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Mums , Sons

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Frank and I had been mates since the day we our mothers left us howling on our first day at school. We shared our lunches, played together, and if any of the school bullies tried to stand over one of us, the bully would have to contend with both of us. We nearly always won.

From Primary School, we went on to the same High School. We got into the same sort of trouble, screwed the same girls behind the school shed, tried to do our homework together and made the same mess of tests and exams.

We were always in and out of each other’s houses, and our mums supplied endless streams of sandwiches and soft drinks. In fact, it was as if we were brothers. Our mums would sometimes get together to take us to the zoo and places. Not that this happened often because it cost money, and we were poor.

Our home situations were almost identical. Our mums were single parents who had got pregnant at high school, and now lived in State provided housing and received a sort of government pension. Our houses were in the same street, which was totally made up of such housing, on an estate that was the same all over. It seemed full of poor people struggling to exist. People moved in and then moved out, perhaps to something better, but mostly to something worse.

I’ve heard myths about how happy poor people are. I can tell you this, mostly they are bloody miserable, and always seem to be fighting and arguing with each other. But not Frank and me, or our mums. We sort of supported each other. I suppose you could say we loved each other, and although I know my mum screwed with a few fellows over the years, and Frank’s mum did the same, none of them ever stayed. They just came and went.

Both our mums weren’t bad looking in a tired sort of way. If the best bits of both our mums could have been put into one woman, she’d have been a real looker. I mean, my mum has great tits and Frank’s mum has really good legs. Things like that. And this brings me to what I really want to tell you about.

Although we’d all know each other for years and years, you sort of stop looking at each other. You just don’t notice how people change until something happens and you look at them like you haven’t seen them before.

This happened to my mum one summer day. Frank and I were out on the back lawn sunning ourselves a bit. We were both wearing very, very tiny bathing trunks, which I suppose showed off our recently acquired manhood to good effect. My mum was floating about the place in a bikini she’s bought at the secondhand charity shop, which did for her what the shorts did for us.

Don’t get the idea that because we were in bathing things that we had a pool. We couldn’t afford that sort of thing. But it was nice to pretend we had one and were lying beside it like they do in some of those TV stories.

After a while I noticed Frank looking sort of close at my mum, as if he hadn’t seen her before. Then I noticed mum staring at him with the same effect. When mum went indoors to get us some drinks he said to me, “Hey Art, I’ve never noticed before what great tits your mum’s got. They are just fantastic.

Now I must admit that like most sons I hadn’t noticed this either, so when she came out with the drinks I had a good look, and sure enough, they were big and firm, and you could see a lot of them over the bikini top.

Nothing more was said then, but later, when Frank had gone home, I was a bit startled when mum said in a funny, choking sort of voice, “Frank’s grown up to be a big boy, hasn’t he?”

I looked across at her, and she still had her bikini on, and I saw a wet patch just where the tops of her legs are and a nice sort of mound starts at the bottom of her belly. I’d been with a few girls, so I knew what this meant.

“My God, she fancies Frank,” I thought. Then I could remember how Frank seemed to get horny when he was staring at mum.

I suppose I was amused at the thought of my mum and Frank fancying each other, a young bloke and an old woman. Then I took another look at mum. Apart from the tired look I’ve already mentioned, mum didn’t really look that old. I think she was about thirty-two at the time, and I heard about young guys going for older women, in fact some of the guys at school had boasted about the older women they had fucked.

I gave the matter very little further thought until the next day. I was at Frank’s place just hanging around. His mum was out, so we were on our own.

“Hey,” said Frank, “I thought your mum looked fantastic yesterday. I hadn’t noticed before how sexy she is.”

“Fancy her?” I asked bluntly.

“Well, yes,” Frank sort of muttered. “Look Art,” he went on, “Next time I’m at your place, couldn’t you clear off for an hour or two, leaving me there with your mum?”

I wasn’t sure about setting mum up like that and said so.

“Come on Art. I’d do the same for you, you know I would.”

After more discussion, I finally agreed. “After all, I thought, mum won’t do anything she doesn’t want to do.”

