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My Biggest Ball Bust EVER!

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All persons in this story are over 18 years of age.


My first year at an all boys College was hell. The innocence of secondary education with its pretty girls and never ending blue skies had been replaced by the onslaught of adulthood. I had rented a room in a little house in a Cul-de-sac, miles away from home in order to concentrate on my studies.

As in any other College rumours were rife about sexual diseases, accusations of sexual identity and erroneous stories of conquests with licentious girls. I had buried my head in my books and had ignored the opposite sex even though I was over eighteen years of age. All of this made me frightfully glum as I was sure I somehow had VD, didn’t know what a homosexual was and was unlikely to meet a wanton girl as I lived in a baron sexual desert where the only alluring figure was the one that belonged to Mrs. Jenner, a buxom redhead with big boobs and long legs that were always on show as she had a propensity for tight tops and short skirts.

Mrs. Jenner was my fantasy older woman, a title she easily won as she could always be seen in her front garden, pottering about in her short skirt, bending over from the waist and giving a wonderful display of her stocking tops, panties or breathtaking cleavage, depending on the way she was facing. She was always there and it wasn’t long before I would be wanking over her fantastic aerial arse display from the safety of my bedroom across the street.

It was rumoured that she’d had many affairs in our cul-de-sac and was an object of scorn by many women of the gossipy women who lived there. “She’s mutton dressed as lamb,” they would bitterly accuse they spied on Mrs. Jenner giving another splendid legs, bum and lingerie display. I didn’t care, as I would prefer the plump meat of Mrs. Jenner’s mutton to the cannibalism of my right hand any day.

Every one of my college colleges had a story to tell about Mrs. Jenner. A few swore it was only a matter of time before they got to fuck her. Others claimed she was a ‘prick teaser’. I didn’t care, any attention would do! It soon became evident she was our masturbation fantasy and we all had bets who was going to screw her first.

Most of my mates had a story. The main one came from the boy who had claimed to have screwed her. We were new to erections and wanking and quite shy about it. So when he had claimed to have fucked Mrs. Jenner we all listened intently, all of us on the horn!.

Mrs. Jenner was an artist and liked to paint like figures. A few from the college faculty for art posed for her at a price and some claimed she paid in kind. We all listened to their stories of how she painted them naked and stripped down herself. All this stories were view with great suspicion as no one could decide on the colour of her pubic hair. Blonde, red, dyed, they all conflicted and none of these paintings were ever seen.

It was hard to believe but she was quite predatory. Another mate got knocked off his bike on his way home from college. He landed hard on his backside. He was in a daze when she got him in the car and had his trousers down to see if there was any damage.

He told us what had happened and I believed him as he was very angry. He was angry because she made him hard. We all laughed at his words of protest. “Why did she touch my cock if she was examining my ass?”

One day a neighbours house had been broken into and the police wanted to talk to her as she had reported seeing the thieves from her bedroom window. We asked her what they had wanted and she told us about the view from her bedroom. According to her a policeman asked to see the view from her bedroom window and she Tuzla Escort invited him up. She told us she always wanted a man in uniform and how good looking this policeman was.

She had our attention as she told us of his flirty manner and then said, “the dirty bugger chased me around the bedroom and eventually pinned me down on the bed.” She really did have our attention now! We all waited for more, our tongues hanging out and our cocks up! “He then put his hand up my skirt and sarted to pull my knickers down!” This first hand account was making me dizzy and I couldn’t wait for more. She looked towards her house just as she was getting to the juicy details and then said, “I’ll have to tell you the rest some other time, I’ve got to put the dinner on!” She left us all standing like a bamboo field dying for more. That night we all had the same fantasy as we tossed ourselves off pretending we all were the policeman. Did she ever finish her story? No chance, Mrs. Jenner was the master of the tease!

One evening after College, I found my self locked out, courtesy of someone bolting our large glass front door at its foot. I soon had a ladder out from the garage and was climbing up to a small window that let light into the top of the house stairwell. It was high and the ladder seemed a little unsafe as I took the first nervous steps upwards.

