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Ms. Baker’s Class Ch. 02

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*****This story picks up shortly after Ms. Baker’s Class Ch. 01 and contains both males and females being spanked and given anal sex. Proceed if that is your cup of tea.*****


Grant arrived outside his class after the museum field trip. His ass was still pulsing from the strap-on dildo Ms. Baker took his pride with. He wanted to go home and didn’t want to see her or Samantha but being so close to graduating, he didn’t want to screw up his chances of walking across the stage. Still, he tussled with the thought of turning a 180 from the door and playing hooky the rest of the day.

Through the window in the side of the door, he could see Ms. Baker standing in front of class lecturing with an English book across her arm. He wondered how she could do that like nothing happened! It boiled Grant’s blood! He wanted—no, needed another plan to get her but not end up getting his ass pounded again.

He took a breath, turned the doorknob, and pulled the door open as slowly as he could. His body was trembling with fear as he didn’t want to relive the humiliation in his mind again.

He shut an eye with his other half open as to avoid seeing her or Samantha, who was sitting in the front row. He grimaced and made ugly faces as he made his way with careful steps across the room in front of his teacher.

Samantha was texting and Ms. Baker didn’t utter a word to her. Grant was becoming more steamed but wasn’t going to accept that he couldn’t do anything about it.

The whole class was staring at him, not uncommon when they hear the door open to see who was coming in, but to Grant, he almost thought that everyone knew what Ms. Baker did to him.

She had the nerve to stop mid-lecture to acknowledge him with such cheeriness. “Welcome back, Grant! We missed you!”

She sounded so sweet with that gleam in her eyes.

Samantha looked up from texting, flipped her fire red locks back, and said, “We sure did. I’m glad to see you!”

They were rubbing it in but that would make vengeance sweeter.

Grant shook his head as if he was shaking off their insincerities and dragged himself towards his seat in back next to Bennie who had fixated on him with a look of concern.

He lowered himself into his seat ever so gently and looked away from his friend. He couldn’t face him let alone tell him what happened in Ms. Baker’s SUV.

“Hey, man. What’s wrong?” Bennie said a notch above a whisper.

Grant, without turning his head, said, “I don’t want to talk about it.”

He knew Bennie wouldn’t let it end there. They had no secrets between them and there weren’t about to be any now.

“I’m not going for that. You know we’re not like that. Tell me.”

Ms. Baker interrupted them. “Is there something you’d like to share with the class, Mr. Bennie?”

“No, Grant was asking me if he missed anything while he was gone.”

“I just started, Grant. You’re fine!” she said.

Grant blew out a frustrated sigh and laid his ear on the oak desk.

Bennie slapped his arm. “Come on. Out in the hall.”

He got up and Grant followed albeit with care.

After Grant closed the door, he shadowed Bennie to a spot a few yards down the hall by the wall.

Grant said, “I said that I didn’t want to talk.”

Bennie folded his arms. “What happened?”

Grant scanned the hall. A few students passed by but was mostly deserted since class was in session.

He leaned against the wall. “Ms. Baker, she…” Grant searched for the will to say it and the right way to do so. He figured there was no easy way. “She fucked me with a strap-on, man! There wasn’t anything I could do after Samantha stole my phone and deleted the evidence we had against her. She threatened to go to Mr. Hooper if I didn’t let her do it.”

Bennie punched the wall. “Damn!” He just looked at his friend like he was feeling sorry for him. “Grant, we’ll find another way to get her.”

“The song I heard today said that she couldn’t take away my dignity but she did it!”

Bennie focused on his cocoa irises. “She won’t get away it, I promise. I’ll think of something.”

When they went back into class and slid into their desks, Bennie’s phone buzzed in his pocket.

When he took it out, the display read, “New message from Samantha.”

Bennie raised a brow and crinkled his forehead when he opened it. The text was short but not sweet.

“You’re next, Bennie!”

Bennie gulped and looked over at Samantha. Her cheeks were puffed with a face-covering grin and she waved at him.

Grant asked, “What is it?”

Bennie pointed at Ms. Baker and Samantha. “They’re up to something…”

As class dismissed for the day, Principal Hooper walked into the room. His mass alone made even the toughest football player cower but add to that his sternness and disdain for tolerating people’s shit and he was someone nobody wanted to cross.

