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My Boss Steve

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I”ve been in this job a while now: my first job since I left university. I”m 24 and I write software for a successful I.T. company based in Bristol. I like working for the company: they have a policy of empowering their staff in that they pretty much let us get on with it. As long as you deliver what you”ve been asked to, they don”t mind how you get there. My boss, Steve is clearly keen on the company”s philosophy as he would never interfere or direct your work. What Steve does do, and does well, it to meet each of his team regularly, ask how we”re doing and if we need any help and that”s about it. We all like him and know we can go to his office anytime and ask for help. If I ever get to be in his position, I”d like to be just like him. He has a very attractive wife, who I”ve met, and I understand a couple of kids.

I like living in Bristol too. The city is not too big, but big enough to have everything. I”m originally from Cornwall and have black hair and a swarthy complexion as you”d expect. My dark-ish skin tone is actually partly due to my Father”s Grandfather who came from Turkey which probably also explains why I”m tall for a Cornishman, at just about 6ft. My Father is even taller than me and strikingly handsome. I worshipped him growing up and yearned for his encouragement and praise. I got neither, nor any physical contact. He”d shake my hand but never the hugs I craved

I”ve never had a problem getting sex. I learnt at an early age that girls want sex almost as much as boys. I like to stay in good shape and go to the gym three times a week. I also keep fit by playing friendly football with some pals. I”m told I”m good-looking and certainly girls I meet almost always seem interested. I guess that”s why I have a reputation amongst the guys of being a bit of a “Jack the lad”. I don”t actually have a different girl every night as they like to think, but I certainly get my share,

I suppose by most people”s standards, I”m getting more than my fair share. I don”t want a second date, and I don”t think most of the girls do either. I”ve only ever made a handful of them climax. I find that if I take my time, I lose interest together with my erection. I guess that old joke applies to me, the one that goes, “How do you get a girl to orgasm? Answer – Who cares?” Recently, I”ve been feeling that the regular “wham bam, than you ma”m, bump and grind” has become a bit kind of, er routine: a bit boring. Yes, the challenge and then the satisfaction of getting my latest conquest between the sheets and getting my rocks off is nice, but it feels like there must be more to it. I”ve tried spicing things up with different positions, even locations and recently anal which I really like but a lot of girls won”t do.

I don”t know if I have a problem, or if all guys are like me, but I”m aware of my dick all the time and I mean all the time. Sitting, I feel it squashed by my legs; standing, it pushing out the front of my boxers and trouser-fly, walking; it swinging and jiggling. It”s almost always half-hard or at least a bit plumped which is probably why the guys in the gym showers always seem unable to stop themselves taking a look.

All that had to stop of course now the Corona virus lock-down happened. I am able to work from home and have had to go back to wanking a couple of times a day (which I hadn”t done since I was a lot younger).

In the middle of writing some fairly mundane code, a pop-up announced that I had a new email. I clicked to change apps and opened the note. It was a broadcast to all employees that the office would re-open and that we should all go back on Monday. There then followed lists of what time who should go in when. They seemed to have worked out a sort of roster system so half the staff would start early, the rest go in later and finish later. I was in the second list and would work from 1030 to 1730. Short days sounded good!

I was expecting to go back soon, as a while ago an effective treatment for the illness was developed and recently a vaccine was being rolled out. I had mine a week ago. I”ll admit, I was looking forwards to seeing all the guys at work again. I was really fed up with my own company.

I thought about sex too. I was surprised to feel that I really didn”t want to go back to a string of one-night stands again. So what did I want? Not a long-term relationship that was for sure. I felt kind of unsettled that I couldn”t see a way forward: how I wanted my life to be now things were going back to normal. Back to “normal”? no I didn”t want that. I remained very confused.

At about six o”clock I was thinking about which microwave meal I would delight my taste-buds with this evening, when the “phone rang. It was my boss, Steve, “Hello Stu.”

“Oh, er hello Steve. How are you?” “Things are, pretty good thanks”, he responded. “I just wanted to make sure you had seen the email about the office re-opening on Monday.” I suppose Steve must be calling everyone in his team, but there were twenty of us. Was he really `phoning everybody?

“Yes I read it just now, thanks Steve” I said.

“Great. Really looking forwards to seeing you again. I”ll see you Monday at 1030 then. `Bye `till then.” “Bye Steve. Thanks for `phoning.” I heard him hang up and put my `phone down.

So he knows I got the 1030 starting slot, I thought and wondered if he knew all of his team”s. Maybe he put the roster together himself. Yes, that”d be it.

I chucked my work clothes in the washing machine ready for Monday. I was looking forwards to it.

