on her body. Usually, I kiss and lick and suck my way down a woman’s belly, frequently stopping to probe my tongue into her navel, but I had no wish to do so with the wrinkled expanse of skin presented to me that day. Instead, I got off the bed and got back on to kneel between her legs. She lifted her ass and handed me the pillow so I would place it under her, raising her pussy to the best level for eating.

As I wrapped my arms around her legs and started to lower my face so I could get started on the disgusting chore, Mrs. Giggles had another demand for me. “Stick your finger in my asshole,” she insisted. “You know damn well how ladies like you to do that when you eat their cunts.

She was right; I do know that, but I was trying to avoid doing it with her. Even through the foul odor of her pussy, I could smell that her asshole was a place I didn’t want to put anything that I wanted to keep. Later, after the others had arrived, I would be fucking her ass, but there would be a condom on my cock during that ordeal. Nevertheless, I stuck my finger into the squalid place she wanted it, and started fucking it in and out. “At the first opportunity,” I vowed, “I will wash my fingers with Clorox and a scrub brush.”

Usually, when I eat a pussy, I start by licking up the fresh juices, knowing how delicious they are, but I couldn’t bring myself to doing that with her. Just from the odor alone, I believed the taste would be foul beyond belief. As Mrs. Giggles had said, she was horny, so I decided to do what I often did when with one of my lady friends who was extra horny. After licking her pussy lips for a few minutes, I peeled the clit hood back and wrapped my lips around the swollen button that had been exposed. As I sucked, my tongue caressed the sides and top. Although her pussy was probably the most distasteful in my experience, her clit was not all that bad and I intended to lick and suck her there for as long as it took.

“Yeah! Yeah! Right there! Suck my clit!”

Mrs. Giggles was really enjoying what I was doing. She was moaning from the pleasure and her pussy was fucking up into my face while her upper body thrashed on the bed. It wasn’t really much fun for me, but I knew I had to continue until she climaxed. With any luck, she wouldn’t want any more until the others arrived.

“Yes!! Yes!! I’mmmmmmm COOOOOMMMMIIIING!!” she cried joyfully. I have always thought of her as something of a drama queen.

“Big, bahis siteleri fat, hairy deal,” I said to myself, but I clung to her leg with one arm; my finger continued going in and out of her ass, and I kept my mouth firmly affixed to her clit, sucking and licking for as long as it took.

“Yes! YES!!” she cried a minute later as she climaxed. Her back arched, slamming her pussy extra hard into my face. After her orgasm, she completely relaxed on the bed. I hoped she would be satisfied but I had some doubts.

From reviewing my smutty stories, Mrs. Giggles is well aware that, when a woman is extremely horny, I often bring her to a quick climax by sucking almost immediately on her clit. I then take my time and bring her to a second orgasm much more slowly, taking my time and thoroughly licking her everywhere. I fervently hoped she wasn’t going to expect me to that with her.

“That was good, George,” she told me. Before she could say anything else, the doorbell rang. She looked at her clock.

“That can’t be your friends. They aren’t due for another 45 minutes.”

I smiled inwardly. I had instructed them to arrive earlier than Mrs. Giggles had wanted them, hoping they would rescue me. Assuming that was them, my plan had worked.

I hadn’t bothered getting undressed, although I would be naked later, as would everybody else. “I’ll get the door,” I told her, hoping it was the friends and colleagues I was expecting. By leaving like that, I was also spared having to lick up the foul smelling pussy juices she had just produced.

It was, but none of them seemed the least bit happy. Even Raven wasn’t actually looking forward to the encounter, apparently having been told what a skank we would be dealing with. They were even less happy when they entered her bedroom and saw just how repulsive she was, lying there on her back in her nest of pillows, with her dentures on the nightstand. Mrs. Giggles knew Raven by sight, but not the others, so I introduced everybody to her.

“You’re early,” she told them. “But, since you’re here, get undressed and start pleasuring me. You first, George. Take your clothes off and lay on your back here.” Although a writing critic, her grammar isn’t very good.

For tactical reasons, I undressed slowly and, as I had advised them, so did Belegon and Hugo Sam. None of us were the least bit turned on by Mrs. Giggles’s nakedness but, as we watched Honey and Raven exposing their beautiful, voluptuous bodies, the effect was what it would be on any straight man who was not blind. From ogling the two gorgeous, naked women, all three of our cocks grew stiff and ready. Mrs. Giggles, of course, noticed it too and knew what she wanted to do and with whom.

Having a good idea of what I would be getting into, I had brought a condom with me, one of the lubricated kind because Mr. Giggles might not bother to use any other lube. Before lying on her bed, I put it on; I certainly didn’t want to put my bare cock into her nasty asshole. As I lay on my back, holding my cock ready, she spread her ass cheeks, squatted above me and began lowering herself until the tip of my cock was pressed against the opening it was supposed to go into. I rubbed against it, spreading the lube from my condom, and finally thrust upward, making penetration.

“Ahhhh,” she sighed, and began squirming her ass, wanting to take my cock in deeper. I’m not very well hung and her ass is quite loose so my cock was able to squeeze its entire length into her. For a few seconds, she lay happily on top of me, stroking her ass back and forth, fucking herself on my erection.

“Squeeze my tits,” she demanded of me, before turning her attention to Belegon. I had seen how her eyes had lit up when she had seen his big, stiff cock and now she wanted to do more than just look at it. “Stick that big tool in my cunt,” she ordered him.

