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Music Night

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Alex Harper

This is a story I wrote ages ago, when you could still smoke in pubs… Enjoy.


It was surprising how tempting the smell of stale beer, smoke and cooking fat could be. She’d walked past the outside of the pub three times already, listening to the music, taking deep breaths, savouring the aroma, that pub smell.

Taking one last gulp of the contaminated summer air, she opened the door and plunged into the dark, smoky atmosphere. First stop, the bar, large vodka and tonic, Dutch courage. The ice cold vodka slipped down her throat, chilling her. Clutching the drink to her chest, she turned and gave the pub the once over. The band were playing music with a loud thumping base she could feel in her chest, it made her heart beat faster. There, in the thronging mass of people, she saw him; her stomach plunged to her knees, her ribs tingled and she felt a familiar heaviness in her cunt. God, he was beautiful.

Standing at the very back of the pub, laidback, relaxed, sucking on a bottle of Becks. His hips swayed in time to the music, a small smile on his perfect face. He’d seen her come in, been watching for her to come in. As if she wasn’t going to turn up after last time… He knew how good he was.

Tall, broad, olive complexion with black hair and deep brown eyes, good strong face, pecs and a 6 pack to die for, all carefully wrapped in faded blue jeans and the tightest grey T-shirt she had ever seen, every line of muscle on him was visible.

She could feel that first slug of vodka as it travelled into her bloodstream, thinning it as it went. As it reached her brain, all the tension seeped from her and she smiled, walking slowly, pushing her way through the heaving crowd towards him. Her breathing got shallower as she closed in on him, her eyes blurring with lust. Suddenly she was standing in front of him, smiling, blinking, desperate for his hands to be on her, in her.

He smiled back and they touched their drinks together. God, she was beautiful, he could feel his cock twitch in his jeans, pulsing, waiting, no, demanding to be released. Neither of them spoke as she turned away, rested her drink on the tall table in front of her and leaned back against him. The contact made them both shiver. He lay a hand on her shoulder, touched the back of her neck with konyaaltı escort one finger and she could feel her knees buckle. She reached behind her and held his hip, more to steady herself than anything else, but as she pulled his body closer, she could feel his cock grow bigger against her back.

He loved the outfit she had chosen, access all areas, talk about dressing for the occasion. The black skirt hugged her arse, firm and ripe, her legs beneath it long and toned. He knew she wasn’t wearing any underwear, he could smell her, how aroused she was. She wore a black silk camisole and a loose fitting red blouse, buttoned to just below her breasts. Fine breasts they were too, he noticed that the last night. High on her chest, not too big, not too small. He wondered what her nipples looked like, God, he’d love to get one in his mouth and suck it until she begged him to stop. Her auburn hair was cut into her neck, maybe even shaved, but the fringe was long, falling into her green eyes. Her skin was creamy pale. He just knew she’d have freckles over her nose but had never seen her in light that allowed him to check. He placed his beer on the table and leaned forward, licking her ear with a hot tongue. The metal of the several piercings there felt cold and he shivered.

Reaching around the front of her, he put his hand over her pubic bone; he heard her breath rush from her body as she became weak for his touch. Every part of her screamed for some part of him to be inside her. Slowly, too slowly, he pulled her skirt higher at the front and then at last he could feel her hot and wet cunt. He circled her hard clit softly with his index finger and she gasped, pushing back against him. No more encouragement was needed really and he thrust his fingers into her roughly, smiling as he felt her legs go again.

Her hand that had been gripping his hip moved towards his cock that was straining even more against the material of his jeans. Her hand shook slightly as she eventually managed to pull down the zip. Like her, he wore no underwear, his thick cock thrust upwards into her waiting hand. She gripped it and felt his breath rush in her ear, a low gasp as she stroked him. He moved his hand slowly now, his fingers soaked with her juice. She caressed his balls and the band played on.