As the last student left, all that remained were Grant, Bennie, Samantha, and Ms. Baker. Tipobet

The teacher approached Grant and pointed at the door. “We’re going to have a chat with your friend. Go home. He’ll talk to you later.”

“Sigh, yes, ma’am.”

Grant tapped Bennie’s shoulder and walked out.

Mr. Hooper rumbled in front of Bennie and asked, “What did you want to talk about, son?”

Bennie trembled as his eyes enlarged. “I…I didn’t have anything to say to you, sir.”

Ms. Baker asked, “Are you sure? Nothing about what happened yesterday?”

She deserved the punishment Grant and Bennie gave her but he wasn’t going to speak of it. Not if he valued his education!

Bennie’s heart was pumping at full speed.

Mr. Hooper moved closer. “Speak. I have to get back to my duties soon.”

Ms. Baker laid her hand on Bennie’s shoulder while looking at the principal. “He wanted to tell you that he is on track to graduate and he is so happy about it that he had to let you know!”

Mr. Hooper extended his hand and Bennie took it although he wanted to know what the women were really doing.

His hand was crushing Bennie’s though it was intended to be an innocent gesture expressing how proud Mr. Hooper was. “I’m proud of you. Don’t do anything to mess it up now. You’re almost there and out of my hair. I’m just kidding. Ho! Ho!”

Bennie withdrew from his vice grip and shook his fingers. “Right.”

“I must get back to work. Keep up the good work,” Principal Hopper said as he bounced through the doorway.

Ms. Baker secured the door behind him and with the clicking of the lock, Bennie’s muscles contracted and his cock came alive for reasons he almost wished it hadn’t.

She lowered the shade over the window and the classroom became cast in midafternoon darkness with some light peeking in.

Bennie asked, “What’s all this about?”

Ms. Baker returned to his front. “I wanted to make sure I had your attention. I kept Mr. Hooper from knowing about what you and Grant did to me and if you want it to stay that way, you’ll take a punishment like your friend did.”

Bennie was in more disbelief. “I don’t think so! You’re not going to do that to me!”

He was no longer surprised by this side of her, which was buried beneath all that sugar, honey, and molasses she showed everyone on the outside.

Samantha rubbed her hands like cotton over his pecs. “You will because I know how much your future acting career means to you.”

The top half of her button-up white dress shirt was undone with her breasts fighting to free themselves. It was also not surprising that was overlooked by Ms. Baker.

A bulge was growing in his crotch when she touched him. He’d always wanted to fuck her but it seemed that was about to happen to him!

Bennie blew past Samantha and headed for the exit. “It’s not happening! I’m going to tell Mr. Hooper that Ms. Baker is passing you even though you don’t do anything in class whenever you decide to show up!”

“You would do that to me?” Samantha said while pointing at herself. “I thought we were friends?”

“It’s wrong that I have to work hard and you don’t have to do shit!”

“I do my work. You don’t know what you’re talking about. Are you going to keep me from passing like Grant tried to do? I didn’t think you would do that.”

Bennie was holding the doorknob but didn’t rotate his wrist. She was his friend. They shook hips on the club’s dancefloor under the lights to the blaring of hard rock and hip hop and played hooky with her a few times.

Ms. Baker asked, “Do you think Mr. Hooper is going to believe anything you say? I think you have the school record for the amount of time you’ve spent in his office.”

Bennie released the doorknob and walked to her desk. “You have something on me and I have something on you. We’re even, right?”

Ms. Baker’s sandy ponytail flopped around as she shook her head in the negative. “Nope. My word against yours. Who do you think has the advantage?”

Sensations increased between his legs. “Don’t do this. I’m sorry, okay?”

Ms. Baker reached into her desk and out of her handbag came the toy that was to take his ass next, cleaned and ready to unleash punishment on his backside.

Samantha walked over to Ms. Baker. “What position should we put him in?”

“Hmm,” Ms. Baker asked as she surveyed the room, stopping back on her desk. “We’ll lay him over my desk like he and Grant did to me.” Her eyes locked onto Bennie. “Bennie, drop your pants and underwear to your ankles and get into position!”

He stood there without a sound. That’s when Samantha grabbed his belt buckle and undid it. He could have resisted but chose not to. She unbuttoned his black jeans, grasped them by the pants legs, and tugged them down.

A woman undressing him was exciting but his body didn’t realize what the circumstances were!