We planned that Frank’s try for mum would take place the following day when I knew mum would be topkapı escort sure to be at home. Frank arrived on the dot, and we made a big thing about doing some studying together.

We were working at the kitchen table and mum was moving around doing little jobs, but always keeping Frank in sight. After about half an hour I announced that I would be gone for an hour or maybe more to get some information at the library that we needed. I went, leaving them alone.

I stayed away as long as I could, and when I got home, it was obvious what had happened. Mum was still in the kitchen, and now she was singing away like mad. Frank looked like the cat that had got to the cream. They were two very happy people.

Over the next couple of weeks, a change came over mum. She was always singing, and the tired look started to leave her. At one time she could get very irritable with me, now she couldn’t do enough for me, and was always touching me and calling me things like, “My sweet boy.”

I saw less of frank, but often when I came home mum would announce, “Frank dropped in while you were out.”

As they were so happy, it seemed a shame that they felt they could only be together when I wasn’t there. I decided that Frank and I should talk it over, so I went to his place.

Frank was at home, so I opened up to him. “Look, Frank, I don’t mind you fucking mum, so I don’t see why you need to bother about whether I’m around or not. Tell you what, I’ll even have a word with mum about it, if you like.”

“Would you?” he asked. “You know, Art, a bloke couldn’t have a better mate than you. Any time you want I’ll do the same for you.”

That was the second time he had told me that, and now it set me thinking. My thoughts became even more profound when Franks mum came into the room. I tried to see her as if it was the first time, and I liked what I saw.

She hasn’t got great tits like my mum, but they are small and firm. Her legs are fantastic. Long and slim, but with really great thighs – what I could see of them. Like mum, she had that tired look, but you could certainly say she was still pretty, with really nice dark brown eyes. I felt myself getting horny for her.

“Do you really mean that? You really would let me have a try with your mum?”

“Yeh,” he responded, “Any time.”

“But she might not fancy me,” I said.

“Don’t be mad,” he laughed. “She’s always going on about what a great body you’ve got for a young bloke.”

So, it was arranged along the same lines that I had fixed for him.

I went home and tackled mum.

“Look mum, I know what you and Frank are doing, and you don’t have to worry about my being around. I think it’s great for you, you seem so happy, and I know it’s doing fantastic things for Frank, so any time you want to be with him like that, it’s okay with me.”

Mum took me in her arms and hugged me. She pulled me close to her, and I thought, “No wonder Frank’s so wrapped in her, you could get lost in those tits.”

At the appointed time, I arrived at Frank’s place. We started some pretend homework on their dining room table. After a while Frank made some excuse and left the house.

Frank’s mum had been sitting knitting in an armchair and I didn’t know how to open things up. I needn’t have worried.

“Do you want a drink?” she asked.

“Yes please,” I answered. My stomach was tying itself in knots.

She came back and suggested that I sit in the armchair opposite hers while I had my drink.

As she sat down again, instead of her feet being on the floor, she raised them to the front edge of the chair. In doing this, her skirt fell back and the top of her legs exposed. Her pants must have been of the flimsiest and smallest possible. Only a narrow thread passed under her crotch and seemed to sink into her nicely cleft cunt, and on each side exposing some dark pubic hair.

This vision was just a few feet from me, and I swallowed, unable to speak.

She spoke for me. “Look Art, I know what’s going on between Frank and your mum, and I’m very happy for both of them. Since Frank has started fucking your mother, he has got much more relaxed and easier to live with. So it’s fine, and we don’t have to keep secrets about it.”

“I know why you’re here too, and why Frank has gone out, so we don’t need to beat about the bush on that one either. Do you want to fuck me?”

I managed to croak out a “Yes.”

She moved to the couch and seated herself in much the same position as before. “All right,” she said, but I must tell you, I have some rather special sexual needs, not only the things I like doing and having done to me, but also how many times they are done. Most of the guys I’ve had were wimps and couldn’t satisfy me so I sent them on their way. You’re much younger than anyone I’ve ever had, but if you think you’re man enough I’m prepared to see what you’re made of. Are you game?”

I had recovered a little, and despite the threatening nature of her speech, I was able to fairly firmly say, “I’m game.”

“Good,” said Alicia (her türbanlı escort name), “Then come over here.”