“Can I help?” I heard someone ask from across the road. It was Mrs. Jenner, already walking towards me in her short, tight revealing dress. I shyly accepted her help and started to blush profusely as my masturbation muse lingered next to me. She offered to foot the ladder and I quickly bolted up it to escape my guilt but more so to hide my instant erection that had sprung up like a striking cobra the second Mrs. Jenners boobs, bum and breath engulfed my senses.

I had a thick seven inch penis when aroused that stuck out of my wiry five foot four frame like a third arm and felt embarrassingly obvious in my trousers (that I was growing out of in more ways than one). “Careful” I heard Mrs. Jenner from below. I looked down for an instant but quickly averted my eyes as they were drawn all too obviously to her wonderful breasts which were squashed hard against the ladder. I wondered if she could see my teetering bulge from below as I hastily managed to get in through the small window.

“I’ll see you at the front door,” I heard Mrs. Jenner huskily inform me as I dangerously teetered on the windowsill over the stair well. I delicately lowered myself as far down over the stairs as possible before I would drop the final few feet. All was well until one hand slipped, hastening me into an uncontrolled fall. In a millisecond I focused on how I should land but didn’t take into account the end of the stair’s banister. It hit me squarely between my testes, seemingly to force them straight up through my stomach and up my throat.

I let out a blood-curdling scream and swore I could taste sperm as I dropped to the stairs in a heap of crushed balls and rapidly receding erection. I blacked out in spasms as I forced myself back into painful consciousness to stop my stricken body on its trajectory down the stairs. Blackout, stairs, blackout, stairs, before giving way to unconsciousness as I flopped in a heap against the front door. I didn’t know how long I was there as Mrs. Jenner’s voice brought me back into a world of swollen gonads and sickening pain.

“Are you okay? Open the door!” pleaded an anxious Mrs. Jenner. I just wanted the world to go away as I held onto my pulsing balls which seemed to be trying to escape through my mouth.

“Unbolt the door!” Mrs. Jenner persisted and through Gebze Escort tear-stained eyes my seemly diseased body afforded a hand out to unbolt the door. Soon Mrs. Jenner was in and standing over me

“Have you broken anything?” Asked Mrs. Jenner caringly as she stooped down over me.

“No” I replied in a muffled bleat.

Both of my hands grasped my nether regions obviously gave the game away and Mrs. Jenner’s anxious concern turned to melodramatic relief as she tried hard to suppress a few giggles (as women tend to do when a male has taken a blow to the conkers) but after five minutes of groaning she grew concerned again and gently dragged me into the sanctuary of my living room.

“I’m going to check if everything’s okay” I heard her say, through a wall of pain and ambivalence, that once registered stirred a delayed resistance as she began to unbutton my trousers. I was incredibly shy and as much as I coveted the bountiful body of Mrs. Jenner I was anything but in the mood and also at an age where my hopelessly inadequate sex education told me that sex was performed in the dark and was something men did to women.

“Now don’t be silly, I have to do this,” she informed me with a smile as she easily brushed aside my resistance. I heard my flies fly southward and then felt my trousers and pants expertly lowered leaving my genitals on display barring my two defending hands. She removed my hands easily as my sick demeanour left me without fight despite the adrenaline accrued from my embarrassment.

My tear-filled eyes now shut even tighter with the added embarrassment to the pain as I could feel her breath on my crown jewels as she inspected me closely.

“They just seem a little redder than usual,” was her expert opinion as her head moved for different perspectives letting her red hair fall and lightly brush my groin.

“Stay there” she commanded needlessly, “I’m just going to get something for the swelling,” as she made her way to the kitchen as I lay there peering down at my flaccid shrivelled dick, stained strewn underpants and trousers drawn down exposing spindly legs it couldn’t get more embarrassing. My mind soon turned to the wash of gossip that would ensue. Her young daughters would know, her neighbours and soon the crushing of my balls would be common knowledge around the cul-de-sac.

Mrs. Jenner returned with a dripping wet cold flannel. She knelt down beside me and commanded I opened my legs and removed my hands.

“I don’t get to say that to many men nowadays,” she giggled, seemingly relishing her task as nurse.