Samantha was staring at him but he wasn’t going to return the gaze. “I didn’t want to do this Tipobet Giriş to you, Bennie, but I have to graduate or my parents will disown me. I wish you had minded your own business.”

Bennie scoffed. “Like you’re one to talk. You know everyone’s personal lives better than they do!”

Her response was raising his shirt, which revealed his hardness as it pushed against his red boxers almost slipping out of its slit. “You’re liking this, aren’t you, Bennie? You want some action at your backdoor.”

Bennie still didn’t let any words leave his lips. He wanted this over and tried his best to seal his ears to them.

Samantha’s fingers lightly running across the hairs on his stomach as she clutched his underwear at the waist quivered him.

When she pulled his boxers down, his cock springing free became even harder. Ms. Baker was watching with her head tilted as she tugged at her collar.

Samantha squeezed his cock and led him to the desk. Her hands were warm and soft. Bennie wanted to burst but he wasn’t sure how much pleasure would be in this for him.

She pressed on his back but he resisted. “Come on, Bennie. You don’t want us to bring the principal back in here.”

Bennie growled and slapped the desk. “Grr, I’ll go get him myself. I can’t do this.”

He said that but didn’t make one step in the door’s direction. He hoped threatening them would help him escape the situation but it wasn’t working.

Ms. Baker encroached on his space and curled her lips with her eyes piercing through him. “We’re not going to ask you again. Lay over the desk!”

Bennie and Ms. Baker faced off, nose to nose, but the pressure caused him to crack and cave to their wills!

Bennie sealed his eyelids, took a breath, and rested his chest on the desk with his ass exposed for the women to see and do with as they wished.

Ms. Baker pressed on his back. He felt her move a bit as her other hand smacked his flesh!

Ms. Baker spanked him again. “When I tell you to do something, you do it the first time!”

She was a farm girl and her hands were firm enough to cause him to grunt. She spanked him again and his cock rubbed against the wood, increasing his arousal. Though he was sucking up the stinging of his backside, it was more humiliating than anything.

Samantha held his hands down when she slapped his ass once more. He started pulling away but she kept him still. They held gazes this time. She was wearing crimson eye shadow, had rosy cheeks, and full, juicy red lips. Her hair was draped over her left shoulder. So hot yet she was doing this to him. Almost made it all for naught. His look was asking her how she could do this to him but hers said nothing. Not a single raise of the brow, shift of her lip, or twitch of a cheek. Nada. Ms. Baker gave him a few more pops, “Pop, pop, pow.” Sam didn’t flinch and almost appeared to feel for him.

When Ms. Baker’s spanks ceased, he heard her shifting about behind him and ruffling her clothes. It sounded as though she was undressing below the waist at least. The strap-on disappeared from the table and he tried to get up but Samantha laid on his back to keep him immobile.

Ms. Baker’s fingers pulled on his left butt cheek to expose his asshole.

She said, “When you stop defying us, this will go better for you!”

He could feel a fingertip press against his asshole and push in! When she dry finger-fucked his ass with the friction of her back and forth movements, he hollered out.

“Ah! Stop, that shit hurts!” he said.

Another finger joined in and she fucked him harder and faster. “This is for what you did to me. I’m only trying to help you!”

He rested his chin on the wood and grit his teeth. He could do nothing but take it. At least her nails were trimmed.

She rammed her fingers in, twisted them around, and drove them in again. Bennie moaned from the depths of his throat but she kept going.

When she finally withdrew, his asshole was resonating with discomfort but a soothing coat of gel soon came to provide some relief. Ms. Baker rubbed it until he was slick. When her fingers left, he braced himself for what was inevitably coming next.

Samantha slid behind him and spread his cheeks. The rubbery feel of the faux cock pushed inside him. His asshole expanded to take it in and the further inside it went the louder his groans became.

Ms. Baker began with slow motions as she moved her hips back and pushed in again. She went back, almost out, and in once more. She sped up her thrusts and steadily increased the intensity of them.

“Ahhh, ohhh…” Bennie said as she fucked him with each pound of their bodies forcing more moans out of him.

The cock’s tip kept massaging his prostate, which sent waves of sensual pulses throughout him. In one sense, the experience was enjoyable but in another his ass was throbbing and he was supposed to be one doing this to her. It didn’t seem fair.