Monday turned out to be even more fun than I had anticipated. We got little work done in the morning. Everybody wanted to tell the others what they”d been up to in order to stay sane over the last months and to catch up on each other”s news.

I went to lunch with the small group of my closest mates. The guys were all really upbeat; it was so good to be back. “So how about getting together in the park for a kick-about later?” I suggested. “Hell yes. What a great idea. I”m up for that.” Was the resounding response. “What about doing it properly and setting up a couple of works footie teams?” Darren suggested, “We could ask around the other groups”.

“It gets a bit complicated with too many”, someone commented, “there”s twenty in our group, what about 5-aside, we could have four teams?”

“I”d rather not include the girls”, I said, several of the others agreed to that and it was finally decided to set up two teams with however many reserves as necessary. “I”ll email everyone,” I volunteered.

The week rolled on and it began to feel things were back to normal. They were pretty much, except I was still horny but still not wanting to hook up with any of the girls that gave me the eye in the street, in the aisles of the supermarket or in the pub.

By Thursday we had enough volunteers for our footballing plans to make two teams of five with four subs. One of the guys had a cousin who worked at the local sports centre and he”d managed to wangle the use of their pitch on Friday evenings at 7p.m. Not an ideal time, as eating would need to be after we”d played meaning it would be quite late.

Just as I was packing to leave for home on Thursday evening, Steve, my boss came over and leaned on my desk. “I hear you”re organizing and office 5-a-side session”, he said. “Yes it”s just a few of us getting together for a kick-about really”, I responded.

“I”d love to be included. Is there space for one more?” I really needed to check that the others were all right with this, but he was my boss, so what could I do? “No, that”ll be fine. We”re meeting at the sports centre. Kick-off”s at 7.” I”d OK it with the others tomorrow. “Great,” he grinned. He was a big guy. I”d never really noticed before. He had a, what I guess is called a `presence” about him: a confidence, but a confidence based on being good at everything he did, in no way arrogance. `I bet he”s even good in the sack,” the thought suddenly came into my head. I bet his wife has nothing to complain about!” Why was I thinking that? I smirked which sort of made me feel a bit more laddish.


Friday came and we gathered at the sports centre. There were fourteen of us; two teams and four reserves. I initially was a reserve and so I sat and watched the game. My boss Steve turned out to be a really good player; he was a powerful guy and fast on the field. Broad-shouldered, he had powerful legs that were short compared to his long body; a real footballer”s physique. He was fast and got the ball past the opposition easily. The more I watched, the more I saw that he moved like an animal; a hunter; a big cat, his every movement economical, carefully planned and perfectly executed. He made use of every part of his muscular body. I thought back. He was like this when he moved around the desks at work or walked to his office. It gave him his unspoken power over other males.

After a while, he was called off and the guy sitting next to me on the bench took his place. Steve came and sat next to me. “You played well”, I said, trying not to sound like I was sucking up to the boss. “Thanks”, he smiled. “I”m looking forwards to seeing you perform”. His smile got broader. “You know, I”ve been very impressed with your work”, so he wanted to talk shop. “I”m always very satisfied.” “That”s good to hear, thank you”, I felt myself blush slightly. “It”s true”, he continued, “in fact, if you keep satisfying me, I think you could have a bright future in the company.”

That was a strange way for him to compliment me, I thought. We were sitting close together and our thighs accidentally touched. I moved mine away but shortly after, felt the hairs on my legs brushing up against his again. The warmth of his skin was then once again pressing against my thigh. Maybe our initial touching wasn”t an accident after all. This is a bit embarrassing, I thought and yet I didn”t want to move away and anyway, we”re just blokes and why should it matter. I was called onto the pitch and with a “see you later”, I went off to play. It felt good to be on the field again after all this time and I played well. Towards the end of the game, Steve was once more on the field. The game lasted a little while longer then, just before we came off, Steve bumped into me. He apologized, but didn”t back away as soon as I would have expected. He just kind of stood there right up against me and said “Sorry”. I could smell his sweat mixed with his after-shave or deodorant: a very distinctive and expensive smell.

We all walked, chatting to the shower block carrying our bags. We stripped off and draped towels around us waiting for our turn in the welcoming hot water. There were three shower heads in the enclosed, communal shower area, so it took a while. Steve was sitting kocaeli escort with his towel over his shoulders against the wall opposite me. I got ready to dive into the shower as soon as the next guy came out, but Steve came over, sat next to me and started talking about the game. I felt the heat of his body next to me again, and smelt that intoxicating mix of his sweat and deodorant. I missed every chance to get to the shower. I couldn”t just walk away from the boss while he was talking, could I.