I went and stood in front of her.

“Take off my pants,” she commanded.

I slid her pants down her long shapely legs and waited.

“Kneel in front of me.”

I knelt.

She spread her legs wide to expose her cunt fully to me. “Do you like what you see?”

“I love it,” I replied.

She pulled aside the outer lips of her cunt and said, “Then lick me there, and don’t you dare stop until I tell you so.

I licked as commanded, and my mind went spinning, as I tasted her female fluids and smelt her woman’s fragrance. I had done this with girls, but somehow this was the real thing. Commanding and demanding she may be, but Alicia is all woman, all sensuous female.

I licked her until she ordered me to stop, and pulling back the hood over her clitoris, she revealed the littler spot which I was commanded to suck.

Again, I had no problem. She was soaking wet by now and so was my face. My cock was hard and throbbing and dribbling precum.

When she had had enough of this she stopped me and ordered me to strip as she did the same.

My head was pulled down to her small, firm breast with their upstanding pink nipples. She didn’t need to order me, I knew what to do, and taking one breast in my hand I took the nipple of the other into my mouth and sucked.

After I did this for a while she suddenly said, “Bite me.”

I came away from her breast and looked at her.

“I said ‘bite me,'” she snapped.

I brought my teeth to her nipple and gently bit.

“I said bite me, not tickle me.”

I clamped down hard.

“Harder, harder. Make me scream.”

I dug in really hard and she gave a mighty heave and let out an ear-piercing yell, but at the same time, she held my head tight to her breast.

“More, more,” she screeched, “Bite my other nipple.”

I did as instructed, but this time as I forced another shriek from her I felt a burning sensation as her nails raked down my back. This caused me to clamp on to her with all the power I could muster. It’s a wonder I didn’t bite her nipple right off.

“Now fuck me, you little bastard,” she yelled. “Fuck me like you’ve never fucked before. See if you’ve got enough in you to fertilise me.”

She laid back and parted her legs. I came over her and entered. Her legs came up to wrap round my back, dragging me deeper and deeper into her. Her cunt muscles flexed around my cock.

She had brought me to such a point of excitement that I could not hold out for long and pumped great gouts of sperm into her, both of us yelling and screaming like mad people.

I lay inside her for a long time, completely overwhelmed by this woman’s primitive, earthy sexual lust. Yet now she changed. She spoke softly, stroking my face and hair. That was the best, Art. You are fantastic. Do you think you can cope with me, darling?”

“I’ll give it a good try,” I gasped.

“In that case, I think I’d better have a word with your mother and Frank. We can clear the air, and get on with the loving without having to try to keep secrets from each other. I know where Frank is, but I expect they’re finished by now, so we’ll go to your place. But first I think I’d better do something about your poor back where I’ve torn it.

She bathed the cuts; we dressed, and hand in hand went to my house.

Sure enough, Frank and mum were just in the process of getting dressed.

Mum saved any embarrassment by getting straight into it.

“I know what you two have been doing, and you know what we’ve been doing, so if there is anything you want to talk about, let’s do it openly.”

“There’s not much to say, Julie (mum’s name),” Alicia said. “If you’re happy with the situation, then I certainly am. It’s understood that we are all free to come and go whenever we want?”

“The boys have been coming and going for years, so I don’t see that it’s any different, except we now have something extra going on,” said mum.

We all laughed.

That might seem to be the end of it, but there was more to come.

One of the results of this sexual arrangement was, that mum and Alicia were much happier and relaxed people, and it seemed to restore to them the pretty looks that at their age they should still have had.

It also had its effects on Frank and I. Before starting sex with each other’s mums, we used to go around trying to pick up girls for a fuck. Now we had regular sex we didn’t do that any more. We found we got all that we wanted and more from the mums, and we even got to be nicer. One funny way this showed was, that we didn’t have to boast about our conquests any more, and we didn’t feel as if we were just fucking, it was more like what people call, “Making love.”

Yet another result was that being so contented with our sex lives our schoolwork and behaviour began to improve. This might have been in part because now our mums had a bit more control over us. Imagine if your mum could have said to tüyap escort you, “If you don’t behave I’ll tell Alicia not to let you have any sex.” We might have protested a bit, but I think it added yet more spice to an already spicy situation.

