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Ms. Puckett’s: Becky

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When you are filthy rich, you can do almost anything you want to do so long as it’s not illegal and not too unhealthy. Suzi Puckett was filthy rich. And what she chose to do with her money she liked to think of as a blessing to shy young men and their future wives. It was also a blessing to a host of frustrated women.


Becky checked the address of the upscale apartment building and turned into the parking deck. She unwound her long, slender legs from the bright red Corvette and strode into the lobby. She found his box and pressed the button before she could change her mind. It was hard to imagine that the college kid Ms. Benton had described could afford such a tony place. She was debating whether to ring again or cut out when a breathless voice piped through the speaker.


“I have an appointment with David Constantine.”

“Right.” She heard the lock click open. “It’s the top floor, to the right,” the disembodied voice informed her as she pushed the door open and walked into the foyer.

Everything said ‘money.’

She smiled at herself in the mirrored door of the elevator. Her black curls crowned her head like a skullcap. Her dark complexion was clear and glistening. Her red blouse was open to the tip of her sternum and hinted at the petiteness of her breasts. She knew her long legs were stunning below her short skirt. And her nervousness on meeting her first student was sure to fade. She was so horny it couldn’t last.

The top floor lobby wasn’t large and there was only one door on the right. Before she could knock, the door swung open and a slender young man was looking up at her. She was glad to see he was almost as tall as she was.

He held out his hand. “Thank you for coming. I’m David Constantine. Won’t you come in.” He ushered her into a spacious living room. “May I get you something to drink?”

“No thanks, I had lunch not long ago.”

“I’m afraid I may seem distracted. I’m running behind,” he apologized. “I promised myself I’d practice for a couple of hours this afternoon and I thought I’d be finished before you got here, but I still have fifteen minutes to go.”

“Practice is important,” she smiled, “It makes perfect. May I listen?”

“Would you like to?”

“I’m a musician, too.”

“I was hoping Ms. Benton could arrange for you to come.” She said you’re quite accomplished.

He led her into a large bedroom that had been furnished as a practice studio. His black baby grand piano sat almost in the middle of the room. He invited her to sit on one of the two chairs to the right of his bench.

“Hope it’s not too uncomfortable,” he smiled, eyeing her long legs.

“I’m fine,” she smiled. Then she pointed at the violin case on the small coffee table. “Do you play the violin as well?”

He was seated on the bench and looked at her. “No. The violin is my sister’s. She’s in Budapest for several weeks and asked me to baby-sit her violin. It’s a Picollino and very valuable. She wasn’t comfortable taking it with her.” He turned to the keys and had a thought. “Would you like to see it?”

“Oh, yes, I would.”

“Just help yourself. You know how to handle a fine instrument.” He ran his fingers over the keys. “You may have to tune it.”

Becky opened the gaziantep bayan escortları case and lifted out the violin. “You always have to tune them,” she smiled as she admired the rich grain of the back, the slender neck, the bridge. She picked up the bow and he paused.

“Want an e?”


David struck an e and she tightened a peg. Then she tuned the other strings.

He ran his fingers over the keys briefly and started on the second movement of a popular concerto. “Do you know this?”

Becky rose to stand beside him. “It so happens it’s one of my favorites.” She tucked the violin under her chin and stroked the strings with the bow. She quickly picked up the place and was soon lost in the enjoyment of the duet.

She often got excited when she played and the sound of his piano and her strings soon worked a striking magic on her. She had been horny when she arrived and she knew her puss was drooling now. Hotter and hotter. When he announced his time was up she almost sighed her disappointment.

David stood and waited while she returned the instrument to its case.

Before he could say a word, she took his head in her hands. Her kisses were fierce and demanding. “I am so hot,” she gasped. “Can you feel how hot I am?” She found his hand and put it under her skirt. “That’s it,” she sobbed as his hands moved up over the silken hose and onto her bare thigh. “It’s okay, Darling…You can touch me…right there,” she shuddered as the heel of his thumb pressed against her steaming pussy. Oh, yes. Feel how hot I am…I need you so.”

David couldn’t believe this was happening. He’d gotten erect the moment he first saw her and had hoped the lesson would let him hold and kiss her and maybe see her naked. But she had put his hand on her thigh and invited him to touch the hot lips of her womanhood. He could feel the heat and the moisture and he could smell her arousal.

She looked into his eyes. “Would you kick me out if I asked you to take me to bed right now?” she pleaded. “No foreplay, Darling. Just fucking…right now.”

He took her hand and they almost raced to the bedroom next door. The bed cover and sheets had been turned down and he began to unbutton her blouse as soon as they were in the door. Her fingers found his buttons and his zipper and they were soon both down to their underwear. Her dark fingers pressed against his pale chest. He held her close and she felt his strong fingers squeezing and pinching the fullness of her bottom. She tugged at the snaps on his shorts and let out a little sob as she saw his rampant white cock.


“Beautiful, yourself.” Then he was stripping her tiny red panties off, running his hands over her long, lovely legs and she was spread on the bed like some beautiful ebony sacrifice.

Becky welcomed his hard prick into the heat of her. “Yes,” she sobbed as she felt an inch of his manhood slip through her lips. “Yes.” Another inch. “Yes.” And she cried out as he sank his full length into her marvelous nest, “Oh god, that’s so good.”

She sobbed when he retreated. And again when he plunged deep into her so his tight ball sac pounded against her. “Yes, Lover,” she gasped. “Hard…deep…that’s it…so gaziantep eskort bayan good…so big…so hard.” And she screamed when he drove her over the peak of her thundering orgasm. Only later did she realize that he had not cum and she promised herself she’d make that up to him.