When the boss stood up, I realized we were the last to shower. We walked around the wall and saw there were only two of the guys showering with one head free. “Go on”, Steve offered. “Thank you”, I said and hanging my towel on a hook, walked over to the vacant outlet and switched on the water. I ducked under and when I raised my head, saw Steve standing there naked. He looked magnificent. This was a fine, a superb, no, the perfect example of an adult male human animal. His proud, handsome head with the perfectly groomed hair, receding slightly and turning attractively grey at the temples, sat on his broad shoulders. His deep, powerful chest narrowed to his waist. Across his very slightly rounded stomach, a line of hair ran down to the ample, but tidy bush of curly hairs above his genitalia. The thick length of his penis hung heavy over his plump, dark scrotum, his balls weighty in their sac. My eyes carried on over the thick, muscular thighs, hairier than the rest of him. I was totally lost in my thoughts as I seemed to be compelled to take in all of this man. Completely unable to look away, I mused, this was nature at its finest. The form I was observing was designed primarily, entirely to procreate. Everything about his body was developed to draw the eye to his cock, to make whoever saw it want to submit to him, to want to share his genes, to have his babies. I wanted desperately to be him. I wanted to be close to him. I wanted to feel his body against mine I wanted his warmth pressing tightly against me, his arms around me pulling me hard against him. I needed him to get closer, so close, to somehow transfer his presence into me, to get inside me.

What the fuck? What was I thinking? Why was I thinking what I was thinking? I looked up at his face, his generous mouth and soft lips smiling at me, his even, white teeth gleaming.

`Oh god” I thought,” I”ve been well and truly caught out”.

I turned my back to him and washed quicker than I ever have. As I was rinsing, I felt his hand on my shoulder. He turned me slightly sidewards and said, “Maybe we could go for a run together sometime”. I could swear I felt the slight bristle of his pubic hair against my hip and the light brush of his cock against my side. “OK”, was all I could blurt out. I left the shower, dried and was quickly dressing when he came out of the shower. He smiled, his eyes lingering on mine. I nodded politely and left for home.




Getting back from football, I dumped my bag inside my front door and went into the kitchen and made a cup of tea. I sat on the settee in the living area and thought about the day. I thought about what had happened during the game, on the bench and on the pitch. I tried to make sense of what my boss had said and done, about what happened in the shower, about the sight of his magnificent, glorious, alpha-male nakedness. I realised I had a full-blown erection.

Back at work in the office, I didn”t see the boss at all on Monday. I was glad as I was seriously worried about looking him in the eye after what happened at football. I was finding it hard to concentrate on the software I was tasked with improving, my mind kept insisting on showing me a picture, in colour and full HD quality of my boss standing naked, looking me straight in the eye and smiling. I needed to really get my head sorted. I simply didn”t understand. I”d read somewhere that if you were used to exercising regularly, the lack of it during lock-down could cause a hormonal change. That must be it. I also heard that the prolonged lack of company could affect you mentally. Maybe I needed to see a shrink. No, I thought, it”s just a crush; a crush like I had at college on my PT teacher. He was a very fine specimen of manhood and I yearned to be just like him with his muscular, hairy legs in those white shorts. Or my crush on Mr. Tregunna my Technical drawing teacher. He was the most handsome and hairiest man I”d ever seen and wore the tightest trousers. I wanted to be, oh and to smell, just like him. There”s nothing wrong with a crush surely, I reasoned. I got back to work.

On Tuesday afternoon, I responded to the ping from my PC. It was a meeting invite; a meeting invite from the boss for 5.30 that evening at my desk. He knew that I finished at that time as did everyone else working the same hours. I accepted of course, but my mind was racing. Was this it? He was going to tell me my time with the company had come to an end. I guess it was bound to happen. You can”t gawp at your boss and study his naked body in the communal showers after football and not expect this.

I began to plan where I would look for a new job. There was a company near Bath that provided military software for the Ministry of Defence. I”m sure there were jobs in London. I was well qualified.

5.30 came and most of my colleagues were leaving. By about twenty to six I”d said goodbye to the last of them and thought I might as well try to finish what I had left to do before I was fired. Steve the boss came out of his office and walked towards me. I caught his eye. Why was he smiling; to soften the blow? “What are you working on currently?” He stood next to me, behind my desk so he could see the screen. “Er, um, the control system software for the navigation application”, I managed to stammer. He moved closer, his thighs pressing against the arm of my chair. “And what”s that bit of code for?” I breathed in that expensive smell of his, and fought to keep my eyes from darting to get a look at the fly of his suit trousers that were now so close. “That is the new part I”m writing to detect errors and rectify them”. I answered trying to concentrate.