Frank and I never talked in a dirty way about the sex we were having, but from the little we did say, I gathered mum was very warm and gentle, whereas Alicia reveled in pain and bondage. Happily, I think Frank and I got just the sex partners we needed.

All might have continued in this vein, except that when we finished high school, Frank and I had improved to the point where we got very good final reports. This led in turn to us getting jobs fairly quickly, I in the Post Office and Frank in the office of a fence and reinforcing steel manufacturing company.

The government money our mums had been getting, now ceased, and until they got jobs they received unemployment money instead. Neither of our mums had been trained for anything, but they set to and got a few contract office cleaning jobs. This meant that there were fairly good incomes coming in.

It was Frank who came up with the bright idea.

One evening we were all having tea together, and Frank said, “I’ve been thinking. Now there’s good money coming in, why don’t we get out of this area and rent or buy a decent sort of place and live together.

This stirred up much discussion, but in the end it was agreed that we could probably live together without murdering each other, we would like to move, and being together, we could each sleep with our chosen lover all the time. It would also work out very economically that way.

Having been poor for so long, we had never had the chance to save anything. We soon found out that we had little chance of getting a mortgage through the normal channels, except at exorbitant interest rates. We did, however, discover that the Government had a scheme for people like us. We could take out a low interest government loan, and this would serve as our deposit. We could then get a loan through a bank, credit union or building society.

The upshot was, that nine months later we were moving into our new house (well, not really new, but you know what I mean).

As we had hoped, we got on well together, and we discovered that our love was a bit wider than we had thought. It was my mum who boldly broke the ice, as it were, when one evening she came straight out with, “I’ve often wondered what sex would be like with Art.”

“That’s funny, I’ve wondered that about Frank,” said Alicia.

A silence followed while we all digested this news.

I broke the silence. “Well, I wouldn’t mind trying it with mum.”

Another silence, the Frank said, “If Julia wouldn’t mind, I’d like to try with mum.”

That night we swapped partners.

Mum was lovely. She was very gentle, and wanted to be treat gently. The first time that night we had vaginal sex, but as Frank had broken her into anal sex, the second time we did that. When mum came there were no screams, just little gasps and sobs as she wept with joy.

From the bedroom next doors we could hear Alicia’s noisy performance and Franks howls of pain as, if I guessed correctly, she bit into the head of his penis.

From then on swapping around became the thing, although always it had to be by mutual agreement by us all. We liked and loved each other very much, and our aim was for our sex to be loving and fun, with as much variety as possible.

This led to a further change when Alicia suggested we might engage in group sex.

We were so open about our sex lives now that this was taken up with alacrity.

We had a spare bedroom, so we fitted this out as our group sex room, the floor being covered with large mattresses and cushions.

We engaged in group sex a couple of times a week and this activity began to expand our repertoire.

One night, without any comment, Alicia began to give mum oral sex. Frank and I lay watching this performance when suddenly, Frank pushed me over on my back and began sucking my penis. I reached out for his organ and began stroking it, which led in turn to my entering his anus and coming into him. When I had finished, he returned the compliment.

By the time we had finished, Alicia had brought on mum’s orgasm, and mum was busy thrusting her tongue into Alicia. Frank and I lay there enjoying the spectacle.

From that time on there were no holds barred. We had no worries about disease, as none of us had sex outside our little foursome. At times we must have looked quite funny, as we tangled together, with penises and nipples being licked and sucked, anuses and vaginas being entered, breasts being caressed and a great favourite, our game of “Ravishment.”

Ravishment began by taking four strips of paper, one of which had a cross on it. Each of us took one piece of paper, and the one who got the cross was that night’s victim.

The victim was tied usually spread eagle, and was then subjected to a series of torments. The main idea was to bring the victim to the point of orgasm, and then leave them suspended, begging for someone to finish them off. Whenever it was Alicia’s turn, we had a great deal of fun due to her desire to be hurt. She ended up with love bites all over her body, her nipples bruised and clitoris sore. We had an extra large dildo that we used on her.

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