The kültür escort music was ear-splitting, the beat pumping out in their lungs, the audience was rapt, no-one noticed the couple as they ground their bodies together. Slowly, deliberately he slipped his fingers from her dripping cunt and raised them to her lips, forcing them into her mouth. She sucked and licked them eagerly, tasting herself.

With his other hand he reached beneath her blouse and caught her right nipple through to soft silk between his thumb and forefinger, rolling it, making her groan. Her grip on his cock grew firmer. She wanted to taste him now. Twisting quickly she faced him, smiling a lazy smile. He knew.

Placing a hand on the back of her head he guided her mouth down his body. Delicately she licked the pearl of fluid from the end of his twitching cock, swirled her tongue round, over and under his foreskin and then took him deep into her mouth. Her hand gently cupped his balls, one finger playing softly with his arsehole as he started to thrust. He could come in her mouth, he would if he lost his focus, the feeling of her throat tightening around the end of his cock almost tipped him over the edge.

He pulled away quickly. He wanted to be in her, feel how hot her cunt was as it enveloped his cock. Dragging her from her knees, they were suddenly face-to-face and their eyes locked for a second. Strangers; intimate, passionate strangers. They’d never spoken to each other, never mind knew names, jobs or birthdays. But every second Friday of the month, for the last 4 months, they met here, on the music night and they fucked. He thought about kissing her, tasting himself on her tongue, but she was the one who broke the eye contact as she turned around, leaned forward on the table and thrust her arse out for him.

With a hand, he parted her swollen and puffy lips and pushed his aching cock inside, slowly, savouring the sensation of her flesh moving for him alone. That one movement, so sensual, a feeling of warmth spread through her whole body as he stretched her cunt. She moved back against him roughly, forcing him deeper and then pulled away just as abruptly. He took this as his cue and began to fuck her, slow then hard and fast, slow then hard and fast, almost withdrawing completely before markantalya escort pushing back in quickly. Her hands gripped the edge of the table, his hands on her hips, pushing and pulling her to control her movement. She began to groan, how he heard her over the band, he wasn’t sure, maybe it was him that was groaning. He could feel the fire spreading in his thighs, he wanted to come, but he wanted to taste her more than that.

Withdrawing from her quickly, she felt empty and alone, but then suddenly aware of him dropping to his knees behind her. With his hands he spread her arse cheeks and stuck out his tongue, pushing slightly at her arse before moving forwards to lick her soaking cunt – sweet. He licked and sucked at her, pulling flesh into his mouth, pushing his tongue into the delicious folds of her flesh. She writhed above him, pushing down, forcing his tongue deeper inside her.

That was enough, more than enough; he stood up and quickly thrust his cock inside her. She gasped. He gasped. No letting up this time.

He gripped the table and pounded into her. The fire started again and he could feel her pussy twitching too as the warmth spread through her. It was quick, over too soon, but good, so fucking good. A wave of fog enveloped them both, lost in their own pleasure and oblivious to everything else. They came together.

He slid from her, exhausted, satisfied, a buzz of excitement flowed through his veins. Refocusing on his surroundings, his smile grew. There was a different band playing, when had that happened? Plucking his beer from the table, he poured what was left of it down his throat, it was warm but still felt good. He tucked himself in, zipped up his jeans then rested one hand on her still bare arse.

She took a little longer to recover, her breath slowed eventually and she became aware of where she was again, the same band thumped out more tunes remorselessly. Still loud, the crowd still rocked.

Rubbing her hands over her face, she stood up straight and quickly pulled down her skirt. She lifted her drink and turned towards him. He was distant, watching the small blonde bass guitar player with a glint in his eye. She smiled and finished her drink. Passing him her empty glass, she caressed the back of his hand. He’d be here the next music night.

And then she left, back out into the hot summer night. As she walked away, a trickle of his cum tickled down the inside of her leg. She reached down and wiped it away with her hand, brought it to her smiling lips and tasted him again.

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