“Looks like really good work”, he was complimenting me! His hand moved down and briefly touched his crotch. That was too much. I turned and looked at the rounded contour of his trousers, it seemed inches from my face: so very close. I couldn”t help my sharp intake of breath. He stood there silently for what felt like ages.

“As I said, Stu, I”m very impressed with your work and I”d like you to present the department”s update to the directors at the next monthly meeting. How are you with Powerpoint? ” Was this really happening? The opposite of what I was convinced was going to happen. “Um. OK I guess”, I answered. “Don”t worry; I can give you a hand with that. I”d really like to see you get, er, more exposure”.

He really was a nice guy, “That would be good, thank you very much, the help would be useful.”

“I”m pretty busy at the moment, but I could spare you some time after work. I tell you what; I go for run most evenings. How about I drop in to your place tomorrow evening before my run? You live in the flats by the park don”t you? Say about 7 o”clock?”

What could I say? “Yes. That”d be good. Thank you.” The boss patted me on the back, rubbing a little between each pat. “Great. I”ll see you then.” Before he turned to walk away, I took another furtive glance at that beautiful shape in his trousers, exaggerated by the fact that just beneath, his legs were pressed hard against the arm of my office chair.


I saw the boss only briefly the next day. Now I realized I wasn”t going to be fired, I got stuck into the coding problem ahead of me. I left as usual at 5.30.

As Steve the boss was calling in later at 7.00, I thought I”d eat early. I took a prepared salad out of the fridge and sat in front of the TV to watch the news. I ate a little, but wasn”t very hungry. I realised I was taking in very little of what was being said on the TV. I decided I should shower before he arrived. It was just because I wanted to look my best because, because he was the boss. Yes that was all, because he was my boss, nothing more. I stripped of in the bedroom and remembered the bottle of my favourite shower gel that my sister had given me for Christmas. I was saving it for a special occasion, but of course, those hadn”t happened during lock-down. `Was this a “special” occasion? Really? Well, yes, he”s my boss”, I justified, arguing with myself in my head.

I was at my desk in the living room by 6.30, trying to remember the finer bits of Powerpoint. I struggled to concentrate and my thoughts kept wandering. Several times I had to stand up and walk around to get the tent in my new, light grey jogging bottoms to subside. Seven o”clock and I was now just pacing up and down. Why was I so nervous? At ten past seven, the doorbell rang. My heart pounded and my mouth was dry. I walked to the front door, checking myself in the hall mirror. It was my neighbor. “The postman delivered this to me by mistake. Are you OK?” “Thank you; yes I”m fine thank you”. I was almost incomprehensible. I sat back at my desk, and then paced up and down some more. Was he coming? Did I get the wrong day?


It was nearly half past when he knocked on the door. “Hello”, be beamed at me. “Good to see you. Sorry I”m late, but I had a problem getting away”.

“It”s fine”, I said, my voice sounded about two octaves higher than normal. “Can I get you a drink: tea, coffee?” “Just some water please”, he looked around the flat. I gave him his drink and just stood looking at him; taking him in; once more feeling in awe of his physique. “Well, should we get started”, he said. “Oh. Oh yes, sorry”. `For god”s sake, pull yourself together”, I tried to get into work mode. I sat in front of my screen and decided I”d be OK; I”d just not look at him and concentrate on the presentation.

“This is where I”ve got to so far. I”ve used the company slide format”. He stood next to me and read through my efforts. He made a few suggestions about the words I”d used.

“How about changing the layout so the spacing is more even?” He moved closer and put his hand over mine on the mouse. His hand was a lot bigger than mine. I felt a tingle as our skin touched. He leaned in, staring intently at the screen. I tried so hard, but it was simply not possible to stop my eyes from looking at the manly crotch that was now so close. He smelt of `that” smell: him mixed with the toiletries he favoured. He stood up removing his hand, the bulge in his shorts now even more pronounced. Nothing was said. He just stood there and I just stared. I was lost. What was behind those shorts was that magnificent manhood that I”d seen in the showers. The thin material was all that was between me and the very essence; the centre of him. But he was my boss. I so wanted to touch, to feel the heat, the length of him, but kocaeli escort bayan I managed to control myself. I had to. Neither of us spoke. The air prickled. I felt his hand close around mine again and lift it. My head spun as he placed the flat of my hand squarely over the outline of his prick. I gently squeezed and felt the shaft thicken and harden. I looked up into his face; those large, bright green eyes twinkled as he smiled. “Is that what you”ve been wanting to do?” I couldn”t answer. I just rubbed the hot shaft gently and it rose, tenting the soft material of his shorts. He lifted me up; our faces close for several seconds as we each anticipated what was to come. He pulled me to him. I threw my arms around his big body and pulled him as tight against me as I could. My head span; I saw images, memories, I saw my Father and remembered desperately wanting him to hug me and say “well done” when I scored that winning goal; when I won the scholarship; when I graduated. The images disappeared as quickly as they came, as Steve pressed his warm, soft, marshmallow lips against mine. I shut my eyes. `This was how a kiss should feel” was all I could think as electricity shot from my lips through my brain and body. I felt the urgent pressure of his tongue demanding entry and let it into my mouth gladly. He explored my tongue with his, pressing his lips harder to mine. I felt the hardness of him against my stomach as I ground my own erection against his leg and felt his hand inside my joggers, on my bum, pulling me to him.