As they lay together she rejoiced that her husband had approved her trying Ms. Puckett’s school. Ben knew how sexual she was. How sexual they both were. And he knew there was nothing he could do to help relieve her from Iraq. And the idea of her working with boys, especially white boys, was a way to help satisfy her needs without much danger of an unwanted entanglement.

Becky went to the bathroom to clean herself up and came back laughing.

“What’s funny, you beautiful wench?” David smiled.

“You are really a great lover, David. I reveled the feel of you in my puss, even if we did take it pretty fast.” And she leaned over to give him a long, deep, lingering kiss while her fingers played over his chest.

“Thanks, Darling.” He cupped her firm little breasts and pinched gently at the hard excited nipples. “I think you’re the sexiest woman I’ve ever known, But that’s not why you were smiling.”

She sat beside him on the bed and ran her fingers over his reawakening prick. “I was just reminded of one of my favorite fantasies,” she beamed at him.”

“And what is that?”

“Well, I’ve always wanted to play the violin for an audience when I was dressed just as I am now,” she giggled.

David joined her laughter. “Hose and all?” he teased.

“Hose and all.”

He was on his feet. “Then I’ll be your audience.” And he led her back to the studio. He sat in one of the chairs while she took up the violin. Her dark skin glistened and a smile played over her lips as she raised the bow. The movement of her breasts as she bowed fascinated him. In a minute they were both lost in the thrill of the music.

She missed a note when she felt his hands grip her ass and felt his cheek against her thigh. She missed another when she felt his tongue teasing her navel. And another as his tongue made its way over her stomach to search through the patch of black curls covering her firm mound. She sobbed when his lips gripped a curl and tugged at it. And she almost lost control when she felt his tongue tracing her burning lips.

She moved her feet apart at his touch and now she could feel his tongue seeking out her engorged clit. She struggled to keep the beat when his tongue invaded her…caressing the insides of her lips…his lips sucking on her clit…biting her…exciting her beyond imagining.

She backed up enough to find the piano bench with her calf. Still playing, she sat down and spread her legs. And the invader followed…still harvesting her rich juices. Obviously enjoying the exotic smell of her. And, finally, she could take it no more. She lay back and cradled the violin on her chest as her legs rose wide to circle his neck and welcome his conquest…and another unbelievable orgasm.

“You lied about your inexperience on the application,” she chided him as they walked arm in arm to the bathroom.

“Not really,” He replied. “But my first two teachers were really enthusiastic and demanding. gaziantep bayan eskort And I’m a really fast study.”

“You are that, my dear,” she giggled. “You made my ‘a natural debut’ a totally unforgettable experience.”

“And delicious,” he chuckled.

They stepped into the shower and he turned on all six of the massive jets. She wrapped her arms around him and kissed him with her lips and her tongue and her breasts and her firm, flat tummy. And she caressed his back and his bottom and relished the hardness that was growing between them.

She pushed away from him a bit and smiled into his eyes. “I owe you one,” she purred as her fingers found his hardness. “Or two.” And her lips caressed his neck and collarbone…down to his chest to nip at one nipple…down to his navel…hugging him close, the water cascading over her curls. Her fingers were working magic on his cock and, by the time her lips got there, it was almost throbbing. Her tongue added to the moisture from the shower…and the heat. And he was holding her head gently when her lips opened to circle his rod.

She encouraged him to use her and he was soon fucking her mouth with delight…plunging…retreating…in…out…faster…faster…until she felt his cum jetting into her hot mouth. “Cumming…Cumming…Yes…yes,” he screamed. And she rejoiced in the taste and smell of him.

Becky decided that he might not need Ms. Puckett’s school, but the school definitely needed him.

As they dried each other off, their minds were racing to invent new ways to pleasure each other.

Later they were sitting in front of the couch, enjoying their wine and their nearness. The beautiful voice of a tenor filled the air and Becky’s hand rested between David’s naked legs. Suddenly he sat up.

“I just had a wonderful idea,” he was almost ecstatic.

She was surprised and a little amused. “You’ve had two or three wonderful ideas already, Studley.”

“No, really. This idea blows me away.”

“Speaking of blowing…” she beamed and her fingers squeezed his scrotum gently.

“Which is one of your sterling talents, my darling, but my newest idea is focused on another of your talents.”

Becky grew more serious. “Then tell me, please.”

“Well, I just remembered that my Uncle Walter has a small orchestra with a violinist who is so pregnant that she can’t lift a bow. And he’ll be looking for a replacement, at least temporarily.”

She could feel his penis growing firm in her hand. “And where does he need this violinist?”

“No, seriously. He has a small recording studio and he has a contract to do some disks for a singer from England. They’ll be in the studio for a couple of days and he’ll be working on the master for a couple more days. It might be a week’s work. And it might open some doors around town.”

Now he had her attention. “And how would he discover me?”

“I could tell him that I heard you at school and ask him to give you an audition.” He thought for a minute. “Better yet, I could have my mother ask him. He never tells her no.”

“Do you think he would buy it?”

“I’m sure he’d go for an audition…And I can help you get ready if you want me to.”

She could barely control her excitement. And she delighted in his readiness. “I don’t think I need any help in getting ready,” she giggled as she leaned over to kiss him. Then she was rising to straddle his waist and lower herself onto his towering wonder. “You are so full of good ideas, Lover,” she sighed as he filled her. “So full…so good…so thoughtful.”

And the evening was still young.

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