As I gently squeezed Mr. Giggles’s flabby breasts, Belegon got on the bed and walked on his knees until he was between her legs. Honey and Raven had observed Belegon’s big, stiff cock too. They were looking at it in much the way as Mrs. Giggles had, and thrusting out their luscious breasts toward him. He, of course, was avoiding looking, any more than he had to, at the woman he was going to fuck, much preferring to alternate gazing at the lovely bodies and beautiful faces of the two authors. I was looking at Honey and Raven too, thereby enabling myself to keep my cock erect inside the unsavory place where I had been forced to put it.

Although Belegon’s cock is big, it slid easily into the loose and wet pussy of Mrs. Giggles. “Okay, George and er, Belegon. Fuck me good, now. Really give it to me. Both at once. We quickly established our rhythm and were driving our cocks simultaneously into her ass and pussy. She moaned from the pleasure we were giving her and fucked down to meet our strokes.

“Okay, Honey. Sit on my right hand so I can play with you.” Distaste clear on her pretty face, Honey did as she was told.

“You’re sure not very wet, are you?” bahis şirketleri Mrs. Giggles chided her.

She bit back a retort that might have gotten us all in trouble. Knowing what was needed, Belegon raised his upper body so Honey could see his big, thick cock driving in and out of the porn critic’s pussy. That erotic sight, combined with her active author’s imagination, was enough to start her pussy juices flowing.

“That’s better,” Mrs. Giggles responded to her lubricating. “Okay, Hugo, or Sam, whatever your name is. Get on my left side so I can jack you off.

Bravely, Hugo Sam knelt within reach of her hand, but I could see him shudder when the bony fingers of Mrs. Wiggles were wrapped around his cock. Seeing a possible problem arising, Honey called out “Hugo” and, when he looked in her direction, started writhing and squirming, causing her succulent breasts to undulate provocatively. With this delightful view, he had no problem keeping his erection while Mrs. Giggles masturbated him.

Raven was the last of us to get into position. Although she was facing away from the rest of us, her arousal was not expected to be a problem. However ugly and disagreeable she might be, Mrs. Giggles is good at giving head, to either men or women. Minutes after Raven got into position, she was cooing in pleasure and her body was squirming on top of the pile of nakedness as her pussy was caressed by a skillful tongue. In fact, the sight of Raven provided visual stimulus to the men there. I was lying on my back and looking up at her succulent breasts swaying just inches away. My view of Honey had been mostly obscured but the lovely globes right above my face were enough to keep my cock hard. Although it was inside possibly the foulest place it had ever been, I looked up and imagined that I was stroking my cock in the delightfully pillowy channel formed by Raven’s breasts.

Although Belegon had an unobstructed view of Honey’s beautiful face and body, he had an even better view of Raven’s ass as it moved atop Mrs. Giggles face. Remaining true to our mission and our common good, he kept his body upright, giving Honey a clear view of his cock thrusting in and out of the pussy of the woman we were there to pleasure. Later, after we had left, he told me of what a strong urge he had to lean forward just a few inches and start licking Raven’s gorgeous ass. I admired his forbearance and am not sure that I would have been so loyal to our cause as to refrain from that incredible pleasure.

Raven was not the only one enjoying herself, of course. I was holding onto her breasts and Belegon’s hands were on her bony hips but neither of us was attempting to keep Mrs. Giggles from moving as freely as possible. And, that is how she was moving. From the cocks surging in and out of her ass and pussy and the marvelous sex organs she was fondling and the delectable pussy she was eating, her body was thrashing between me and Belegon as she moved closer to a climax. As writers of pornography, we were all aware of what a woman does when she is about to start cumming, and we could all tell her orgasm was imminent.

Although her face was pleasurably covered by Raven’s pussy and she was not able to announce the fact, we all knew when she started cumming. Hugo Sam and Honey were quick enough and clever enough to remove their private parts from her hands, and they both watched in horror as her bony fingers knotted and twisted themselves around where a cock and a pussy had been. Permanent injury would have been the result if those two hadn’t been so alert and moved so quickly.

Raven stayed where she was although she later told us how Mrs. Giggles had stopped eating her pussy and had started rolling her head from side to side. I already knew that because her head was resting on my chest. Belegon and I continued fucking her pussy and ass, increasing the speed of our strokes but otherwise continuing what we had been doing. The body between us was thrashing more wildly than ever and her arms and legs flailed aimlessly for the entire time she was cumming. Abruptly, all her muscles clenched and relaxed as she climaxed. After her orgasm, Honey and Hugo Sam continued to avoid her hands and Raven stayed in place on her face. Belegon and I continued slowly fucking her, believing she would want to cum another time.

We were right. After a minute of rest, she pushed Raven up off her face and spoke to us. “That was pretty good, all of you, but keep doing what you were doing. I need to cum again.”

After his narrow escape, Hugo Sam was reluctant to place his cock once again in such jeopardy and it had softened anyhow. Honey noted this and smiled at him while she cupped her hands under her lovely breasts, and leaned forward, pointing her nipples at him. That was enough to give him a full erection again, as it would have been to any man, and he allowed the bony fingers to once more close around his cock. Honey had no real problem, except for the distasteful problem we all had. Her pussy was still wet from staring at Belegon’s cock as it did its job, and she moved back onto Mrs. Giggles’s other hand. Minutes later, the movements of Raven’s ass and breasts were once more keeping Belegon and me erect, and it was obvious that her pussy was being expertly eaten again.

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