“My God. I can”t tell you how long I”ve wanted this; wanted to kiss you. I”ve never been sure how you”d react if I made a move. It”s been driving me crazy. Fuck, you”ve been driving me crazy.” He turned me round and pulled me into him again, this time with his chest hard and muscular against my back, his legs either side of mine pressing them together. He pushed his stiff dick against my bum and started gyrating side to side and then rubbing it up and down; humping against me. He bent down and nibbled my neck and I threw my head back losing any inhibitions I might have had.

He turned me back to face him. I wanted him closer, tighter against me. I wanted him and me to be one person somehow, but he loosened his hold and pushed me downwards. He knew what he wanted. He was in control. I wanted, needed him to be in control. I didn”t want to have to think. I wanted him to do to me whatever he wanted, whatever gave him pleasure. I had my face against the front of his shorts. I felt the heat of him against my mouth and reveled in the smell of what was inside.

I gently sucked his stiffening shaft through the thin material and started nibbling along the length. He moaned, “Oh yes”. Emboldened that he liked what I was doing, I pulled at the waist of his shorts and he helped by loosening the tie. I pulled out his cock and there it was, displayed in front of me in all its beautiful, powerful glory. It looked just perfect. It was thick at the end where the skin covered the head; slightly narrowing behind and then reaching its thickest further behind that. The tip of the head just protruded from the wrinkled skin at the tip. I closed my hand round his girth and slid the soft skin up so it covered the head completely. Then I slid it down, fascinated as the skin slid back from the tip, revealing the bulbous head. I moved closer, intoxicated by the smell of this man”s power. I touched my tongue to the head and then sucked his big knob inside my mouth, opening up as wide as I possibly could in order to accommodate his size and not to graze the delicate, sensitive skin with my teeth. Steve gasped as I sucked him in and ran my tongue round the ridge of the head. I tightened my hand round his shaft, my fingers not quite meeting round the thickness, and slid the soft, hot skin back and forth as I sucked. I knew he liked what I was doing by the sound of his gasps and quiet moans but he soon pulled me away. “Hold on. You”re going to make me cum. We have all evening and I want to make this last. I have plans for you.”

I couldn”t leave him alone though and again moved closer. This time, I gently licked his balls, savouring the saltiness that gave them their own unique taste. I sucked one into my mouth and, using my tongue, rolled it around my mouth. Once again, I had my boss gasping and moaning, “Oh yes. I love the way you do that. Feels so, so nice”. He then pulled me away again and lifted me up. He kissed me hard on the lips and pulled my jogging bottoms down together with my boxers. “Now it”s my turn”, he said and, lowering himself to his knees, took my entire cock into his hot, wet mouth. I”ve had many blow-jobs from girls before, but never had the sensations this man was giving me.

I completely gave in to my lust and felt I was about to fill his mouth; the mouth of my boss, with my cream, but he pulled away. He pulled my t-shirt over my head and I stepped out of my leggings. I put up no resistance as he moved me to the settee and sat me down. He knelt before me and licked up and down the length of my achingly hard cock. Then, he lifted my legs in the air and started to lick and suck on my balls. I was in heaven; literally, floating. He then licked further down behind my balls. I”d never had this done to me and had no idea I was so sensitive there. But I wanted more. I didn”t really know what I wanted, I just knew this wonderful man had so much more pleasure that he could give me. He moved his tongue and I all but shouted out when it very lightly touched the puckered skin around my hole. I had no idea it was possible to feel such ecstasy. I soon felt his tongue forcing apart the muscle and slipping inside me. I”d heard about this, but didn”t believe anyone actually did it. My god it felt good. “Oh yes”, I couldn”t help but moan breathily. “You like that, don”t you,” he asserted. It wasn”t a question. “I”m going to make you feel so good. You”re going to soon be begging me for more, much more”. I somehow knew that to be true. I didn”t understand how he”d got me into such a state that I wanted him to take control of me; dominate me and use me as he wanted for his pleasure. That was all that filled my mind. But, my wonderful boss was going to make sure he gave me as much pleasure as he could. This wasn”t him just wanting to get off. I felt a little ashamed of my own sexual encounters, but this felt so different, so right, so unrushed and sensual. He dribbled some cold lube onto my hole and I gasped as he pushed a finger inside. He moved it around until he heard my sharp intake of breath and realised he”d found the spot; the spot that was going to give me even more delightful pleasure. I felt the tight muscle of my bum relax as if it wanted to suck in his finger. He pushed in more fingers. I don”t know how many, but I felt myself being opened up. He removed his fingers and I watched as he rubbed the lube all over his massive and rock-hard cock.