“Now this is going to be cold,” she informed me as she lifted my penis clear and lightly pushed the cold flannel softly against my nuts. I was dying of embarrassment, my eyes closed against the view of her with my little penis in her hands, which I thought quite unnecessary.

“Think you might have to go for a check up at a hospital,” she said, cautiously still hanging onto my cock pulling it this way and that, making me squirm.

“How do you feel?” She inquired but by now mixed signals were coming through. Mrs. Jenner had become the first member of the opposite sex to touch my cock although I had dreamed of different circumstances.

“I don’t want to go to hospital,” I pleaded.

“I think you’ll have to, we don’t know what damage could have been done,” as she increased the pressure of the flannel on my gonads while still holding my cock upright in her red nailed fingers.

I groaned and an awkward pleasantness took hold. The mixture of a fear of a hospital check-up and Mrs. Jenner still with my cock in her hand.

I felt a telltale sign and Aydınlı Escort began to feel my member arouse from its slumber. “Oh no! Not now!” I cried in my head. “All this and you’re going to get hard, you little bastard!”

“Oh!” said Mrs. Jenner, as she not only felt the movement but also cheekily encouraged it with sly surreptitious strokes to my born again Lazarus member. This time all embarrassment had passed and the full throbbing magnificence of my crowning glory was up and straining ready to take on all comers!

“Not a lot wrong with you!” said Mrs. Jenner admiringly as she lent back on her haunches to study.

“My oh my, you’re all prick n balls!” she laughed, bringing a wisp of a smile to my lips. As much as I wanted to die from aching balls and embarrassment I still preferred being up and hard for some reason. My hard cock took over my thoughts. All embarrassment and pain was put to one side as my cock begged to be used.

To my disappointment, she stood up glancing in equal measure at my erection and longing face. I wanted her now to finish the job, ride me to the promised land and back again.

“I’m going to go now, as I’m going out to dinner, but I’ll be back in fifteen minutes and if there’s still nothing obviously wrong, I shan’t call a doctor. Keep still and when I’m back I’ll see you alright.”

And with that she went. See me alright? That could only mean one thing! She was going to fuck me!

The next fifteen minutes were awash with multiple scenarios, All of them requiring that I kept erect. Keeping erect for fifteen minutes? No problem. It was getting the bloody thing to go down that was the problem. What if she got a doctor, a doctor who would barge in and see me in this state? What if she sent a young daughter to check up on me? What if the insurance man came?

All these ‘what ifs’ lowered my ardour only to reasserted by what had gone on ‘You’re all prick and balls” she said, along with “nothing wrong with you” and why did she hold my dick so long? The pros and cons had my erection vacillate so fast I swear I could feel a draught. The one trump card though was when she said, “I’ll see you alright!”

I heard the door open and in strode Mrs. Jenner, She stared down at my straining meat and two veg and then at my desperate face pleading for anything.

“Well, like I said, nothing wrong with you.”

My face crumbled in disappointment.

“There is one thing we have to check though …”


“Well, we’ve got to see if everything’s in working order.” she said grinning sexily.

Yes! yes! yes! she was going to fuck me!! Hallelujah!! praise to God!! Goodbye virginity!

I looked up at her waiting for her to make the first move. Still she stood there smiling.

“Well?” I asked.

“Well what?”

“Aren’t you going to see if everything’s in working order?”

She burst out laughing “Oh No, you know how to do that yourself!” she teased making a wanking gesticulation.

“What!” I cried and Mrs. Jenner walked out laughing leaving me standing like an abandoned light house!

I swore she said “see you alright!” or did my mind just hear that and what she really said was ‘I’ll see if you’re all right.”

She knew what she was doing. I had been had!

It looks like Mrs Jenner had teased another one of us! The critics were right! she was a prick teaser.

I did have to see if everything was in working order and begrudgingly started to wank! Just for that I was going to dream of fucking Mrs Young from now on! She may be older but she wasn’t a tease!

Thirty years later my mates went to her funeral. We all reminisced about her teasing, as she had teased us all in one way or another. She did frustrate us but we all agreed it was great to have her around. Judging by the very many of that gang that had turned up at her funeral we were all immensely fond of her.

R.I.P. Mrs Jenner

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Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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