Ms. Baker’s hips kept pounding into him. Tipobet Güncel Giriş She stopped for a moment and pushed the cock in as far as it could go and Bennie couldn’t help but groan. She brought the toy back only a little and thrust into him again with all she had. Each time she went so deep inside him, she kept tapping his prostate. When she fucked him with short, quick movements, she milked some semen from it, which coated the tip of Bennie’s cock. He loved the explosive feelings that conjured but he still wasn’t entirely enjoying being fucked in the ass by Ms. Baker.

She pulled the toy out of him and he released a sigh of relief and treated the desk like a pillow while he rested but Ms. Baker had other plans for him.

“Get on the table, Bennie!” she said. “I want you on your back with your legs up right now.”

Bennie said, “Haven’t you had enough? You got me, alright?”

“I don’t feel like begging. Do it now or you don’t pass!”

He bashed the desk, crawled onto it, and laid on his back over her desk calendar and pens and pencils scattered on it. She pulled off his pants and boxers, lifted his legs, and pushed them towards his chest so she could see his exposed asshole.

She pushed the toy in him again and wasted no time thrusting him so hard that he was slapping the desk and hollering but tried not to get too loud for people were on the other side of the door.

She held the rear of his knees and fucked him as she perspired.

Samantha took his cock into her hands and jerked on it. She jacked him off faster. He was crying out in a joy/pain mix as his body was overloading with sensations.

Ms. Baker went harder as she spanked his cheeks with each drive into him. She was shouting cries of delight too.

Bennie’s eyes rolled white as the entirety of his being was rumbling and quaking. Samantha was vibrating her hands over his cock and it swelled.

Ms. Baker held onto his hips and fucked him good for another minute and, on the last of her thrusts with Samantha jacking him off, he roared and squirted a few globs of cum onto Samantha’s hands. She licked her fingers clean of the sexual liquid that got on them.

Completely drained, he laid there to catch his breath and compose himself. He could feel his asshole seal when Ms. Baker took out the strap-on and he was happy for that.

When he could speak, Bennie said, “This isn’t over. I’m going to get both of you for this!”

Samantha sat on the desk. “Why? Didn’t it feel good when you came?”

Bennie wrestled with that one in his mind. “No, it didn’t feel good to have my ass taken when I was supposed to take hers!”

She caressed his head, which was hot and damp. “You didn’t answer the question.”

Ms. Baker took off the strap-on and stuffed it into her handbag. She pulled up her pants and he heard the sound of her zipper and the snap of the button in front. “I hope you learned not to cross your teacher. It’s a lesson that will serve you well even after you leave here.”

Bennie lifted up enough to glare at her. “And you will learn not to cheat your students and give people free rides!”

He laid there and pounded the desk as the women left. He was humiliated and thought his manliness was stripped. He couldn’t let it go. He had to talk to Grant.

Fifteen minutes later, he was standing on Grant’s welcome mat after having pushed the doorbell. He squinted because of the pain in his rear and it took what seemed to be an hour for his friend to open the door.

The door creaked as it flung inward and Grant was there in a charcoal tank top and black nylon pants. His veins were popping out of his cut arms and his sculpted pecs were escaping the confines of his top.

Before he couldn’t speak, Bennie stormed past him and paced the carpet in circles while growling and flinging his arms about.

“I can’t believe they did that shit!” Bennie said as Grant locked the door.

“What did Ms. Baker and Samantha want to talk about?”

“They wanted to talk about my ass!” he said as he clamped both of Grant’s shoulders and gave him a shake. “They got me, too! I didn’t have a choice. Ugh!”

“I’ve been thinking about what we could do to get them back but look at what happened to us.”

Bennie dipped his chin. “I don’t know if we should do anything. We’re out of there in a couple of months. Do we want to risk that?”

Grant took a backwards step and tilted his head. “What? You’re not serious, are you? They tried to shred our man cards. And they are wrong for what they’re doing! Did you stop off and pick up a blunt before you came here?”

Bennie was still tingling and his cock was half-erect. He was thinking about Samantha and how damn good it was when she made him cum.

“Samantha…I can’t quit thinking about how her soft hands felt on my dick when she jacked me off.”

Grant snickered. “Oh, that’s it? She got you, alright. That’s her ploy for making sure you don’t retaliate against them. I knew you always wanted her and you’re letting that confuse you.”

Bennie sighed. He couldn’t have denied it if he tried but Grant was right.

With his thumb, he caressed his cheek scruff and retraced his steps over the carpet. “Alright, fine. What should we do?”

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