“I don”t think I can”, I was panicking now. It looked huge. There was no way he was going to get that fucking great thing into my tight little hole.

“Don”t worry. It”ll be fine. I”ll be gentle and make sure it doesn”t hurt too much. I can make you feel very nice. You believe me don”t you?”

Of course I wanted to believe him, but I didn”t see how this was going to work. His monstrously engorged tool was never going to go in without it hurting like hell I was sure, but I wanted to please him and I wanted him inside me so much.

It was a bit late to chicken out now anyway, as I was spread-eagled on my settee, legs wide apart and my arse fully on display; presented to him as my bum hung over the edge of the seat. He was kneeling up close, his stiff dick resting on my balls, my own aching shaft rigid over my stomach. He reached for the lube and pushed more into my hole and spread a generous layer over his tool. He positioned the fat, blunt tip right on my tiny-feeling bum-hole and pushed very slightly. “I really don”t think I can”, I said again, really worried now about what his next move would be. I needn”t have worried.

“I”m not going to force you. I want you to welcome me in. I want you to think about how good I will make you feel, how it will feel when my great big cock slowly slides in you. I want you to think about how deep inside you I am going to be, hot and hard.

This was driving me mad. I had to do this. I wanted him so much, but how could I? I involuntarily squeezed my muscle that he was pressing against and it pushed him out. I was about to apologise, but because he stayed where he was, it had the effect of increasing the pressure slightly so when I relaxed the muscle, he slipped back in, this time a little further. It felt good so I did it again and then again. “Mmm that”s nice”, he said. Do it again”. As I did, he suddenly smacked my thigh. The shock made me gasp, but also to open my hole further. I yelped as the fat helmet burst through my muscle and was suddenly inside me. “Fuck; you bastard. That hurt”. “It”s OK. Just try to relax. I”ll just stay still”. It didn”t take long before I”d adjusted to his size. `It hadn”t really hurt that much had it”, I convinced myself, `and I”ve done it, I”ve got this amazing, beautiful man, my boss, inside me. I felt his heat twitch inside me and it made me clench once more. “Oh god that”s nice”, he breathed. “That”s what you”ve wanted all this time isn”t it, your boss”s rock-hard knob hard up your arse-hole. I know what you want better than even you do. You”ve wanted a big, fully-grown man inside you for a long time, haven”t you boy. And I”m the man to give you what you want. I”m going to slowly slide into you. All the way until I”m as far as I can get; deep inside you. I want you to feel every inch as I push it in. I want you to feel my size fill you and that big ridge at the edge of my knob scraping every sensitive part of you as you open up to welcome me in.”

“Oh please. Please, I want this so much Steve: boss”, I gulped. He pushed gently and I instantly felt the friction. It felt as if every square millimeter of my guts had a million nerve-endings and he was exciting every single one. I wrapped my legs around his waist to allow him in further. Slowly now he pulled out until the knob-end was once again lodged just inside. I was panting now, my mind in turmoil as he pushed back all the way in. I felt so full, so complete somehow.

“You feel so nice boy, so very tight. Your hole is hugging my dick. I can”t help…” He began to move more quickly. Still gentle, but with more urgency. I grabbed my throbbing cock but he quickly moved my hand away. “No. no, I”m the one who will make you cum”, once more he let me know he was in control.” I can make you cum any time I want to”. I was somehow completely sure that he was right. He knew he had absolute power over me as he plunged his magnificent hardness in and out, making me squeal. He”d called me `boy” and that”s how I felt. I felt I was a young boy again as this big man was teaching me the pleasure a man could give. Flashes of izmit escort my muscle-bound gym teacher and Mr. Tregunna my TD teacher that I”d had crushes on were in my head.

The boss lifted me and moved us onto the carpet. He managed to stay inside and placed me on my back with his weight on top of me, his body pressing against mine. What felt like an electrifying chemical reaction burst into my psyche as so much of his skin pressed against mine.

He lifted onto his elbows and once more began thrusting his hips, my insides now on fire. He kissed me hard on the lips once more, adding to my feeling that although he was getting what he wanted, he was also making sure he was giving me the most pleasure he could. “Oh yes, yes, let me have all of you; I need you deeper, harder”, I was almost delirious. As he moved more and more rapidly inside me, the almost unbearably acute rubbing was making me feel more alive that I had ever felt. `This is what sex is supposed to be like”, I realised.

Suddenly, my man pulled out of me. I gasped as I immediately felt so empty, my gaping hole cold. He picked me up and laid me on my dining room table scattering books and papers to the floor. He stood between my legs, holding them apart and once more plunged into me. I could only now grunt and moan with each of his powerful thrusts and felt the blood pounding in my cock and my balls aching. I hadn”t had `blue balls” like this since I was as adolescent. But he made me feel like an adolescent again, I mused. Once again, I went to grab my cock, to get the relief I craved, but he grabbed my hand. “No, no. I told you. I”m the one who will please you; only me. Will I have to tie your hands?”. “Erm”, I began. “Ah, you”d like that? You want me to tie you up? You do, don”t you!” I considered this briefly. `I”d love whatever this man did to me” I thought.

“I want to cum. Please”, I pleaded.

“You will. I”m going to give you the best cum of your young life, but when I”m ready. I want to feel your insides throbbing round my cock when I cum”, he panted as he pounded my now slippery opening harder and deeper than ever. I was sure he was about to pump his cum into me, but he stopped and pulled out of me, leaving me once again with that cold and empty feeling. He pulled me off the table and pushed me to the floor. I soon found myself with my head and chest on the carpet and my bum up in the air. I felt once more, that glorious feeling of him penetrating and filling me, making me gasp again at his huge size. He really did know me: this is what I”ve always wanted. This is what I”ve dreamed of; what I was destined for. It just felt so, so right.

He was no longer being gentle. He was well aware that what I wanted now was to be used, plundered, well and truly fucked senseless. He pounded harder, deeper, faster. I had to cum; please let me cum. But he stopped once more and turned me over. “I want to see your face what you cum; see the ecstasy I”m able to give you. I want to see how much you yearn for me to give you my seed, my hot cream.” “Oh god; oh yes; please, please.”

He kissed me hard again, his tongue betraying his own urgent need now and forced his knob deep inside me again where it belonged. This time, he held my hands captive above my head so I was unable to touch myself and immediately began pounding hard, giving me every inch with every thrust of his powerful body; that beautiful body designed solely to give me the pleasure that surely only he could. Each and every time he nearly pulled out of me, I felt the ridged end of his knob rub the most sensitive, raw part of my insides. I could no longer help myself, and in my desperation to relieve the pressure in me, shouted; yelled, “Fuck me boss. Fuck me harder, deeper, please boss. Make me cum; l have to cum boss, please give it to me; give it to me harder”. His thrusts got even faster; faster and deeper and I could feel my juices rising, as if flowing from every part of my body towards my aching dick.

“Come on boy. I want you to cum; cum for me, show me how good I make you feel. Show me how much you love feeling my big, fat, hot knob ploughing your tight little bum”. My cum exploded out of me and I saw the stars, the moon and fireworks. I”d no idea I could feel so much pleasure; such ecstasy, but then I felt the intense pulsing of that wonderful man-meat as my boss pumped his cum deep inside my body and my orgasm seemed to return. We clung on hard to each other as we came to terms with the joy our bodies gave us both and each other.

As we started to finally relax, Steve laid his whole weight on me. He was heavy, but soon supported himself partly on his elbows.

“That was unbelievable Steve”, I told my boss. It seemed so strange to be speaking to him like this. “You are a beautiful lover. You must know that you”re as good a lover as you are a boss”. He giggled a little. “And you have the most beautiful bottom. You must have been told that before, many times”. We rolled over on our sides and I threw my arms around him and pulled his chest tightly to mine. I wanted this to never end. I could feel his dick was still hard inside me. “I never want you to leave; I want your cock to live inside me forever.” He moved his lips to mine and kissed me tenderly. I”ve wanted this for so long”, he breathed. “I knew I could please you and I wanted, just had to show you “. “Believe me I”m so glad you did!” We relaxed against each other. I felt his cock soften and it soon slipped out. “That”s very sad”, I really meant it too.

“I”d better go. My wife will be expecting me back”. With that, he stood up and went towards the bathroom. I followed him into the small room. “Do you want to have a shower?” I asked. “I`ve just been for a run remember. I have to be hot and sweaty when I get home”. “Well you certainly are that”, I joked. “I just need to wash my knob if that”s OK”. I watched fascinated as he hung the now soft length of his heavy meat over the edge of the sink which he filled with warm water, and began to soap up. I playfully tried to help him rub it, but was stopped immediately. “I need to get back”, he objected.

When he finished, I gave him a towel and, standing at the sink, began washing the cum off my own penis.

“You really are beautiful”, he said as he finished drying off. I looked up at the mirror and saw his reflection, his big frame as he stood behind me. He was an impressive sight, dwarfing my much younger, slighter physique. He bent down and gently kissed my neck. “Goodbye rude boy”, his reflection grinned.

“You”ve got a nerve! You came to my house and seduced me, an innocent boy in the most terrible way”, I teased.

“And you loved every moment of it”. He moved closer against my back and nibbled my neck as I leant my head backwards towards him. I could feel the growing lump at his crotch pressing against me. He put his arms around me and felt down to squeeze my cock. I moved my head and kissed his lips and he moved against me, rubbing harder now against my bum, pushing me against the sink.

“Oh god, I have to have you again. This”ll have to be quick though”, he squirted some hand cream on to his fingers and pushed one into my ravaged hole. He put some on his now rock solid cock and pressed gently where his finger had been. “You want this? Do you want my body inside you again, my hot cock rubbing deep in your insides?”

“Oh please, I want it so much. I want you to make me feel full again. Ah!”

Once again I felt that beautiful pain as what felt like the fist-sized knob at the end of his monstrous organ pushed though the tight muscle of my anus. He continued to push until I was completely full; completely taken, possessed and dominated. He pushed me forwards and began his relentless pounding, pushing me hard against the edge of the sink as he worked furiously for his pleasure and to pump more of his seed deep inside me. I grabbed my own cock and slid my hand up and down to satisfy my own yearning need.

The big man speeded up and hammered into me, then with one final, joyful thrust of his entire body, sprayed his precious fluid in a long series of throbbing squirts as deep in my innermost being as was possible. Then, as I felt my knob pulsing and squirting my cum onto the enamel of the sink, he pulled me hard to his chest and kissed my neck.

We slumped together against the sink as we recovered.

“I really have to go”, he said. “How do you feel?”

Confused was how I felt. Confused, happy, satisfied, guilty? I really didn”t know how I felt. “OK”, was what came out of my mouth. “You sure?”

“Steve, I really need time to think about what just happened. All I know is that I had no idea that I could feel as good as you made me feel. I know I love knowing I am able to satisfy you. I have to come to terms with the fact that I just had the best sex of my life but it was with a man and that if felt so right.”

He kissed me. “We”ll do it again if you want to as soon as we can, and yes, you satisfy me so completely. Thank you, my boy.”


I didn”t see the boss at work for the next few days. I remembered it was time for our annual performance reviews, so that was probably keeping him busy. I was called in to see my senior manager and sat down in his plush office.

“I have had some good reports about you”, he said, and quoted a few nice comments. He handed me the document and said I should read it through. Then I got the page my boss, Steve had written. He mentioned a few jobs I”d completed that he thought were good and finished by saying, “Stuart”s work is always to a very high standard and he always ensures I am completely satisfied.” I tried unsuccessfully to stifle a grin.

“I think you will find we can give you a good increase in salary at the next pay review. Thank you Stuart.”

I went back to my desk smiling, almost giggling at the secret message from the boss. “You look happy. That must have gone well”. My colleague saw my mood. “We have to fill in the 360 degree stuff now”.

On my desk was the form on which I had to appraise my bosses and colleagues. The mood I was in, meant I gave glowing reviews of everyone I worked with. For Steve my boss, I commented on his ability to motivate and how good he was with the team and finished with,” … he is the best boss I have worked for and I really enjoy being under him”. I knew he”d understand!

I bumped into Steve a few times over the next couple of days and we smiled politely at each other. I then received an email from him. “If you would still like help with the presentation, I could call in tomorrow evening before my run”.

I thought carefully about my answer. It was after all, the work email system. I needed to choose my words carefully. I wrote – “Thank you, yes I”d be happy to get as much help as you can give me. I can never get too much help and look forwards to you giving it to me. I will ensure I use all the skills you have taught me so far and I”m sure we can work together until we are both satisfied.”



( It”s always good to hear if you enjoyed my story; hell, it”s always good to hear if anyone even read it! aol  ))





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